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I’m Speaking & I Have a Ticket to Giveaway!

I am beyond honored to be speaking at Sally Clarkson’s upcoming Mom Heart Conference.  There will be 3 conferences in the new year and I will be speaking at the Dallas, TX conference held February 17 th& 18th!  If you live in the area – I want to meet you!!!  

I attended the Dallas Mom Heart Conference last year and wrote about it here (Part 1 – What I Learned)  and here (Part 2 – Living a Beautifully Dignified Life).  It was amazingly inspiring and encouraging and I hope you will consider coming ( and meet me!!! lol! 😉 )

Sally has offered one Women Living Well reader a free ticket to the Dallas Conference!  The winner will be chosen randomly from my comments section Saturday, December 3rd. 

To enter:  

Leave a comment sharing one struggle your Mom Heart is facing.

For Bonus Entries:

Facebook, Tweet, Google+, Pinterest or blog about this giveaway including a link back to this post.  Then leave a comment below letting me know what you did. 🙂

I can’t wait to see some of you there!!  For more information about the conference click here.

Walk with the King!



  1. Wow!! So exciting! That is just awesome. Let’s see, honestly, my mama heart is struggling to find the balance between taking physical care of my children and playing with them. I find myself having to be very purposeful about play time or it doesn’t exist. Just being honest.

  2. I’m tired. My mom struggle is that I am weary of training in rightousness. It is a hard fight winning my kids hearts for Christ and sometimes it is easy to give up and give in. Yet I must push on to win the prize. But honestly. I’m a bit weary.

  3. I live in the area!!! Well used too, until my husband and I got stationed in CT. But our friends and family live down there.

    One thing my Mom Heart struggle is spending time with my daughter and engaging her more into play time, Word of God time and just being with her. I get so caught up on the computer sometimes doing school work, surfing or doing the household chores 🙁

  4. I would love to go to this. I do have so many struggles with our kids. We haven’t adopted them yet through Foster Care, but look to that sometime soon. I would have to say that my biggest struggle is connecting with their hearts. They are aleays so gaurded on topics of the heart, and only give you answers that they think you want to hear. I would love to break this cycle and be someone that they can really trust even though I’m not their “mom.”

  5. What a blessing this will be to someone.
    I struggle with being tired and fatigued and too “snappy” because of being overwhelmed at meetings needs. : )

  6. My
    struggle is raising my son on my own, after a divorce. And raising him to be a honest, good person. Thank you for this chance to win.

  7. My struggle is finding the joy in being a mother to five little ones, especially when it’s a rough week, like several of them sick all at once and me not feeling good and I just see them as more of a headache than the gifts that they are.

  8. I’m currently struggling with managing to spend time with each child, manage my house and run my at home business. I get so easily wrapped up in the day to day.

  9. My parents never took interest in my life and I never had a real relationship with them. Having no example I’m so afraid I won’t parent my sweet little boy well. (he’s almost 4 months old).

  10. I am really struggling with being more in tune to my kids. We spend so much time running: church, sports practices, school, etc. that when I can sit down, I need to remember that they need my time!

  11. One of my struggles in reference to motherhood is balancing work, marriage, and parenting. I have so much I want to do and teach my children, but unfortunately I never get all I want done. I know we’re not superwomen, but it sure is frustrating sometimes.

  12. My Mom Heart is struggling with making sure I pass on a strong foundational faith to my kids – it is a struggle for me or I am at least not seeing the fruit of it yet. I can always use encouragement in this journey!!!!

  13. I want to have patient, loving, grace filled mom heart. It happens most of the time but I still ‘lose it’ to often. Finding the balance in what I do and learning to say NO to certain things, is what I want to do for my family. I don’t want us overcommitted. So hard. Always a place of growth for me. I shared this on FB. Thanks Courtney!

  14. One of my biggest struggles as a mom is desiring to have my kids hearts, but the everyday tasks seem to be overwhelming so often that I become weary, therefore I am not slowing down enough to spend one on one time with each of my children. My time with them is going so quickly. I want to be able to slow down and cultivate love, grace and joy in our home. I love to go to one of Sally’s conferences! Thank you Courtney!

