A Christmas Gift Suggestion for Your Kids!

I know the toy catalogs have all arrived in the mail and the kids are circling their little hearts out…but many of those toys promise to deliver much more than they ever could deliver and we’ll find them on the garage sale table this summer.

It’s Black Friday and you might be Christmas shopping so I wanted to suggest something to add to your list that is of eternal value!

What’s in the Bible? It’s a series for kids created by Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales.  We have 6 of their DVDs plus their Christmas DVD and LOVE them – they truly are like a Muppets Christianity 101 class for children.

I am a contributor over at The Better Mom and the star of the series made a video special just for The Better Mom  readers!  Check out how cute this is!


Following this video over at The Better Mom, Ruth did an interview with Phil Vischer where he explains how he left Veggie Tales, his concept behind What’s in the Bible?, and what resources they have available.

Phil writes:

VeggieTales was a great way to introduce specific Christian values or specific Bible stories, but it wasn’t a good format for explaining tricky concepts like “redemption” and “sanctification,” or walking kids all the way through the Bible.”

The Better Mom asked

“What do you hope children and families take away from this ministry?”

Phil answered:

 “A very clear, life-changing understanding of all the basics of our faith.  What is the Bible?  Where did it come from?  Why do we say it’s so important?  And what difference does it make in my life?  It’s Christianity 101 for the whole family to enjoy together.  As if the Muppets went to seminary, came back, and decided to teach it to all of us.  What Sesame Street did for literacy, we hope to do for biblical literacy – to help raise a generation of Christians who know what they believe, and know what it looks like to live out that belief in front of a watching world.”

OH this is  my hearts cry for all of our children – that they would know God and his word! 

To read the rest of this interview head over to The Better Mom and I hope you will consider this series as a gift for your children, grandchildren, or neighbors children! lol!  They also have an on-line website for kids where they can play games and view videos at JellyTelly.com.  I just love what Phil is doing and there’s no greater gift we can give our children than to teach them “What’s In the Bible“!  Shine brightly mamas!   

Walk with the King,


  1. This is my newest Christmas writing and I hope it is a blessing to those who read it. Merry Christmas to the Lord who will always reamain in my heart THE REASON FOR THE SEASON. Vickey Stamps
    © 11/20/11 by Vickey Stamps 12:04 a.m.
    The place was a large town and one of many. It was modern with a mixture of people of all cultures and age. It held busy cars, towering buildings and stress filled faces wearing out the concrete with their rushing feet hurrying from work, and others to stores for a last minute Christmas gift, before they closed.
    Some would think it best to stay indoors and let this one be one best left forgotten. Snow had started early and had piled up and over the curbs already, falling in larger flakes faster and faster. A slanted wind drove itself and the snow, against the woolen coats of those that could afford them, and into the very fibers of the poorer ones wearing what they could. It was the eve of Christmas.
    Wearing an odor of ‘Eau ‘de Liquor’on his breath, the homeless man inside a large cardboard box, curled deeper into himself, in his makeshift home in the back of the alley. He’d hoarded as much newspaper as he could find and would wrap himself tightly in it against the storm this night. It had been two days ago counting part of yesterday, since he’d savaged in the garbage bins outside the ‘Little Spain’ café. His appetite had barely been satisfied, before he had been driven away by the broom wielding owner. He wondered why he’d bothered. It was just trash anyway, and why should they care? He had scuffled away.
    He’d been out once already mid-morning, thinking to just stretch and get fresh air when he’d remembered about what today meant. It was give-a-way day at the Salvation Army place. He had stomped his feet to wake them up. His feet were covered with every sock he owned, one layer stretched over another. His shoes had long since become unbearable. He’d hoped to find some shoes in his over-large foot size, but while he’d found some clothes to layer against the cold, there were no shoes for him. One day a week, they put free clothes in containers outside their old building. There had been a coat drive earlier that week. One of the staff, seeing him at the bins, and estimating his size, had hurried out to give him one. It wasn’t stylish but it was wool. At least it would help to keep him warm.
    Denton got ready for a second and final trip for the day. He stuffed a wadding of paper inside the coat as insulation and buttoned it all the way up to his neck. Stretching his thin frame and finger combing his hair, he pulled a smelly fisherman type knit cap down and over his forehead. He forced his feet down the alley and onto the sidewalk. He had to find food somewhere. Stopping for a moment before one of several burn barrels that called the street curbs home, he held his hands out over the steam from the fire inside. The barrels warmed the homeless. He breathed in the smell of it, wishing he had a home, wishing for a fireplace he could stretch his legs in front of. Soon the other transients that considered this their territory crowded him away
    Denton thought perhaps he’d try the trash cans in the alley behind the ‘All you could eat for ten dollars’ place near Central Park. He’d been there before. They’d never chased him away, and perhaps there’d be lunch remains still. He had a few plastic bags in his pockets. Maybe he could fill them with enough to last awhile. He had been successful. He’d even gotten some outdated milk in its small cartons. There was one with chocolate inside the carton. It had been a long time since he’d had chocolate. He’d drink that slowly. There had been a half bottle of wine someone had tossed out. He would fortify himself against the cold with the alcohol glow it would give him. Perhaps he’d do that tonight. He stopped up the bottles slim neck, with a plastic bag he still had, and tucked it into a pocket.
    He thought he had time to treat himself to a bit of Christmas cheer. Just four more blocks up the road was Central Park with its special tree for the season. . He looked at the great and tall tree; the city had turned into a Christmas tree. It towered up above the other trees in the city park. It filled the coming night and made it brighter with its decorations and strings of lights. He wished he could sit beneath it and recall how it was he’d come to be in this condition. How it was there was no job for him, no child to call him Dad, no wife to welcome him home after a long and perhaps dreary day. He’d lost his parents to an accident while overseas in a war he had not asked for, a war he had hated. He’d blame his current life on the war and no one to come back home too.
    Enough soul searching, he thought to himself. He had been lucky to get some food this late afternoon. If the cold held, it might be two or three days more before the storm would let up and he could make his way about the city streets again. He had best not go too much further. The storm was even worse now. It had been good to see the tree. He blinked away a tear at the memories that had returned to him of childhood days. They were memories of love. He knew the Christmas story, but so much had happened, it seemed to be all covered up and buried deeply inside his mind. Meager as it was, the night was nearly upon him. The battered up over large Sears furniture box called his name. It was home. He turned away.
    An Old man had been sitting against the wall just a few feet down from the park. His hat was turned upside down, and had been placed beside and slightly in front of him, as if he’d been begging for coins. He too wore the look of the tattered and homeless. He, perhaps, was even shabbier than Denton was. It’s Christmas, he thought, and dug around in his bag, finding a bit of this food and that for the old man, putting it into its own bag. He laid it beside him and in his gravelly voice, wished him a Merry Christmas and even brought up a wish of “God Bless You’. He didn’t quite know why he had done this, but it was done now, and he’d leave before he changed his mind and took the food back. The old man rose and put his hat on his head. Holding onto a cane he’d had behind him, he stepped forward. His steps more lively, than one would have expected. He quickly caught up with Denton.

