The Proverbs 31 Woman ~ Week 2

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Welcome back to week 2 of our 14 week series in Proverbs 31!

If you are wondering what chapters we will be covering this summer – print out the reading plan by clicking here.  It gives you a week by week schedule of reading in the Proverbs 31 ebook  (available free here) AND an extra Bible reading plan for your daily quiet times!


Last week – we looked at Proverbs 31:1-9. (click here to view my intro video)

This week we are looking at Proverbs 31:10,11.

10 A wife of noble character who can find?
She is worth far more than rubies.
11 Her husband has full confidence in her
and lacks nothing of value.


Week 2 Challenge: This week focus on being a woman of noble character…a woman that your husband can take full confidence in! Remember: You and God are an amazing team together! Keep your eyes on Jesus, pray and ask Him to help you be the woman He created YOU to be! Ask Him for help……we can never become who He has created us to be without it! Pray and then ACT……..act upon what He shows you!:)

Are there any areas where your husband may not fully trust you?

Does your husband trust your spending, your training of the children, your ability to run the home, your words that you speak about him when he is not in the room, your faithfulness to him in regards to flirting with other men, your emotions and temper, and the choices you make?

Trust is the first virtue on the list of virtues of the Proverbs 31 woman.

Evaluate yourself, confess any areas where you have fallen short, commit your weaknesses to prayer this week and make a change!

Walk with the King,




  1. Thank you so much for that encouragement! I’m striving to be a Proverbs 31 woman. I have a long long way to go! Praise God for opening my heart and soul to hear His teaching and gving me the courage to change!

  2. Awesome! I’m soooo glad to be on week 2 – woohoo! I’m up early and starting my day. Thank you ladies.

  3. Good morning & THANK YOU Angela for sharing…I too have a long way to go in becoming a Proverbs 31 woman. But with God’s grace we can become that woman. Thanks for the great start to the work week!

    1. Remember Phil. 4:13, we can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us!!! We are all a work in progress, sweet friend! So glad you’re joining us!!! 🙂

  4. I am soooo excited about this study!! I am enjoying learning more about ALL the Proverbs 31 women really is!!! WOW, now if I can just figure out how to be her without letting my DREAMS go!!

    I have four kiddos and a husband so it seems impossible to work on my dreams and be a PROVERBS 31 woman. Excited to hear how God desire me to do this!!!

    1. Ahhhh I understand, Lori! 🙂 We’ll get to that later in our study but for now, just pray that your dreams are the same as God’s dreams for you! 🙂 Remember that there are seasons in our lives….some things we can do now and somethings have to wait til later but keep praying and seeking God and He will show you the plans He has for you! I know from my own experience, God’s dreams for me have always been BIGGER and BETTER than anything I dreamed for myself! 🙂

  5. You two are precious!!! Thankyou so much for the words in this video Angela, and thank you Courtney for showing it!! … We had a speaker at our church this past weekend, Carl Butler, and among all the wonderful things he had to preach on, one of the things I really grabbed hold of was his desire to stand before God with us {Matthew 18:19} on an area we wanted healing from, or to change in our lives … obviously that was in alignment with His Word. Last year when he did this, I went up wanting to declare and believe that I would(will) find my husband (I was last in a committed relationship 10 years ago and want to fulfil that God given desire I’ve had since childhood, of becoming a wife) and since then, I have received confirmation it will happen, and believe I know with whom – something I have given control over to God. This year I thought I would still be asking for him to stand with me on this belief … but about halfway through the message I started to feel that I was to ask him to stand in agreement with me that God I am [will be] a Proverbs 31 woman, and wife in God’s timing … Carl spoke over me, praying that this will come to pass, that God will see me through to become a precious treasure for my husband, and that we will come together in the near future – this is the first time the word ‘soon’ was not spoken over this, rather ‘near future’. I truly believe this IS my future, and that God will fulfil the prayers we said this weekend … the whole weekend was awesome! … And I am truly grateful to be a part of this study as I don’t know I would have gotten so much out of the weekend, or that I would have connected with God as strongly, had I not been a part of this – I am REALLY looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me, and all those involved!!! <3

  6. Oops! Forgot to read for last week.
    Ouch! That trust factor is a killer. Without too many details, my husband does not trust me anymore and even though I have been working on being a godly woman and doing what God wants (more focused in the last 2 years), I cannot seem to measure up to what my husband wants. 🙁
    Thanks for this study ladies!!

  7. Good Morning Ladies. Thanks to Angela for sharing the video. It was so encouraging. I love this study and can’t wait to see what God is going to show me:) Have a great day!!!!!

  8. Thank you for this study. The one area I am not so honoring to my husband I would have to say is the getting up early, other then that area he trust me to all things for us and our family. I think for me it is just laziness. When he is not here I have to get up and I do, he is the one person I try to never let down or put in a position of dishonor.

    ~ Jodi

  9. I love studying the Proverbs 32woman because each time I learn where I need to grow! This time I know my weakness is the computer and all the time I spend on it, time I could be doing things for my home. Thank you for putting this all together. Be blessed!

  10. Thanks for your encouragement! I am wondering, do you have any advice for a woman who has a deep desire to be a stay at home homemaker before having children? I feel for the most part that my husband and I are on the same page with this but I am have a very difficult time handling it with other people, especially my family because they don’t understand.

