New Series Announcement: Women Leading Well

If you've ever considered leading a women's Bible study, then you'll want to check out this series of posts on Women Leading Well. #WomenLivingWell #leadership #womensBiblestudy #GoodMorningGirls


Women play a vital role in the growth of the church.  We are daughters, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, nieces and friends.

We are teachers, helpers, administrators, visionaries, planners, and counselors.

We lead and co-lead Women’s Bible Studies, Teas, Retreats, Children’s Programs, MOPS programs, Hospitality Luncheons, visits to the elderly and visit the sick.

We make meals, write notes of encouragement, collect food for the hungry, rock babies, teach children to worship, disciple teens, go on missions trips, and train up the next generation.

That’s only scratching the surface of the myriad of ways women serve in the church.

Our role matters.  

But so many of us feel ill equipped to step out of our comfort zone and step up to the place of leader or co-leader.

We fear we aren’t good enough or organized enough or talented enough.  We fear we don’t know God’s word well enough or we aren’t socially adept enough to lead. So we sit in the back row and let other women step up to the plate or allow ministries to fall by the wayside.

After 2 decades of leading in church ministry, I want to share with you some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Being a leader is not for the faint at heart.  It comes with many difficulties and hurdles.

I’ve been on the serving end, where I’ve followed leaders who were a bit frustrating for me to follow and I’ve been on the leadership side, where I know I’ve frustrated my followers.

Some of the places I’ve served in the church over the years include: holding babies in the nursery for many years, being a camp counselor at a handicapped camp several summers, street evangelism every week for a year, teaching inner city kids in Chicago, 6 missions trips inside and outside the USA, leading over 10 Neighborhood Bible Clubs, over 5 Titus 2 Workshops, many Retreats, Teas, Women’s Bible Studies, discipling teens, Mentoring moms, leading Good Morning Girls groups, Co-leading a couples Bible Study in my home, writing on-line, and running my first (and possibly my last) Women Living Well  Conference (this was not my cup of tea).

I want to share all that I have learned through my ups and downs in ministry with you.  We will look into God’s Word, as our guide to becoming Women Leading Well.

The ministry of Good Morning Girls is a group ministry.  It is based on accountability groups. It takes women – who have a vibrant walk with God and a heart for women – to step up and lead the group.  I hope that this series blesses our leaders and encourages some of you who are not yet leaders –but feel God tugging at your heart to lead –to step out in faith and “just do it”.

We don’t just need group leaders for GMG – we need strong women around the world to rise up, inside our local churches and disciple their children and grandchildren and help the young and old.   We need to be women reaching out to the lost, serving the broken hearted, filling in the gaps where help is needed and studying God’s Word – prepared to counsel those God brings into our path.

So this Wednesday series will go hand in hand with Women Living Well Ministries and Good Morning Girls.

I hope that all of the GMG leaders will join me every Wednesday as I will address issues that come up from leading small groups and how to handle them.

I also plan to address more broad topics that all women in the church will relate to.

Together, let’s grow as we become Women Leading Well.

Walk with the King,


**Chime In**

Are you a leader or have a desire to become a leader?

What do you lead or dream of leading?

What sort of struggles do you have as a leader that I might be able to address for you in the coming series?


  1. It is sometimes really interesting to see how God works in your life. It seems like for the last 2 years, and significantly more intense the last couple months, I have felt a strong pull to be involved in women’s ministry or with women in some way. I’ve felt a longing and a desire to work with women to lead, empower, and help them to grow and face the daily struggles in our homes, offices, churches and society. I don’t think I’m being “called to ministry” as much as I am just to use some of my natural talents and passions to help women and show them the love of Christ. I have been really rebellious in my life against a lot of things and in the last couple months God has really humbled me and forced my ear and heart to bend to some of the things I have struggled with and I know other women are struggling with. So I’m trying to be open to His will and pliable to what He is trying to shape me to be. But I have prayed for a long time for God to put strong Christian women in my path because as much as anything I needed friends. And in the last week, He put this blog before me along with several of the women I have met here and am now involved in a GMG group with. I love reading this and am looking forward to this series. Thank you for what you do!

