6 Benefits of an On-Line Bible Study Group {Psalm 16}

Have you considered joining an online Bible study group, or starting on? Here are 6 benefits of an online Bible study group.

Psalm 16:3
As for the saints in the land,
they are the excellent ones,

in whom is all my delight.

Do you delight in the fellowship of saints?

The Psalmist writes in Psalm 16:3, his delight is in the saints.

Have you been some place talking to someone new – perhaps at one of your children’s events, at work, in the grocery store, or in an airport and you realize the person you are speaking with is a believer?  Immediately a wall comes down and there is a connection. The Holy Spirit does that. He knits our hearts together because we are family!  It’s beautiful!

I have experienced some incredible moments with believers on missions trips, in Bible studies, on women’s retreats,  at conferences and inside my very own Good Morning Girls group.

Good Morning Girls groups are a soft place to land. In the midst of a world that doesn’t understand our faith or who keeps conversations at surface level, GMG groups go deeper and share spiritual insight.  We are connecting, encouraging, inspiring, holding accountable and praying for each other.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

Here are 6 Benefits of an On-line Bible Study Group

1.) It’s daily rather than weekly.

We all lack motivation or discipline at times.  The daily accountability and encouragement keeps me going on days when I want to quit.

2.) It’s free and simple.

The Bible Reading Plans are posted every Sunday here at the blog and all you need is your Bible. If you want to do more – then I have a method I have created (a new improved one is coming in the new year) to help you pull more out of the passage.

3.)  You experience fellowship with other believers who are as excited about God’s word as you are.

It’s not easy to find other women who share a love for God, his Word and his people. But at GMG that’s what we are all about.

4.) You can connect with women in your home town or create groups with friends from all across the country and globe!

There is so much flexibility!  The power of technology to connect is amazing.

5.) You get to wear your pajamas when you attend the group!

6.) Everyone provides their own coffee and snack. 😉

Is it real though you ask?

Can people really connect, get to know each other and enjoy fellowship this way?

I know that many people prefer real life interaction over on-line ones. But since I’ve been called to an on-line ministry, I have such a different view of this.

First let me say, I love my real life Christian friends. I need my real life Christian friends and being a part of a real life community is necessary to the growth of every believer. We are commanded to be a part of a real life church and fellowship with the saints.

“Let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near.” Hebrews 10:24,25

But we all struggle in our walk with God and any help we can find through out the week, when we are not in church, is a good thing.

God has connected with us through His written Word.  Much of the New Testament is made up of written letters from believers to believers.  Written words are real – they have power – they connect.

The women behind their computers and cell phones are real women and their written words  on the screen connect.  I can attest to this.  I have made many friendships with other Christian bloggers who were just words on a screen and then one day we met and we were kindred spirits at “hello”.  It’s real.  And those friendships went from screen friends to real life phone calls, flowers, and  fellowship.

This is what makes Good Morning Girls so special.

If you are looking for an on-line Bible study – there are many to choose from. But one of the special things about GMG is we take the study one step deeper by encouraging accountability and fellowship within groups, with other believers!

As you pray about the new year and your walk with God, I want to encourage you to pray about leading or joining a GMG group.

If you do not feel equipped to be a leader, we have a Leadership Facebook Page that will re-open in the new year. There you can connect with my leadership team and ask questions and find encouragement. We are here for you.

I also plan to write every Wednesday a series for GMG Leaders here at the blog. So lots of support is coming your way!

You can create your own group by inviting church, work, college or neighborhood friends to join you. Or if you do not have anyone to invite – the GMG Forum will open on Monday, December 29th here at the blog. There you can join a group of women from on-line who are like-minded!

So many new things are coming in the new year here at GMG – to support your walk with God. This only scratches the surface of what we have planned for you!

But for now – whether it’s in real life or on-line, let me encourage you to pursue Psalm 16:3, the delight of being in fellowship with the saints.

**Chime In** 

Are you in a GMG group?  Tell us about it.  Have you experienced the benefits? Do you have any you would add?

Walk with the King,


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  1. I personally love being a small part of GMG’s as a group leader. It has allowed me to not only have accountability it has also helped me meet so many women that otherwise I would have never known about.

