Introducing – Genesis! Are You In?

Join Good Morning Girls as we read through the Bible cover to cover one chapter a day. Here are the resources you need to study the Book of Genesis. #Biblestudy #Genesis #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

Good Morning Girls!

Here we go again – it’s a new month – a fresh start!

Did you get behind last month – no problem!

You can start again – there is no right or wrong way to read God’s word. There is not a correct formula or method given in scripture.  We simply need to open our Bibles and there – God speaks!

Jesus is…

the living well
the bread of life
the light of the world
the door
the good shepherd
the way
the truth
the resurrection
and the life!

Let’s savor his word together!  One chapter a day in the book of Genesis!

Here’s this week’s reading plan:

Week 1's plan

Here’s this month’s printable bookmark:


This is a free printable – click here to print it.

Here are this month’s printable SOAP eWorkbooks.

Remember, you choose which verses to SOAP, they will not be assigned by GMG. 😉

Genesis short eWorkbook

Genesis long eWorkbook

Looking for the Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Croatian translations of the workbooks? Go to the translations page —> here.

Are you in? Are you ready to commit to reading just one chapter a day?

If you are –  there’s no registration, enrollment (and subscribing to the blog is optional – just enter your email address on the sidebar)…simply leave a comment letting us know!  And I’ll be here holding you accountable every step of the way.

Walk with the King,


**Did you miss Friday’s video –  here it is again:


    1. I’m ready as well. Your smile, insight and TRUTH , genuineness, draws all who view. THANKS for being obedient.


    2. This is such a blessing! I can’t believe that I just found this website. This will be very helpful.

    3. I just know it!! I’m in ….ready and excited of what the in my life…glory to Jesus!!

  1. I’m in, too. I’m reading along with a friend on the other side of the country. It’s been a blessing to us to share with each other as we have read through the September chapters. Bring on the October reading!

  2. I am so excited to be reading a chapter a day! Since I have been doing this, I look forward to getting deeper in the word!! I’m looking forward to Genesis!

  3. I’m in! Have been blessed so much through the September readings. One chapter a day is manageable for a busy mom. Love my morning quiet time with the Lord. Bring on Genesis!

  4. I’m in! Most reading plans start in Genesis and have large chunks of chapters to read, so I am looking forward to taking it slow, one chapter at a time so I don’t miss anything.

  5. I’m in too, so excited to have found your website just in time to get started in Genesis! I’m all the way from Northern Ireland and so happy to be a part of a group of girls wanting to know her Saviour more! Thank you for this Courtney. Blessings and hugs to all xx

  6. I’m in! Last month’s Bible reading was so great…I’m excited to dive into Genesis and see what God reveals to me during my journal time. Thank you for providing this opportunity for all of us. I have seen tremendous growth in my spiritual life. Again, thank you!! And good luck to everyone! May your quiet times be a blessed experience!

  7. Last month was so good to have some structure to guide my bible reading. Thank you! I’m reading with you in October too!

  8. I’m in for another month. I’m really enjoying my own reading and journaling as well as seeing the input from so many other women. This is just what I needed in my life. Thank you so much. God is working on me every day. I’ve already grown in my relationship with him.

  9. I’m in too, have so enjoyed the September study, it is really manageable with one chapter a day, gives us time to study and meditate on it better than whole chunks. Thank you for the time you devote to this Courtney, the Lord will bless you. I pray we are all blessed and enabled to know a deeper walk with our Saviour as we walk through Genesis together.

  10. I am so ready this is my 1st time doing something like this so I am very excited & ready to learn so much. I feel stupid when people ask me things about the bible & I can not answer them. I love God with all my heart & I have had 1st hand experiences with him working through me . But I am not real good with with the bible & need a lot of help. So here I am help me I am your student ready to learn..

  11. I’m in! I’ve never done a Bible Study before or even read the Bible from front to back. I’m really looking forward to this and I want to be successful in this.

  12. I’m in! Started from the beginning and loving it. So much better doing it on chapter a day. Have done others where I felt overwhelmed. Is so much easier to really read and soak it in, instead of trying to read as if in a marathon. Thanks for all you do!!!