    1. Jessica –

      I love how God works and directs our paths and I’m so glad you are here. I am sure it’s not by accident. I can’t wait to do this series along side of you and hope that God reveals himself clearly to you as to how He would have you serve Him. Keep walking with the King!

      Lots of Love,

    2. I couldn’t have said that any better if I had written it for myself! That is exactly how I’ve been feeling for a little over a year now but I’ve been kind of fighting against it like no that’s not for me. lol

  2. Thank you for doing this series for us Courtney! I currently lead a GMG group for Pastor’s Wives. I co-lead with my husband who is the Children’s Pastor of our church. It is such a blessing to pour Jesus into the lives of the children of our church and to teach them how to be His disciples!

    What you said about… “We don’t just need group leaders for GMG – we need strong women around the world to rise up, inside our local churches and disciple their children and grandchildren and help the young and old. We need to be women reaching out to the lost, serving the broken hearted, filling in the gaps where help is needed and studying God’s Word – prepared to counsel those God brings into our path.” …this is my heart’s desire too!

    I would love for you to talk in your series about how I can be that woman who encourages/motivates the women in my life to step up to this call you spoke of. What should I be doing that will ignite the fire in their hearts?

    Walking in His Grace,

  3. Hey Court, Thank you for this!

    So excited!!

    I will also help with translating resources in Afrikaans should there be a need for that. I am from Johannesburg in South Africa.

    I have prayed and asked God to use me and that I so desperately want to be in ministry full time. I firmly believe that it will happen when the timing is right, but it does not stop me from being in ministry ‘part time’ – I have a Online Bible study group with about 22 ladies – we do bible studies, share stories and grow in God’s word daily. My husband and I also have a small group at our local church.

    God saved me from a life of total destruction with one simple prayer. I was in a place of addiction to drugs and alcohol with no hope in a dark bottomless pit. And one night all I prayed was Help Me God! that’s all. I knew that there is a God, but after all the wrong things I did – I really did not mind if He did not help me, I would understand.

    From that day my life was transformed radically – and from that day – I need to tell people there is hope just give Him a chance. I was part of a cult, addicted to any drug imaginable and to alcohol. The list can go on and on….. the point is HE saved me.

    Right after I was saved I received a prophetic word – Maria. She was the bearer of Good News. I want to tell people the Good News.

    Lots of Love

  4. Hi Courtney,

    This also comes at an interesting time for me, as some of the others have said. Have wanted to do something for God as we settle into a new country here; but have been struggling with feelings of inadequacy too. Some of these feelings are justified – my grasp of the language isn’t yet perfect – but some of the feelings are also just the enemy trying to de-rail any urge to step out for God. It’s great that your message should come out on the day we read about Moses’ call by God, and God’s promise to lead & provide.
    Looking forward to it!

  5. Hi Courtney,

    I am so glad and thankful for the purposeful ways in which they Lord is using you to bless hundreds of women. Your words are exactly what I need to read daily as I go through the ‘mission’ of raising my family and running a business, at the same time.

    Which is why I am so so glad you put up this post about Women Leading Well because the Lord has been speaking to me for a while (and I keep saying No Lord not me, send her{whoever her may be}) about using my life as an example to show other women the faithfulness and grace of the Lord. Whether it be leading a women’s bible study group, getting involved in speaking engagements, or just simply encouraging women daily, I know i need to stop making excuses and allow the Lord use me the best He can.

    I pray these lessons open my heart and my eyes to being used as a source of encouragement to women here in Kent, England.

  6. Courtney, I too, am excited about this new resource. Something that I am constantly having to work through is ‘time’. I serve in a very small church with so many needs to be met and not enough leaders. I would very much appreciate your addressing this issue. May our Lord bless you and guide your every step.


