Introducing the Book of Job

Join Good Morning Girls as we read through the Bible cover to cover one chapter a day. Here are the resources you need to study the Book of Job. #Biblestudy #Job #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

I am SO excited to announce our next study!

We begin Monday, January 4th in the Book of Job!

The optional Job Journal is available now exclusively on Amazon!


I have worked hard to keep ministry costs low here at GMG.
I hope you find the Journal affordable at just $8.99.

We also have a Good Morning Guys Job Journal for your sons ages 10 and up.

The cost is just $6.99! 🙂

Both journals have an identical interior. My hope is that we will not only get into the Word ourselves but also get our sons and daughters into the Word as well.  Let’s disciple the next generation!

Inside the journals you will find:
*An Introduction to the Book of Job
*An explanation of how to use the signature S.O.A.K. method of the GMG’s
*The GMG Coloring Chart
* The Verse of the Day each day
*A Reflection Question for each day
* Blank space for SOAKing each chapter of the Book of Job

This companion Journal is NOT required to join us.  

If you are new, welcome to Good Morning Girls!  We are so glad you are here!

We are Reading Through the Bible – one chapter a day – five days a week.

We are reading the books in order, but switching back and forth between the New Testament and Old Testament.

So far we have completed:

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Esther, Proverbs, Song of Solomon, Matthew, Acts, 1 & 2 Peter, 1,2, & 3 John and Jude!  You can find all of the links to past studies on the GMG Resources Page.

To keep track of all of the books you have completed use this printable below.  Notice there are no dates on any of our reading plans so anyone can join us anytime.

There are no sign-ups or enrollments.

Join Good Morning Girls as we read through the Bible cover to cover one chapter a day. Here are the resources you need to study the Book of Job. #Biblestudy #Job #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

 New 2016 Schedule

December 28th-January 4th – Regrouping Begins & New Leaders Group Opens

If you are looking to join an open group that meets on facebook or via email – please come back on the 28th. The leaders are ready to welcome you in with open arms!

We encourage you to start your own real life Good Morning Girls groups by inviting your own friends to join the study and then daily email or facebook each other for accountability.  If you are a new leader, I will provide a link for you to join our GMG Facebook Leaders Group where you can find both a Leaders Manual and daily encouragement as a leader.

January 4th – February 26th 

We will read the book of Job, one chapter a day (except on two days when we combine chapters to make this an 8 week study).This will be such an encouraging study as we remember that God knows our trials, knows our limits and we can rest in His sovereign grace.

February 27th – March 6th 

Take a one week break.

March 7th – March 28th

New study begins in the book of Mark.  I love studying the gospels during the days leading up to Resurrection Sunday!

Blog and Social Media Schedule


On Mondays, here at, I’ll post all of the FREE resources for the week including the Daily Discussion Questions and printable Verses of the Day.

On Fridays, I’ll wrap up the week with a devotional here and invite you to fellowship in the comments.


On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, I’ll be posting both in the morning and evening, encouragement for your study in the book of Job. Follow me on Instagram here.


On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, I’ll be posting the Assigned Reading of the Day at 7:45am and an open discussion takes place there. Check it out! It’s wonderful! Go to Good Morning Girls Facebook Page here.

Here’s the Printable Bible Bookmark

Join Good Morning Girls as we read through the Bible cover to cover one chapter a day. Here are the resources you need to study the Book of Job. #Biblestudy #Job #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

Please Note: 2 of the days we combined chapters so we can complete the book of Job in 8 weeks.

Here is an explanation of the
Signature GMG SOAK Bible Study method:

Join Good Morning Girls as we read through the Bible cover to cover one chapter a day. Here are the resources you need to study the Book of Job. #Biblestudy #Job #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

Invite your sons and daughters!  