  15. I shared on Facebook and Pintrest! I love that Sally has such a passionate heart for Mom’s and that she is a wonderful example of a Titus 2 Woman!

  16. I would love to go to a conference like this. We homeschool our girls and are stationed overseas, so sometimes we feel isolated, with not very many people with the same kind of convictions we share. I also tend to get frustrated when we get behind on lessons and housework. I also take classes online to use my GI Bill before it runs out, so I’m constatnly busy. I need to be encouraged. I love Sally Clarkson’s books, and have several of them including her older version of the Wholehearted Child. Love her ideas and vision toward home and family.

  17. How exciting!! Sally is wonderful to hear and be encouraged by!! My biggest struggle is probably finding a balance between kids, school and everything else thrown in at the same time.

  18. I struggle with balancing everything; homeschooling, parenting, everydays tasks. Letting go when I don’t get the things I wanted to accomplish done. Thanks for this opportunity

  19. I want my children to grow up being followers of Jesus Christ, currently I am the only one in my household guiding them, my husband does not. This would be a wonderful conference, I enjoy reading Sally’s books/newsletters as well as yours. Thanks for helping others!!

  20. My struggle is as a grandmother who does much of the mothering for two of my grandchildren because their mother(my daughter) is disabled and has limited time/energy to give to them. Finding the balance with loving, disciplining, & training, but not overstepping the bounds of my role.

  21. I moved back a year ago to where I grew up. I am not the same person that I was when I was in High School and the area I live in is not as encouraging of home schooling. Where we moved from was Pro homeschooling and I had a lot of wonderful ladies that where a great source of strength and support. I saw this conference and hoped that I would have an opportunity to attend.


  22. Oh, so wish I could go to one of these one day! I struggle with how much time to spend with my kids versus how much time to let them learn to play independently and be ok without me always there.

  23. I am struggling with patience! My 3 year old daughter is using her fabulous vocabulary to push boundaries and my 16 month old son is a rowdy boy through and through – I already have my ticket to Dallas but I would love to win to give it away to a friend!

  24. Balancing grace and discipline with my teenagers. Boundaries. Knowing when or how to teach or correct or just guide and advise. Knowing the right questions to ask which serve them best in making wise choices, rather than telling them what to do or not to do. Just plain parenting teenagers!

  25. I have really been struggling to see every moment and every action as a teachable moment with my boys. I feel like between the responsibilities of homeschooling and maintaining my home, I have lost some of the wonder of just getting to be a mommy. I just started reading Educating the Wholehearted Child though and believe it is really going to make a huge difference!

  26. One thing I struggle with, almost daily, is when my son (as sensitive as he is) cries is how to uplift him with God’s Word. I struggle with the knowledge to guide him properly. My son has such a repentent heart but struggles emotionally at times. I want to guide him in that its a gift of the compassion and emotions he feels. Not a burden. I need guidance in this area.

  27. I would love to come to this event… I struggle with a lot of things… but I think that learning how to honor and teach honoring in my home is hard. How do you honor your children and discipline at the same time.. how do I honor my husband and still be “in charge” of my home and my children? “Honor your Father and Mother for this is the commandment with a promise” I am finding I have taught my children it is better to ask forgiveness then to have a heart to honor and not sin at all … in my actions…in my words.


  28. My mom heart is struggling with raising my daughters in a Christ-centered home when my husband is just not there yet in his faith. I have hope, prayers and an awesome God who loves me so despite all, I’m peaceful!

    Would love to go to Texas and spend a few days learning!

    Also tweeted and FB this! =)

  29. I struggle with loving patience. With being able to stop looking at my forever huge to do list of things I want to see done or that I feel need to be done and just enjoy this gift I have with getting to stay at home with my children

  30. Current struggle – Wanting to be a better example! I want my kids to long to serve others in all that they are part of… really feeling the pressure of how important my example of having a servants heart is. Shared on FB.

  31. I live in Dallas and would so love to meet you, Courtney… as well as attend this conference!! One of my many struggles as a mom is the discipline… finding something positive that actually works and then sticking to it.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest!

