My Vacation at a Glance


Vacations end WAY too quickly.  We just enjoyed the sunshine state of Florida and it did not disappoint!  We had sunshine and we had temperatures in the high 70’s and 80’s and now – we return to the freezing cold state of Ohio – says it’s 21 degrees  outside right now brrrrrrr.  So we are exchanging our flip flops for our winter boots and praying for spring to come quickly!

We did one day at Disney World on my son’s birthday (pictured above) – he turned 11 – hooray!  This kid has the life? Right!

Here’s some pictures from our vacation. (If you follow me on Instagram – you’ve probably seen all of these.)

My husband towed his Harley because he wanted to be able to ride it in Florida – so we brought it 20 hours on the road with us!

vacation travels

And the boys road for hours over to the beach and coastline.

vacation riding

We spent a day at Lego Land – my kids LOVED it and so did I!


The models built by Master Lego Builders are INCREDIBLE!

vacation legoland

And we spent some time at Universal Studios.

vacation universal studios

And we had some pool time, reading time (reading time is my personal favorite!  My son began the Lord of the Rings series and is loving it) and lots and lots of family time…and in case you are wondering – not a lot of homeschooling time.  We did a little but not as much as I had planned.

vacation reading2

**Chime In:

Is it spring break in your town?  What are your spring break plans?  We’d love to hear!

Stop back this Friday when I announce my new series that will begin this Monday.  I can’t wait to start something fresh and new and I hope you will join me on this journey!

Walk with the King,



  1. Jealous of your sunshine. Michigan is not warm either .. We just booked our trip in June to gatlinburg TN . I think my little ones are going to love it . My husband and I have never been , but I’ve heard great things ! I’m also hoping to sneak away around Christmas time to Disney world 🙂 for now we will continue to wait for spring / warm weather !! God bless You Courtney ! Love your ministry . Hope you had a wonderful refreshing vacation !

  2. {Kathy} As a Florida native, I can honestly say… did it well! Orlando is awesome. If you ever want to do the beaches in Florida, I highly recommend my hometown of Destin, Florida. I would be happy to give you more information.

  3. Courtney,
    I wish I had known you were here in Florida. I live near Disney. It would have been an honor to meet face to face. I homeschool so we can take a break when ever we want to. Our spring back we won’t be doing much as the road are too crowed to travel on. I live about 15 minutes away from Disney, and there are days it can take as long as an hour to get from home to Disney. My husband works there and since the Magic Kingdom is open later his team has to really hustle to get the park show ready for guests coming in at 8 am.

  4. That sunshine was so pretty. Here in Hanover, PA we may get more snow Wednesday. I hope not a lot. My children are taking the PSSA’s this week. Spring break, well we have a little longer to wait. It’s not til April. Not sure if we can do anything. The children lost 3 days of it for snow make up days. 🙁 I am kind of sad about that. We just got the paper in on that news. So to cheer my kids up I bought the new movie Frozen. we are going to watch that tonight. My Haley is all excited. Sorry you had to come home to colder weather. I do hope God let’s it warm up soon. My kids did enjoy being out and playing in the sand box and riding their bikes with their friends this weekend. This winter has been too cold, too much snow for me, and we have been in way too long. Having 5 boys with cabin fever, yea need I say more. All 9 of us, 7 of that children are looking for warmer weather to come. I am so hubby and I can go on some rides for some quality time alone. Has to be over 55 for me to ride. I just don’t like the cold. Thanks for sharing some of your vacation with us. It was nice

  5. So thankful you could get away and have some vacation / family time!!!! Memories!!!!! We are retired and had hoped to be gone to FL and south Texas for the winter. The Lord had other plans, and that’s ok. However, it is 3/24 and it’s only 2 degrees this AM. So looking forward to warmer days! Thanks for all that you do! Have a blessed day!

  6. Looks like a fabulous time!!! We are actually thinking about heading to Disneyland in May. My husband’s grandma has pulmonary fibrosis and we just got word that the setting for her oxygen level has increased which is not a good thing at all. She hasn’t met her newest grandson and we would really like to see her before she passes, though we don’t now when that is. But we’ve never taken our two youngest to Disneyland and we thought we could make the trip extra fun for them with maybe two days there at the park. We’re praying for God’s guidance on that right now because it is a lot of money. But ultimately, we need to see his grandparents, his grandma is not saved and his grandfather is catholic…so any influence we could would be good.

    I was wondering Courtney- I’ve had 3 kids and I have a really hard time finding modest swimsuits. Do you shop locally or online for yours or do you have any suggestions on where to find some?

    1. I usually buy my swimsuits and cover-ups at Target…both swimsuits I wore on vacation were a one piece with a swim skirt over it. I wore my cover up most of the time when I wasn’t in the pool and still got a great tan 😉

  7. Hi Courtney – My family was in Orlando at the end of February and went to Legoland as well and we loved it! Went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure and Medieval Times. By chance, did you stay at a Sheraton Vacation property? Where you stayed looks very familiar to the vacation property we stayed at while in Orlando. I know they have two there….one about 10 minutes from Disney and the other on the opposite side off International Drive.

    Spring break here in the Chicago area doesn’t start for another week, but hopefully the temps will inch up into the 40s and we can have a fun break….the Grands are visiting.

  8. We had the pleasure of visiting Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios for a band trip. Hollywood Studios was my favorite. SO fun! This year, we’re headed for Universal Studios–can’t wait!

    Spring Break is kind of relaxing/low-key this week. It’s a nice 60 degrees out, and we’re doing the indoor pool thing.

  9. What a blessing to go on a vacation! It looks like you had a wonderful, sun-filled time, compared to our dreary Ohio weather! So happy for you.

  10. We love to go to Disney World. We went in January this year. My kids are older so we treated them to the behind the scenes tour this time. Wonderful information. We got to go in the underground tunnels . So cool.

  11. Florida is my home state- so we do a lot of vacationing there! 🙂 Most of it revolves around family and the beach though. Our Spring Break isn’t until April (right before Easter) – but we are going NORTH (crazy for this southern girl to wrap her mind around) and going to visit family in PA. I am hoping it is warmer! We are planning on spending time with family, and taking a day to go to the Amish Country! When we get back to SC, and Daddy goes back to work, I think me and the kids might hit the beach one day. We also have tickets that weekend to see Disney on Ice for Lizzie’s Birthday! So much planned!!! 🙂 Glad you had a good time away!

  12. Hi Courtney,
    I was so tickled to see that your family just got back from a Disney/Orlando trip. We were just there probably the week before y’all. (I know, I just said y’all). Here in Mississippi that is a word. Speaking of the weather, it has been unusually cold even here. We were really hoping for some great weather in Orlando and a few days were great but one day it rained really hard and the next was very cold. But we were so happy to be at Disney, we didn’t care. So glad you had a great time on your trip and thank you so much for your blog ministry. It has truly touched my heart and helped me in all aspects of my life as I seek to be the kind of wife, mother, etc. God has called me to be.
    Blessings from the south,

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