  2. I have done online Bible studies for a few years now. The reason I love the online ability is because of my job, where I am not always able to attend a daytime, or evening, bible study. The online studies makes it a lot easier for me to jump into the study at my own convenience, even if that means it’s 2am in the morning!! 🙂 Yes, there is nothing better than being able to study the Word of God with women all over the world, together in our jammies, sharing a good cup of coffee!

    1. Hello Ladies I’m new to the online Bible study, Haven’t been part of a church in a better part of a year or more, am looking forward to joining in. I’m hoping to learn the Bible to be totally honest I’m 47 and I know nothing and have been wanting to have more of the father in me, and that I know will not happen without His word, I just need some good guidance. Looking so forward to this study time. Sincerely Juanita

  3. I was a part of your book launch team last year Courtney, after having met you in person at your WLW conference last August. One of the women there, Shannon Ramirez, is from our home state of Ohio. She’s moved to Mexico to be with her Husband as he was deported 🙁 Anyway…we bonded since we’re from Ohio…kept in touch Via Facebook and this past August, I met her IN PERSON!!! It was so wonderful to meet my prayer warrior in the flesh over lunch at the Cheesecake Factory in Beachwood, OH 😀 Shannon and I still keep in touch and maybe when I get my Passport soon, I’ll go visit her and her family there 😀

    So, yes, it is VERY possible to meet ‘internet friends’ in person. I did it back in 2008 as well..with a group of ladies I met in an online message board, one of whom is a fellow RN like myself. We met in downtown Chicago at the ESPN Zone bar/grill for dinner. It was like we were all BFF’s who’d known eachother for years. No awkwardness AT ALL!

    I’m party of Mandy Kelly’s online GMG group on FaceBook…don’t get to chime in there as much as I’d like, with my whacky work schedule. But I do keep up with the readings 🙂

  4. Fellowship with other women of God all arthed the word is so amazing, because it give me time to be home by me not having a vehicle. This is my first time doing online bible study, but I love to grow even deeper and having that more of understanding on the Bible,also read more as well like to have more info to keep me on God path. I am 27 yr old, people say that I hav great talent to be my age, that talent is all from Jesus.. yes! As, I was reading (psalm16:3) God created us to be delighted in his present as well for the people across this nation.(GMG) is real helping to read more in the morning, I get excited to get my email from GMG..! LoL..! 🙂 I will love to have more information on the joining a group and leadership..

    Thank you so much..

    Y’all, women of God have a bless day.! 🙂

  5. I’m new to GMG and as yet not in a group though I’d love to join one. Your Blogging through the bible has helped me so much and being painfully shy it’s a way to ease into things.

  6. My husband and I are “snowbirds” – leaving the colder climate for warmer weather in the winter. When we travel we are in different churches – sometimes weekly. GMG is one thing that is stable in my life – something I look forward to each day! Can’t wait to see what is new for 2015! Thank you, Courtney, for following God’s leading in this endeavor!!!

  7. Dear Courtney
    To start off I love your spirit, and your enthusiasm for the Lord and his Word. Your sweet voice and demeanor bring joy to my day. I am new to Christianity and though my husband and I have both been baptized, given our hearts and lives to the Lord and renewed our marriage vows in our church, I am really struggling with the idea of the Lord forgiving, removing my sins and gifting me with his grace and mercy everyday. I had a very sordid and ugly past. I made horrible choices, was an addict, married and divorced twice have 2 children from 2 different fathers (my husband has adopted my son, my daughter is over 18) and he has 3 children from a previous relationship they never married but I’m not sure that makes the situation any better. I look forward to your videos and emails every single day. It really helps my heart to believe His word and promises so I really appreciate the fellowship I share with you.

  8. Thank you Courtney for all you do. Your online Bible Reading keeps me in the word daily, and I take notes which helps me remember things! Blessings!

  9. I have been considering an online Bible study. I usually attend one locally, but I’ve found that it’s been getting tougher for me to lug myself, a 4 yo and a 2 yo out of the house. This is something I am going to consider!

  10. Good Morning Girls was an answer to my prayer two years ago. I asked God to help me find a Bible study where I could grow in my time in His Word. I had (and still do!) such a hunger for more from my reading of the Word – I desired a study method that would help me grow spiritually in my walk with God. I can’t remember the search term I used, maybe “Bible study group” but whatever it was brought up WLW in the search results which led me to GMG.

