I Was Contacted To Have My Own Reality Show

So this production company contacted me to have my own reality show.  Okay – you can scrape yourself up off the floor now from laughing because trust me – that’s what I did too!

Back in October, I got an email and I returned the call.  The company said they were interested in a documentary.   That caught my attention and I was very interested.  We talked multiple times on the phone as they interviewed me and learned more about my life. (I first verified that this production company was respectable with 2 people in show business).  They wanted to know about my marriage, faith, daily life and my church life.  The more we talked, the more the casting director became interested in the other ladies in my life – my sisters and a few other friends.

She felt we were on to something special and asked to have the contact information of 2 of my on-line friends.  After she spoke with them – she was ready to fly out and meet us and she asked me to invite my sisters and these friends.  So in November, we met and the intent was to see if we would be the cast of a reality show.  The production company’s plan was to pitch the show to TLC and OWN (Oprah’s Network).  Both networks were interested in a show of this nature.    The company liked us and we went forward – laughing – laughing because seriously – if you have seen any of the “Real Housewives” reality shows – these girls are OVER THE TOP – they are wealthy, tan, outrageous and well – we are just simple moms in Ohio…we weren’t convinced there was  a story line here but we wanted to be open to God’s leading.  We fasted and prayed for God’s leading and moved forward.

From there, there were Skype interviews for all the women and they nailed it.  Then the contract came out – and it was time for us all to sign on the line in the month of December…and this mama got cold feet.  Am I ready to have cameras in my house?  What if I say something accidently – there’s no taking it back.  What if they edit me to be kinda crazy?  What if – what if – what if? This blog post written back in November was birthed from the fears that arrived from the possibilities of this show – I was freaking out a little bit lol!

Many many prayers went up – “God is this you opening a door or is this something to walk away from”?  My husband and I wrestled and wrestled and wrestled with this.  Over Thanksgiving Dinner, there was a family discussion with my sisters and their husbands – should we do this?  At Christmas dinner again we revisited this question but at this point my oldest sister was out and my other sister was on the fence.  And by New Years dinner, my husband and I had made our decision.  We would not be signing the contract. ๐Ÿ™ 

Oh Ladies – I love you all SO sincerely much. I want to give God all of me – surrendered for his glory – but it felt so risky putting my life in the hands of non-believers to edit.  The production company was SO very kind with my decision and left it in a place where there’s still a crack in the door if I changed my mind…I hated passing up this opportunity.  I love being bold for Christ – but I know my weaknesses and I also know my time constraints and when we looked at my calendar and other projects I’m working on for ministry – there seemed to be no way to do it all without it hurting my family.  The integrity of my writing lies in the integrity of how I live – and I could not live well with this on my plate. I’ve realized that the Duggars are very special people!

There is still a chance that the show will go on…there are 5 ladies still going forward (Clare from Peak 313 was also being pursued and has backed out.) The rest of the group is waiting to hear back from the networks to see if it can go forward.  Do pray with me that God does something great here.  I’d just LOVE for you to see my friends, their family’s, and my church on reality television – can you imagine?!!!  Oh it’s fun to imagine what God could do!  

Ephesians 3:20,21:  Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

Walk with the King!



  1. I know it may have felt brave to say “yes” but sometimes it takes a lot of courage to say “no”. I applaud you and your husband for following the Lord’s leading in this situation… and I pray you are blessed for your obedience to Him.

    1. I also totally agree. In a world obsessed with fame and power I think it takes a lot of faith and strength to say no. If God isn’t in it with you then there is no reason to move forward. Prayers for the other ladies. May God be with them.

  2. WOW!!! I can see how you would back out… So many trials and tribulations come from having your life aired for everyone, and having non-believers edit it… But it would be so AMAZING to see CHRISTIANS on reality tv… something refreshing to watch!

    Thanks for your writings and GMG!!!

  3. I am excited to hear about such an opportunity for strong Christian women. I pray that it all works out for God’s glory for your friends. I completely understand backing out. I respect you for not taking such a decision so lightly. What a wonderful testimony for accepting God’s true answer for your family.

  4. Odd man out? I have family in motion picture industry. TV reality shows are there for drama…when someone falls, they relish the drama. Please if you ponder this forward, let the Lord lead.

