WLW Link-Up Party and My Top 3!

 Today I thought I’d post 3 links to homeschool rooms – I’ve been looking at them for inspiration!  Mine is not done yet – but when it is I’ll take pictures and share it with you :)! 

1. The picture above is the school room of Erica from Confessions of a Homeschooler!  Oh to be this organized!  Wowsa!  Click the link to see more pictures of her amazing room!

2.  This picture above is from Mama Hall’s  organized School Room!  I have met Mama Hall twice at conferences and this girl loves the Lord and loves her kiddos.  This organizational chart is so cool!  It covers a lot of bases! Very nice!    

3.   And my final fave is Ann Voskamp’s school room.   I am not able to lift photos from her blog – so you gotta click over and see her amazing space – with beautiful bookshelves, a couch, candles lit and wall posters of maps and charts that are a feast for the mind!

Now it’s your turn! It’s Women Living Well’s Wednesday Link-Up Party!!! Join the fun, do a little blog hopping and don’t forget if you join below -please add the Women Living Well Wednesdays button to your post so your readers can find us here! (Posts can include the topics of marriage, parenting, homemaking, finances, recipes, organization and more!)

To find the code go to the sidebar  – or right click and “save as” the button and then upload it into your post! 🙂

Walk with the King!



  1. Wow! Those are amazing rooms. It’s a good thing you can’t see me ’cause I’m green with envy!!! (gotta go do some confession after this!)
    No, I am thankful for my home and the wonderful country I live in that allows me to home school! Thanks for these great links and the great inspiration.

  2. How wonderful! I’m a teacher in a private school and I can always gain inspiration from the rooms of others, whether in school or at home.


  3. Thank you so much for hosting and letting me join in. The school rooms are awesome!! HOPE you have a great day full of lots of happy blessings!!!

  4. It thrills me to see the care mommas are taking in teaching their children. A few “bad” ones have given home schooling a bad name. That’s the beauty of the internet. The committed ones can be viewed and ideas used.

    Blessings on your day —

  5. HI,
    Just remember that you don’t need a designated “school room” to homeschool properly. I kitchen table and a cozy couch work just fine! :o) We make our homeschooling a way of life and don’t sequester it into a single “school room.” It happens all over our home and out of the house as well. For anyone looking at those pictures and feeling that what you have is less than adequate… let it go. That is just one approach to doing school at home. Follow what feels right for your family on your homeschooling journey.

  6. While we do have a designated school room (one that is shared with our home office), we tend to “school” all over the house. 🙂 Lessons that need white board examples or instruction are done in the the official room, but we’re usually gathered around our kitchen table or coffee table, curled up with good reads on our sofa near our wood stove, or sprawled across our beds for a little private quiet time. And let’s not forget the bathroom — one of my children gets much of his reading done in there… 🙂

    There are many benefits to having a designated place for all our schooling supplies & curriculum — as I said, I have one myself, but I have to agree with Stacey (above) and will add that for our family, home education is a way of life! Ladies, let’s not try to recreate the classrooms of our fond memories (I did this in my early years of home ed 19 years ago!), but rather let us consider the fact that it is called “home” education — not “school room” education. I’m not trying to pick on anyone here or start a debate, just sharing what’s on my heart. I’ve known women who spend more time achieving a perfect school room than educating their children. Just sayin’…

  7. Hi there:)
    I loved the photos you posted, they sure are a motivator! I will so enjoy looking at everyone’s link. I don’t have a link up to share, but I sure did enjoy this post! I love to organize:)

    Happy Wednesday!


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