  7. Thanks for bring this series about and looking forward to it. It should hopefully be helpful. I do have a desire to lead and guess that teaching Sunday school at church might be a form of leading in some way as well to be teaching children. I do however have hope to maybe lead in a different way as well at somepoint but I have always thought that might be qualifed enough to lead something such as a small group for bible study or something like that. Looking forward to this series.

    1. I was there also. I have such a cheer leader in my husband, that I know that God is in this. Why He has chosen to use me, I don’t know. He has a plan and a timeline. Trust Him. He is sufficient. You’re his daughter, working a good work for Him. Be encouraged sister.

    2. I started in ministry a little over 30 years ago, teaching the Sunday School and then entered into Women’s Ministry. After growing up in church and attending Sunday school and youth group, I still felt as though I wasn’t equipped enough. My Sunday school teacher, thought if she switched roles and allowed the younger people to teach, that we would get more out of it, because then we would be studying the Word of God for ourselves and learn while teaching as well. Over the years, I have led studies and have sat in on some great anointed teaching. When I started signing up for online bible studies, particularly studies for women, it was a whole new arena for me. I thought how could I possibly join an online study and would anyone even know that I am there. Would they read my comments or thoughts or care to even respond? Those were the thoughts that I had at first, because it just seemed unreal. Now reading the comments and responses and listening to the various vlog posts, it’s just as real because there are women from all over the globe, sharing their love for Jesus and ministering and pouring into other women, as the Holy Spirit leads. Thank you Courtney and to all the Women Living Well, who are leading and blessing lives daily. 🙂

  8. The time was prefect receiving this post in my inbox! I’ve been leading (teaching) a women’s bible study class in our church for several years and each year this group is grows, we have 42 ladies now.
    Lately, I’ve had this pull to approach our senior pastor about reviving our Women’s Ministry, but I’m afraid he’ll suggest…Okay, get started! I guess what I’m trying to say is I want to be sure in my leadership skills in all that God places me in.

    1. Tammy, I love to hear about women’s ministries getting new life! Praying God will give you a clear “go” when He says it is time! Looking forward to doing this series along side you and other leaders.

  9. This is perfect timing for me as I am about to start a women’s Bible study through my church. I am looking forward to your insight. God has been recently stirring a passion in my heart to see women walking fully in all that God has for them.

  10. Good morning Courtney and ladies.
    I just happened upon your website last night. I am a new leader of the women’s ministry at our church. My pastor kind of appointed me to do this last January. I have embarked on a study of Proverbs 31 and was taking a break from this personal study with surfing the internet on the same. Thank you. I have so many apprehensions with leading our women. Some who don’t want to follow or participate wholly. I’ve only scratched the surface with your group. I have downloaded the free e-book and plan to order the paperback. I’m having to trust God for each breath to accomplish what he would have me do with these women. Prayerfully seeking His direction and favor. Rochelle

    1. Rochelle, congratulations on becoming a new women’s ministry leader! I can hear the heart you have for your ladies. As a seasoned leader myself, I have had to learn not to get caught up in the numbers. It’s easy to get discouraged by the numbers of women that won’t or don’t participate much or at all. Keep in mind that God will do anything for just one. Keep your focus on Him and seek His will each step of the way and you will do a great job! Looking forward to growing alongside you!

  11. As a Pastor’s wife I’m so excited about this!! It’s our husbands who get all the training yet the wives have a specific role to play which I feel inapt at filling most of the time. I am VERY excited about this series and will be looking forward to each Wednesday!

    Everything you talked about is true in my life and your insight is going to be a great blessing to many I’m sure!

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  12. Timing is everything. Last fall I was suddenly thrust into the position of leading a few of the women’s bible studies (when the regular leaders couldn’t be there). I love learning but leading is something I struggle with. As an extreme introvert, it’s hard for me to take the reins and teach. I’m grateful that my church has strong women in leadership and I’ve been supported by them, which is especially key since my husband is a non-believer. He’s not overtly hostile, and we have a good marriage (except in matters of faith) but he’s also not super supportive. I’m so glad you’re doing this series and I look forward to hearing what you have to tell us.

