Our Favorite Christmas Tradition {Keeping Christ in Christmas – Part 2}

This is our favorite Christmas tradition that centers around Christ.  This is a REALLY fun one – if you have little kids (or grandkids) – they will LOVE this! #WomenLivingWell #KeepingChristinCHRISTmas #Christmas #Christmastraditions


In today’s 2 minute video, I am sharing our favorite Christmas tradition that centers around Christ.  This is a REALLY fun one – if you have little kids (or grandkids) – they will LOVE this!

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How is your family keeping Christ in Christmas this season?

Walk with the King,



  1. Thank you Courtney for sharing!

    My family and I continue to walk with the King everyday! We keep Christ in Christmas by reminding others the RT (Real True) meaning for the season.

    We celebrate by preparing a wonderful meal and fellowshipping with the homeless at the local shelter for the homeless! We also give to various charities.Wherever we can be used by Jesus to serve others is what we do as a family!

    We count our blessings (ever being mindful of where Father God has brought us from) and we seek not to take anything for granted by thanking Jesus daily for His Grace and Mercy!

  2. We used to have tons of people in on Christmas Day but found that we were loosing the meaning in the entertaining, so we have pared back. We now have the Missionary Sisters in on Christmas Eve and the young Elders in on Boxing Day. On Christmas Day we have in a family from Church who financially might not otherwise be able to celebrate the day of our Saviour’s birth. I hope that when my son goes to do his mission that other families will remember that often it is the first time away from home for many of our young missionaries and include them.

  3. This is my first Christmas since beginning “my walk with the King” so previously my children have called me “The Grinch” because I was always focusing on how much money we were spending (too much!) and how ungrateful most people were for the gifts they were given.
    This year thanks to the Advent study, I am focusing on Jesus and his birth.
    Thank you for helping me see the real reason of Christmas.

  4. Great idea! My neighbors have a beautiful nativity that I’ve appreciated for a long time. This year I’m thanking them! 🙂

  5. Thank you Courtney!!!! (((Hugs)))

    You are such a blessing. My children are teens now but I can still do this!!!! YAY!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yes, thank you Courtney for the reminder that I need to stay more focused on Christ, and the reason for His birth and of being sent to earth, this holiday Christmas season of joy and of sharing our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus !

    God Bless,

  7. Courtney thanks for sharing. To keep Christ in Christmas I give my children a Christ centered party every year. We’ve done it for 8 years now. Each year we invite a different group of children. We do to the nativity play, read Christ centered stories, do crafts, bake cookie and play a game called find baby Jesus (discussing His parents taking Him away to protect Him from Herod). It is a TON of fun.

  8. What a fantastic idea! I’m adding this to our Days of Joy this year. I love it because it is fun, centers us on God, allows us to give joy to someone else and … it’s free! So many ways to give joy to others this season. Thank you for sharing a wonderful idea!


  9. I’m having a really hard time focusing on Christ this Christmas. Chronic illness has overtaken my life and I’m really having a hard time focusing. Even before the season though I’ve been really struggling. Any suggestions?

    Merry Christmas Courtney!!!! Love your blog and videos. I love reading your blog and getting some Bible insight. I’m always ready to learn more when it comes to the Bible. Thank you for your insight.

  10. We always attend a worship service on Christmas Eve. I also display two nativity sets in the house and try to purchase only Christmas cards with Scripture and/or with a nice verse mentioning Jesus. Reading the story of Jesus’ birth from the Bible before opening presents is another good way to focus on the Lord.

  11. we started the tradition this year of the book, “The Sparkle Box”. My kids are little, and this book really brings the idea of gifts for Jesus to life for them. Check it out, friends! (P.S. Courtney, your top is adorable!!)

  12. I just watched this a second time with my teen daughter. You are such an inspiration! We’re having a difficult time with my husband out of work, but being reminded what Christmas should be about really helped and got us so excited. We plan to write little notes and go around and look for people displaying the nativity scene too 🙂

  13. What a wonderful tradition! Traditions that I grew up with and intend to continue with my children:
    1. Sending out Christmas cards that depict the Holy Family
    2. Keeping the Nativity centrally located. We had to pass by it before going in to where the tree and presents were
    3. Creating a “manger” for Baby Jesus out of cut up straws when we did good deeds throughout Advent
    4. Singing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus on Christmas Day and making a birthday cake for Him

    Hope these ideas help other mommas keep the focus on the Reason for the Season! Merry CHRISTmas!

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