Dealing With Depression – Part 1

I am being featured today over on Like a Warm Cup of Coffee. The title of the post is: Dealing With Depression – Part 1. If you are battling depression or have a friend who is battling it, please stop by. This is a four part series that will be featurned on Wednesdays.

Walk with the King!


  1. Hi Courtney! What a great topic to discuss. I put this out to my readers over on my blog. Thanks for sharing.

    Serving with Joy,

  2. Courtney, I love how you began this series. How you admit that you haven't struggled with "a long bout of depression" but then totally poured out your heart of when you did struggle, how you suffered, and still grieve today. Your humility was able to draw me in, in a way that connected us all.

    We don't have to have experienced everything to be able to give encouragement. We just need to realize that we all "fall short" and live together in a broken world. We all need Jesus to help us. Some, it is help with the daily tasks of caring for children, for others, it is help to see a reason to live today. Thankfully, the bible can be a guide for the whole spectrum of human needs, from the deepest of despair, to the heights of transfiguration. With God's gift of encouragement (which he's given you), you can be a guide to anyone.

    I pray the God of all creation, will help you today, to bless your heart, and your hands, as you seek him and serve him, with all your heart.

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