    1. Colleen, I too am an introvert with an unbelieving husband. I am also a Sunday school teacher and a youth drama leader at my church. I don’t know what the Lord will lead me to do next, but excited to find out. I know my life and testimony will win my husband over. The Word promises me that. Just wanted to say, keep going, I’ll be praying for you!

  13. Hi Courtney,

    I never thought about leading in anything before but found myself leading a group last session. It was an amazing experience! I am now leading two groups and I am really looking forward to everything that you have to teach us.

    Thank you so much for putting all of your heart into women’s ministry. Heaven knows that women need reliable sources of support and inspiration..not to mention guidance in this day and age!

    God bless you!

  14. Perfect timing! I have felt so called to dig deeper into Gods word and to lead others to do the same. I just started leading a group for the spring chapter a day series. I am so introverted that this calling scares me as deep as anything ever has, but this is a hurdle I am determined to get past. I want to go where I am being led to go. Thank you for this

  15. I absolutely love this blog! it just brings me great revelation to know how much I will impact my children,I’m around them all the time I’m a homeschooling mother, and they will learn from my actions. as being a leader. Thank You Courtney

  16. I am excited about this. I feel like God has placed things on my plate yet struggle so much, feeling so not capable for a variety of reasons. I look forward to learning from your experiences.

  17. I am so thankful I “stumbled” 🙂 upon this blog. It is perfect for the timing in my life right now.

  18. Thank you Courtney for encouraging me and other women to keep growing closer to the Lord. I have been leading women in various ways for 25 years through Bible studies, retreats, workshops, etc… My heart is tugging at me to help women walk closer to God. I want everyone to run to Jesus like He is their best friend. He is. I am so encouraged by you and your faith. Thank you for your tireless work. It does not go unnoticed. I know you are a busy mom, wife, volunteer in church and also manage to have an encouraging web ministry. With all these plates in the air, and many people depending on you, you still manage to ‘keep it real’. You share your vulnerabilities and seek out accountability. You make it easy for women to connect to you and to each other by being so real. I would like to be a part of your Wednesday leadership ministry. Looking forward to it. When does it start, and for how many weeks will it run?

  19. Thank you! Thank you!! I am so looking forward this. I thank God for leading me right where I need to be 🙂

  20. I do have a desire to lead! I am extremely nervous about it, though! God laid it on my heart YEARS ago to disciple and I have been ignoring the call too long. Now, instead of waiting on me to move, He has physically picked me up and moved me on His own! Lol
    I started writing my new preteen Bible study, and when I look back to edit, I think, “Where on Earth did that come from?”
    So, the preteen Bible study starts on January 12th, and I cannot wait to see how God moves through it!
    You are my inspiration, Courtney! I think it is wonderful how you have let God work through you! I am excited about this new series!


    1. Hi Alisha,
      I would like more information about your preteen bible study. A study like this would be very beneficial to my granddaughter. What specific ages are you focusing it to and are you planning to use an online format?
      Hope to hear back from you soon although I’m late responding.
      Thanks and God bless!

  21. Hi,

    I am looking forward to this. My husband and I just recently moved to Texas (10 days after our wedding) and we still havent found a church we can call home. I stumbled on to your website from a pinterest pin a couple weeks ago and have come one EVERY DAY SINCE!

    I have always longed to not only lead a group of women, but come out of my box more. I love the Lord, but I am not big on professing my faith to unbelievers. What if they have questions I dont know the answer to? How do I lead them to Christ??

    I hope and pray to grow in that area and I am hoping that this new series will help!


    1. Try the local First Baptist Church. I’m on my third one (after three moves) and they’ve never let me down. A good Bible-teaching church, with very sweet caring people.

  22. I teach, and have a fear of getting up in front of a group. I WANT to, and push myself, but the fear never leaves, even after years of doing this. Fear of being asked a question I can’t answer, fear of what they think of me, fear of stuttering (I do this sometimes), fear of looking funny when I talk, fear of making a mistake, fear of forgetting the right word (words escape me often), fear of forgetting the person’s name right after they told me, fear that I may not be pleasing to my Lord, on and on… I go out on Visitation with my church, but only because my heart for the lost is stronger than my fear to go out and speak in front of others. But in a classroom? I’m lost and fearful. Prey for me!