Just like us – our children NEED to be in God’s Word daily.  Children over the age of ten are capable of reading a chapter a day and SOAKing what they have read. I encourage you to introduce this method of study to your children.  Teach them how to drink from the living well of God’s word and soak in all the spiritual nourishment they can!

For Children Younger Than 10 (or over 10 – I like these! Lol!)

Print these FREE Job Word Searches for Kids

Job Word Searches for Kids

Print these FREE Verse of the Day Copywork Pages

Job VOTD Copywork

Here’s the Printable Bible Coloring Chart Bookmark

Join Good Morning Girls as we read through the Bible cover to cover one chapter a day. Here are the resources you need to study the Book of Job. #Biblestudy #Job #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirlsClick here to print the Bookmark Coloring Chart

This is a wonderful method that slows us down
and helps us soak in every single word.

Here’s what it looks like in my Bible.


Still not sure how this all works? Here is a video explaining it further.

Here are the highlighters, pens and pencils I mentioned in the video:

Highlighters -> Acid Free – Bible Hi-Glider
Fine Line Non-bleeding Pens – Micron Archival Ink and Multi-Colored Gel Pens
Colored Pencils – Crayola Twistables and Crayola Colored Pencils
I use the ESV Inductive Study Bible as my personal study Bible.

Free Printable Short Journal for Job

Job Short Version Journal

This is for those who are not purchasing the Paperback Journal.  This is not the same as the Paperback Journal on Amazon – this eJournal has been created for low-cost printing on a home printer and does not include the Introduction to Job, Verses of the Day or Reflection questions.

Did you know GMG is also translated into 14 languages?

Check out our GMG International Page where you will find links to GMG Blogs and Facebook Ministries in: Croatian, German, Dutch, Romanian, Norwegian, Belgium, Kenyan, Philippines, Spanish, Italy, Indonesia, Portuguese, Sweden and Slovenian!

Accountability works in reaching our goals – the encouragement of others keeps us going on days when we’d rather quit!  Good Morning Girls will provide the accountability you need to soak in God’s word daily, grow in your walk with God and live well!

Mark your calendars!

Spread the Word!

Share this post with your friends!

Are you in?

I am so looking forward to the start of this study! Until then…

Walk with the King,


Order your journal NOW
to get it in time for the start of our study!

Available on Amazon


Good Morning Girls – The Book of Job Journal
(for ages 10-110)

Good Morning Guys – The Book of Acts Journal
(for your sons)
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A Special Thanks to the GMG Leadership Team!

This team leads the Facebook Group for GMG Leaders , the International Team, the Regrouping, they help write the Daily Discussion Questions and create all of the blue and gray GMG Graphics you see here on the blog.  Basically, they rock!

GMG Leadership Team

{From Left to Right: Mandy, Rosilind, Bridget and Misty}


  1. I’m so excited to start!!! I have been involved since you started the chapter a day series but decided to take the book of numbers off because I was getting busy with other things. That was a big mistake. I could tell a big difference in my attitude, and reactions to people when I’m not in Gods word daily. Defiantly won’t make that mistake again. Thanks for all the hard work you and your team put into this. You are such a blessing for me!!!

    1. Welcome back Jamie!

      I’m so glad you are going to join us for the Book of Job! I think it’s going to be a great study that is so encouraging. I can’t wait to walk this road with you!

      Lots of Love,

  2. Good Evening and Happy Holidays,

    I am starting a Good Morning Girls study group. How do I get the leadership tools? I am so excited and can’t wait for Janurary 4th. Your such an inspiration!

    1. Welcome Angelica,

      Thank you so much for starting a group!!! That is so exciting to hear!

      On December 28th, I will post a link here for new leaders where you can access both the manual and the GMG Facebook Leadership Group. Please watch for more details to come.

      Lots of Love,

  3. HI Courtney,

    Greetings from SRI LANKA. I may not be able to purchase your book through Amazon, as my financial issues are very high at this time of the year. But I am hoping to join your bible study next. Started the Numbers with you and group , but I got so distracted by my daily routine & chores. Its not the same in Sri Lanka, as in USA.

