An Important Announcement

I am blogging today because I have something important to share…and no I’m not pregnant (wish I were lol!)

I really wanted my first post back to be about what I did during my writing break…I wanted to share our family photos from Christmas day.

4 Generations – Back Row: Me, My Mom, My Sisters; Front Row: Alexis, My Mom’s Mom, My niece

And I wanted to tell you about the White Christmas that arrived just in time for our one hour drive to my husband’s family get together!

But we made it safely – and enjoyed the HUGE Christmas tree at my Brother-In-Law’s house (my husband’s brother) taken right from his back yard!

Then I wanted to share a myriad of photos from our biggest shin dig of the year – New Year’s Eve.  (You might notice I got a new hair cut between Christmas and New Years.  We cut a few inches off the length and I got layers!  I feel lighter!)  My sister’s came over to my house and we made our Hungarian Cabbage Rolls (for the recipe click here).

Meanwhile the kids were sled riding in my backyard…

Then I decorated the tables…

We opened in prayer…guess my newphew was phoning God during the prayer??? lol!  {he purposely photo bombed this to tease me}

Then we partied, made our Family Time Capsule (which I failed to take a photo of), watched the ball drop, kissed and hugged everyone in the room at midnight…

And we toasted in the New Year! {again some photo bombing taking place with a few of the nephews!}

We had loads of family fun time watching movies, playing games, going bowling, to the shooting range, out to eat and reading together.

But I can’t share all the pictures from my break – because seriously – I’ll bore you!

The main reason I came back to my blog today was because I really really really hope you will join me for a winter Bible study!!!!

So… THIS is the important announcement!

Enrollment is happening RIGHT NOW for the Winter Good Morning Girls session!

What we provide: (FREE)

  • SOAP Bible reading plan (we also call it a bookmark because we print it off and leave it in our Bibles to mark where we are reading)
  • Living Like Jesus: Luke 1-8 eBook for you to journal and record your S.O.A.P. quiet times
  • weekly videos that provide further understanding and personal application
  • weekly blog posts on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays to help you dig into the scripture of the week and gain better insight and application.
  • challenges aimed at helping you put God’s Word into action in your life.

For all of the details – click on this link here —>

There is no better way to start out your year than being in God’s word.  Good Morning Girls provides FREE accountability and awesome resources and I’ll be there making videos and writing devotionals along side my dear friends Angela, Jennifer and Whitney.

I hope to see you there!!!


And friends, my writing in January will continue to be sparse…but I should be back to full swing in February.  Until then, I have closets to clean out, homeschooling to start back up, some good books to finish, and some ministry projects to get a running start on for you.  In March, I’ll be unveiling something new here on-line!  Can’t wait for you to take a peak!

Until then…

Walk with the King,

**If you have subscribed and you do not see the link to the FREE Proverbs 31 ebook at the bottom of your emails, please email me at courtney(at) and I will email you the link within 24 hours. 🙂


  1. I so enjoy your pages, your pictures, etc: I pray that I do what you have done
    reaching out to others about Jesus. I started my page in November 2012.
    My family & friends have been asking me for years to get on Facebook
    and I did not want any part of it. Finally in July 2012 I started my personal
    page, love sharing & visiting with family/friends BUT Jesus had other plans
    for me so I created another page so I could reach as many people
    as I can about Jesus . So I started Connie Sue Heavenly Place in November
    and loving it so much. I will continue to pray for you & I hope you will
    pray for what I am trying to do as well.

    God Bless You
    Connie Sue

  2. Courtney,
    I am glad you are having a good time off. I just did my first post yesterday after a full 2 months off. I just wasn’t ready to return till then. So keep basking in the break and I will pray you continue to rejuvenate friend!


  3. What fun! I don’t think we’d be bored at all seeing your pictures! 🙂 I loved the one of the tree – that must have been so cool for the kiddies. Happy New Year! Lauren,

  4. Loving the photos, looking forward to seeing you back whenever you feel lead. Hope you enjoy the beginning of the year, much love. Tara (The Proverbs 31 Sanctuary)

  5. Happy new year sweet friend! I wish you a wonderful new year with lots of fun , success, health and love. Looking forward to reading more inspiring posts from you! Oh and dont forget to mention that this wonderful ministry is a worldwide one with free materials in many different languages… Lol!

    1. OH Katja – I am SOOOO thankful for you!!! As soon as the other translations are available – I will be SURE to mention it 🙂 Thank you for all of your hard work translating!!! You have been such a gift to Good Morning Girls and I treasure you!!!