  23. Thank you for your words on stepping up to the plate. I am willing to be used however God wants me to!


    Dana Kay

  24. Thank you!!!! I am the nursery director at our church, organize a monthly ladies prayer breakfast and just started leading a ladies evening Bible Study.

    As a leader, how do you politely cut someone off? I have one lady who has a big heart but every time we go through prayer requests she just indulges WAY too much. I don’t want to be rude but we also have a time limit.

    I also would like to know how motivate and encourage participation.

  25. I’ve always been pulled to leadership roles, especially with children. In elementary school, I helped in my church’s Sunday School PreK and took over craft and snack completely. I had it so efficient, I could anticipate my co-leaders wishes. Fast forward and I am one of three co-Directors for our church’s Children’s Ministry with 7-8 years of just Sunday school teaching under my belt (not including nannying, babysitting, and teaching classes of many types). I had tried to leave children-related work so many times, but kept getting drawn back.

    We had (are having) very aggravating struggles in our church with population shifts, mis-communication, anger, possessiveness, and confusion. It got so bad that I had to leave on several different occasions (God said the church was dying, recurring panic attacks due to harassment from someone in the church, dark and oppressive presences, etc.).

    But several people including my co-Directors and I are working to make our church a better place for our families and those of the community. I’ve met many wonderful women (and men) through this church, most in leadership roles themselves.

    I’m scared every day I work on curriculum (from scratch), have many social anxiety and health issues, and feel like I don’t know what I’m doing because I’ve never done any of this before. But you know what? GOD IS GOOD!! He gives us the support we need to be powerful for His people by His comforting hand or by others He puts in our lives (like this GMG and Women Living Well). We can do anything through Him who gives us strength!

    Whenever I’m freaking out, I grab onto a verse and don’t let go until I truly believe He is there. Check out Seeds Family Worship if you need verses put to songs: Psalm 55:22 and Philippians 4:6-7 are my spirit verses for anxiety and worry! (no endorsement, just love it!)

  26. There have been times when I was ready to strike out, helping with the teaching of music in church. When my oldest was still quite young, we were attending a really good sized church with several children’s classes just in music. I took on the youngest class and was beginning to break into class management (my weakest suit), but then I ran into issues with the leadership who I found out believed that children should never hear anything about expressing their sadness to God through music…….. That seems quite out of whack with what I read in the Psalms…. so……. well…… Needless to say, I bowed out and moved on to another church. Since then, when there was actually an opening to work with children, my husband was not committed to supporting me in any of those endeavors at those particular times. — Now that oldest son is all grown up and has been for a little while, and in the meantime I have mostly served just in little quiet ways (cleaning the kitchen after a huge meal on Wednesday evenings for some years, filling in for the pianist when she was working on her senior recital, etc.). Now? I’m helping facilitate the teachers for a Bible club, and I’m mentoring three students to whom I provide free music lessons (mostly students we drew in through our outreach program at our church). As far as leadership today? I just feel called to be ready to step up to the plate about something, but I have no idea what, where, or with what focus. Perhaps there might actually be some leadership element involved? Perhaps it will only be in support of leadership, which would be fine with me. If going through this study helps me to understand the struggles of leaders better, and that’s all, that’s fine with me. I’m just open to learning from our Lord.

  27. Courtney-

    My husband and I were married in September, and we began our roles as co-youth directors at our church in October! It has been challenging so far and I don’t feel equipped or prepared for this role I’ve taken on. I am definitely learning a little about what you’ve been saying this whole time about “submission”- I’ve always assumed I would know better how to lead the youth, but now I’m learning that my husband is actually much better in this role than I am! However, I do need to learn how to lead, and I’m really looking forward to this series!! Thank you so much!

    Laura D.

