How To Study Your Bible With Colored Pencils

If you want to take your quiet time to a deeper level, color code your Bible. It makes the verses pop! Here's how to study your Bible with colored pencils.  #Biblestudy #biblejournaling #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirlsSince I was a wee child, the number one tool I watched my mom use during her quiet time was her colored pencils! My mom always had her Bible, Bible study notebook and a set of colored pencils on our kitchen table and if you walked into her kitchen today you’d probably find them there!

My mom has been leading Kay Arthur’s indepth Precept Bible studies for nearly 30 years. She studies scripture – “line by line precept upon precept”. Each word is examined and key words are marked with symbols. (here’s a link to their method description)
Using colored pencils really helps the scripture soak in and pop out! If you are not fond of using a highlighter because it bleeds through your pages use colored pencils! Here’s an example of one of my pages from the Leviticus course I took under my mom’s teaching:
If you want to take your quiet time to a deeper level, color code your Bible. It makes the verses pop! Here's how to study your Bible with colored pencils.  #Biblestudy #biblejournaling #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls You can see the word “Lord” is always marked with a yellow triangle. The word “blood” is a red tear drop. The word “annointing” is a yellow cloud. “Just as the Lord commanded Moses” is a key phrase in this passage – so it is underlined in green. Below the word “holy” is marked with orange fire. This method of studying scripture is indepth. You will miss nothing in the passage. As you pour over it and work hard to focus on one chapter at a time, marking, learning, tasting and enjoying the scripture, God will teach you new things from the passage.
If you want to take your quiet time to a deeper level, color code your Bible. It makes the verses pop! Here's how to study your Bible with colored pencils.  #Biblestudy #biblejournaling #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls
Psalm 119:103-4 says “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! I gain understanding from your precepts.”

Are you lacking in understanding? Grab some colored pencils, dig into the sweetness of God’s word today and enjoy!

Walk with the King!
I just received an email at 10:46am from my mom – she just read my blog post and leave it up to mom to have already listened to her morning fill of truth! Here’s what she wrote in the email for me to pass on to my readers:
Kay Arthur (Precept Ministry) was Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s guest today, and you can hear the radio program by going to Kay is giving instructions on how to study the Word of God. She asks some penetrating questions: What do you prefer, the world or the Word? The words of man, or the Words of God? Kay suggests that we turn off our TV, computers, and put away the Christian novels, and open the Word. Kay indicated that many want the result (be a better Christian, wife, mother, etc) without going through the process to maturity. The reward we should be seeking is to someday hear “well done good and faithful servant” when we stand before the Lord. If that is our goal, then we WILL BE better Christians, wives, mothers, etc.

Courtney suggests marking our Bibles which is an excellent study tool. I would recommend Kay Arthur’s book, “Lord, Help me Grow Spiritually Strong in 28 days”. Day by day, Kay helps you to learn to study the Bible and understand what you are reading so that you can know God’s purpose for your life and apply God’s truth daily. At the end of the 28 days, your life will be changed. If you never attended another Bible study or purchased another book about the Bible, you would be fully equipped to feed yourself from God’s Word. It is a powerful study method, and will transform your time spent with God and in His Word. I guarantee it!!! – Bev

Do you hear that passion friends? You see where I get it? Pass it on to your children like my mom did to me!!! Thanks mom for the added tip! I love you! – Courtney


    1. What sort of pencils did your mother use in her bible study? My wife and I are thinking about purchasing 2 of Kay Arthur’s inductive study bibles.
      Thank you

  1. I teach elementary school – I think a love of all things office supply is in my blood! There is nothing like a fresh, sharp colored pencil! I think that getting to "color" was one of my favorite parts of my studies with Precepts! Thanks for reminding me about them – I forgot!

  2. Great idea! I don't like using highlighters because of the reason you shared. Colored pencils would be perfect though!

    It's been a while since I've commented, but I do read many of your FB updates and posts! Your blog has really taken off!! Congrats! ;0)

  3. LOVE this!

    I am anti-highlighters (lol) and can't believe I never thought about the pencils.

    I tweeted this out for others to find

  4. I saw your link on facebook and had to check it out. I just bought Kay's book, How to Study the Bible, a few weeks ago. I love this method!

  5. To learn this method of Bible Study, where do you suggest starting? Would you suggest Kay Arthur's book "How to Study the Bible"? This looks really interesting and like something I'd like to give a try. I guess I"m asking, from a beginner's standpoint, how do I learn this Bible study method without spending a lot of money.


    1. Open the Bible and Read.. When you find a word that refers to God color it. Start with John. I use Twistables by Crayola

      Just start by reading the Bible. pick a word and find others that are similar. Crayons work great as well.

    2. I would recommend this book! If you’re struggling with the know-how (I was, even though I grew up with parents who studied the Bible and had a very strong faith), this book is a great step-by-step guide on how to do what and when and where. YES, this books is absolutely worth the investment.

  6. I love doing Precept studies! I did my first one as a teenager, and it changed the way that I read and understood the Bible!

  7. Jess – so funny – I love supplies too!!!

    Melinda – hey – glad to see you here!

    Susan – I posted an addition to this blog past at the bottom that my mom just wrote. She recommends Kay Arthur's book, "Lord, Help me Grow Spiritually Strong in 28 days"

    Hope that helps!

  8. Courteny,
    I have now finished 7 Precept Upon Precept courses and I cannot even tell you how it has changed my life and how I have a new understanding of our God. I would highly recommend the inductive way of study to anyone. It is truly life changing. Please keep doing what you are doing! I look forward to your blog everyday and you have such a desire to help women grow in Christ!
    Jenn Dana

  9. Love your mom's passion for the Word! I'm so grateful you included her e-mail note as well.

    I've had the opportunity to work through some of Kay's books, but not the one your mom suggested. I think I'll pick it up this week. Sounds great!!

