10 Fun Ways to Survive Cabin Fever With Little Ones

10 fun ways to survive cabin fever


You may live somewhere hot and balmy right now – but I live in Ohio and today the high is 19! We are all longing for spring here but for now – we want to be happy and content in our sweet home. So it’s my job, the mom’s, to make my home a cozy happy place!

I’m sharing 10 fun ways to survive cabin fever with little ones over at TheBetterMom.com today!  Join me there.

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  1. Great ideas!!! We call the hot cocoa with marshmallows, hershey kisses and a peppermint candy/stick, “snowman soup.” Again, I love all that you do to keep encouraging us to be the women, wives and mother’s we were sent here to become!

  2. We live in Minnesota and some years the winter seems to drag on…we don’t go out because it is too cold, too wet, no snow, too much snow, etc. but today, we bundled up and shoveled the driveway as a family. The important piece is for my boys to understand this is what family does, help each other out, no strings attached and no “rewards” from Mom or Dad! We also have been ice fishing the last two weekends. Now I am NOT a fan of the cold, but our neighbor was selling his portable ice house for a great deal, one more way to survive a winter in Minnesota. A small investment and many hours of fun. I have learned over the last 16 years in Minnesota, you must embrace the winter and find ways to enjoy it or you will go nuts!

  3. Wish I had read that last week. We do live where it is 80 degrees, but you can still have cabin fever when your child is home from school for several days. It is so hard to be cooped up in the house when the weather is as glorious as ours has been here in southern FLA. I grew up in n/w PA so I know what you are going through…I just wasn’t a mom then. I was a cooped up kid! All the best.


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