    Please pray for me nd my family. Going through a challenging time this Christmas financially.


    1. Welcome Kishani,

      I’m so glad you are here all the way from Sri Lanka. I am saying a prayer for you and your family now.

      May God bless you.
      Lots of Love,

  4. Hi Courtney,

    I’d like to join the bible study, so I will be needing a bible ?. Any advice on what kind to buy? I’ve noticed that there are extended versions and I’m not sure what that means.

    Greetings from Holland


    1. Hi Twig,

      I’m so excited you are joining us all the way in Holland!

      I use the ESV Inductive Study Bible available here: There’s a hard back and leather version. This Bible has extra wide margins that I love.

      I have seen a lot of GMG’s using the ESV Journaling Bible here: It looks great too!

      The Bible I use for personal study is the ESV Reformation Bible: I do not color code in it (but you could – the pages are kind of thin.) I love the commentary in this Bible.

      Hope this helps!
      Lots of Love,

      1. Wait! I see you referenced a reformed Bible? I never got a Calvinist/reformed vibe (limited atonement and irresistible grace) from your blog? Am I mistaken?

        1. Hi Paula,

          I’m a non-denominational Evangelical…but I do love the writings of the reformed including RC Sproul, John Piper and John MacArthur. I go to them a lot for my personal study but I try to not be divisive on the blog…and typically do not get that deep theologically for some of those reflections to show. 😉

          Are you reformed?

          1. No, I am not reformed. I believe that God is sovereign and it is in His sovereignty that He gave us free will…which is why we are in the mess we’re in. Anywho, don’t want to stir up trouble, but I just wanted transparency. I attended a church for two years that had a reformed pastor (but not a reformed church..don’t understand how that works behind the scenes)…although he didn’t preach it from the pulpit. Only one-on-one. I was kinda burned…if someone is reformed, then I would rather them be transparent.

  5. Hello, I’m from France =)
    I am so happy to start this study soon. It will be my first Bible study with Good Morning Girls.
    Thank you so much for your website and the opportunity to study scripture with women from all around the world. Be blessed

  6. If I’m honest, the book of Job is one of the books I’ve read through quickly and then never looked at again. It is a scary book to me. Will the reflection questions be here? What about the verses? Or are they only in the journal from

    1. Hi Beth,

      Every Monday, I’ll post all the resources for the week right here on the blog – that post will include both the daily Discussion Questions and the daily
      Verses of the Day. So they’ll all be here for you if you don’t have the journal. 🙂

      Lots of Love,

  7. I can’t wait to start the book of Job. I’m starting a group to study. ? So excited. I’ve followed you through out the years but I’ve never done an online bible study. I placed my order on Amazon and can’t wait for it to come in!

  8. Hi, I’m really looking forward to joining an accountability group on 12/28. What time should I check in, PST? Are the groups based on locale, age group, etc? Thanks!

    1. Welcome Mrs. May,

      The post with open groups will be live by 12:01 am EST time and the groups will remain open for an entire week (until January 4th), so you will have plenty of time to find a group. There are various types of groups including location, time zone and season of life.

      So glad you are planning to join us!
      Lots of Love,

    1. Welcome Kari,

      I encourage you to start a group with your real life friends! Invite women from church, your family, your workplace, neighborhood or even long distance. You can all meet via email or start a facebook group where you can hold each other accountable and answer the group discussion questions. Once you have a group together, come back on December 28th and I’ll have a link for you to join the FB Leader’s Group and to get the leader’s manual.

      You do not have to be in a group to join. If you do not have a group of friends to ask, you can join an open group here on-line on December 28th. Links will be available then.

      Hope this helps!

      1. I look forward to starting this study. I’ve shared your website and the information with friends and ladies in my church who are also interested. I will be looking forward to the links on the 28th sharing GMG in Shattuck OK.