    1. i’am a single mother who raise five children alone my husband is deased he left us in the year two thousand my children were very small then so i know what god can do. he never once left usand i just wanna spread the good news.amazeingly. that i love the lord .with all my heart mind and soul.theres nothing else.my focus is on him.the one and only E. L….S.H.IA.D.D.I ……my father.who are in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give to us this day our daily bread in JESUS .NAME AAAAAAAAA. M. E. N .by…daughter of god… I love you..

  5. I commend you and your family from walking away from this opportunity. I have enjoyed reading your blog and this shows as proof of what a good example you are.

  6. Wow! That is awesome, but definately a frightening move to. I totally agree that I would be a little eerie about leaving the edits in the hands of non believers. I also have to agree that much of the reality shows today are based on the drama. However, Not all of them are. I can think of a small few that acutally turned out rather well and very interesting. However, I can also think of a few that started out well and ended in a huge explosion and angry people all around. So it is definately something to seriously have prayer on and the leading of the spirit. I would hate to see beautiful relationships end because of something caused by a tv show.. I will definately hold you and your friends as well as their families in prayer. Blessings!

  7. As someone who’s had to walk away from money to maintain the integrity of my family – I applaud u (no I wasn’t offered a tv show, but rather a job {in additon to the 2 I already held} which would have looked amazing on my resume and opened more doors for me in the future). If there’s no peace, don’t do it and I had no peace in that sit and you didn’t in this. Well done. God has better things in store for you. Don’t look back and ponder the what ifs.

    If you ever do decide to do it, don’t watch tv. That way you can remain oblivious to editing. The duggars hardly watch their show (no tv) and they have a say in the editing of how they’re fam is portrayed. The only drama in the duggar household involves more babies! LOL

  8. Our life has moved from surreal back to real, right Courtney!? ๐Ÿ™‚

    It was a fun opportunity and process but I am trusting in God’s peace He’s given me to walk away from the opportunity in this season of life!!! I love my friends who are still in the process and am praying for them and wisdom!!!


  9. I am with Amanda on this one….I lose respect for people on reality shows…that may be a flaw in me I need to visit but I find them to be self-serving…even when the initial intent is GOOD! I do not believe they are good for relationships with the people involved and your concerns with the editing is just plain SMART. If your kids were grown maybe it would be different but I am proud to know that you are not becoming a part of this trend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Wow. That is seriously cool, but I would never, ever want my life exposed to cameras 24/7. A weekly forum show where you and your lovely lady friends discussed your week would be great. The ups and downs and how you handled them, basically like your blog and vlogs ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad that the company was understanding, and it’s great that the door has been left open for you. God bless!

  11. This is exciting, but you are so wise! TV is always about money – good for you for chosing your own reality. ๐Ÿ™‚ No amount of money is worth putting your family at risk! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Blessings to you, beautiful!! Keep on blogging!

  12. I live in Orange County, CA. A close friend out here was recently a finalist for Real Housewives/OC. She’s a strong believer as well, but many of her friends were concerned about how she’d be portrayed on reality t.v. It would be so wonderful and exciting to see you on t.v., but it’s also true your message may be skewed by editors to create drama or to match a liberal media bent. So glad you are being prayerful and cautious about this decision. God will be glorified!

  13. Oh Courtney, I believe you did the right thing!! Who knows HOW they may have spin things, or even how it would come off to non-believers out there. Good, good choice!! You are doing wonderful things where you are right now! xoxox

  14. Oh my goodness! That is crazy! I will be praying for the 5 ladies and you & Clare (for God’s clear path in the future). Amazing! I love watching reality TV. I would definitely be a fan ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. That is an amazing opportunity! But even more amazing and awesome is the fact that you sought and listened to the Lord’s voice and the blessing that will come of that will be even bigger! Praying for the other opportunities!

  16. I think you made the right decision. I don’t know if you’ve seen the show “Extreme Couponing” but I am a couponer and am here to say that what happens on that show never happens in real life. They break so many rules and the people on the show do outrageous things because they are told to. Courtney, you do lead an exemplary life and you have a lot to teach and share with others. But, my guess is that the producers of the show would twist things around and that your real heart wouldn’t be allowed to shine through.

  17. I understand. And thank you for sharing.

    I was also approached for something similar. But by a movie director to be interviewed and followed for documentary , so it would have been a one time thing, not on-going like a show.

    I was very excited at first. Hubby and I discussed it and since it had to do with homeschooling he left it up to me to decide, I had his blessing and I prayed and prayed. I finally told the director no.

