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 I’m super excited for this week’s webcast!!!  Darlene from Time Warp Wife is the keynote and our couch discussion (begins at 16 minutes into the video) was so rich.  I really felt like we got somewhere as the women opened up.  I hope it will comfort and encourage you too.  Here are the speakers:

Session 3 marriage speakers

{Me, Darlene (TimeWarpWife.com), Clare (Peak313.com), & Karen (KarenEhman.com)}

(if you cannot view the video – click here)

Some other resources for you from Darlene’s Blog:

 Free Printable Prayer Cards for Your Husband
52 Text Message Love Bombs to Send Him
103 Words of Affirmation Every Husband Wants to Hear
I’d Rather Be a Crown Than a Trophy Wife
Darlene’s Testimony 

And a Giveaway!

Darlene is giving away 10 Copies of

The Virtuous Life of a Christ-Centered Wife

to 10 WLW readers!


 About the Book

The Virtuous Life of a Christ-Centered Wife is written in the format of an 18-part study for daily or weekly reflection. Not only is it a powerful tool for personal growth, it’s also an ideal study-guide for small groups!

Each lesson leads you through one virtue at a time, offering you applicable and inspiring ways for a wife to grow closer to God and her husband. The virtues discussed are these:

• Purity  • Self-control  • Love  • Diligence  • Patience  • Kindness
• Humility  • Faith  • Forgiveness  • Joy  • Passion  • Radiance
•Encouragement  • Balance  • Goodness  • Trust  • Courage

Virtue calls us to action. As we exercise each one, they bring our flesh in line with our Spirit.  It’s one thing to know what’s good, and it’s another to walk in obedience to the knowledge that we have received. Not always easy, but obedience to our faith is always worth the effort it takes!  Every lesson concludes with the S-O-A-P method of study, prompting you to dig deeper.

Enter to win below:

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To purchase your own pdf or kindle copy  – go here.

**Chime In: What are your favorite marriage resources – blogs, books, authors?

Walk with the King,



  1. Hello Courtney,

    love your book <3 !!!!

    My favorite marriage resources are: your blog/website :), "A Biblical Marriage" web/blog, Jolene Engle's website and ebooks on marriage, Gary Chapman's books on marriage, the book "Love and Respect" from Emerson Eggerichs. Elizabeth George's books, …….. and last but certainly not least and being the most important book of them all: the BIBLE !!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    As always: blessings X

    A from BE

  2. There are SO many!! I probably won’t remember to list them all here but….
    I have to second what Abby said. I love the book Love and Respect from Emerson Eggerichs!! I’ve read through it twice and just purchased it for a few friends to read. I highly recommend it to every couple no matter how long you’ve been married. I also like Nina Rosener’s blog…http://ninaroesner.com/
    I also love the movie Fire Proof and the book that goes along with that. Another book I’ve read about 3 times is a book called Mama’s Torah and it’s all about a woman’s role in her marriage and it’s all from a very biblical point of view. There are numerous Proverbs 31 books that I’ve read throughout the years that are great as well.

  3. Love & Respect from Eggerichs is wonderful. But, my all time favorite and the book that changed my marriage and the way I thought about marriage – I might even go so far as to say it saved my marriage – is The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian.

  4. For me, besides your blog, Sheila Wray Gregoire over at http://www.ToLoveHonorandVacuum.com has been a HUGE Help in my marriage. It was a blog post I read over there that convinced me that my son would NOT be better off if his father and I divorced after I discovered his infidelity even though I had Biblical grounds to do so. Between this blog & hers, you two saved my marriage. For that, I am eternally grateful.

    I also love her book. The Good Girls Guide to Great Sex. And her eBook, 31 Days to Great Sex. She’s the Christian Sex lady 🙂 Good Sex is vital to a great marriage, right Sheila ? 😉

    Another vote for Love and Respect by Dr Emerson Eggerichs. I enjoy reading Darlene’s blog over at The Time Warp Wife. I certainly appreciate her testimony and enjoyed hearing her in person at the WLW conference last summer. I DO hope another one is planned for either this year or next…maybe turn it into a retreat..bring Sheila and Candace Cameron Bure in this time. Have an exercise class or three run by Ms Clare from Peak313 Fitness and a cooking class taught by Janelle from Comfy in the Kitchen because God KNOWS I could learn a thing or two in how to be a better cook . Janelle can feed us and then Clare can help us burn off all the calories we just ate…but please no burpees, ok Clare? lol at least not after we just ate 🙂

    1. Hi ladies,

      great ideas Kelly ! Any suggestions how I could get there (magic wand (lol) :))!!!!

      And as Jamileh stated, there are so many good resources out there, I just have forgotten about.

      Indeed Sheila’s website is also a great one. Haven’t read her book yet, it is still on my To order list (now I can’t have every book huh lol ;). Poor hubs, my spending money on books ….. and no, cannot get them at the library, I am a Belgian reader.

      I didn’t mention Darlene’s website (foei, foei Abby).I have been following her website for years now!

      How could I forget!??!

      Have a wonderful, peaceful weekend ladies!!!

      Blessings to all of you X

      Abby from BE

  5. I truly enjoyed this segment and rejoiced as each one of you shared your hearts. I am walking away encouraged in my marriage today. Have a blessed weekend! 🙂

  6. I would have to say my all timet favorite resource book on marriage is “The Excellent Wife” by Martha Peace. I found it to be Profund in all aspects of what a godly wife should look like. My second favorite would have to be “A Woman After God’s Own Heart” by Elizabeth George. Although, I have the book “Love and Respect” I have not read it all the way through, but I have found it to be helpful thus far. I love reading encouraging books that give advice on how to strenghten me in my marriage, I think it is a must for all of us as wives, if we want to be a woman that pleases God..

  7. It was SUCH a pleasure meeting all of you ladies this past summer. The Women Living Well Conference went down in the history books as such a fantastic and enjoyable day, chalked full of amazing, Biblically- based information. You ladies are pretty awesome. And the girls of Deliberate Women have grown to love Darlene. She is such a kind-hearted person! LOVE the resources you ladies offer on marriage family and being Christ-centered! xoxo

  8. Amazing! I already prayed for my husband this morning after reading the quote at the top of this post. Thanks for inspiring even before the video 🙂

  9. My hubby & I did the Fireproof Your Marriage Study & that was awesome! My favorite book for just me, was “Created to Be a Help Meet” by Debi Pearl, I didn’t even finish reading the book before my husband said I was “fun again.”

  10. I would love to read this! As a newlywed, I’m trying my best to focus on how to be a Christ-centered wife and be the best wife to my husband. Would love to read this!

  11. I would love to read this! As a newlywed, I’m trying my best to focus on how to be a Christ-centered wife and be the best wife to my husband.

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