    1. I can completely relate to you! Although it was both my husband and my desire for me to leave work and stay at home even before having children, it is out of the norm and something a lot of people cannot understand. My advice would be to tell others that you and your husband have sought God over this decision and believe it is best for your family. You might get a few grumbles and rude comments, but I believe a lot of those comments that I received were out of jealousy that I was able to stay home. My husband and I also decided that I would handle speaking to my family members who voiced their opinion about our decision and he would handle speaking to his. This way, we didn’t have to worry as much about appearing as disrespectful to our in-laws. Hope that helps!

    2. This is a GREAT question and you asked the right chick! lol! Cause guess what…after I worked my husband through his last 3 years of college – I was a stay-at-home wife for 3 years – (from 2000 until I had my son in 2003). I’ve never shared that on my blog before 🙂

      Boy did that have its awkward moments! To others it was more like I was unemployed – but for my husband and I, we felt it was choosing a great quality of life over the quantity of money I could earn. Since he was making enough to pay for our apartment and our other needs and even had some left over to begin saving for a down payment on a home – we decided that it would be nice for me to be able to be home and take some baking classes, learn about cooking, cleaning, clipping coupons, & rebating. I mentored young girls, led women’s Bible studies, babysat for my sisters, served at church anywhere needed, read a ton of good books, devoted myself to hours of prayerds and traveled some with my husband on his business trips.

      These were some of the BEST years of our marriage! I learned a lot about being a good wife and homemaker during those years.

      During this time I really struggled though too. I struggled with 1.) not having children…I wanted babies TERRIBLY – so that caused some discontentment during this 3 year period. and 2.) I struggled with whether or not I should get a masters degree. At this time we lived 5 minutes from a Christian college where I could have gotten my masters. Somedays I felt like I was wasting time baking and cleaning when I could be getting something the world would really respect – a “masters degree”. But I only struggled with this because of some of my embarrassment of staying home and not having kids yet – not because I really wanted a masters degree…which is why I didn’t enroll. And now I am so glad I made that choice. We had a great time together and I have no need for that masters degree 🙂 God is using me just the way I am!

      So Ashley – savor these moments!!! They are a blessing!

      1. I LOVE this answer Courtney!! Thankyou for sharing your story!! As a single stay at home mum I often feel like people look at me as if I’m just doing the lazy thing … maybe because I don’t have a husband/partner earning the finances, instead I am on government payments. I often feel like people think I am just a burden on society … usually before they find out I am also studying part-time via correspondence. I also often get the feeling that my parents don’t think I am doing enough around the home … yes, I am at home all day, but I am often either trying to get some study done while my daughter is entertaining herself, or entertaining/teaching her various things in preparation for Preschool next year! – If the dishes are not done, dinner is not ready/or being prepared, or the house is still strewn with toys (all things I want to work on during this P31 study), then it is assumed I did nothing all day. Doesn’t make me feel very good. Thankyou for sharing that it IS okay to do those things (learning about cooking, reading a ton of books and spending time with my daughter and God)! I know I have a way to go (don’t we all) but I appreciate your words here on learning how to be a good housewife!!

  11. Thank you Courtney and Angela for sharing your wisdom
    And organizing these bible studies! I’m getting married in
    August and strive to surround myself with strong Christ
    Loving women and you make this possible. See..I’m deployed
    Overseas so most of my studying is online. Thanks for brightening
    My days and keeping my eyes on the Lord!

  12. I have avoided this chapter for many years. I have, however, been seeking God. I must say that I am pleasantly surprised at how God has made me more like the Proverbs 31 woman without me even realizing it. Please don’t get the wrong impression. I have a loooooong way to go, but it is encouraging to know that God (not me) can live through me, perfecting me through simply loving and seeking Him. I’m excited to become a better example to my 4 boys of what they should look for in a wife. Thanks for all your encouragement.

  13. Courtney,

    Thanks for sharing this whit the world. It encourage to go on!
    I want to say that I can’t go to your other website. goodmorninggirls.
    I get a message from Bleu host whit the next words:
    There is no website configured at this address.

    You are seeing this page because there is nothing configured for the site you have requested.
    If you think you are seeing this page in error, please contact the site administrator or datacenter responsible for this site.

    Hope that I can enter the site again.

    My engelisch is very bad in whriting.
    So I am sorry for that!

    Jeannet (the Netherlands)

  14. Oh I just loved that, “God loves you right where you are, but He doesn’t want you to stay there.” Wonderful! This video and post blessed me a lot. God is using you ladies- thank you!

    ~Nicole, Working Kansas Homemaker

  15. Hi Courtney, I printed out the ebook a while ago, but just saw above that there is an extra Bible reading plan for your daily quiet times. I cant find that… can you help please? Thank you :O)

    PS- I live in the dayton, oh area. I wish you lived a little closer and would be able to do do a little womans night get together on this study with my small womans group. You have such a gift!! Thank you again for sharing this study!
    Kelly B

  16. it helps me to realize that not everything the Prov 31 woman did was done all at once but rather over a lifetime. I have struggled with wanting to earn an income from home and blamed myself for not being able to keep up with 7 kids, homeschooling 5 of them, coping with a chronic illness, building a home on our new land , cooking from scratch AND earn money. But realizing that I can maybe earn money later instead of right now makes me feel a lot better!

  17. I loved this teaching. When I was married I tried so hard and still do to be the proverbs woman. I am divorced and would love to know of ministries that minister to single and/or divorced women. Before anyone begins to tell me divorce is a sin, you need to know I escaped an abusive marriage. I serve God and love Him with all my heart. I just would love to know where to go to be ministered to as a divorced woman not by choice, but for safety reasons.

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