  32. I’ve had my eye on this conference and would LOVE to go. I struggle with SO many things as a mom. Probably the main one is just being intentional in all I do with them. I have six kids and I want to make sure I am there for all of them!

  33. My Mom Heart struggles with balancing family and ministry. As newly appointed full-time Youth Pastors, my husband and I have a heart to minister to the youth in our community, and it is my desire to always lets our children know that they come first!!

  34. My struggle is thinking I am in control. I would love to relinquish control of all the balls I am juggling to God. I have 10 kids so that is a lot of control to relinquish 🙂

  35. I’m not ashamed to admit that I struggle with time management, prioritizing, quality time with my two preschoolers and keeping the house clean and organized. I get so overwhelmed. Im not going to pretend I’m superwoman. I need all the help and prayer I can get! I stumbled across your website (my new favortie site) via Pinterest and just love what you stand for and the awesome example you set for us struggling moms. I would absolutely love to attend this conference! I shared it on Facebook and Pinterest for all others to have the opportunity as well. Thank you for the opportunity to win! God Bless

  36. I am so very excited for you to be speaking and for the opportunity to possibly win a free ticket! What a blessing this is!
    My heart struggle is feeling inadequate at being a mom to my kidos. They are growing up so fast and I sometimes the overwhelming feeling of the mistakes from the past just get to me. My husband and I have always said to each other we just want the best for our children, but we really want the best in every way possible. Sometimes it feels you like to start on one “issue” or situation and the others slide. I want encouragement that I am on the right path, leading my children to be strong warriors of God and living their lives where God wants them to be.

    I also tweeted this :o)

  37. remembering that they are God’s first, he loves them even more than I do. My oldest will be off to college next fall, then the next year the middle child goes… It is hard, to get ready to, let them go.

  38. A struggle I have is getting my children to stop arguing and picking on each other. They are 12 and 10, boy and girl. It makes homeschooling challenging. I want them to understand that God gave them to each other and their relationship should be a treasure.

    I shared it on Facebook and Google + and liked it on fb.

  39. I live in Dallas!!! Would so like to go !! I am struggling with a daught er who is pregnant . She is not married and has a very abusive boyfriend. If I do not win–could you please at least keep Natalie in your prayers? Thanks and many blessings, Barb

  40. My third child has a severe sensory processing disorder and this is truly hard on us as a family because of how disruptive he is. My struggle is being patient in all things. When this child was six months old I actually met Sally Clarkson at our homeschool conference. She prayed over him and with me. What a treasure of a time.

  41. The problem my ‘mom heart’ is struggling with the most is deciding whether or not I’m being called to continue being a SAHM and homeschooling my little ones as they are getting closer to preschool age, or if God has plans for me outside of my home too. I’m feeling really lost as to what my calling is, and that incorporating God/the bible/prayer into motherhood is a new concept to me as I’m a first generation christian/mother. I’m hoping this weekend could help bring perspective and encouragement to my weary heart.

  42. would be great to see after so many years since being on Houghton 9! and going free would be even better! one struggle out of a million…fighting exhaustion that makes me want to give up often, w/ home-schooling 4, dealing w/ a challenging pre-schooler, and nursing a baby every 90 minutes!

  43. Whew…where do I even begin?!?! My mama’s heart has been so heavy with many things…how can I describe just one! I feel like the Holy Spirit has been challenging me and showing me how to do certain things with our kids which is such a free feeling BUT what weighs me down is feeling like I have no time to put those ideas and thoughts into action or even have the time to plan them out for my kids. OR, when I do have a second, my mind and thoughts and ideas feel like they turn to mush. I feel like my head is bobbing up and down in the water barely getting a full breath when my head is above the water. Does that even make sense???

  44. One struggle I have, and am in right now, is living with my hubbies terminal lung/brain cancer. I am struggling with how to give the kids the time THEY need, be a caregiver and lover and more. This is just ONE struggle in my life as a homeschool mother, wife and homemaker.

    Thank you for all you do, Courtney!


  45. I think one thing I am struggling with as a mom right now is putting down the to-do list and getting one-on-one with my kids to be intentional with them.

  46. I’m struggling with putting first things first. God so easily slips out of my center, and when I’m off-kilter I am less patient, loving and organized. I would love to hear Sally and other women offer insights and encouragement!