  13. Hi! Thank you for starting this new bible study that my GMG group and I have been looking fwd too! Loving every days reading and thank you for encouraging us as we stay plugged into God’s Word. We are definitely gonna see changes in our lives! I believe that! I love you Jesus!

  14. I’m all in!!! I am so excited to read God’s Word everyday & see what he has for me!!! I’ve never enjoyed a Bible Study so much. I really enjoy the comments & your encouragement thru videos. My spirit has been so up-lifted this past month!!! Thank you for this Bible Study!!! Blessing to all of you:)

  15. I’m excited to start this. This is my 1st time keeping up with the readings. I’ve also downloaded the Women Living Well book and I find myself so intrigued that its hard to put down. I’ve been looking for a way to get in the Word more but find it hard sometimes, this is a wonderful program.

  16. I am in. At first, I was not too excited to read Genesis, but I realized reading Genesis can show me more about God’s character and nature. So, now I am excited and am going to look for who God is as I read the book. Thank you for encouraging us to stay in the Word. This has really helped me stay accountable and really dig into the Word. I have gotten so much out of this and feel like I can already see the spiritual fruit in my life from this daily discipline. I almost have tears in my eyes. I just really appreciate you doing this and am so excited about the desire this is cultivating in me for God’s Word.

  17. I’m in! I am so excited! I am so glad to have found the structures outline I need to do Bible Study. Thank you!!

  18. Thank you so much for doing this! What a great idea! I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this process this month and I am looking forward to each new day!

    I’ll admit that it was a struggle to get started! I got a new NIV Woman’s Study Bible from my husband for Easter this year. As I read each chapter I am taking time to read all of the articles and notes within the chapter. Then I read your blog. Then I go back and read just the chapter of the bible again. Then I make some notes. This entire process would take me about 30 min, but my family doesn’t really believe in “quiet time”. 🙂

  19. I’m ALL in! I’m ready, willing, able and excited. God is so good. We are truly in his favor. Thank your for providing us with the tools to remember his word.

  20. I’m in!! I’ve tried several other things to read thru the Bible, but can’t seem to keep up, so really excited to share this journey with all of you!!

  21. I’m in. I’m starting late but I think I can catch up. I’ve been reading 5 Psalms a day for the month of September and what a blessing it has been. I know that the book of Genesis will be also.

  22. good morning, i am a little confused. i thought after the bood of Jude we were going to the book of Psalm. i have been reading both but what happened to the book of Psalm?


  23. I am in, and love it all. Your “new direction” is so inspiring and listening and watching your video’s, always opens up something that I need very much in my life. Your leadership is awesome! It shows that you are really who you say you are….there is always something that you share that I find in myself. You can make me laugh, and you can make me cry…and the thing is both are good! <3 You are in my prayer's….

  24. I love your enthusiasm and genuineness.
    I am Reading and encouraging the other ladies at our small church with the plan. Thank you for all the love and work you have put into this!

  25. Girls..
    Please help me.. I am confuzzled ( doesnt take much ha ha)
    When we started doing Genesis.. were we supposed to stop doing psalms?
    This first week I’ve been doing both and it just occurred to me maybe I was supposed to swap and only do Genesis? anyone?

  26. I got a lot to catch up but I couldn’t of picked a better time than now to run into your site. I’m ready and already got my journal, bible, and worksheets ready. Did a little research before starting today and I would have to say you prepared me better than I would of been able to have done it myself.

    Thank you by the way for such a great blog!!! I was looking at home decoration ideas and landed on your blog. And after reading almost all your blogs, I could not be more thankful and grateful that the Lord had guided me to you. I prayed on it to and I am very happy with my answer. Thank you so much!! I will definitely be keeping up with you!! Thank you again!!!

  27. Just read Genesis 1 with fresh insight, started my journal and directed prayer life, praying scripture. How could a Christian forget that we were made in God’s image, well I needed a reminder. And I got one. I am new to SOAP, but it did direct me in what I need to see in God’s word and not what an Author thought I needed to see. It was a fresh start. I need to see myself how God sees me.

