Escaping the Rat Race

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The term “rat race” began in the 1940’s with the invention of modern day conveniences.  More opportunities and choices were available to us than ever before and soon some felt like they were endlessly busy but often times with meaningless things.

Those who first used this term would never be able to imagine the modern day conveniences we experience in 2014!  We have more time saving appliances and resources available to us than ever before and yet it seems that our stress levels only continue to rise.

Is it God’s will for God’s people to be trapped in this rat race?

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  1. Do you know what has simplified my life over and over when the pull of busyness and activities comes my way? Remembering that God said love is the most important thing we will ever do. Remembering that out of faith, hope, and love , love is the most important. Martha was busy, busy, busy with things (cleaning, organixing) but Mary was still and made time for people (Jesus). Jesus said Mary made the right choice. I have also found so much simplicity by deleting my personal FB account! FB alone can feel like a rat race of trying to keep up and one up! Just because its available doesn’t mean we have to get sucked in.

    Thanks again for your always encouraging posts. 🙂
    Cooking Up Faith

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