    I struggled with ‘I can do this great thing, I can speak up, I can maybe make a difference, reach someone’ but like you, I struggled with editing that might be done. In the end, I just couldn’t place my family in the hands of a movie editor. And I think that is okay. More than okay!

    Very wise to know what ‘Hollywood’ can do with editing to damage your testimony and your family.

  18. Laughing? Nope, not me. I can easily see how the Lord would choose you and use you in this way, if it was His will. Sounds like you heard correctly but that doesn’t mean it isn’t in your future. Your beautiful obedience in proclaiming your faith through a mommy/wife/ daughter of the King blog is a light to so many. I think people would respect you greatly for your stand but you’re right, it MUST be from Him.
    What a fun thought, though! I can just imagine you and your family sitting around the table now, laughing about everything you do and viewing it through what would have been the camera! We’d certainly get a kick out of it if it happened to our family. Too funny.

  19. Courtney, I think you’re living out your “Walk with the King” motto! It’s strange to some to turn your back on fame in this culture, but I’m glad you listened to that still small voice and made the best decision for your family. We’re all just thankful you take time out to blog regularly!

  20. Thank you for telling us and being so open and honest. What a huge thing to even think about! I must say I very highly admire you for the courage to say no to such a big thing. I say yes to way too many things and end up hurting my family in the long run. God is forgiving and I try even harder the next time to make sure things are bathed in prayer. I’m sure you would do an incredible reality TV show and it would touch many lives, but you are also touching so many lives right now. May God bless you for all that you are doing and have done. :o)

  21. Wow I am honestly glad the Lord led you to make the decision you did, as the saying goes, when in doubt “don’t”. I would be skeptical too being on Oprah’s network. I remember you commenting how when you did the Rachel Ray show how the producers altered your words. Lord only know what they would devise to do with a reality tv show. Praying you will have peace concerning your decisions as to what the Lord would have you to do in case future opportunities arise. God Bless you Mrs.Courtney ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Wow, Courtney. I was reading this and thinking, “That was me. That was me.” I had a similar request, almost verbatim, from a successful production team here in Los Angeles. They approached about a docu-series. At first my husband and I laughed because we knew the cameramen following us would need lots of coffee because they’d be bored out of their minds. No drama. And then we thought about the fact that they’d need to create drama in order for it to make sense. We passed. Have never looked back. I will certainly pray for the other ladies who’ve decided to move forward because the one thing we’ve learned about reality television is it’s all about the editing. They cut and paste scenes from different days, weeks, times and bring it all into one to form a theme. It’s like taking a scripture out of context. It can cause quite a mess.

    And I’ll pray for you that you will have complete peace with your decision.

  23. I think you made the right decision- from hearing from someone who was on a reality-type game show they edit what you say and do just to promote the story line they want to show- not necessarily reality at all! I think you want to protect yourself and your family.

  24. Your life already is a reality show. Jesus’ watchful eye is always on you night and day. An audience of One. He likes what he sees. Love you friend!
    P.S. My only bummer about the “no” decision is the fact that there won’t be an episode where you meet your favorite friend from Michigan at the border for a working lunch at Panera. ๐Ÿ™‚ Such excitement it could have been! {wink}

  25. Oh my Courtney! I feel so deep in my heart that YOU DID THE RIGHT THING!!! :o) You are already doing the “TV”… ok “Computer” thing by posting your awesome videos to further your ministry. There are other ways of getting your voice further out there. You could get together with your sisters and friends and do a documentary, more Youtube videos, whatever you think is best, while you guys remain in complete control. And as you said, not leave it in the hands of non-believers to edit. You already have great contacts in “TV Land” that come to mind. God bless you, your family and your friends. You guys will definetly go far, while keeping a good head on your shoulders.

  26. Wow! So as someone who’s life has changed since I stumbled upon your youtube videos, I have to say Im happy that your followed your prayerful heart to where God is leading you. While seeing strong Christian leaders with the gift of guiding other women, wives & mothers out there to a life with our Savior would be a huge blessing, its only a blessing if it gives glory to God. Sad that “bad editing” is what keeps Christians from sharing our message with the world. However, your children & husband should be proud! You are a good mother and put them & God first. Praying that God continues to work through you, your friends and other Christians everywhere. God bless!!!

