Saturday Supplication

On Women Living Well’s Facebook Page – we have started something new called “Saturday Supplication

James 5:16 says “Pray for each other…The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”NIV

Let’s serve one another through prayer.

If you have a prayer request, comment on this thread on Facebook.  When you pray for someone else’s request click “like” on their comment.

If you do not have Facebook and have a prayer request.  Please leave it in the comment section here.  There is no way for us to indicate that we are praying for you without replying and I know that many readers read along but prefer not to comment.  So please know that many will see your request and lift you up in prayer today.

“Prayer — secret fervent believing prayer — lies at the root of all personal godliness.” EM Bounds

Be blessed!

Walk with the King,


  1. Oppression is getting really old. I miss my old, joyful self. In an effort to live faithfully & justly, others have stuck us w/ earthly/financial/overwhelming burdens. I could really use God’s intervening hand!

    1. I’m praying for you right now MB – that God would intervene and that you would have the strength to fight for joy during this trial. His mercies are new every morning – may you sense his presence with you.

  2. Hi Courtney,

    I may have miscarried for the fifth time today. I’ll get the blood test results in a few days. I have 3 children and always wanted more. How and when did you come to peace about God’s plan for your family size? You are so encouraging to me! Thank you so much.

    1. Praying for you. Praying for God to heal your heart and give you peace. I’m so sorry for your loss. God is sovereign, and His plans are perfect. Blessings on you and your family and your little babies in heaven.

    2. Oh Megan – I pray that your body would be able to carry this baby to full term…but if you did miscarry – I pray that God would give you peace and comfort :**(

      You asked about my family size and since I was very young I always wanted a large family…and still do…we have 2 empty chairs at our dinner table (we have a set for 6 with only a family of 4). For me, it’s an issue of contentment…contentment is not natural – we have to learn contentment. Gratitude is the best way to fight off discontentment because the two feelings can not coincide with one another…so I seek to give thanks for my little family daily and fix my eyes on Jesus and the tasks ahead that he has for me. And leave behind thoughts of discontentment…it’s a war fought in my mind…and I have to control my thoughts to help my feelings match (especially when we work in the nursery on Sundays…or hear of friends expecting…discontentment sneaks up when I least expect it!)

      Give thanks for what you do have and leave the hurt and sorrow in God’s loving hands – he loves you so – never ever doubt that.

  3. My husband has filed for divorce. I am still fighting for my marriage. Please pray for healing in my marriage. I refuse to give up hope!

    1. Praying for God to restore your marriage and draw your husband to Himself and back to you. Also praying that no matter what happens that you will feel the depth of God’s love wrapped around you. Know that you are valuable and precious to Him, and He is your husband and first love. He will never leave you or forsake you, ever. Praying for God to heal your heart and give you peace, and praying if you have children that God will heal them and give them peace. Praying for your endurance to keep fighting for your marriage with grace and humility. Be blessed.

    2. Oh sweet Donna – I LOVE your tenacity and how you are fighting for your marriage and not giving up hope! I pray that God will give you fresh strength each day to endure this difficult time and that he will turn the heart of your husband towards you.
      Lots of love,

  4. Praying for all those who left prayer request for health restore for strong marriage and sticcky baby
    My heart goes out to each of you my god give each of you comfort and strength
    Courtney thanks for ur amazing on line ministry it has been a true blessing me god has Been dealing me
    On being a proverb 31 wife and mom which is so hard for me to do cuz my husband is nt the Christian man he should b to me or our son but I refuse to go against gods word and divorce
    So it has to get better I want more kids well anyway I’m truely grAteful hope to hear sm testimonies of answered prAyers

    1. Robin – I am praying right now for your marriage. That God would soften your husband’s heart towards him and that your heart would be full and overflowing with grace and love for your husband.
      Lots of Love,

    2. When I heard of Tripp’s passing, my heart idmtmiaeely hurt for his momma. But my heart also idmtmiaeely felt relieved because he is no longer in pain. And while that is comforting, nothing takes the pain away of losing a child. I pray for his sweet mommy and family as they now grieve for Tripp.

