The Hearts at Home Conference {at a glance}

Hearts at Home 1

I just had an amazing weekend at the Hearts at Home Conference!

This same conference with all the same speakers will be traveling to Rochester, MN this November 13th and 14th!

This picture includes most of the speakers: Dr. Gary Chapman, Jill Savage, Lysa Terkeurst, Karen Ehman, Dannah Gresh, Arlene Pelican, Ruth Schwenk, Juli Slattery, Sara Horn, Rachael Carman, Kelly Donlea, Tracy Eyster, Marianne Miller and me!

Hearts at Home Speakers

It was scary…exhausting…insightful…and amazing!

Let’s start with the scary part.  I spoke two times for 45 minutes on Friday and 3 times for 45 minutes on Saturday.  That is scary my friends! Lol!

You would think this would be easier for me since I love making youtubes…but nope.  On Thursday, the anticipation of the next day had me on the edge of panic attacks all day!  But on Friday and Saturday, God calmed my nerves and I survived. Ha!

Next, it was exhausting! The 8 hour drive there and back = exhausting.

It was insightful.

The keynote speakers were Dr. Gary Chapman (author of The Five Love Languages) and…

Gary Chapman, Courtney and Ruth Schwenk
Gary Chapman, Me, Ruth from

Lysa Terkeust (author of New York Times Best Sellers –  Unglued, Made to Crave and The Best Yes)

Lysa Terkeurst and me at Starbucks.
Lysa Terkeurst and me at Starbucks.

These two are brilliant.  I loved learning off of them this weekend.

The amazing part was meeting all the mamas who attended. So many of you (if you are reading) took the time to encourage me and share your story and you completely blessed me!  I love meeting my readers!

It was also wonderful to get to spend a little time with friends – we went out to dinner each night and laughed and cried and talked about our families and blogging and our next projects.  It was such a blessed time together!

Hearts at Home Collage
Friends above: Anne, Kim, Lysa, Ruth, Karen, Me and Katina

But at the end of the day, as I drove up my street and came around the last curve and there sat my house – I was SO glad to pull into my driveway.

There’s no place like home!

My heart is definitely at home and I am so glad to be back with my hubby and kids.

This Friday, my son has surgery on his other foot – so if you think of us – please pray for him. Thank you!!!

Walk with the King,


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  1. Wish we could hear recordings of what you shared!!!!! Please say they are available somewhere!!!

    Definitely praying for him this Friday. What time is the surgery? And please let us know how it went afterward. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I have attended the MN Hearts at Home conference for several years and followed your blog for several years. When I saw your name on the schedule for this fall I was so excited! There are so many great wonderful speakers of God’s word in your picture above! Can’t wait for this fall’s HAH and to meet you! Thank you for listening to His voice and helping to spread his word. It means so much more than you can imagine. Prayers for your son’s surgery this Friday also.

  3. I have casually followed Women Living Well. I have gone to Hearts at Home in IL for 7 years, I think, usually for 2 days. I couldn’t swing both days this time, but I always get CDs of workshops I couldn’t hear. Your Bible for Busy Moms was FANTASTIC! You packed a ton of ideas in there, and I’m looking forward to listening to the other talk, too ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for letting God use you.

  4. I have gone to Hearts for many years, first as an attendee (which was a different type of exhausting – emotionally), now as a volunteer and I only had a 45 min drive home and I was totally exhausted as well–can’t imagine driving 8 hours. I needed a foot rub in the worst way. It is a ton of work behind the scenes and I am not a staff member, just a volunteer. They do so much work!!! I would encourage any mom to attend and there are conferences being added. Workshops, main sessions and even Moms Night Out are recorded with some having DVDs. I know someone else put the site to order on here. Moms Night Out was awesome this year. It’s I believe. Thanks so much for giving up part of your weekend to spend it with us.

  5. I was blessed by two of your workshops, Courtney. Thank you for encouraging me as a mom to be in the Word and to live radically as a wife and mom with my heart fully at home!

  6. I follow Proverb 31 ministries, and I just happened to run across this site on Pinterest, I am very excited to follow this site!! Have Blessed day!

  7. I’m SO excited for this conference this fall! I love so many of the speakers on this tour already, and I heard Kathi Lipp is joining in?

  8. What a wonderful group of ladies! Have been encouraged by so many of them including you! I am encouraged by the fact that in your anxiety and fear you still served Him. He gave you the courage and power to do it! I want to believe that for myself. So thank you.

    I have lifted up your son in prayer for a successful surgery on Friday, for minimal post surgery pain and a smooth rehabilitation. Also for mama’s nerves and worry to be calmed knowing he is in the hands of the Almighty.

  9. Hi Courtney! My sister attended your workshop on friday (she and I attended different ones and compared notes), and she said it was so awesome! I grabbed a copy of your book and I’m nearly halfway through it. It’s great. I loved hearing about how the Rachael Ray show edited God out of your comments. It made me realize that I do that myself in social settings and my writing. God has done some amazing work in my life and I don’t talk about it enough! Thank you for inspiring women to walk with the King!

  10. I attended your workshop on Saturday right after lunch (in fact, I’m in your audience pic up there ^^ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). I wanted to tell you, I almost skipped that workshop. I was not excited about it, and was dragging my feet out to the concert hall. I was afraid you were going to tell me I had to do more extravagant things, and was not looking forward to the feeling of guilt. But I was wrong! Thank you for your inspiring words, for sharing the ah-ha moment of realization that living life obedient to God’s word- a woman that allows her husband to lead, teaching our children God’s word, etc.. IS radical! I came away feeling revived.

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