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My Blog Got a Face Lift

For 2 years, the Bubble Bath girl has graced the header of my blog. But it’s a new day! I’m getting all grown-up lol!!! A family friend took family photos last Saturday and then Darlene from Time Warp Wife gave my blog a face-lift!
Thank you Darlene for your help! When you have a minute this weekend, check out her brand new blog at Time Warp Wife – she has a book coming out in January that she co-wrote with Candace Cameron Bure (who was DJ from the hit-sitcom Full House) titled Reshaping It All and she is also the author of The Mom Complex.

Walk with the King!


  1. Thanks for the mention, but it was really a piece of cake. I'll try finishing it all up today. 🙂

  2. Love the new face lift for the blog! You have a very gorgeous family! You are truly blessed! Keep up the awesome work on the amazing blog! Thanks for your encouragement, every time I read your blog!

  3. I loved bubble girl! But, this does reflect the theme of you blog better. Great photos!

  4. Your blog looks very nice. Beautiful family pictures. I love the one of you reading your Bible. That's a great idea for a photo.

  5. Oh, Courtney, I love it! So happy for you! She did a great job, and your family is gorgeous 🙂

    Jaime @ Like a Bubbling Brook

  6. Loving the new look and the new family pics and pic of you reading your bible! Just beautiful!! They both did an amazing job!

  7. LOVE it! Are those recent pictures? Is it already that cold there? I have to know where to find your boots. 😉

  8. Great facelift! I love it. I had to laugh at the sweaters and boots. A year ago, you could add a nice little coat to your attire and that would have been us….Today, however, in the first week of October, I find myself in a short sleeved tee and a pair of capris. 😉 I've been told it won't get that much cooler here.

  9. Courtney, I LOVE the new look! Hip, classy & simple. Beautiful! As if you needed any more to draw us in…you nailed it.

  10. Oh Courtney, the family photo is lovely. You have a very good looking family, but what's even better is that your heart comes through as beautiful as your outer beauty. LOVE the pic of your with your bible. So precious.

  11. Love the new face lift 🙂 It's warm and welcoming, I especially like the picture of you with your journal. Very reflective of your blog 🙂

  12. Hi, I'm still fairly new to your blog. I'm doing alot of catch up reading with you these days! And I LOVE the videos!!
    I like the new header, it gives it more of a personal feel! It's great!

  13. Love the new look. I think it reflects more of who you are than the girl in the bubbles. Beautiful picture! Where did you get your cute boots and scarf?

  14. Love the new look. I think it reflects more of who you are than the girl in the bubbles. Beautiful picture! Where did you get your cute boots and scarf?

  15. I noticed the new look last night but didn't want to say anything yet in case it'd been like that, and I just hadn't noticed;I've been a bit out of it lately. It looks wonderful! Beautiful pics!:)

  16. I am loving your new pictures and the new look!! I am also loving your boots. What kind are they and where did you get them? Do they come in other colors?

  17. Thank you everyone! You are too kind!

    Now the boot question…I am just so embarrassed to answer lol! But since a couple have asked I better just be honest *blush. Are you ready for this? I got them at he end of the season last year at…Justice…yep – the kids store. They sell boots up to size 7 and there they were on clearance so I scooped them up – they were a bargain! And I never thought I'd have to admit where I got them lol!!!

    And Jess asked about the scarf – target – the blue shirt and scarf are both from target.


  18. Courtney you are so darn cute. I wear an 8 so that would have not helped me however if I had found those at a kids store and could wear them I would have snatched them up too. You still have me smiling over your comment. I am glad I am not the only one who asked you about those adorable boots. Hugs sweet girl

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