Free Advent Study {With Children’s Resources} & A Journal to Quiet Our Hearts for the Holidays

The Free Good Morning Girls Advent Study includes Weekly Devotions, Assigned Scripture Reading, Daily Family Activities, Recipes & SOAP Journaling Pages.  The direct link to download is in this post!  #WomenLivingWell #GoodMorningGirls #Christmas #Advent

A few years ago, the Good Morning Girls went through this Advent Study together.  We will not be doing it this year but I want to make the materials available because it’s a wonderful supplement to our study in the Book of Numbers!

So here it is!


The Good Morning Girls Advent Study includes:

Weekly Devotions
Assigned Scripture Reading
Daily Family Activities
& SOAP Journaling Pages

Just click here to download it!

Advent Study: Keeping Our Hearts Focused On Jesus

We also have the children’s resources available this year too!

Advent for kids

The Advent Study for Kids includes a memory verse for the week (and some great ideas on how to help your children memorize the Bible), the verse of the day, a lesson, activity and prayer of the day too!

It’s all FREE – just click here to download it!
Advent Study For Kids

Next I want to share with you Darlene Schacht’s newest
30 Day Prayer Journal titled:
Quieting Your Hearts for the Holidays.

Here’s a peek inside!

This journal coincides with a new series she is beginning November 22nd on her blog at  Check out her blog here. The journal is available on Amazon now!

I hope these resources bless you and your family as we move into the Christmas season.

Be sure to share them with your friends!  The more the merrier! 🙂

Keep Walking With the King!


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  1. I look forward to completing this study again this year. I am excited about the children’s resources, too!!!

    Thank you for all you do.

    1. Tonya,
      Since you’ve done the Advent study previously, I’ll ask you my question. I’m way behind, and just figured out that I John 4:7-8 is repeated. Did you just study those verses again, and then look back to see what the Lord showed you that’s different the second time around, or did you study different verses instead that day?

  2. Thank you, Courtney! I am LOVING the new children’s resources. Can’t wait to get started on the Advent study with my 7 year old.
    MANY blessings to you and your ministry – you are amazing!!

  3. Hey Courtney! I wanted to let you know that when I saw that you had this free Advent study up, I just smiled because I had been telling God how much I wanted this Christmas (our first with our son, Mason) to be different. I don’t want him to grow up and sense the stress and hostility and the jumble of bad emotions that a lot of families feel during the holiday season. I want him to be a happy child and a child who knows what Christmas is REALLY about. God started working right away and led to me an article that discussed how one momma decided to introduce Advent to her family but it didn’t go into detail about what Advent was or how a ‘first-timer’ should begin. Is it a holiday on it’s own? More of a cosmic time out to refresh our hearts for our amazing Savior? I DID figure out that it starts the 29th this year and that most people do an Advent study or time of reflection. Then I asked God to lead to me a really good devotional or meditation that I could do…and here I am! So you have blessed me this year and, better than that, you have started me on my journey of allowing the Lord to permeate my home and each of my family members, rather than allowing secular ideals to drowned out God.Thank you! Oh! If you have any other information on Advent, will you please email me?

    Thank you so very much!

  4. Oh wow, I’m just overwhelmed at the generosity of thing shared by Courtney. Thank you SO much. It keeps us going! Warmest wishes and blessings, Linda in Australia

  5. Thank you for these resources. I have a question though? Are the memory verse printables available somewhere for download (the ones included in the kids pdf are too small). I have found the first week on pinterest and put it on our refrigerator. I have a hard time locating the other three though. I looked through all the resources, but can’t find them. Thank you.

    1. Hi Natalija,

      I’m sorry I did not make the images available here. Thank you for asking – maybe next year I can post those too. My apologies that they are missing this year.

      Lots of Love,

  6. Courtney,
    Thank you so much for this printable!! It has really helped us to be more intentional with making Jesus the center of our Christmas. We have been reading the devotionals with our boys who are 7 and 5, at bedtime. We did jump around and did Hope and now Peace because we are following what our church is doing on Sunday mornings. I did notice something though, Is it just me or are there pages missing in the last week? It has a devotional/activity for Monday and Tuesday but stops after that. Should there be devotionals/activities for Wednesday- Friday?

    Thanks so much for your hard work on getting this put together for us!
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Oh dear – I did not know that they are missing – I’ll go take a look. Thanks for letting me know Ashlee!

      Merry Christmas to you too!
      Lots of Love,

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