    1. Michelle,

      We do not have sign-ups or enrollments – all are welcome to join anytime – even midway. Come back on December 28th for more details and we begin our study on January 4th here. So glad you are joining us!
      Lots of Love,

  9. My question is will you have a listing of groups for joining posted before the start date of the study?
    The group on FB that I belong to is being removed. The leader has decided to do a blog site instead and I am not interested in that format. I would like to continue with a FB group for accountability and ease of use.

    1. Dear Robin,

      I’m so sorry about the change in your group. A link to all of the open Facebook groups will be posted here on December 28th and they’ll remain open through January 4th. I hope you will join a new group then.

      So glad you plan to join us!
      Lots of Love,

  10. I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do!! GMG has been a blessing for me during the past several months. I’ve really been inspired to “dig a little deeper” into the Word. I’m all in on reading Job!! Happy Holidays!!

  11. Yay!!!! Trying to get a group together to start by Jan 4th but if that doesn’t work I’ll do it on my own and start my church group study March 7th with “The Book Of Mark” :). I can’t wait

    1. Wonderful Jesse! I”m so glad you are starting a group. Go ahead and invite them to join you and send them this link so they can begin printing their resources. Then come back here on Monday, December 28th to get the link to the GMG Leaders Facebook Group. There we will have a manual available for you and lots of encouragement!

      See you there,

  12. Thank you for all you do. I love studying the Bible with you! It has truly been a help in daily life.
    Merry Christmas!

    Ligia Lesko

  13. Hi! This is totally not related to the topic…have you posted a picture of your Christmas outfits and I missed it? I actually look forward to seeing what you and your family are wearing for Christmas. It is always nice. Thanks!


    1. Su Ann,

      This is such a sweet request. I have not posted our Christmas outfits yet – I’ll post pictures on Instagram and facebook after Christmas…and maybe here. I haven’t decided yet. 😉

      Thanks for asking!

  14. So I was looking for a Christmas dessert on Pinterest and 30 minutes later I found myself here – I’m not even sure how that happened, but I am filled with thankfulness for God using my random pinteresting for His good. I’m ordering the Job journal and am so excited to begin studying. It’s been a very hard year (admittedly, not nearly as hard as Job’s!), and when I saw Job, I knew it was perfect for me. God knew that it was just what I needed and His timing for this in my life is stellar. I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am to find myself here.

    1. Marlene,

      I am so excited to hear that Pinterest led you here!!! I love how God works and am so glad you are joining us for the study in the Book of Job – it’s going to be great!

      Lots of Love,

  15. Hi Courtney,

    I’ve never read the Bible before- not a word! I want to read it, but I know nothing about it. Even the chapters and verses confuse me. Which kind of Bible should a beginner (lol) buy?

    Thank you so much and
    happy holidays!


    1. Welcome Jenna,

      I am over the moon excited that you are reading the Bible for the first time!! It’s such an honor to walk this road with you!!!

      I use the ESV Inductive Study Bible available here: There’s a hard back and leather version. This Bible has extra wide margins that I love.

      I have seen a lot of GMG’s using the ESV Journaling Bible here: It looks great too!

      The Bible I use for personal study is the ESV Reformation Bible: I do not color code in it (but you could – the pages are kind of thin.) I love the commentary in this Bible.

      Hope this helps!
      Lots of Love,

  16. Last time, I was in a Facebook group for pastor’s wives and I loved it! I was hoping for one for homeschool moms, but I didn’t see one. For Job, if there isn’t a Facebook group for homeschool moms, is it OK to start one?

  17. Hello,

    I have been following on IG for a while now, but this is going to be my first study with GMG. I just got my JOB Journal in the mail today and I am excited to start!

    1. Welcome Silvia,

      I’m SO excited you are joining us for the first time! I can’t wait to begin our journey through Job – until then – have a very Merry Christmas!

