65 Days To Reshaping It All

I’m super excited to participate in this 65 day challenge to Reshaping It All! 
Candace Cameron Bure (formerly known as DJ on Full House) and Darlene Schacht released the book Reshaping It All this past January and it hit the New York Times Best Seller list! 
Darlene is going to lead us through the book as we apply the tips!  You do not have to own the book to participate. 
Let me be honest, blogging is not figure friendly.  I’ve put on a few pounds this winter sitting at my computer desk.  Back in January, when I first read the book I started applying the principles and making the recipes (which are really good by the way!).  I lost 4 pounds in just a few weeks.  Then I finished the book and stopped applying the principles and the 4 pounds are back!  I’m hoping this time to do a little better – and make some long term changes!
You need a change?  Need some encouragement and community in this area?  The 65 days begin tomorrow!  Join Darlene (and me) over at ReshapingItAll.com
Walk with the King!

Guess what I just learned! 

My friend Bethany from A Big Red Pot – is giving away a copy of Reshaping It All!  All you have to do is leave a comment to win!  So hop on over to the Big Red Pot and I’m crossing my fingers it’s one of you who win!!!

10:58pm – ANNNNNND I just learned another bloggy friend Gina is giving away 3 copies starting next Monday at Chats With An Old Lady!  So check her out too and enter to win there too!!!

I’m linked to Time Warp Wife, We Are That Family and Raising Homemakers.


  1. I just read half the book last night and it's fabulous! I am going to ask my daughter this morning to be my accountability partner and I will be hers. We NEED to be self-disciplined and moderate in all areas. Such timely advice.

  2. YAY! I'm so excited about this! I just finished the book a few days ago and its really made me be more aware of what I'm eating and to start making better choices.

  3. Hello! Different Mrs. K. here! LOL.. I have been a lurker for over a year Courtney. As a woman on my own journey to health and well-being, as well as being many years older (49 this September)…I will be reading from afar. I have gone vegan after two years' research, and my doctor is happy with the health progress. I walk and do some yoga. Have thyroid issues still … so… this post has piqued my curiosity. Definitely following along from here in New York…

  4. Courtney,
    I am in such need of this boost. Looking forward to participating in this with you and all the other wonderful women. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  5. I will have to put this book on my birthday list!

    Do I need the book to take part?

    My birthday is half way through.

  6. Just bought Reshaping It All yesterday and looking foward to starting it. (Have to finish Made To Crave first, couple more chapters and weeks of Bible study with my girls left!)

  7. This is so cool!!! I just seen Candace Cameron Bure live last night at a womens rally in Ozark Mo. I was very moved by her love for the Lord and her care for other wives and our marriages to hold strong in the faith.

  8. O my gosh Tessa! I was there too last night in Ozark!! 😀 Just got my copy there last night! 😀 She was such a beautiful woman of God! 🙂 This will be a great study!

  9. Woohoo! I can't wait to see what this is going to be all about. It wraps up the week of my wedding so I'm all for continuing to improve physical and spiritual fitness during the challenge. 🙂

  10. So thrilled that I have a support group to do this with. I'm incredibly excited to get started!!!! One hour until May 1st!!!!!

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