  27. I have to be honest, I am glad you both made this decision. I’m in the UK, and don’t really know what the reality TV shows you’re talking about are like, but I can *imagine*…. You already have the BEST job in the whole world – as mums! And you’re a homeschooling mum….! Best job in the world ๐Ÿ˜‰ AND the most important … that, and being your hubby’s wife ๐Ÿ™‚

    I *know* there may have been amazing opportunities, but still, my heart is soooo glad you made this decision. I applaud you, because it was not an easy one to make.

    God bless you ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. I did a reality show!! It was really awkward and I am so glad it didn’t air. It had a good idea behind it, which is why we did it, but after they edit the things they can turn out to really make a family look bad. Last week we were contacted by Euronews who were interested in doing a TV spot on us, and it made me quite nervous, the thought of being filmed again.

  29. I admit that I would love to see that show! But I love that you made the difficult decision not to move forward at this time based on the needs and well-being of your family. Thanks for sharing. It is a great reminder to all of your readers that just because something promises to be exciting and seems that it would be a wonderful platform, it is always important to remember that it may not be the right thing for your life today. Best wishes!

  30. Oh Courtney I think you made the wise decision. Putting your life in the hands of non-believers is indeed very risky. My son was chosen for a game show 2 years ago. We thought the same thing — a chance to stand for Christ. We flew to Hollywood and filmed it and my son got to meet his hero too — very special. They would not let us mention that we home schooled (maybe too threatening to the public schools and too weird!). Also, when the trailer came out for this show on a major TV network they said my son liked video games and skateboarding. We explicitly said in the interview that we did not allow video games (and still do not unless they write them themselves) and my son has never skateboarded in his life. When we saw that trailer promoting the show and depicting our family in a way that was not at all accurate we were very upset. It was probably very boring to them to show a boy who loved to read after all and a family who did not watch TV and liked to play and pray together! As it turned out, the Lord prevailed. The show ended up getting cancelled. The production company was very professional (a major one and possibly the one you are talking too — who knows!) and they let my son keep the prize money he won on the show which we will use for his education. So, in retrospect, we will never allow our family to be on TV again. We thought as you did that it was a great chance to stand up for God. There was also a news story in our area that depicted homes choolers last year. They chose to show “unschoolers” and the children in the segment were shown playing video games and sleeping in until 11 in the morning and not sitting down to meals, etc. I know what you mean about wanting to stand for God and show the world! Good for you! But with the “prince of the power of the air(waves)” at the helm, you have to wonder if you would be depicted fairly. I am so glad you have decided against this. I admire your bravery for having your blog and showing us how to live for Christ! With over 7,000 readers, you are making waves already. Blessings!

  31. Although I think it would awesome to “watch” the ladies that have me striving to be a better mom and wife for God and through God, I absolutely respect your decision and feel you made the right choice. Sometimes I think reality shows, although entertaining, can mess things up for the people on it.

  32. Courtney, THANK YOU for giving this decision the weight it deserved in the Lord’s eyes. When I read the post headline, I immediately had a knot in my stomach over what the outcome would be. I knew right away I was hoping you would not do a show and was happy to find out that you and your husband chose not to go ahead with it.

    I cannot fully explain why I feel so strongly about the possibility of a reality show for your orother Christian families but I have to believe it is God telling me know that that is not what we needs at this point. Your blog and other Christian-based blogs provide SO much support, encouragement and love to other me and other Christians. It’s hard to imagine a television show doing it as well due to the non-believer involvement of the production. The love that is given through your blog helps me and others to continue our walk with the Lord and that is surely showing His good and drawing others to Him in a way that television could never match. I commend you and your husband for saying, “no” to the world’s lure and will continue to support through your blog. God is Good!

  33. Yes, you cannot TRUST anyone these days AND you want your lives and walk in Christianity to be “played with”. You are getting the Word out now and if it is meant to be, then it will be. Praise God for your discernment!

  34. I think you are wise. Although it would be exciting, I think that these shows have a way of editing out the stuff we’d think is good and use things that would suit their audience. You influence women in everyday life with how you live your life of Christ.

    Blessings and love,

  35. I would have probably done the same thing. Forgive me, but I simply do not trust those companies. Their first goal is entertainment and to feed the audience what they want. Then again, the Duggers seem to have a good handle on their show, don’t they.

