“Your Parenting” Webcast & Extra Resources

I choose gentleness

 {image credit – Jen Thorn}

I just love today’s webcast featuring Ruth Schwenk from TheBetterMom.com and FortheFamily.org.  Her keynote runs for the first 15 minutes.  Then Darlene from TimeWarpWife.com and Angela join me on the couch to talk about Motherhood.

session 4

(if you cannot see the video – click here)

Here are some extra resources from TheBetterMom.com

From Grouchy to Great – a 30 day series to help moms overcome grouchiness

What Every Weary Mom Needs to Know

Bi-Weekly Whole Food Meal Plans

A Dozen Little Ways to Connect With Your Teen

Casting a Vision in the Heart of a Child

Lighting a Fire vs. Keeping the Rules

I hope something here encourages you.  Have a great weekend!

Walk with the King,


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