  28. I want to thank you for what you are doing to help build up and encourage our sisters in Christ! I am not quite sure if God is calling me to lead a GMG group or if He’s calling me to lead in another way. I do not feel adequate, but I have learned enough to know it’s not about me, it’s about Him! I ran across Women Living Well when I was doing some research for a Christian edition of a Parent Handbook that’s geared towards helping parents by encouraging them in their walk with the Lord and encouraging them to nourish their children’s walk with the Lord, specifically addressing today’s preteen and teen culture and how to walk through it hopefully, successfully avoiding many of the pitfalls that go along with preteen and teen culture today. I feel like God has called me to this ministry, but I also feel like I need to do more. I am not sure if that means I also need to lead a Bible study group, send Scripture and words of encouragement to moms of preteens and teens via email or if I should possibly consider starting a blog myself. If you have any advice in regards to any of this, it would be much appreciated!! I want to build up and encourage other Christian moms, specifically during the preteen/teen years, I sometimes compare these years to the toddler years. You’re back on watch! When you have a toddler you can’t take your eyes off of them, in fear of them sticking their fingers in a light socket or climbing up or falling downstairs, etc. It’s the same with teens. We need to know what’s out there and to help our children in avoiding what could be destructive. I think it helps to know we have other Christian sisters who are there to encourage us in our walk with the Lord and to hold one another accountable. May God continue to bless us in our desire to be obedient daughters to our God, Godly wives and mothers and raise our children to love and serve God and put Him first in all and to Him be the glory!! Thank you again Courtney:) God bless!!

  29. Yes! This sounds fantastic! For several months now I’ve been feeling a need to be with other Christian women/families. I’m willing to offer to host at my home but to lead I feel so stretched for time (full time work, family including my young daughter, deteriorating grandmothers, studying, & leading a social justice group) that I don’t feel I could keep up or at least do it well. Looking forward to your insights Courtney.


  30. I am so excited for this new series! Like so many other women posting here, i know that this is God’s perfect timing leading us to step out more and be leaders in our lives. Thank you Courtney for your obedience and faith. Your ministry is certainly helping me grow in my walk with Jesus and grow in my leadership of others.
    God is so good. All the time!!

  31. Thank you for this series! I am so excited to follow along!! This is my first year sitting on our women’s leadership team at church. One of things we’ve been noticing is that is a struggle to get other women involved simply because they don’t have time. Everyone seems too busy to be involved and I’m not sure how to address this or what to do about it. It’s difficult when there are only a few leaders carrying the load and no one willing to commit even for short periods of time somewhere within the ministry. I’d love to hear about how you have dealt with this situation and why this happens.

  32. This is a needed series, so thank you Courtney! I never considered myself a leader but God has allowed me in positions to do so. I hold onto His strength all the time, in everyway. I just love your blog! Thank you for your faithful service to the Lord. Have a beautiful day!

  33. Hi Courtney! Can I just say that our God is just so awesome and faithful to meet our needs, so mindful of each one of us! Praise God! I have been leading the women’s ministry in my church for about 6+ years. I have struggled lately with discouragement for different reasons and have been praying and just asked a dear friend of mine to pray for me that God would lead me in my decision because I have had thoughts of stepping away from it for a season. And
    here you are with this new study! Praise God! Leadership can often be lonely and sometimes discouraging when people don’t dig in and serve or are as interested in studying God’s word. You can walk away sometimes feeling like what am I doing all of this work for? It would be fantastic to have an outlet to share these struggles with other women in leadership because I can’t be in this alone? Somewhere we can learn and bounce these things off of who are in like ministries. And well I’m a bible study girl right down to the core so I am all over this! God bless you as you continue to serve Him!