      Lots of Love,

  18. Good morning,
    This is the time time I have ever heard of this group and I am really wanting to be a part of it. I have thought of Job so many times, 2015 has really been a bad year!!
    My question are the daily lessons videoed? I have narcolepsy which usually causes me to fall asleep while reading. If it is not videoed I will pray about it and God will provide a way.

  19. Hi,

    I’m so excited to start reading the book of Job with you all. This is my first GMG bible study and I can’t wait to start it. I’ve been thinking a lot about Job and it’s a great time in my life to start this bible study. I’m just beginning my journey with God and I feel this website is a great place to start.

    1. Hi!!!

      If you need a group we are on Facebook proverbs 31 sisters….so fun!!! This bible study will be fun as the others..:)

  20. I am excited to join you for Job! I don’t have Facebook and don’t really have any close real life friends. So I guess I can do the study alone.
    On a separate note- where did you get the gold star coffee mug in your photo in this post? I love it! 🙂

  21. My daughter and I would like to join a group–where can we do this? I think we will just be using the free short version of the journal

    1. Hi Sherry,

      No the amazon journals just have the verse of the day in print (along with the discussion question of the day) – there are no color images. That would be very expensive to include and drive up the price.

      So sorry. 🙁

    1. Julie,

      I’m so glad you are excited to study this book of the Bible with us – I look forward to it too!!! Just a few more days until we begin! Yay!

  22. Looking forward to my very first study with you all! I have encouraged two of my friends to join with me to make it even more fun!

    I am most of all really looking forward to a deeper understanding of this book. I have always struggled with it!

    Thanks for the resources and the effort!

  23. I’m stepping out in faith and starting my own group. I don’t know who all will participate, but I set up a Facebook group and sent out invitations. The thing is that it isn’t my job to figure out who will join, it is just my job to present it. It isn’t my job to push people to study, it is just my job to do my personal best and encourage the same of others. No matter what in the end, we will all be closer to God for doing this, no matter how far we go. Thank you for the encouragement and providing the journal. I’m so excited.

  24. Where are the printable discussion questions, Courtney? Will you do like you did with Numbers and write the question on the GMG facebook page? If so, that would be fine, too! Thanks!! 🙂

    1. Hi Kelly,

      I will have those available on Monday’s post – thank you for the reminder!!! And yes – the discussion question will be posted everyday (late morning) on the GMG Facebook page!

      So glad you are joining us again!

  25. I’m sssooooooo excited! This is going to be my first bible study with WLW!!! It’s amazing how God places obstacles in your path and always pushes you to be your best.He knows that you can persevere and overcome, even if you think you can’t. And just when you’re ready to give up and throw in the towel, He shows you a light and guild you. Just when I was giving up hope, God prevails.

  26. hello!! I have already ordered my book…should be here tomorrow but I would love to be put in a group. Please let me know how I can do that! Thanks

  27. so I just did this through an invite and on face book…I have no clue if I am in a group or not….is Facebook the group? That’s fine if it is….is there a specific leader we will see comments from on Facebook? …Faye White an old college room mate invited me. But I have been reading Women Living Well for quite some time but seldom commenting… just curious if I’m in a group or not?
    Iris Linkletter

    1. Iris,

      We do not have sign-ups or enrollments here so I have no way of tracking whose in what group. If you are in a group you should find it in the list of groups you are in on Facebook. The group should be active today and sharing. I hope you can find it there. If you don’t have a group – you can join us on our public facebook page at It was VERY active this morning – the sharing was awesome. Just scroll down to our 7:30am post – the reading is posted there daily and it is wonderful!


  28. Hello! Many blessings. My daughter and I are doing this blogging through the Bible. We tend to be ahead of schedule a little and then take breaks when it suits us if we need them. We have finished Job and cannot find where it says we are going next. Do you have a link that shows the full schedule? Thanks in advance and thanks for your ministry.

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