Fall GMG Sign-Ups Begin & WLWW Link-Up Party!


This is my Good Morning Girls group…well it was until I started writing “the book”…then I took a little break.  But this fall, I am back in the saddle and have missed the daily emails from these girls LIKE CRAZY!  These are my real life friends from church – some of them have been along for the GMG ride for 5 years now – wowsa!   Some I have known for 20 years!  3 are sisters, 1 is a homeschooler, and you recognize Janelle there in the upper right corner right? – that’s Miss Comfy in the Kitchen!

What is a Good Morning Girls group?

Well it all began a year before blogging when I was leading a Beth Moore study.  I needed accountability with my quiet times and I asked the girls in the study if they’d join me for a 6am club.  11 brave girls signed up to receive a daily email at 6am and then they emailed back after they had their quiet time…3 months later – we renamed the group Good Morning Girls – 6am was just too hard for mamas with newborn babies and bedwetting toddlers!

Two years later – I launched GoodMorningGirls.org – it has grown by leaps and bounds and now there are nearly 10,000 Good Morning Girls!  Go God!!! (although the video below says 600 because the video is from 2010 when we had just finished our very first session.)

So you want to know more about what and how to be in a Good Morning Girls group?  Listen to this video:

2012 Fall Session Info:

  • Fall sign-ups run from: August 15th-September 17th
  • Fall session dates:
    September 17th-November 9th (8 week -Colossians study)
    November 26th-December 21st (4 week -Advent study….preparing our hearts for Christmas)

Soon Angela will be posting the FREE 8 week Colossians and 4 week advent Bible reading plan, and eStudy guide.  Then over the course of the next 3 months we will post weekly videos, devotionals and more!  You do not have to have a group to follow this study on-line and the Colossians and Advent study are OPTIONAL – you do not have to follow Colossians to have a Good Morning Girls group!

For all the rest of details and to SIGN UP for the fall session –  go over to GoodMorningGirls.org today .

Hope to see you there this fall!!!

Walk with the King,




  1. hmm, I had trouble linking up tonight. I’ve never had an issue before. It was giving me a tough time linking a picture and now it’s not showing. If you want to delete it, I can link up again. Or you can leave it. Whatever works for you! 🙂

  2. Awesome ministry you have! And, it’s great that you have such a fabulous group of real-life friends! I’ve always struggled with this, because I am very shy, even more so now that my family and I just recently moved 5 hours away to a town where we don’t know anyone at all. God bless you as you bring women together to study God’s word!

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