Are You a Porcupine Wife? & WLWW Link-Up Party!

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“A porcupine has a lot of good points, but nobody wants to be around it.”~ Donna Partow

A while back I read a book by Donna Partow where she discussed the thought of being a porcupine. She suggested that if you are someone who always has to be “RIGHT” then you may be a porcupine.

A porcupine is someone that you really don’t want to be close to because when you do get close to them – they hurt you.

  Visit me over at Roo Magazine today where I’m talking about keys to overcoming the Porcupine Syndrome in marriage.

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  1. Oh, thanks for letting me link up with you this week. I love linky parties and will be happy to visit some of the other blogs participating here this week 🙂 🙂 Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 😉

  2. Great thought – porcupine. I can say in my early years most likely – but I have a pretty strong husband and we have so improved on our communication skills throughout the years… Always room for more improvement tho… Thoughtful post 🙂

  3. As a person who tends to be more practical/logical than emotional, married to a rather emotional husband, I think that a lot of what I say/do would fall under the “porcupine” category. I guess I always thought the “points” I make are valid and helpful, but I sometimes I guess that my husband is just looking for someone to listen and not someone who has a reasonable explanation for everything and that if he just does this-this-and-this, it will all work out. I think that I do/say those things to him because I really care about him and I want to “fix whatever is broken” (because that’s my job as a mom of two young kids, right?), but it may not always be what my husband needs to hear. Porcupines might be friendly, but sometimes it’s better to be something a little more “huggable.” :o)

  4. This is great advice! Because I tend to want everything in order in the house, I would definitely act like a porcupine until things were exactly how I thought they should be. I appreciate your bringing this up – it’s a right on time word for me! 🙂 I do not want to be a porcupine wife – I want to be a wife that makes her husband happy and speaks in love. I guess that would be some kind of cute, fuzzy, furry animal that was the opposite of a porcupine!lol… Lauren,

  5. Thank you so much for this! There has been alot of hurt in my marriage and it has totally turned me into a porcupine wife! I have been reading through Proverbs over the past few weeks and felt convicted by the very scriptures you’re talking about, so I know that this is something that God is working with me on. Reading this post was another good reminder for me that God is truly trying to show me something and I had better work on applying it better! I DO NOT want to be a porcupine wife! I will work on applying your suggestions beyond what I am doing now. I know you probably have a million things on your plate, but if you could throw up a quick prayer for me in this I would be most grateful. Thanks so much! -Annie

  6. Very cute quote! I will need to remember this in the future. Not in my marriage, since I was divorced a decade ago, but in other relationships I want to cultivate with my family and friends. Honestly, my ex-husband and I have a much better relationship these days than we did when we were married. Perhaps this is partially why!

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