This Means War!

Ready or not – here comes Christmas! This is it! This month it all HAS to come together!

This is the month that Jesus’ birth is celebrated around the world! There is no day on earth where Jesus gets more attention than on December 25th and you better believe our enemy, Satan, does not like it!

He would love to see you buckle under the pressure of ribbons, bows, lights and cookie trays! He would love to see you frustrated and miserable.

He does not want this to be a month of peace for you – he wants you to dread every family moment and be highly sensitive to every word others say so you will be bitter, angry and say things that you regret.

He does not want you to find time to read God’s word or enjoy JESUS, the very one we are celebrating!

Friend, you are in the midst of spiritual warfare.

Visit me over at The Better Mom today for my thoughts on what to do about this!

Walk with the King,


  1. Courtney
    You are so wise! It is good to keep these things in mind during the holiday season.

    I am an older mom, my children are your age. But I remember the days of having children at home
    and I try not to be “needy”, so the moms and dads can focus on their home and children.
    I tell my children and their spouses, I love you dearly BUT I do not have to see you on the EXACT holiday. I don’t want the families running from house to house. We pick a day when they do not have something going on, and we get together and celebrate.
    We did our Thanksgiving the Sunday before the actual holiday. It worked out so nice.
    Who can handle two big dinners in one day?
    And I love that they are really hungry when they come to my house.

  2. Wow, Courtney, thank you for posting this! I have been fretting about all the family togetherness coming up, and this was exactly the encouragement I needed to get on my knees and PRAY. Thank you for blogging — it’s a lovely ministry and has been a great encouragement to me.


  3. Hi Courtney! So true that Satan is on the prowl and we do need to be diligent. I am thankful that my parents did a great job helping us keep Jesus as the focus yet still enjoying the delights of the season! Here are a few things they did:

    Christmas colors: red, white and green. They told us that each color represented something important, red was for the blood of Jesus, white was that he washes us clean and green was everlasting life that he gives.
    Candy canes: we always hung candy canes on the tree. They always turned them upside down and showed us the J for Jesus.
    Christmas tree: They would explain that it was an evergreen tree and stood for everlasting life.
    X-mas: They explained the real meaning behind xmas. Here is a great article I actually learned about this in my greek class at MBI.
    Giving gifts: They explained that we gave gifts in celebration and remembrance that God gave us the BEST gift of all!

    I think the coolest thing my parents did was buy a real tree every year. After Christmas my dad would remove all the branches and keep the trunk. When each of us 4 kids got married, we got a very special gift our first Christmas. It was a handmade manger (with store bought figurines) and the manger was made out of the wood from the Christmas trees. The year I received mine I bawled like a baby!

    I know there are mixed messages out there but I am encouraged that a local secular radio station plays Christmas music all December and includes ALOT of Christian themed Christmas music. Satan is on the prowl but ultimately God is in control!! Praise Him for that!!

    1. Ingrid, what fabulous parents you have! What a blessing to have been taught at such a young age the *true* meaning of Christmas! {And the part about your dad making a handmade manger from the trunks of the Christmas trees has tears stinging my eyes. Beautiful!}


  4. Thanks for this reminder. I had so many great plans for today, and found myself frustrated already! Are you going to do a holday challenge this year?

    Thanks for the reminders!

  5. Courtney-
    I’ve been reading your blog for about a month…I can not TELL you how much my heart needed to hear these words…these specific reminders. Thank you for following the prompting on your heart to tackle this post! I posted today on my blog how a few 1st grade students I work with were having a discussion about Christmas, and one said “We get lots of presents at Christmas because it’s Jesus’ birthday!” And another child responded, “Jesus IS the present!”

    Both your post and the children today transformed my entire approach to this Christmas season! Thank you for being an obedient, in-tune servant of the Lord!

  6. Oh my goodness! Thank you for posting this! I’m a retail manager, and sometimes it’s difficult to find the Joy in this busy and crazy season at work!! I needed this reminder…that when I get frusterated, the enemy is trying to win. He won’t! Jesus is the reason for this time of year, the gift we all celebrate! God put me in the job I’m in for a reason, and He knows that this time of year gets crazy! Thank you for remiding me that I need to fight for and with the Lord to find Joy in every crazy moment at work! 🙂

  7. Courtney, This was so beautiful and touched me in a way I can’t describe. I called and shared it with my Mother in Law. She asked that I print it out for her and send it to her best friend. We all love it. I’ve printed and laminated copies for around my home. As a reminder. We’d like to know if we can copy it in it’s entirety and add it to the bulletins at our churches. (2 Churches, very small)?

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