    This is my first year leading a GMG group for Pastor’s Wives. I love the online friendships I’ve made through my previous GMG group and the new online friendships I’m making with the ladies in my current GMG group. I’ve grown so much because of the online Bible studies I’ve done with GMG. I’m forever thankful for you, Courtney, and to God for leading me here. 🙂

    Walking in His Grace,

  11. Courtney – I have been enjoying your Blogging through the Bible. It has kept me accountable though I don’t always read the Chapter daily I make sure I am caught up by the end of the week. I am a new to Homeschooling mom of a 7 yr old and 2 yr old. Your blogs have kept me going and I have also found other blogs through yours that have been helpful. I am considering starting an online Bible Study, next year. I want to start with Messy Beautiful Love by Darlene Schacht. I was unable to read through it when you did the blog on it but I have a couple of homeschool moms interested in reading and studying it with me in January. I am unsure about this because I don’t see myself as much of a leader, nor do I feel I have the time, but I really feel God is leading me to do this. I won’t have a website because I don’t know how to set that up, so I am going to try running the Bible Study through a FB group. Has anyone ever done this before?
    Thank you Courtney for your dedication and ministry. I know it has blessed me and many others!
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Hi Ellen!

      Running a Bible Study Group on Facebook is a great idea. That is how most of our GMG groups are ran. If God has laid this on your heart – I encourage you to be brave and walk through the open door. He will help you.
      Lots of Love,

  12. Dear Courtney,

    I am so thankful for your heart to disciple women even online. I came across your blog during the launching of GMG’s Blogging Through the Bible. I was so interested in joining a group but the links given me didn’t work until it finally closed 🙁 However, I still follow along with the ŕeading, your videos and blogs. It is really encouraging and though I have not met you personally, I’m telling my friends that I have an online discipler 🙂

    I love how we read through the bible one chapter a day. Before, every start of the year, I will always make a plan to finish the bible in one year and read 3-5 chapters a day as per the reading plan I got which I am unable to comply. I feel it’s too long and I don’t have enough time. Also, nobody is motivating me or enlighthening me as to how it applies to my life. So I will stop in the middle of the plan.Then comes December, I will feel frustrated not having read even 1/4 of it. Then I’ll start in Genesis again.I was so encouraged when you say we can read even 1 chapter a day and it doesn’t matter if we finish the whole bible in 2 years. The most important thing is we’re in the word everyday. So now as January comes, I will just continue on with where we left with 1 chapter a day and savor His word for me.

    I am looking forward to be in GMG group next year and it is my desire to disciple others even online. Hope to lead my own GMG next year, God willing. I am blessed to be here in UAE where God has allowed me to disciple “all nations” without having to travel too 🙂 Most of the nations are represented here just like you don’t have to be in the “missions field” to share the gospel. I praise God for this privilege!

    Thanks and God bless this online bible study. May God continue to use you mightily leading women from different places, countries and time zones as we walk with our King!

  13. Hello ladies! I am new to the GMG and I came across Courtney’s facebook page through a friend of mine. I don’t have a study group but would love to join one. How often does GMGs “meet” for a study and how can I get an accountability partner? I’m not new to the faith but new to diving in deep and wanting God in my life all the time except before when it seemed I had the “convience” faith. Thank you ladies for all your help and thank you Courtney for the Proverbs 31 women information. It is such an inspiration to keep improving and not give up!

  14. Good afternoon and God bless. I just found women living well and would love to be a member of a good morning girls bible study. What do I need to do or do I just comment on the scriptures posted on fb? Please let me know. Thank you. Have a blessed day

    In Christ’s love
    Kim Elliott

    1. How can I join this group. Is face book secure , so don’t have spammers etc. Sounds really great idea, especially in bad weather . Went to BSF & the best part is shareing things & what we learned.

      Please enroll me & give me instructions etc.
      Need statement of beliefs of Gods Word.
      Do believe all scripture is inspired of God etc.
      Thanks , Barb McCleery

  15. I stumbled on this blog post as I was looking for ideas on marking a fresh journaling Bible. From the comments and title, it is obvious that this is a women’s group and not coed. Can you point me to a couple of coed blogging groups similar to this? I like the idea of participating and conducting on line Bible studies.
    Thanks so much for the inspirations on marking my Bible.

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