  47. The biggest challenge I am facing is the thought that I am only surviving the day to day tasks of mothering, homeschooling, homemaking and all the other hats mothers wear. How can I get it all accomplished and be all there & connect with each child personally.

  48. So grateful for a chance to win! Thank you and Sally both!
    My struggles are numerous as is the case for almost all moms, but my main struggle is definitely loneliness. I easily become discouraged and even a little hopeless and sometimes have to wonder if trying so hard is even worth it. I know it is worth it, but it is a constant battle in my mind. It’s not easy trying to do all the things I “know” I should do when I have no support system. It is an isolating feeling and overwhelming. I wish I could learn how to let God fill that void and continue to joyfully be who I know He wants me to be.

  49. Oh, I have so many. My selfishness, my desire to help my son with his anger issues, my desire to curb my own anger issues (did I mention selfishness? :-)), helping another son be optimistic, making the home a calm and loving place to be for all of us, helping my boys grow closer to God; I could go on for awhile. My friend and I were just talking about this conference, but the cost of the entire thing would be too expensive for her. So if I win, she’ll get the free ticket, and I’ll pay my way. What fun! Thank you for offering this!

  50. I have two little ones 11 months apart and the oldest is only 19 months old. In the past year my husband has be honorably discharged from the Army, we have moved states two times, my son was born, my husband began schooling, and I have been trying to find a new niche here in Kansas. In the midst of it all my mommy heart has been struggling to really grasp relationship with my baby boy as his birth came in the midst of so many changing circumstances. I don’t want to just survive, I want to live in sweet, sweet relationship with my husband and babies. A get away and some fresh perspective is MUCH needed.

  51. More and more, the Lord is revealing to me that I have placed philosophy and curriculum on a pedestal while I neglect living in relationship with Him and with my children. He is constantly crushing my idols, and I am so grateful.

  52. I have been trying to get a friend to go to one of the conferences with me, it’s not so much fun going alone traveling to a strange city, but to no avail…they don’t know what they’re missin! Since going to CA almost 2 yrs ago, surprise from hubby, I have been aching to get to another conference! My mom heart struggles with wanting to control everything, which then leads to anger. I also struggle with how to manage everything, the house, schooling etc and still have time, desire, and energy to spend with the kids. Thanks for this opportunity and I would love to meet you, especially since I grew up where you are and all my family, except me, is still there!

  53. My life as a mom seems to be a constant struggle at times. One of the heart pulls for me is seeing my teens want/need close friends and not having them. I so want them to have a strong Christian support system, including people their own age.

  54. My greatest struggle… is constant, as I try to live out my faith for my two little girls to see, as we struggle together to cope with my husband leaving us. We have so many emotional issues/pain, and while trying to homeschool, and still keep the house running (insert all domesticated activities), the car running, and us running, I find myself at the end of the day looking to God asking why I didn’t do a better job of sharing my faith with them. Or how to do it differently the next day.
    Living out my faith, while living in crises, and still fighting the sinful nature’s impatience, inconsistencies, bad attitudes, and selfishness, while seeking to leave a godly heritage with my children seems impossible… but, with GOD all things are possible. I end my day with hope again, that tomorrow’s mercies are already pouring out upon me.

  55. I’d love to win this…I tried to go last year & got pneumonia & had to lose my ticket. 🙁 My heart challenge is being patient with my 12-year-old son & modeling a Christlike attitude when he doesn’t want to learn.

  56. My mom struggle is two-fold… time management and loss of patience in chaos.. which usually I’ve brought upon myself because of my poor time-management, and then I’ll be too stressed to focus on managing time…. it all spirals. I definitely need to work on this more.

  57. Well there seems to be many struggles, but most importantly is love. I need, actually God needs to cultivate more love in my heart for my kids. I really want to learn how to discipline them with love and not anger. Thanks for the giveaway!! 🙂

  58. I am reading Mission of Motherhood for the second time and it is so helpful and encouraging. I was set out to be a career woman. This book has helped me embrace the true gift of motherhood. I am currently a SAHM. SO BLESSED! My biggest momheart struggle is home school vs. public school. My career choice was teaching/coaching. My husband teaches/coaches. We are unsure of what to do.

