A Radio Interview, Webcast Release, My Christmas Notebook, and a Bloggy Break

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Ready or not – here come the holidays!   Thanksgiving first and Christmas right behind!  I am SOOOO excited!

I’m taking a real short blogging break for 2 weeks to clear my head and home for the holidays.  Last year I took all of December off but this year I want to spend the Christmas season with you!   I have a December Series planned that I pray blesses you and your family.

I will be poking my head back in with a few announcements next week regarding things happening in the blog-o-sphere including the Women Living Well Last Wednesday of the month Link-Up Party…but no content till December.

I will still be hanging out on all my other social media platforms –

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.

So please – follow and visit me there!

In the spirit of preparing for Christmas – I want to share with you my Christmas Planner/Notebook in case it can be helpful to you – I apologize that the ebook I reference in the video is no longer available – but if you are looking for more info about the binder  – go to the author, Karen Ehman’s webpage >>here<<.

Recently I did a 15 minute radio interview out of Montgomery, Alabama.
It was on Preparing Our Homes and Hearts for Christmas.
You can listen to it right here (there is only sound – no picture):

And because of the popular demand and high level of emails requesting that I make the Webcasts available sooner than the new year –

I have unlocked them out on my Youtube Channel.

Webcast youtube updateWhile I’m gone from here, I invite you to catch up on any webcasts you missed here:


They are all there, ready and waiting for you!

Merry Early Christmas :)!

Keep Walking with the King!


Women Living Well – The book
is now available in most bookstores
and on-line at Amazon.com
3D wlwbook cover



  1. I loved all of your webcasts! God seemed to orchestrate every Thursday night so that I could see them. 🙂 This last week I felt a little “off” and realized that was the part of my week that was absent. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful bloggers with us through this format!!!

  2. I too missed that there wasn’t a new webcast to watch on Thursday. It would be so wonderful for the Lord to put in place things like this on the air. There is so much on television that is just all about the flesh from murder and crime to vulgarity and sensuality. We don’t have cable and don’t get any of the Christian networks. I would love to something like this on daytime tv. 🙂

  3. Enjoy the time off and time with your family! Thank you for your ministry and allowing us to learn and grow with you in the walk with our king!

  4. Enjoy your break Courtney! Thank you for making the webcasts available. I looked forward to them each week – they were such an encouragement to me.

  5. Just listened to the radio interview and wanted to thank you, Courtney, for making it available thru WLW. I really liked some of the ideas you shared on how to slow down our holiday season and keep our eyes on Christ. I’ll be setting some days aside on my family’s calendar for rest and time with our Lord, as well as lighting the candle and praying more often throughout my day for peace among our home & those within it; also picking out a passage from Matthew 1 & 2 or Luke 1& 2 to focus and meditate on each day this holiday season. Great tips – thank you. I so enjoy your ministry and I will be praying that Christ grants you and yours peace this holiday season too!

  6. Good morning! Courtney, I just want to let you know that your blog is a blessing! I truly enjoy reading your posts and watching your videos on YouTube. I hope you enjoy your blogging break! I am a young, single, christian girl struggling to find what God wants me to do in life. So, I started blogging each day as I am praying and waiting to see where it is God will put me. I hope you can take a second to read it and it blesses you some how. I am hoping to catch the attention of many young girls like myself that are struggling with finding God’s will, waiting on their man to pop the question, unsure of college or not…the list continues. I haven’t been able to find any “bloggers” about things like that. SO I am praying and seeking God’s answers for those things so He can help other girls going through the same thing through my struggles and answers I am given. I believe we experience trials so one day we can help others because we have been there! Thank you! And if you do read my blog I would love to hear from you!

    Much love!


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