My Search for the Simple Life

I mentioned in December that my theme word for 2011 is to “Simplify“. I want to slow down and not sleep walk through life. And this video by Ann Voskamp (she was first on my list of top ten favorite bloggers of 2010) captures my heart brilliantly. Please give it 4 minutes – I promise you that it will speak into your soul and WAKE you up if you are sleeping walking through life! (I’ve never cried during a book trailer before but this one moved me because it spoke so deeply to my soul…the pictures are all taken by Ann and the voice is also Ann reading from her newly released book. It’s kinda quiet so turn up your sound!)

Join me on the endeavor to pursuing capturing “moments…microscopic fleeting moments. We have got to figure out a way to stay awake! Life is not an emergency…All of this…is for you!”

Walk with the King!


  1. I watched it yesterday from another's suggestion. Posted it to my blog because I'm hosting a give-away of her book. And watched it again now! My chest tightens and eyes water each time. I want to learn how to keep my eyes full open for the rest of my forever! To make capturing the moments my habit!

  2. Wow! I've already ordered the book (4 of them actually – 1 for me & 3 to give away). Thanks for sharing this Courtney, I've strayed since November on my gift counting and this has awaken me. Thank you!

  3. I loved this video so much that I posted it to my facebook! I ordered her book and praying that it gets here soon!
    Sarah L.

  4. My husband got a kindle for me for Christmas. This book by Ann Voskamp ws my first purchase. I've been reading little bits almost daily to make it last. LOve it!

  5. That was absolutly amazing and touching video thank you so much for sharing I too am sharing it on my facebook wow so amazing brought tears to my eyes!!!

    God Bless,
    In His Grip,

  6. Courtney,

    This is a long comment – but my last one.

    I’ve read you for months now. You are a beacon shining brightly. I asked, as a man, if I could comment and you graciously said yes. But I think I won’t comment anymore.

    This is such a beautiful place you have carved out – and it’s specifically for women – to live well. You write with the heart and passion and love for Our Lord so strongly – and the way only a woman, only a mom can. I stand in absolute awe of moms – and this “mommy blogging” community. It is a stunningly spectacular place.

    But this is a place specifically created for women. And though I find everything you write inspirational, powerful, funny, and edifying – and though I really heart your corner of the internets. I am, by reading so many amazing women bloggers, learning to not stomp with size 10 cowboy boots where the flowers are clearly designed for women to walk barefoot and free.

    I couldn’t see this before. Gracious words by you, and the heart behind this community that has taught me this.

    Strangely enough, it is the highest compliment I can pay to your words and to you, and your readers, to say thank you – and not read your words anymore. I have read hundreds of male written blogs – and the ones you recommended – and not one has the heart I find regularly in the world of Christian “mommy bloggers”. Godspeed in what you are doing here, and Godspeed to all of you who read what Courtney writes.

    Thank you for being so gracious and such a strong woman of God Courtney

    Even though I’ll take my leave now, I will continue to walk with the King – and smile each time I say the words.

  7. Courtney thank you so much for sharing this wonderful video on your blog about Ann Voskamp newest book. I loved it, I even went over and posted about it on my blog so that I can share it with others. I am looking forward to buying this book also. I think that Mrs. Voskamp really reached inside of my soul with the words from this book trailer so I know it is a must read….

  8. Ann is amazing with words and her voice is so warm and inviting. This video moved me to girl. She makes me want to stay awake for everything until He comes for us. Thanks for sharing this video!! Hope you are well!! Big Hugs from NC!!!

  9. LOVE this video!! I have been sick for a few days now..I am ready to have energy again and give my best each day, capturing each moment.

  10. Unbelieveable!! Wow. I'm am speechless. She speaks as well as she writes. So evident that God is working through her. I want to cry as I yearn to be a woman of God like her.

  11. I'll never forget this video – thank you for posting this and referring us to Ann's book and blog; it added wonderful grace to my day!!
    I LOVE your blog – it has "spurred me on to love and good deeds" many a day, and I hope to keep finding/meeting more women like you in this community. I've only been into this blogging thing for about a year and truly, I feel it's changing my life. I love finding people with such inspiring faith – you are one of them! God bless you for what you do on here! I wish I could know you in person 🙂
    Have a beautiful day!
    Love in Christ,

  12. Courtney, I couldn't agree more with this clip.. it is what I always try to share with others yet never seem to see them grasp. I am going to be posting this on my blog where it stays at the top so that others can be blessed by her. THANK YOU for sharing!!
    Because of His love,
    Mrs. Joseph Wood

  13. I'm so glad you posted this here! I saw it yesterday on her blog, and was moved to tears. My book just shipped to me and I am SO excited! I love your heart that you would share this–all for His glory!

  14. Oh Courtney, this video encompasses the one constant theme that resonates from me. My first blog was entitled, "In The Midst of This Season." Through it, I endeavored to grasp the simple moments of my life as PRECIOUS. And I do this. I do.

    And my word for 2011 is PRESENT. I want to be present for the fleeting moments of our family life, present for my children when they desire my attention, present for my husband when he struggles or hurts, fully and totally present, drinking in the moments God gives me in the coming year.

    And I've always been thankful for the unique scope through which I view life. I find beauty in the simplest of things; a dead leaf swirling around in a mudded puddle on a cold winter day, a crow cawing from bare trees of the sleeping forest during a frigid winter's walk, the circular ripples of the water after a fish jumps in the pond. I've taken some light teasing for my "unusual" perspective from well meaning loved ones, but the fact is, I receive it as a GIFT.

    This said, the video TOTALLY rests with me, speaks to me. I can't wait to read this book. THANK YOU!
    You're gem.

  15. Hey Courtney, I'm afraid that as you continue to post the video will be lost to me and I want to save it and look at it and think about it. Really so beautiful. Could you put it on a button or something so I can visit now and again (I don't even know what a button is>>>)

  16. I *LOVE* this video! I watched it a couple of times on Ann's website, even showing my husband. Every time I watch it I tear up, and tickles my soul like a wellspring dying to burst. My theme for 2011 is to be DELIBERATE and INTENTIONAL, slightly based on Ann's theme of "Here". But also based on my last 2 years' themes of being more 'present', but didn't accomplish well. So here's to 2011, being more INTENTIONAL…to SIMPLIFY…to capturing the MOMENTS! ;-D

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