Introducing January’s GMG Book of the Month

The Book of Exodus One Chapter a Day!

I loved our time together in Genesis this fall – so the natural progression is to keep going into the book of Exodus.

We will be in the book of Exodus this January and February,  then on March 2nd, we will begin the Gospel of Matthew –which will take us up to the week of Easter.  Just perfect!

I am so excited about this winter session!

Blogging through bible with GMG button


What happened to the book of Psalms?

Psalms does not require a straight through reading in order to be understood in its context, so we will revisit it again later in the year.

Will there be free reading plans and eWorkbooks?

Yes, those will be available after Christmas here on the blog – be sure to watch for those.

Will there be sign-ups or enrollments?

No.  Anyone can join us anytime!

Do I need to subscribe to get the reading plans?

No.  But if you’d like to receive the daily posts in your email inbox, go to the sidebar of the blog and subscribe so you never miss a thing.

Will the schedule be the same?

Sunday posts will remain the same but I have some new things coming that I’m really excited about!  There will be GMG posts Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the new year!  The theme of each day will all be revealed after Christmas as well!

When does the new session begin?

We start back in the new year on Monday, January 5th.

I missed part of the last session, can I still join?

Absolutely!  You can join us any time and loop back around to the books you missed at the end.  All of the posts are archived on the GMG Resources Page.

I want to create a group – what do I do?

Invite your friends – show them this post!

Look over some of the information on the GMG Resources Page and when we start back up in the new year, join our Leadership Facebook Group.  I have lots of support coming for the leaders in the new year!

I don’t have anyone to ask to start a group, can I join a group on-line?

Yes!  Our Forum opens on Monday, December 29th.  We will have group leaders ready to embrace you into their group at that time!

When does this session end?

This is our final week and then we will break for Christmas!

Here is this week’s reading plan:

December week 3

Let’s finish strong!

Walk with the King,



  1. Awesome!! Like to joined a leadership group, as of now I dont have a church home.. But planing on being a member at soild rock church in Lebanon,Ohio in 3 mos or less real need my sword more pointy..

  2. I already start the Christmas break. i did add the reading post, but all the lady’s are so busy for posting so i let it free if they wanne respond in the group that is fine. If not that’s up to them.

    We do look forward to Exodus.

  3. Courtney thank you for all your work with this. I have a group that I am leading. It is small and online only if anyone wants to join that how should I make it available for others to join? I am also blogging through the Bible with you. What can I be doing to improve that element as well. I don’t want to put it here to seem spammy but I would like to know what you think?

    1. Hi Amy!

      Thank you so much for your hospitality and willingness to open up your group. On December 29th the forum will open. At that time, I will ask leaders who have space for new women to post on the forum so ladies can find you and contact you there.

      I also have a plan to begin a Facebook group for GMG bloggers – so watch for that info to come and be sure to join us there. Then we can all talk and swap ideas and I’ll answer any questions you have there 😉

      Lots of Love,

  4. I am interested in joining a group, but I am not very tech savvy. Can I join from my phone? Do I have to use my computer? I want to be accountable to continue in my daily reading . I have not been faithful on my own … So would you please give me instructions inhiw to join a group, how to find stuff and be involved, etc. thank u

    1. Hi Christine!

      Wonderful! We’d love to have you. We are just finishing this session right now so no groups are open.

      But on Monday, December 29th – right after Christmas – the forum will be open for about 2 weeks and at that time I will post instructions on how to join a group. I will also be posting the free reading plans and eWorkbooks and many more details. So please stop back after Christmas for all the details!

      Lots of Love,

  5. Thanks for all your hard work here Courtney, so enjoy reading through the bible with you. I also appreciate having Sat and Sun with no specified reading, as I find this a good opportunity to go over what I have written in my journal during the week.

    Have a God blessed Christmas/Hanukkah and looking forward to our walk through Exodus.

  6. Hi Courtney,
    Just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed reading through the Bible with you. I have loved the Psalms being mixed in as we go along. It helps to break up the books and is refreshing after reading a large book like Genesis. Also, I do an extensive weekly study with a group of women. I have been using your study in my quiet time and the 5 Day Plan makes it doable for me. And it has been amazing. God is answering prayers in some of my family relationships. I have been praising Him for opening my eyes to some hard areas in my life. I know you have put a lot of work into this plan. Don’t give up. May God bless you and your family.

    1. Hi Charmaine,

      Yes – the printable reading plan will be posted after Christmas here on the blog – so watch for this – it is coming soon!

      So glad you are joining us!
      Courtney 🙂

  7. I’m really excited about starting this new Bible Study. Finally I get to join a Bible Study from the very beginning

  8. I have been looking for a new study where I can be part of a group. My church is very small, so we don’t have women’s Bible study, but I do hope when I share with my fellow ladies that they will be encouraged to study more also.

  9. Hi Courtney,

    Even thought at times my life has been really busy, as everyone’s is, I like that I can pick up and catch up to everything that we have been reading. I may have missed a couple of chapters but as the weekends are set up in our reading schedule to do just that. For me the schedule change has been perfect.

    I got married in November so I had missed a few readings. I am now caught up and so excited about the new year. Thank you Courtney for your guidance.

    God bless you and your family and may the new year bring you peace and joy.


  10. I just recently found this on pinterest and instantly got excited to begin! I have some friends who are also intersted.I was trying to find the leadership facebook page and i could not locate it. Can someone point me inthat direction? i found a main page, is this the same one?
    Thanks so much!!!!

  11. I am looking forward to starting this Bible study as the church that we attend, only has a once a month study for women led by the pastor’s wife. I work M-F, 10-2, and this class is at 9:30, so thank you for offering an awesome online study. I don’t know for sure how you form your groups, but I am 55, I home-schooled my 3 sons, with the youngest attending public school for most of his high school years (My husband and son’s choice, not mine). Youngest son, 19, still lives at home, I have one grandson from my oldest married son, and my middle son is working out of state at a new job.

  12. Hi there! So my understanding, in order to join in on this study daily, is to simply ‘bookmark’ this website and refer to it each day. Is this correct? How do I subscribe to email feeds?

    1. Yes – you can also subscribe along the sidebar – inside the big blue box that says “Subscribe”.

      So glad you are joining us!!!
      Happy New Year!

  13. I’m so excited to be able to walk through the Bible with GMG. I started a page on FB and gave daily scriptures for some women to read daily. I followed, but didn’t do a great job, so I’ praying this will help me to get completely through the Bible this year:-)

  14. Just came across this tonight. Excited to get started! My ladies bible study group is reading your book this semester, and this is an excellent addition for my personal quiet time!

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