  5. pray for a loved one that may be in danger of crimnal acts against him.
    pray for protection from any evil plans against him and his business.

  6. Courtney, I’m so glad we can put prayer requests on here since I am not on facebook. Than you! I need prayer for my marriage. My husband and I have been in a terrible fight for almost a week now and I’ve tried several times to make amends but he is asking me to make a promise that I can’t and that I don’t think is fair or reasonable. I have never seen him this angry and don’t know what to do. I have been praying frequently for God to help us get things cleared up, but would love others prayers, too.

    1. Sharon – I am praying with you today that God would restore the peace and intimacy in your marriage. I pray that grace and mercy will abound in your hearts and that forgiveness and restoration will be your testimony!

  7. SO glad you are doing this! We have had a such hard time last year and this year. I’m sure other people are struggling as well and need our prayers.

  8. Please pray for my broken heart and my broken family. My mother passed away less than a year ago and my father has a new woman in his life from our church. His actions have caused me to question every truth that I hold dear from marriage and faith.

    1. Oh Theresa – I hear your heartache and pray that you will not let others sin taint your view of God and his truth. I pray that you will walk in faith and that your father’s eyes are opened to the pain and hurt he is causing his family.
      Much Love,

  9. Please pray for my son. He is a recent college grad and cannot find a job in his degree. He is spending way too much time “partying” with friends. It is my prayer, God will direct him so he will be doing God’s will. He is a believer.

    1. Oh Karmen, my heart connects on such a deep level with your prayer – the prayer of a mother for her child – mamas prayers are powerful! Do not stop bringing your son before God’s throne day after day. I pray along side of you today for your son. That he would be drawn to God’s word and God’s people and that he would follow God’s will for his life.
      Lots of love,

  10. I need self control and focus to accomplish what I need to in my weight. I start out well then lose focus, motivation, and even begin doubting if it really matters to God. I know being obese does hinder me in so many areas so why can’t I get and keep the victory?

  11. Where to I start? My house is a wreck; I just put my dog of 15 years to sleep; I’m trying to homeschool my toddler and preschooler; I have (too much) responsibility at church; my dad is 3 hours away dealing with lung cancer and my mom is trying to handle that plus a stressful job and helping with my sister’s two kids; my grandparents are 2.5 hours away with various health problems. I am never certain where God wants me to be and when. I finish half of many tasks and am not redeeming the time God has given me. I need patience, discernment, and some peace. That’s about it. Thanks for any prayers!

  12. I feel like I’m at a complete crossroads in life. I’ve been married 2 1/2 years and my husband and I are living a few hours away from our family in the big city. We moved here so he could take advantage of a good job opportunity. (I left my job in order for him to do this and now I work as a freelancer from home…aka not very much.) Since we moved here, my father-in-law unexpectedly passed away at age 55 and we decided we wanted to move back closer to our family so we can spend more time with them. We’ve been looking for jobs for 2 years now without luck, so I feel we can’t really move without having a job ready for one of us back home. Part of me is taking it as a sign that God has a reason for us to stay here in the big city. Part of me wants to get a full-time job and take some of the pressure off my husband. Part of me thinks the next step is buying a house. And a big part of me is completely ready to stay at home and start a family.

    I feel like I have all these different messages coming at me from society, from family, and I don’t know what path I should take.

    Will you please pray that God will show me which path to take?

    1. Yes Lauren – I am praying for clarity for you right now. Many times our clarity comes through listening to our husband’s vision for the family – so I am praying that God will reveal clearly to him – how to lead you.
      Lots of love,

  13. All these posts are so inpirational. I am dealing with a life changing issue as well. The day before our 4 yr anniversary, my husband, who I love very much, gave me the option to either quit my job and work with him full time or divorce. I’m not willing to do either of these as I am currently the bread winner and divorce is not and never will be an option. This literally came from out of nowhere. He runs his own business and I think he is overwhelmed from the volume he was not expecting and thinks my working with him will solve that problem. Please pray for him to find clarity and God’s purpose for him and if I am wrong, please pray for Him to lead me in the direction He has planned for me.

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