  34. I read this with a bittersweet feeling. I am in a season of life where I am a work from home/stay at home mom with an almost five year old and identical twin almost 3 year olds. We live in a one bedroom granny flat with amazing landlords, however that leaves much to be desired in the way of peace, quiet and time. My husband is currently going to school, which means that I’m going from before sun up to after sun down. I helped lead a Women’s Bible Study for a 6 week series and I’m finding that this is a season that I have to just say no, though I wish I could say yes. I’m even struggling with getting my own personal Bible reading done, let alone studying to lead women. I look forward to my WLW emails to give me a reminder to open my Bible and I’m in the trenches trying to meditate on the Monday verses and memorize them. I am so thankful for the color coding because my kids see me pull out the markers and pencils and view Bible reading time as “fun” time. What a great impression for them to have, so much different from my view when I was younger as a “forced” thing. I thank God for you and for Clare from Peak 313 for pointing me to you. <3

  35. I look forward to this resource. As a homeschooling mom, I easily get discouraged at times with where my calling truly lies. I know I am called to my kids and that alone is a ministry. I am also a musician and used to be in a part time ministry and miss it greatly. I am now truly just praying and seeking where the Lord will have me as a leader. I believe it’s still with my children, but just really need constant encouragement. Thanks for this post.

  36. I currently head up Women’s Ministries at our church and commumication seems to be my major struggle. Except for one, all leadership roles are held by men, and WM gets passed around for who wants to oversee the team. Which means little to no guidance, support and opportunities for collaboration. I am praying for the perfect time and tone to begin to address this
    issue. Any prayers and or guidance would be great.

  37. So looking forward to this! I’ve been involved with women’s ministry in many various ways over the last 15 years, but I’m always looking to further refine my leadership skills. Can’t wait to learn alongside these other leaders and future leaders!

    One thing I struggle with is setting realistic expectations for the rest of my team. I set very high expectations for myself and strive to meet them, but not everyone has the level of passion I have for women’s ministry. I try to be understanding, but I think they suspect I’m disappointed at times…

  38. I am co-leader of W.m. in my small church. A problem I have is that I am younger than most of the women, so I feel that I have a lot more to learn from them than they do from me. Also, I am an introvert so I do not announce events in church, I ask others to do it for me. I have a passion in my heart for the women in my church, and the women in our community. I want to encourage them and lift them up while meeting their needs!

  39. This was a very timely post! I just came across your site this week from a post on Instagram. I lead a Tuesday night bible study, VBS director, and the food pantry/clothes closet at our church. I am fine in small groups but not so good with larger groups. I want to be open to whatever The Lord is leading me to do but fear the crowds.

  40. Good Morning,
    This was such an ontime word for me! I was recently asked to be one of the leaders in our women ministry at my church. When I was asked, I was approached twice by my first lady about someone coming to talk to me about it. At those times, I was asking God to prepare me because I was not sure what was coming my way but God did. After I was asked, I told the person that I would pray about and get back with her, it is considered a very tendious position but most of all sensitive in a lot of areas due to working directly with our First Lady. Well after reading this article and prayer, God has given me the answer. I had the answer the day she asked, like you said in the article, we feel sometimes we are not organized enough, skilled enough, or educated enough to lead others, especially other women. God said, you have been ready I have just been waiting on you to step outside of yourself and allow me to use you and work through for my glory. Thank you for allowing God to use you to write this, it has helped me to step out of faith and believe God for the more he is about to do in my life.

  41. Any insight you may have on, discerning between a genuine call of the Lord to leadership and pride’s selfish ambition; would be so welcomed. I am battling with discerning what is of the Lord and what is simply my flesh.

    I so much want to lead and serve women, I find myself hurt and discouraged when I am passed over for opportunities to do so. Help.

    1. I struggle with this, too, God’s calling versus my own. And the pride that seems to always well up. And where’s the balance between wanting something to grow or get better and selfish ambition? These are my questions, too. 🙂

  42. These books like a lot of good reads. It’s very hard for me to go “out of my comfort zone” and do anything really. These past couple months I have gone a little out of my zone and tried some new things but always want to retreat back to safety. I am in some leadership positions and would love to learn more and the encouragement to keep on going as God leads.

  43. Courtney, I’m so excited for this series! I’ve led in different capacity for about 20 years, too, now that I think about it. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Right now I’m adding contributors to my blog. I’m so excited, but want discipling them to be as much a part of my ministry as my writing and them writing for Triple Braided. They are all younger, single women. I know your series will be an encouragement and learning opportunity for me. Thank you!