    Blessings to you!
    Cindy 🙂

  10. I love "coloring" in my Bible! 🙂 I tend to color-code in themes depending on the book – it really helps me to scan through and see repeated themes and how they tie together.

    I also have found that crayola twist-up crayons work GREAT for Bible study. 🙂

  11. I mark up my bible but not with color. Thanks for sharing. I will check out Revive Our Hearts.

  12. Courtney, I lead Precept Bible studies and have a collection of different types of pens and pencils. I like Micron Pens for marking in my Bible – thin line, won't bleed thru and colored pencils to color in. I like Crayola Twistables and gel pens for my Observation Worksheets. It may sound odd but the crayons tend to make the pages of the Bible thicker.
    Kay Arthur"s book "LORD Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days" is a great book for beginners. I'm leading that now with ladies that have never done inductive study.

  13. Hey Courtney.. it Karen, and I could really use you help.. My husband lost his job last week.. and has had this job for about 6 or 8 mths.. it was a young mans job (as far a very physical kind of job, for more of some one in his 20s not late 40s) but never the less he was doing it..before that he had gone a year and a half on unemployment, when the world went through its big lay offs here in Florida..
    But I need some Prayer Warriors..
    Prayer for a local job for him,( I dont want to have to move away from our older children and the grandchildren) and for me to be supportive and encouraging to him.. I get worried about the finances and get depressed.. so please pray for our family.. Thank you..

  14. Karen – I just lifted you up in prayer! I pray God will meet all of your needs.

    Cling to Luke 12:27 and 28 which says "Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, how much more will he clothe you"

    Much Love,

  15. More confirmation – every time I visit your blog! I'm just now starting to read Kay Arthur's "Lord, is it Warfare? Teach Me to Stand" {part of my monthly goal} and I was studying the section in the back about studying God's Word, with colored pencils.

    I'm definitely picking up the other book that you suggested. I guess I could study both at the same times, since they are devotionals.

  16. More confirmation – every time I visit your blog! I'm just now starting to read Kay Arthur's "Lord, is it Warfare? Teach Me to Stand" {part of my monthly goal} and I was studying the section in the back about studying God's Word, with colored pencils.

    I'm definitely picking up the other book that you suggested. I guess I could study both at the same times, since they are devotionals.

  17. Falling into Favor – I did that study too! (Ephesians right? – it was a long time ago when I did it) – it's a great one! STay in the word – it will change the entire course of your life!

  18. Thank you for posting this Courtney. I really struggle with memorizing scripture and I think this is just the thing I need to physically and visual help me to memorize.

    THANKS :o)


  19. LOVE this idea! Thank you so much for sharing it! I had never thought to use colored pencils and I am so excited to try this.
    Am tweeting and Facebooking this post.

  20. I've used this method in studying, and you are right that you get so much more out of it. I have really enjoyed all I learn when I get out my colors. The symbols are imprinted in my mind and help me to keep the principles on my heart.

  21. I agree that inductive study is fantastic and adding color is a great way to do that.

  22. I love Kay Arthur and have been using this technique for a while…so amazing how things can jump out at you that wouldn't have otherwise!

  23. I love this idea! It's been so ingrained in me to not mark a book it's hard to go against it. I have used pencil in a few books but to mark a Bible is a big step for me. This might allow me to do so?!

    I was recenly told of a man who studied from three different verision of the Bible and marked in all of them. He has three children and his thought was that someday he would give one Bible to each of his children. I so love this. I better get marking!

    I found you from Holy Experience. Your title caught my eye. 🙂

  24. Stacy – oh yes, I have been writing in my Bibles for a long time – I love the way certain passages just jump out at me when I open my Bible. I highlight, write notes, draw symbols, underline, circle etc. Try it – you'll like it :-)!

    Much Love,

  25. I've always marked my bible (I didn't realize there were people who didn't). I will have to try the colored pencil idea because I HATE when highlighters bleed through!

  26. I stumbled across your blog by chance and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I'm also an avid user of the inductive Bible study method, as set out by Precept Ministries International. Its my intention to pass on my well marked Bibles to my daughters in due course. They would make a priceless gift and wonderful heirloom.

    Thanks again for sharing! God bless.


  27. Hi there. I know this is an older post, but I was doing some google searching and stumbled upon this.
    I am interested in learning how to do this. . . .how to mark the Bible like this and be aware of all these things.
    I looked for local Precept studies near me but can not find any?
    Do you have any resources to suggest to learn this myself ?
    Thanks so much!

  28. I am in search of a bible just like the one you posted a picture of…I am a big writer, for the life of me I can’t write anything small…I want to mark up my bible and add notes but there is no room….then I saw this picture of your bible…Which one is it? Thank you!!!

  29. Hello! I tried the link to download the Precepts Kay Arthur method of marking with colored pencils but the link is under construction. Do you have that chart/info available to post? I desperately would love to start marking my bible that way! Please let me know!

    Also I’ve started writing again and would love to invite women to my blog home if they are interested.

    Thank you, Jen

  30. What type of colored pencils? All colored pencils are not the same. Some do not highlight very well. I want to use them, but I would like to know what to purchase.

  31. Where can I find a chart of Kays method? What color to highlight and what symbols. I’ve clicked on the links you’ve shared but can not find a list or chart.. I’ve just recently been given a new Study Bible and was just going to use her system in this new Study Bible

    Many Thanks,

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