      May God bless you deeply in 2013!

      1. … now I blush! I did not write that comment to have you praise me (however it feels so good, lol). I feel so blessed that I may be part of this wonderful team getting all these wonderful materials out to the girls. It’s so wonderful that there are more and more languages available all over Europe!

    2. Thank you for your wonderful blog and your free bible studies Courtney!
      I just discovered your blog shortly before your “break” and I’m so happy to hear that you have been able to recoup a little. Breaks are so important!
      I honestly also had no idea that you have your bible studies translated. I would like to offer my help if you ever need German translations. I am originally from Austria, and moved to the U.S. about 8 1/2 years ago after I got married. Therefore I’m bilingual in English and German. So let me know if I can help.
      Have a blessed year 2013 and thank you for your wonderful ministry!

  6. Great to hear from you again Courtney, and it’s lovely to see your pictures. I too have been a bit sparse on my blog because I needed some down time. Life is hectic being a ministers wife and my home was beginning to show that I needed to streamline some things so that I could serve better in other areas, number one being in my home. Well, I look forward to clean and tidy cupboards, my next task and also to hearing more from you in a few weeks.
    Every blessing
    Julie in Scotland

  7. Courtney,
    Thank you for sharing your photos with us!!! Looks like you had a great time over the holidays!!! I love your hair cut!!!
    I’m so excited to be apart of the GMG Bible study!

    In Him,

  8. I love your haircut – so cute! What fun and festive table decorations!

    I’ve just signed up for my first GMG study, and joined a Facebook group. I’m so excited! Thank you for your ministry!

  9. So great to hear from you, I can hardly wait for you to get back! It’s fabulous to see you looking so happy and well, the time away is clearly doing you good!!
    Happy New Year to you and yours! Xx

  10. Glad you are back! Missed you! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us!! I wouldn’t get board looking at those pics from your “break” 🙂

  11. I’m so excited to hear from you! Your posts give me strength and such encouragement! LOL I’ll admit, the first thing I thought was “SHE PREGNANT!”…. but…. like your comment said, I’m sorry you’re not 🙁 — Anyways, thanks for the new study, I can’t wait to start it! Thanks and blessings!!!

  12. The thing I love about blogging is that we can write whenever we want to. There are no rules. And what I love about google reader is that I never miss a post from my favorite bloggers, no matter how often or infrequently they write. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  13. I am so excited for the Luke study! I will be leading again this study, and I am really looking forward to God using me for his work. It was nice to see a post from you again Courtney, and I am really looking forward to seeing what you have planned in February and March!

  14. YAY! My first study with GMG and my husband and daughter (she’s doing The Dig) will be joining along with me. Glad to see you back Courtney and my daughter and I would like to know how your BIL got that big tree into the house lol (It was amazing).

    1. They have a double door entrance across the room and they took the doors off their hinges to get it in lol!! Where there’s a will there’s a way!!!

  15. The first thing I said when I saw on Facebook that you were back was yeah!!! Missed you so much Courtney, looks like you enjoyed your time away. But so glad you’ve returned.

  16. Hi Courtney,
    I recently realized I need to make some changes in my life personally and spiritually. I have grown up in church but those weren’t always positive memories for me. I have negative thoughts on church and spirituality in general. I would like to find my own path and find what works for me and my family. So that’s what brings me to you. I like your blogs and positivity and I was wondering if you have any advice or some direction for me. I would like to eventually find a church that I’m comfortable in and that helps me live the life I’m meant to live. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    1. Michelle – I’m so glad that you are being drawn to God and his people!!! I encourage you to start by reading God’s word and praying and asking God to help you find a church that is a good fit for your family. Then go for it – start visiting churches and keep praying. God will help and guide you!!!

      I hope you have a wonderful 2013!

  17. Hi Courtney!

    I was so excited to see a post from you today! I already signed up for the study and have become an official GMG leader!

    I would like to thank you for praying for me on facebook (I’m the “Angell” who mentioned the K12 program and needing prayer to have homeschooling be put back on hubby’s heart).

    You are such a blessing in my life Courtney!

    God put it on my heart this morning to keep you lifted in prayer. I was so excited lol! I have added you to my Friday prayer list.

    God bless ya wonderful lady!!

    P.S. I’m in Ohio too and hubby had to drive to work (about 45 minutes away) in that snowstorm!!

  18. Courtney,
    I am so very glad you are back!!! I know you hear it a lot but your posts are so inspiring, and I have been missing that! Thanks for all you do and so glad you are back!!

    **And I am loving that Christmas tree!!**

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