What Will Our Bodies Be Like In Heaven?

As we begin to think about Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday – I am drawn to I Corinthians 15. It is a fascinating chapter not only about Jesus’ resurrection but also about the believer’s resurrection! What will our bodies be like in heaven?

Just think about the most beautiful woman you have ever seen on earth – she is under the curse of sin! If we saw Adam and Eve most likely it would take our breath away – they were created perfect. And if they saw us – they might be in shock!

The Bible does not give us a lot of details about what we will look like in heaven – but it gives us a word picture so that we can begin to imagine what our bodies will be like in heaven. God’s word compares our bodies to a seed.

A few years ago, the children and I planted sunflower seeds and tomato seeds. When those seeds rose up – they looked nothing like the original seeds!  The sunflowers grew to be 6 feet tall and glorious! The tomatoes became plump, juicy and bright red! They changed dramatically.

It is the same with our bodies – our bodies are like a seed…and after death we will be raised up with glorious bodies!  Read this!

I Corinthians 15 says,”If Christ had not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins…But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead (AMEN!!)…someone may ask, How are the dead raised? With what kind of body will they come?”

“When you sow, you do not plant the body that will be, but just a seed, perhaps of wheat or of something else. But God gives it a body as he has determined, and to each kind of seed he gives its own body. (37,38)…There are also heavenly bodies and there are earthly bodies; but the splendor of the heavenly bodies is one kind, and the splendor of the earthly bodies is another(40)…So will it be with the resurrection of the dead. The body that is sown is perishable, it is raised imperishable; it is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory; it is sown in weakness, it is raised in power; it is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body.(42-44)

The reality of planting just one tiny seed from a tomato – which can grow into a large tomato plant that will bear much fruit floors me! But you know what floors me even more – my body is just a seed – a seed I have to live in for no more than 60 more years. Then I am going to get a juicy body in heaven!!!! And you will too!!!! Praise the Lord that Jesus rose from the dead – my hope is in Him!

Walk with the King!


  1. Dear Courtney,
    thank yo uso much for your thoughts you’ve shared with us! It is wonderful to read them and ponder on them.

    I love Easter and my KING Jesus!

    God bless you

    Jette from Germany

  2. I have never thought of our bodies in heaven in this way before. Thank you for giving me something to meditate on this Holy week!

  3. This morning is a painful day . . . breast cancer and it’s medicines and complications have taken a huge toll. This is a day when I am thankful I only have a short time to experience this body.

  4. The comparison is startling; the world’s definition of a perfect body as opposed to the perfection God intends for us, when we live with Him forever. It makes me sad how perceptions are twisted and the means vulnerable people go to achieve them. My grandfather often told me, when I was a freckle-faced chubby 10-year-old girl “God doesn’t create junk.” Putting on in-corruption will be such a relief physically (no more pain or other minor irritations like hearing loss or blindness), mentally (not worrying if we look fat or scrawny) and spiritually (to be as He and Jesus are and to see Them as they see us, finally)

    Thank you Courtney.

  5. Hi Courtney,
    Have you read “Heaven is for Real”? If you haven’t, you should check it out! In the book, Colton describes his relative in heaven (I think it was his grandpa) as a younger version of himself. His body looked like he did in his prime, at his healthiest, and without glasses (because people don’t need glasses in heaven). He also described everyone as wearing different color sashes.

  6. Oh how I love to consider the hope of our future! Jesus’ resurrection is a reminder that we too will be raised with new and glorious bodies. Have you read Randy Alcorn’s book on heaven? It shows that we will not be “floating around” in some ethereal place for eternity (a common misconception), but that God is going to make the earth (as well as our bodies) NEW! The new earth will probably be very familiar to us, but without sin, pain, suffering, sickness, death, etc. We will have all eternity to use our gifts and pursue our passions on this new earth (free of selfish ambition, time constraints, monetary limits, weariness, etc.) . . . awesome!

  7. LOL! A juicy body! … That’s a great perspective though! I haven’t studied this before but the concept always confused me. Thanks for that little revelation of revelations.

  8. Hubby and I were lying in bed last night talking about heaven… and talking about how little we talk of it! I think one of the reasons is that everything we say, we realize it’s sooooo far short of the reality, and that puts us off. But no! Let’s talk often about the place.
    After all, when we were planning our (first ever) family holiday four years ago …. leaving Scotland to go to the USA! – we spent a whole year planning, spent years saving, and at least that long talking about it. Now, the fact that we’d never actually been mean there was loads we didn’t know, but we did all our research and talked and talked and talked about ‘what it would be like’.
    Surely, when we *know* we are on our way to Heaven, we ought to look at ALL that God has told us, and then talk, talk, talk about it. Absolutely, I say!

  9. The heavenly body is going to be out of this world beautiful, not like the earthly body. The heaven body is going to be beyond our imagination glorious.

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