The Proverbs 31 Woman – Week 7 – Shopping for Clothes!

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Alright ladies – this week the Proverbs 31 woman is getting dressed and dressing her family!

We are up to Proverbs 31:21 & 22:

 When it snows, she has no fear for her household;
for all of them are clothed in scarlet.
22 She makes coverings for her bed;
she is clothed in fine linen and purple.

I have been battling laryngitis for 7 days – so I drank lots of hot tea and honey before this video and eeked it out!  I apologize for being so croaky ๐Ÿ™

 (If you are reading this post in an email – click here to view the video.)

In the video, I mentioned how I like to “Clothes Swap” with my friends!  Here’s a few pics from our last clothes swap and you can find the rest of the details on this blog post here.

Each girl chose a section of the room to display their clothes.
Clare from Peak 313 Fitness scored my Easter 2009 dress! It fits! Hooray!
Look what I found! Gorgeous! (although once I tried it on it didn’t fit and went to my sister)
Becky has on a new t-shirt, necklace and shoes (plus an arm full!)
My $6 outfit!
Here’s what I wore to church the Sunday after the swap – my brand new blue shirt and new necklace – free from the swap! And a $6 skirt from a resale shop!   (minus the boots – which are Payless!)
I also love to shop at resale shops and here’s a video I made a while back titled “How to Shop for Feminine Clothes on a Budget.”

 (click here if you can’t see the video)
This Week’s Challenge:  Plan and prepare now for Fall.  We all know the kids are going to need back to school clothes – watch the clearance racks for winter clothes on clearance and stock up now.  Don’t forget it’s garage sale season – I love a good garage sale and have clothes in my closet and in the kid’s closets from garage sales too!!  Be sure to share your children’s clothes that you are done with.  My kids have hand me downs from their cousins – we love hand me downs!  And all my clothes get binned up and passed on to two other Christian families who have kids just one size below mine.  Share ๐Ÿ™‚ and Happy Shopping!
Do you have any special tips for how you clothe your family? Share them in the comments!

Walk with the King,


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  1. Haha! This pic always cracks me up! I had eyed that dress up since the day you wore it and I was thrilled to get it! Still love wearing it!

  2. I hope your feeling better. Your blogs and series is so encouraging, thank you so much. Just was out and found a great deal on school uniforms for the fall and it is the end of June-thought I was crazy but now realize doing the 31:). Also, we love Dots down here is S Florida. I get so many complements on my blouses and yes they are all 20.00 or less even the dresses. And being so rainy down here this week – I have taken extra care on making those beds more cozy and I like to pray over all our beds while making them. All the best for a healthy week ahead for you. God Bless.

  3. We are very fortunate. Since we are the largest family in our church, with 10 children total, and 8 still at home, when anyone has clothes, they just always think of us. Chances are their stuff will fit at least one of mine!!
    We buy very little because of all the hand me downs we get from folks. I laugh though, because some moms will ask me almost shyly, if we even take hand me downs. I always laugh and tell her, “You bet we do!! We love them!!”
    And whatever isn’t passed along to us, we get at thrift stores. Thrifting is so in vogue right now…everybody does it. My 17 yr old daughter and her friends like to compare whose outfit was cheapest!! LOL!! Gotta love that!!!

  4. I just got a bunch of hand-down shoes from a friends daughter who cleaned out her college apt after graduating this past spring. Like 3 prs of knee lenth boots, an almost brand new pair of Skechers Shape-Ups. A few pairs of yoga pants, a jacket and a pair of Bob Mackie Fuschia dress pants. Hey, I’ll take em!

    I wish our thrift stores around here were any good but they’re not ๐Ÿ™ We also have Dots in PA..I’m in NE Ohio but right on the OH/PA border and try to do most of my clothes shopping in PA due to no tax on clothing.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!!

  5. We try to cycle clothes through our homeschool group. There’s always another child the next size down to pass them to.
    Also, I’ve given some of my t-shirts to my girls for summer nightgowns. It makes them feel special to dress in mommy’s old clothes, and they sure look cute!

  6. I miss the thrift stores! When we were in the states I saved so much money by shopping there, for the kids and for me. Now, we are in Germany (military), and the clothes here are SO expensive: easily, 20 times what I spent at thrift stores in the states. Any tips for finding cheap clothes online?

    1. Christine, I empathize with your situation! My best recommendation is that you put yourself on the e-mailing list of online stores whose clothing you like, then keep an eye out for their sales notices, especially near public holidays/events such as 4th July. Regular reductions of 50% and even 75% are common these days, they’re so desperate to sell.

      See below for Boutique Narelle’s list of recommended stores. We haven’t got much coverage in Europe yet (please pardon the pun!), so we’d love to hear from you if you find online stores over there that you like.