    I’m with you…for me…it would seem too risky. BUT, at the same token, lots of things God calls us to are risky aren’t they (not trying to put a plug in here, but that is often how God rolls). I pray that you find peace in whatever decision God wants you to make. ((Hugs))

  36. I have just finished Karen Kingsbury’s newest book, Longing. If you have never read her series, please do starting at the beginning with the Rs, then the Fs, the Ss, and now the Ls. As I read your blog, I immediately thought of her book that I just finished. A Christian actor was about to sign a contract for 7 films but he might not have control on what kind of movie it would be as the producers wanted more racy material because that’s what “sells”. We do not have television in our home but on a vacation over Christmas we spent a lot of time watching TV. It was very nice and relaxing for me. We watched the Food Network, HGTV, Extreme Home Makeover, reruns of old movies, World’s Strictest Parents, etc. It was nice but I know the concerns and am thankful that you prayed and wrestled with it. I’m sure going through that decision was difficult but down the road, I hope you can look back and realize that you are stronger because of it. Be Blessed!

  37. You definitely made a wise decision. My biggest problem with this whole concept is how they are going to spin “Jesus lovers” like us. I know your heart and I know that you wouldn’t care so much about yourself but the moment they make our Lord look bad is when I (and you) would draw the line. So happy you weighed the concept but feel you did what was right. (not that it matters what I think ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Courtney – you made the BEST decision. Whew! I was scared for you as I was reading your post!!! I am sorry – but they would not have represented you well. Look at Kate & Jon. AND the Duggars! I think you and your husband really made the right decision. You probably won’t regret it. I’m sure financially it would have been a bonus. But NOTHING is worth your family’s privacy and having your home be a ‘haven’. Good Girl!

  39. I think you’ve made a wise choice as well. The first thing I thought when I read the heading of this post was, “Oh no…”. I think the media is rooted in deception and you better believe those production companies will edit your life to look the way they want it to. To look the way that will get the ratings. It is incredibly stressful to have your life on display and because you live unconventionally, you would be under attack for sure. I spent 6 years in the media industry and can definitely give you a big hug and tell you this, “Wise choice, woman of God!” Blessings to you and yours as you pursue Him.

    Cassandra @ The Unplugged Family

  40. Courtney, this is amazing!!! At first I was SO bummed when I read that you opted out, but… I can see your reservations about unbelievers editing you. You said a lot by turning down potential fame for what you believe to be God’s leading. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Congratulations on knowing how to pray something out and for ultimately putting your family first! It would have been very easy to jump on the excitement of the possibility of being on a show, but it seems like God is using you mightily already and your impact is not lessened just because we can’t “tune in” and find you on the TV. …we should all turn our TVs off more often anyway! ha! It makes me feel good that I’m letting someone with such a good head on her shoulders and such a pure heart for God speak into my life! (through your studies and blogs) ….thanks!

  42. I admire you and your husband for your decision. I think you were very wise in your decision-making process. You didn’t take the bait. Good for you!!!!! I know this might be for another time but for now, you made the right decision for you and your husband and family.

  43. I love that your decision was based on your integrity and keeping your family first. I have read so many articles recently about prioritizing and how we, as moms, really must decide what is most important and keep that in mind when we make any decision. In order to have time for the best people and things in our lives, we must give up the lesser things that are just “good”. Your 2 blogs help to fill my life with Godly wisdom, so they are 2 of the 6 blogs that I spend my few extra minutes a day reading. They have helped give me direction in my life and answered some of the questions of why I seem to be so different from other mom friends.

    There are very few good shows out there that show Godly families and values and as a result, my family chooses to watch very little television. Right now, we are not watching any t.v. at all. I would hate to see a reality show portray you and your family in a negative way – all for the sake of drama. Your family and faith must come first and I am glad that you chose to pray your way through this and made the best decision for your family.

    Keep up the wonderful work on your blog, Courtney. I pray for you regularly that you will continue to bring Godly wisdom to women for many years. God bless.

  44. Oh how I agree with all these comments and support your decision. My very first thought that came into my head is how I respect you even MORE (I respected you before) but now even more because of your decision.