  44. Thank you Courtney for doing this series. I have been feeling led to teach a small group women’s Bible Study and I know this series will help prepare me for some if the ups and downs.

  45. I am not a leader, have never led a group of any kind. I came across this ministry idea during the same time I am thinking that possibly the Lord was tugging at my heart steering me in this direction to learn more and become better equipped to reach out to those He has placed in my path. I am not one to typically take on a role like this being introverted as some of the other women also have mentioned. But if this is the Lord’s will for my life then I am eager to follow for I know that I can trust Him to lead and guide along the way. And I pray for the support of my husband in this endeavor.
    Thank you Courtney and God bless!

  46. There is a great need for strong leaders in the church and women ministry. I have been involved in PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) for over 10 years. The ministry to military wives is unique and similar to other ministries at the same time. Over the years we have developed teaching curriculum and even our own studies. I am really excited about this series!

  47. So excited for this series. It will be such a blessing to all. I have just recently found myself surrounded by a few women who what to know God more and have looked to me for guidance. I have led before with the youth/teens and am looking forward now to my tent pegs being stretched.

  48. I read this the first time and simply moved one thinking it wasn’t meant for me. However, today God is making it clear that He is not leaving any back doors open for me to escape through 🙂 Between this series, the lessons I’m gleaning from the Exodus study, Answers in Genensis women’s conference topics this April, and my God-given heartache over human trafficking- God is making it clear that I am being equipped to follow God’s directions in Isaiah 1:16-17 “Wash yourselves; make yourselves clean’ remove the evil of your doings from before my eyes; cease to do evil, learn to do good; seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow.” I will be joining you Wednesdays and praying for God’s direction.

  49. I too have felt such a strong pull to reach out to women in my community. Maybe offer a Bible study and fellowship. I have never done anything like this before and am terrified. I do need some direction for sure. How does one sign up for this? May God continue to Bless your ministry Courtney.

  50. Wow, God’s timing is perfect. Looking forward to this series around leadership – I am fairly new to leading Womens Ministry and God called me into seminary school last year. I found it so rewarding, challenging and I have grown so much in my journey as I serve our Lord. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and can’t wait to learn more from WLW. God Bless xoxo

  51. God knows exactly what going on but I’m burnt out. I’ve been a women’s ministry leader and felt my family have paid the price for it. I have not done a great job balancing both. Tips for not being burnt out and balancing my family. Also how to deal with strong personalities in the group, and group dynamics. Thank you!!!

  52. Hello!
    I recently was presented with an opportunity to lead a women’s life group through our church. Unfortunately I felt it wasn’t the right time to do so with my families schedules as we strive to be home as a family more nights than we are apart.
    When I notified the director that I was unable to lead the group, she asked if I would consider mentoring a young lady that was going to be in the group. It was a perfect place for me. I lead groups online, but I greatly wanted personal face-to-face interaction and God provided that through this mentoring opportunity. I am so thankful that He has placed me where He has. He created me to love people and share life with them, and He has encouraged me to grow the gifts He has given me.
    Long story, this series comes as a wonderful surprise to help me grow. Thank you for this opportunity and I am greatly looking forward to it!

    Be Joyful,

  53. Thank you! …for this website.
    I have had many women come to me to talk or just to ask for prayer. I have struggled with the role of a leader because I don’t want to be prideful, and want to learn more from other women. It was encouraging to read that other women struggle with feelings of inadequacy. I struggle with anxiety at my church as it is very large, and God is breaking the fear of man, my image, and just my worry about how to balance things. I have often felt strange being a single in a church of many marrieds, but was just asked if i wanted to lead a Singles group. I now lead the singles in fun activities as well as speak to the women. I often struggle with sociocultural differences, and feelings of inadequacy with that, BUT…learning to slow down and not run with difficulties, but press on through.
    I need all the encouragement I can get, and am grateful for this site.
    God Bless you!

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