Praying the Book of Proverbs Over Your Marriage


Everyday I go to the coffee maker and brew coffee.  While it is brewing I study my Bible, then I pour my coffee and sit down and open my email.

Overnight a daily prayer for my marriage has arrived in my email inbox.  There at my computer I pray for my marriage.

These prayers are written by my bloggy friend Darlene (aka the Time Warp Wife).

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because she has a New 31-day Series planned on her second website MarriagePrayers.Today —for the month of October called  “Praying Through Proverbs.”

If you need fresh inspiration for praying for your marriage, check out this Praying through Proverbs challenge; it will be a blessing to your marriage! #WomenLivingWell #timeWarpWife #Marriage #Proverbs

And since our community here just finished studying the Book of Proverbs ALL summer long – I thought this was a PERFECT refresher for those of us who are married!

Every day they’ll have a different marriage prayer based on the 31 chapters of Proverbs.

They’ll also be journaling (or doodling as some call it) through the book of Proverbs, one chapter a day.  The Bible journaling will be featured in their Facebook group where you can all share your notes and artwork throughout the month. Click here to join the community.

I’m already subscribed and ready to get started. I won’t be blogging here about it – but I will be privately praying.

If you are new to GMG and haven’t seen our Proverbs Journal yet – It would make a great supplement to this series!  Check it out here.


Next Wednesday, I’ll be sharing all the details for Women Living Well’s October Series coming here on Wednesdays!   I apologize that the Digging Deeper Series is on hold for a while…and the blogger link-up has been moved back to Fridays.

See you back here this Friday as we reflect on Acts 11-15.

Keep Walking with the King,


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  1. Oooo I like the idea of praying for specific areas of my husband’s life and our marriage. I’ve done the Power of a Praying Women study years ago but need to make this a priority always! Thanks for sharing! I haven’t subscribed to her emails! Going now…

  2. I am so excited. After seeing War Room I knew I had to make a change in my praying. More intentional and less vague. Praying for my husband seems like a great place to start. I have purchased my notebook, markers, post its and even have a new Bible for what I am calling my prayer bag….just can’t seem to find a room or closet in the house the kids haven’t taken over plus I figure why should my praying be locked in a room. I need to set an example for my kids and work at leading m husband to Christ along the way. I am very excited to join your community of prayers and friends. Thanks!

      1. Thanks! I wish I had a me space but even the bathroom gets barged in on so I figure where they aren’t is where I will be.

  3. Been away for quite awhile. When I have checked in the past couple of time, I am just seeing Bible studies. Is WLW strictly a website for online Bible studies now?

    1. Hi Tara –

      I did take a break this summer with Women Living Well posts but starting next Wednesday we are back to Women Living Well Wednesdays. The Fall “Making Your Home a Haven” Series will begin in October on Wednesdays and I will continue to use Wednesdays for Women Living Well posts. 😉

      Thanks for asking!

      1. Thanks! I hope my question didn’t seem like I thought the Bible studies aren’t valuable because that’s not it at all! It was meant to be that I missed the WLW marriage, family, etc., posts. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing them in addition to the Bible studies.

  4. I friend of mine just started Bible Journaling and it caught my interest. I am interested in this and signed up for e-mails and such, but feeling overwhelmed at the moment. Some challenges have already started, I don’t know which one to do, I have purchased nothing yet….I don’t want to give up before I even started. Welcome any suggestions 🙂

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