Summer Bible Reading Plan For Moms

John Piper writes: Don’t let summer make your soul shrivel. God made summer as a foretaste of heaven, not a substitute.


If the mailman brings you a love letter from your fiancé, don’t fall in love with the mailman. That’s what summer is: God’s messenger with a sun-soaked, tree-green, flower-blooming, lake-glistening letter of love to show us what he is planning for us in the age to come—”things which the eye has not seen and ear has not heard, and which have not entered into the heart of man, God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Corinthians 2:9).
It is easy in the midst of summer fun to let our time in God’s word slip.  If you are in need of accountability, I want to invite you to join me as I follow this summer reading plan for moms.
This reading plan follows the “S.O.A.P” method and I will be using it alongside Sally Clarkson’s book The Ministry of Motherhood.
YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE SALLY’S BOOK TO JOIN ME!!!!  Reading God’s word is first priority.  There will be videos over on Good Morning that accompany this reading plan.  We’d love for you to join us – come alone or come as a group!
What is the S.O.A.P method?  The S.O.A.P. Method stands for:
1. S- Write out the scripture passage for the day. (I have a shiny new notebook where I will be writing out the verse/s of the day.)
2. O– Write down 1 or 2 observations from the passage. (After I write out the verse, I will write what I learned from the verse.)
3. A– Write down 1-2 applications from the passage. (Then I will write out how this verse applies to me if it is applicable.)
4. P- Pray over what you learned from today’s passage. (Then I will pray this verse over myself and my family.)
As you go through this study, if you come across a verse or passage that you don’t understand, I recommend Crosswalk’s Bible Study Tools found here: On this page in the lower right hand corner, you can find links to Bible dictionaries, commentaries (I like Matthew Henry’s and John McArthur’s), concordances, and other Bible translations, etc.
I need accountability.  If you need it too just print out the summer reading plan here.
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Walk with the King and let him knock your socks off – he loves you so!!!!
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  1. I'm not going to be reading the book, but I'm definitely looking forward to using the SOAP method (for the firs time!) on the verses in the plan!

  2. Hi Courtney!

    I am so glad that you let us know that we can still join the bible study portion, even if we're not reading the book. I really enjoyed doing the James study before and the SOAP method was a great study tool for me. So, I'll be joining this summer reading plan, but without the motherhood book.

    Thanks again!

  3. I ordered the book last week. I cant wait to follow the schedule. Thanks for organizing everything

    Where did you get your circle cross necklace? I love it.

  4. Hi Angela (great name by the way!!) Stacie & Mrs KBJ- So excited to have you all join use at Good Morning Girls this summer! 🙂

    Love God Greatly!

  5. I don't know that I've ever heard fo the SOAP method, but I would love to try this this summer….it looks like a way that would allow one to really soak in the Scripture, not just see how much could be read in a short span of time. I definitely want to do this. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. loving the soap method. It forces you to draw conclusions for yourself and personal applications, rather than just depending on a commentary.
    I sooo enjoy your site! Thank you!

  7. loving the soap method. It forces you to draw conclusions for yourself and personal applications, rather than just depending on a commentary.
    I sooo enjoy your site! Thank you!

  8. Great plan. During the Summer we read the Proverb of the day allowing the kids to read it depending on whose "day" it is.

  9. This reading plan looks great. I tend to choose plans that are overwhelming……then I give up. Not good. I just might give this plan a try. Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Courtney!

    Thank you Jesus 🙂 I found your site. What a blessing you have been in my life. I am doing the summer Bible reding plan, it is awesome. You inspire me and light a fire in me for the Lord. Never stop what your doing! I love your You Tube videos as well. Your new site is awesome, super easy to navigate.

    Blessings to you and your family, you have definitely been one in mine!


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