My Christmas Planner – A Tutorial

After reading the ebook “Untangling Christmas” by Karen Ehman and LeAnn Rice, I decided to make my own Christmas Planner!  I LOVE having everything I need all in one place on the shelf!

My planner holds my to-do list, baking list, gift list, decorating list and thank you list along with my Christmas card addresses, recipes, traditions and receipts from purchases – all in ONE place!  Not only do I feel organized for this holiday season but it will be nice next season to pop open my planner and reuse everything I have created this year!

Here’s how it works (and some things I added that weren’t mentioned above)!

(If you can’t view this video click here or click on the title of this post to refresh the page.)

Please share – how do you stay organized for the holidays?

Walk with the King!



  1. I love this idea and I might have to do it. We are a family of 3 and many times I feel like I can’t do something because we’re such a small family.. If that makes any sense. Kind of like what’s the point? I just need to get over it haha 😀 Blessings Courtney! xoxo

  2. Your enthusiasm is catching! This is a good idea. I love how organized you are, when are you writing an ebook on being organized? 🙂 You seem like the most organized person I know!

  3. Several years ago, I purchased a planner from Sheri Graham (it had the older version of Ann Voskamp’s Jesse Tree Devotional attached to it as well). That has been such a wonderful investment for our household! I needed the guidance from someone else to know exactly WHAT I needed to be planning because I just wasn’t wired that way! 😉

    Your planner looks great and I am sure your holidays will be blessed by it immensely!

    In Him,

  4. Checking out the site as we speak! I’m just discovering planners … imagine! I am 20 years into my marriage. Someone *ought* to have told me all this LONG ago, but I guess we’re never too old to learn, eh!

    So….off to do some planning. I can assure you, I need all the help I can get 😉

  5. That looks awesome Courtney… and can I just say that I love love love what a generous blogger you are? When my bloggy-self grows up, I want her to be just like you (except chubby and older and stuff;-})

    Off to Untangling Christmas right now!

  6. Great idea!! I never seem to have time to do anything I love this time of year because it’s my busy season for my business. I end up not loving Christmas, but vow to try every year! Maybe this will be just what I need. Thank you for sharing!

  7. This is great! I am going to make one of these this year. I might also make one for other holidays as well. I think I discovered what one of my New Years projects will be. I am so excited thanks for sharing!

  8. I love the Christmas survey idea. And if you have relatives that come to your house every year you can always shoot an email off to the parents just making sure if they/the children have an absolute favorite cookie or part of the meal or tradition that they feel free to let you know. Guests may not feel as comfortable speaking up about a certain thing because they don’t want to seem like they are demanding items but if you ask then you always know. And then everyone is happy on Christmas morning because they each feel like a little something is done just for them!

  9. Hi!
    The video is made private, so it doesn’t help to go to YouTube or to refresh the page. So I suppose I won’t see how you made your Christmas planner.
    Have a wonderful Autumn and Winter and yet another great Christmas when the time for that arrives 🙂

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