    Thanks for your ministry, I got many blessings from my 15 minutes of study.

    Many Blessings to you and your family.


  28. i just found this website today after seeing it promoted by Candace Cameron Bure on Facebook. 🙂 I just by chance, purchased a new bible yesterday to begin my born again Christian walk with God. When talking with my mom yesterday, I asked her where to start in the Bible and she said, start from the beginning! I think God was telling me that because I was to find this website! What are the odds of having JUST missed your plan to go through Genesis? I’m excited to see that it is archived, though and I just started it today! Thank you SO much for doing this. Also, I purchased your book, Women Living Well, earlier this evening and have read quite a bit. Wow, it’s a great book so far! I really can feel God leading me right now and that’s an amazing feeling. Thank you, again, Courtney! God bless you! xoxo- Crystal

  29. So glad I found you. I enjoyed everything I read on this site. I’m excited about using the S.O.A.K. program and will begin the reading program for January 2015. May God continue to bless you.

  30. Hello Courtney and other Ladies on GMG 🙂 I am from South Africa , I love God Word and everyday I am connecting with my Savior I just met your sites and I started few groups on Facebook ,I read about you GMG ,I want be part of it.i wanna to lead it with my few frends ,church frends or Community Frends and my Facebook frends ..I am gonna start with Genesis 1 or 2 Chapters ,Exodus at the same time so I can quick reach u on Matthew I hate to be left behind 🙂

  31. Just about to start! My bible, journal and me are ready to go! Excited to learn more about the word of God xx

  32. I’m in and really excited to start this new journey . Where do I start do I follow with the other ladies were yall are as of now or do I start at the beginning?

  33. I’M IN!! I just discovered this website today when I goggled scripture color coding. I’m really excited to start this journey & be a part of Good Morning Girls! God knows this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. God bless you & your ministry!

  34. I have been battling with consistency in the Word and it is catching up to me. I pray that this journey is successful and that I learn more about God and his relationship with me.

    1. I just found the website today on pinterest! I guess we are a little behind but we can do this! 🙂

  35. I am in! Where can we find a message board to discuss the chapters with if we don’t have a group that we can talk to about it?


  36. I have been battling with reading the bible thank God i came across your site. I would like to join the reading plan

  37. I’m so ready to commit, I’ve tried on my own and have falling off my studies. But the accountability partner makes since. I found your page through a homeschool youtube video and I know this is meant for now. I’ve already asked my cousin to be one of my accountability partners.

  38. I can’t wait to start this! I’m brand new to bible study so I’m excited to get started! Thank you for this plan!

  39. You know, every year I say to myself, to my husband “I’m gonna read my Bible. ALL of my Bible.” And the furthest I’ve gotten was Deuteronomy. I WANT to fulfill this so badly. I’m hoping that I’ll have better support this new year, I really want to know in dept the word of God not just for me, but for my family, for my church – now that I’m becoming more active. I have a good feeling about this coming year.

  40. I am starting late. I have just discovered this blog from reading my first book from Amazon which I greatly enjoyed. I cannot wait to begin the summer series, but I am also wanting to start from the beginning with Genesis. I am in!


  41. So excited to have found this site, even though I am coming in a few years late!! I have been searching for a bible study that goes through chapter by chapter and have had some trouble. I can’t wait to work my way through each chapter 🙂

  42. So excited to have found this website. I’m starting from Genesis and was wondering if there was a journal to accompany the workbook? If so where can I purchase it. Ready to get started. Looking forward to getting back into God’s Word.

    1. Welcome Tonia! This was one of the first studies we did before I had started creating journals – so I apologize that there is not one available. 🙁

      I’m so glad you are here!
      Much Love,
      Courtney 🙂

  43. I have just discovered this website from reading a blog about a busy mom who gave me 9 ways to get back to making time for GOD, study, and prayer. I am so glad I have found this site. I am totally in

  44. I am starting late. So happy to discover and to study along. I am so blessed with little l have study.

    God bless you and increase your anointing. The explanation are amazing.

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