      Next best solution: learn to sew! =)

      Best wishes with your shopping,
      BOUTIQUE NARELLE: an online resource helping women be modest and gorgeous

  7. Yay! One thing I’m doing well!lol I am very thrifty and loove a good deal! My son Reese’s very nice wardrobe for the next year is pretty much set now due to one really awesome garage sale and thrift stores and all for less than $30! I get a good deal of my stuff from thrift/resale stores as well and im very fashion conscious:) now my husband and daughter are a little tougher b/c she’s so picky and he wears a lot of dress clothes however we have found ways and she gets lots of handmedowns from older cousins and neighbors. We consign some stuff in order to buy clothes that are still needed for the next season but we love to pay it forward and pass on our gently used clothes to family and friends:) We do a kids clothes swap in our MOPS group and it worked out pretty well:) sounds like I need to set up another adult clothes swap as well;) what fun and such a blessing to be able to share with others and meet a need:) I love to see how God works in what seems like insignificant ways compared to real issues but He sees my needs and he meets them everytime even if its just finding a great deal on a coat for my kid or being blessed from a friends generous donation..he always provides:)

  8. Hi Courtney! I love to shop but my husband will tell you that I love a bargain! I always shop sales/clearance and with coupons. I have three children and twin girls at that! I try not to spend more than $5-$7 on any piece for them. Almost all of their wardrobe is from Gymboree! Yes Gymboree, a store I never thought I could afford to shop in! Here’s what I do. I go into the store and take note of the items I like, I make a list and then I watch the prices online. You can almost always find a 20% coupon to add to that! Same with my own personal shopping. I’ve bought many things for $4.97 at Ann Taylor Loft! I also shop at Gap, Old Navy and Macy’s and my friends are always amazed at the “steals” I get. BTW, Macy’s has incredible one day sales and if you use their card you get an additional 20% off the sale price! I make a payment right before I pay so that I can take advantage of the discount but not use credit =) It makes me feel good that I can dress my family in qualtiy clothes for ridiculously low prices and my husband always appreciates that =)

    Hope you’re feeling better real soon!

  9. Hi Courtney. I love a bargain . I also buy a lot of my younger daughters clothing at gymboree. With gymboree between markdown, coupons and gymbuck, there clothing is cheaper then wal mart. And the bonus you can easily resale gymboree clothing for what you paid and sometimes more. My older daughter I shop the thrift stores for all the teen brands, so much so her friend said you must be rich you have all the brands. I would never pay full price for clothing.

  10. My group of GMG girls are getting together for a Girls Night Out! I was wondering if there will be a fall study following this one and if so can you give us a hint as to what the study will be about? If not, is there a way to get the materials from a previous study you have done?

    1. Oh Yes – there will definately be a fall study and I wish I could give you a hint BUT we are still deciding! It will be a walk through a book of the Bible but we haven’t decided which one yet. So glad your GMG group is still going forward into the fall! That’s awesome!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I also buy all of my family’s clothing at rummage sales, garage sales, etc. & also am able to get some Freecycle too from time to time. I am not hung up on name brands, as long as they fit well, are not trampy, & are in decent shape. If we do happen to get name brands I find that Old Navy & Target brands fit well and last longer, especially buying them used… but again, that is just a bonus if we happen to get them. I also like Speedo swimsuits for my girls because they are full coverage & last a long time, but we take what we can get that is in budget from the rummage & garage sales.

    I find that getting men’s clothing, especially for tall men, is way harder to do because it seems the used men’s clothing is so hard to get in decent shape… so for DH, if & when he gets new clothes they are either bought from Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. where I can see them on hangers as opposed to in bins & piles at rummage sales, etc. or new from stores for cheaper than resale shops. 2 years ago I got him 9 pairs of BRAND NEW shorts for $1.50-2.50 each, which was far cheaper than used at Goodwill, where the stuff is priced for at least $2.99, but usually $4.99.

    We don’t buy clothes often for ourselves as it is not in our budget (even used) & are both wearing some clothing that is still in very good shape we bought when we 1st started out 20+ years ago…. some basic, classic shirts, etc. that are always in style. It doesn’t bother us to wear the same stuff as long as it fits & looks decent. Brand names don’t woo us & I don’t feel like any better of a wife or mother if we are wearing any certain brand.

    We just spent $60 on an annual clothing haul for 5 people that will last us until next summer when the sale comes around again… & that includes buying some clothes for a newbie on the way.

  12. Walmart has some really cute tank dresses right now for $9. They are knee length, and when I throw on a men’s A-tank underneath, it’s modest and really cute. Easy to be casual for running errands in flip flops or dressy for church with sandals and a cardigan. I think it would even work as a layering piece for fall/winter. I may or may not have already bought 4 different colors!

    As far as resale shopping goes, I have a hard time finding thins in my (plus) size. I’m working on losing weight, so hopefully I’ll be able to be in an easier-to-shop-for size soon!

  13. I’m not even sure how I found you, but I LOVE your videos. Your wise, biblical tips and beautiful smile combine to make great lessons for women. Well done!

  14. I’m new to “Good Morning Girls” and I just wanted to say thank you for your encouraging videos : D

    You are too cute in the latest one “she is clothed in fine linen and purple.” I noticed your purple shirt in the video, was that planned or was it a God thing? : D

    Be Blessed,


  15. I Also love a gd deal clearance racks outlet malls we have burkes here intexas they have amazing deals I was wondering where Texas there is a dots ? And do they have plus size clothes

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