  45. Hi Courtney~
    You prayed, fasted, and sought God, and he came through! With Godly Discernment~ There would have been no apprehension if this was “of God”, but you said it yourself, you would literally be putting your life, your family & friends lives, into the hands of someone else…..not of God. God can and IS doing AMAZING work through you already! Do you really think that he needs the “help” of a reality TV show? Our God is of such a Higher Integrity, and would never put his children in a situation that could open up harm for them or their Family~ Satan does seek to destroy us though, and uses the enticements of this world to “take us away” from ALL that God has for our lives~
    Your Course is set, your path is made, I pray that you continue to walk hand in hand with God on it~
    Have an Amazingly “Blessed” Day~

  46. I remember Serena Woods would not go on the Oprah show for the same reasons, that they may edit her story and cut out the grace of God in the process. Praise God for giving wisdom and discernment and that you have peace in your decision.

  47. Courtney…I join with everyone else here in saying that you are doing awesome things for God right out of your living room (with only one camera lol!) It would have been interesting to get a bigger peek into your life…but honestly, do we all really need to? Whether it was for the right intentions or not, I have to agree with someone above who said that its all about drama and people feed off of a not-so-healthy need to see others intimate lives and rejoice in their mess-ups and failures. Its like all those cheap rags who make it up if its not real, shoot pics and doctor them up etc. …yet people still buy them because they HAVE to know what’s going on in the lives of the celebrities. You are our celebrity and we’re proud of you! Your intimate life is supposed to be intimate. Having said all of this I know that if you felt in your heart that God wanted you to do it, you would have!

  48. Exciting AND so scary! It would be an incredible opportunity to get the Word of God out, but I agree, so risky having non believers editing your life. While I personally would love to see you on tv ๐Ÿ™‚ I completely respect your choice and will be satisfied with following your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ I pray God’s will is done if any of the women do make the decision to move on with this.

  49. I think you are wise. My sister and brother in law almost did a reality show in New Zealand where he pastored a mega church but it turned into them really trying to discredit God and them. They pulled out as well.
    God will reward you for following the Lord’s leading.

  50. I am so happy you didn’t do it Courtney! I have seen familes come in whole and get torn to shreds, look at Jon and Kate Plus 8. It was so, so sad to watch that unravel. I love the Duggars and they do seem to make it work for them, but in all of the tv shows out there, they are very very rare!

  51. Courtney, thank you for this post and you post Nov. 2nd, “The Biggest Disappointment of Relevant.” I really needed to read your post about being a disappointment. I’m learning that truth during this time in my life right now. Thank you so much for sharing. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry! You have been an encouragement to me.

  52. Wow, how flattering to be approached with an opportunity like that! Having said that, I think you made such a wise decision in not doing it. You are reachng and inspiring so many women to seek God and His will in their lives already. As much as I would love to see more of your life, I’d much rather see you guard your family and your privacy…especially while your precious children are the ages they are. You have been a huge blessing to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Well, I do understand and respect your decision. I do like the alternative to the housewives shows. I would much rather watch a christian family. However, I do understand. It’s a huge invasion of privacy. I think even some of the housewives have regretted being on the show.

  54. Wow Courtney! I’ve been out of the blogging world for a while and was surprised when I saw this post! I think you made a very humble decision to not do the show. There is always the risk of being mis-interpretted in blogging- it’s certainly putting one’s self out there, but being in a reality TV showโ€ฆ it doesn’t seem to end well for most families (other than the Duggars). You have a lot of freedom with your blog to share your faith in the words and way you intend to. I think you made a really wise decision to turn down the offer for now.

  55. I am in the process of turning down a crazy wild once in a lifetime offer, and reading this post has really helped me be at better peace with it.

  56. 1 Corinthians 14: with emphasis on verse 33 Paul is talking about gifts of the spirit, with clarification between prophecy and speaking in tongues, in particular; as is always true, however, there are a number of applications for these verses.

    1 Cor. 14:33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. (King James Version)

    Or, in more common vernacular, “when in doubt, strike it out!”. Well done.

  57. I’d like to say thank you, but there are several aspects of my life right now that I feel confused in. I also try to take the approach of if it’s God’s will then it will be easy. Many of my friends will say, “oh just take a chance and live a little if it is wrong then God will get you back on the right path.” I still remain confused unsure of what direction I’m supposed to go in, but I do know I’m very grateful for my relationship with HIM and yes I do trust that eventually we will all be where we are supposed to be. Although, at this point and time I feel as if I am talking in riddles. lol
    Prayers for you and know God will show you the way – all of us!

    Love, Michelle

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