Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe – Review

Sarah Mae, Me, Sally Clarkson

  Here I am, sandwiched between the Co-Authors of the book Desperate at the Allume Conference!  

In 2004, I discovered Sally’s writings through my friend Aimee at church.  Aimee led a group of women through Sally’s book The Mission of Motherhood and I was HOOKED!  I have now read every book that Sally has ever written (Desperate is book #7 – I think)!  Who would have ever guessed that less than 10 years later, Sally would be a personal friend and mentor!  Oh how life takes it’s unexpected twists and turns!

In 2008, when I began blogging, I discovered another Christian Mommy Blogger my own age (okay confession – she’s a few years younger lol!) named Sarah Mae.  From time to time we would comment on each other’s blogs…then one day we talked on the phone – that was FUN and then we met!  We talked many times on the phone about the dream of writing a book, so watching Sarah Mae’s journey to the birth of this book has been a true joy.

That brings me to THE book –>> Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe. 

Listen to these words of Sarah Mae in this video. Can you relate?  Then this book is for YOU!

And then there’s the voice of the mentor in this video -it’s Sally – and she made this video for you!  Do you need an older woman to speak into your life with wisdom and encouragement? Then this book is for YOU! 


If you are a tired mommy who has faced many discouraging days, I know you will relate to Sarah Mae’s humble and transparent words.

Then there’s Sally – oh her wisdom just fills me up!  Here’s some quotes from Sally from the book:

We are living in an isolationst culture today and have become accustomed to lonely living that God never intended us to experience.”

“A wise woman is one who copies wise women.”

“I believe that if moms understood how strategic their roles were in this battle for the hearts and minds of the next generation, they would grow in excitement about this great job God created them to fulfill.”

“Nothing excellent is ever accomplished by being lazy or selfish.”

“One of the marks of a godly woman is that she takes responsiblity for her soul’s need for joy and delight.”

“A good attitude about work makes her children feel that she is glad that she is a mom and that she is thankful for her children.  She communicates to them that even with a full workload, she is fulfilled and content.”

“Trying to cram any individual or family into the box of another is an insult to the God who made us all to be unique and different.”

“One of the beautiful graces of a strong woman is the ability to see the true value of her own life and the lives of her children, and to celebrate them every day, as Jesus did.”

I had the privilege of endorsing this book {squeal} …here’s a photo from page 1 of this book!!!


To learn more about the book, their amazing giveaways this week or to purchase the book – go to

Walk with the King,


  1. Those quotes you share from Sally are soul-filling!!! I have not read any of her books (been exposed to her blog) but it seems the time has come to change that. I’ll be looking for this book in particular….

  2. I picked this book up over the weekend. I’m just finishing up another book, and then I will be reading it. I can’t wait! I love Sally’s gentle spirit, and the video “One Mom Heart To Another” really touched me! It was through you, Courtney, that I found Sally. I thank you for that!

  3. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are so kind and generous, thank you for sharing about Desperate – it means so much to Sally and me. If you want to giveaway some books for this post (I’m not sure when it went up), please feel free to, we’ll send them out. If you’d rather not, that’s fine, just wanted you to have the option.

    Oh Courtney, thank you again, friend! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wonderful Courtney,
    You always, always encourage me. I am so grateful we became friends. Our hearts are so the same. Thank you for this post. I am so humbly encouraged. Sending love!

  5. I am really excited to read this book, it looks amazing and the buzz around it gives me butterflies. You ladies have amazing smiles. Thank you for sharing about the book, I value your opinion so it was good seeing it here too. Much love. Tara.

  6. Courtney,

    I have an advanced reader of Desperate and just finished it–so met me where I’m at! Thanks for posting this and getting the word out to all of us desperate and tired mamas out there. Oh, and very glad you’re on your way back! I hope your break has been all you needed it to be.


  7. Hi Courtney,

    I just tried commenting, but I think I pressed the wrong button. Sorry if this is a double-post. I was writing to let you know that as a result of your blog about the book, DESPERATE, the holy spirit has moved one of my informal mentor-moms and me to start a “mentor mom” program at our church. We are moving through an active women’s group at church to match “wise moms” with “young moms” and to encourage them to email each other, call each other, pray with and for each other, get coffee together, and whatever else they can do to nurture these biblical relationships. We may even read the book together!! If not, the book has already encouraged us…just through your blog. Thank you for the wife, mother, and woman that you are!


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