  59. My bigest struggle right now is figuring out how to get out of “survival mode” I realized I have been in survival mode for 2 years and I need more of life for my kids and for myself. But this is just one stuggle;) So many more, I need more Joy and less reaction.

  60. I struggle with my almost six year old daughter. She is very strong willed. I have tried spanking her. Now I try to use scripture to teach her to use gentle words and not argue but I get discouraged that I dont have instant results. She is getting better but at the same time it isnt. She can dominate the whole home with her emotions. I love her so dearly and want to help her use these gifts in a positive way.

  61. I struggle with laziness…I have a really difficult time getting myself motivated in the morning (I am fine in the afternoon.)

  62. My MOM HEART issue right now is two-fold. We have a very independent toddler boy and while I want to be clear about boundaries and guide his behavior, sometimes I worry I might be squashing his little spirit. On top of that, my husband is not a Christian, and while I admire that he is the firmer/stricter parent (I can be a pushover), I have really had a hard time lately showing him that he occasionally come down too hard on our two year old. I am asking for God’s wisdom daily on this issue.

  63. I have been struggling with my 6 year old daughter lately. Her attitude has been ugly and she’s been disrespectful to family members. My husband and I are trying to figure out her heart and how to discipline through this phase.

  64. My biggest struggle right now is that my heart is at home with my two girls, whom I have an intense desire to homeschool. However, I have to work until our house sells so that our debt can be paid off and I can be home…unless God performs a miracle, which He is absolutely capable of! 🙂 I would love to attend this conference!

  65. My biggest struggle is keeping myself going strong later in the day. I start out well and have a great attitude with my kids after my bible study but after a few hours I’m dragging again and start to get impatient and frustrated with them.

  66. Thank you for this opportunity! I would love to hear you speak. You are a very encouraging person.
    I guess I would have to say my biggest struggle right now is being a joyful mom. I want to be that happy peppy mommy but sometimes the cares of life try to drain me and I find myself becoming a grouchy person. Thankfully God, through His amazing grace is helping each and every day!

  67. My oldest son is the beautiful result of a not-so-beautiful previous relationship and now his dad and step-mom are splitting. The conversations this year with my almost 12 year old get harder and harder, I just want to know that I am encouraging him in the right way and that I am always giving him a solid, Christian, loving home base despite the not-so-lovely images he gets every other weekend away from me. It’s soooo hard and I always feel like I am falling short! Would love to come to the conference and would so love to meet you in person!

  68. Asking the Lord for more of His Grace for myself and my children right now. That’s where my mom heart is! Thanks for your encouragement and cyberspace community building! Blessings!

  69. One struggle I have with my kids is putting aside my to do list to spend more time with them. In my heart i want to, but i often find myself caught up in my task-oriented personality.

  70. This mama heart struggles with keeping my patience in check while teaching them to do the same. I say “self-control” all day and then find myself yelling. Thankfully God’s grace covers me and they love me anyway!

  71. I struggle with fretting over finances and materialism. I never thought I was a “stuff girl” until I had to cut back. I know my thoughts on the subject take away great moments with my family. I would love to go to the conference. God Bless!

  72. I struggle with materialism and fretting over finances. God is growing me in this area, but I know it occupies a great deal of my thoughts and energy, thus time away from what matters most. God bless!

  73. Being consistent with what I expect of the boys and how I am also acting. I am seeing (thank you, God) that I can’t expect the boys to act better than I am. I need to set the example but some days I just don’t know where to start.

  74. Keeping busyness and the crazy, chaotic pace of this world (and even with Christians) from stealing time and joy with my 11 year old. My prayer right now to get off the hamter wheel (no matter how good it may look) and to live in the unforced rhythms of grace like Jesus talked about in Matthew. This is my desire and it is greatly opposed, because it leads to the path of life in being a mama and having heart time with my daughter.

    Thank you for the opportnity to enter.

  75. I shared this link on facebook. One struggle as a mom is allowing my daughter to learn to be more independent. She is an only child and sometimes it is just easier to do things for her than to let her do them herself.

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