    “Thanks friend. Can I travel with you awhile? It would be nice to have company tonight. The path is warmer when two walk together. And so it came to be, that over the time it took to travel in the snow, and step out the bitterly cold blocks to his cardboard home, they spoke together of past and present life and the fact it was almost Christmas day. As if it had been yesterday, and they were both young, the songs of Christmas rose up in his mind, and he began to hum them. The old man joined in. The old man had asked him, if he knew about what Christmas really meant. Denton hung his head, for he felt ashamed to admit he knew, but had not practiced his belief for many years. He’d seen so much hate and death in his time overseas, he’d lost his faith. The old man spoke of grace being a free gift, because of that long ago child born in a humble manger. He said grace restored faith. Denton wondered if that were possible for him. They’d reached the alley and he thought he might as well invite him in. They could share what warmth there was in the cardboard box. It would be big enough, and it was Christmas after all.
    The storm raged on. As it came to an end, those who had befriended Denton on rare occasions thought to look for him in the snow filled alley. It was as if he had never been living there. Neither box, nor any trace a human had made a home there. How could they have seen or known that the old man, would soon fill the snow filled night with light and warmth. He had taken the weary soldier man home for a Heavenly Christmas, even as back at the park, crowds had gathered with their family, friends and hassled shoppers to sing beneath the tree. Strains of music filled the night, surrounding the tree, as all the voices rang out.
    Oh little town of Bethlehem
    How still we see thee lie;
    Above thy deep and dreamless sleep,
    The silent stars go by. Yet in thy dark streets shineth
    the everlasting light
    The hopes and fears of all the years
    Are met in thee tonight.
    For Christ is born of Mary,
    And gather’d all above [
    While mortals sleep, the angels keep
    Their watch of wond’ring love.
    O morning stars together Proclaim the holy birth
    And praises sing to God the King
    And peace to men on earth.

    “A large star had rose and shone down upon them. It would soon be Christmas and beyond a doubt….

  2. I agree, that’s what I came on here to say, too. We love and own all the DVDs, but I take issue that “we just don’t know, because the purpose of Genesis is not to tell us HOW God created the world, just THAT He did.” (paraphrase). We *totally* disagree!!! So we had to have a discussion with our kids about that one, but it is true that Christians hold differing views on that, so apparently they just didn’t want to take a stand. Gotta say, we also love, LOVE Rhett & Link, aka “The Fabulous Bentley Brothers”!! 🙂 http://www.rhettandlink.com!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Always looking for different things to share with my kids. This year it is enough of times and looking for things that are more needed vs. wanted. Many Blessings!

  4. Hi Courtney! On the topic of TV and DVDs etc, out of curiosity, what kind of shows/movies do you and your husband watch if at all? I find it so hard to find things to watch that are appropriate to my beliefs, and I’d love to know if there’s anything in particular that you like that you might recommend, or any advice on avoiding inappropriate messages and views on TV?

  5. I WOULD LOVE TO GET ALL OF THESE! Everything I have seen about these (on youtube, etc) just makes me that much more anxious to purchase them! Totally waiting to get paid! Fingers crossed we will get them all BEFORE Christmas! 😀

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