2 New Awesome Resources – 1 For You and 1 For Your Kids!


I am so excited to share with you 2 new resources my friend has created!

First up – Quieting Your Heart – The Love Edition!

Quieting Your Heart Love Edition

Darlene over at TimeWarpWife.com is starting a new LOVE series, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s the details:

THE STUDY – February 1-27th

“Learning to Love” will run for four consecutive weeks (February 1 – 27).  Each week you’ll study a different kind of love:

  • Storge natural affection, most often between family members such as the affection between parents and children
  • Philia brotherly love, friendship
  • Eros a romantic, passionate love
  • Agape God’s love toward man and our reflection of this love

Check out the >> free Study Guide <<  that goes with the optional 30-Day Prayer Journal and  click here to “look inside” the Quieting Your Heart Journal on Amazon.

Find all the details for the study over at TimeWarpWife.com!

Busy Books Sermon Notes for Kids

Next up – Busy Books Sermon Notes for Kids!

These were created by Darlene and her daughter Madison.  I just got my copies in the mail for my two children and they look so fun!

These are more than activity books or coloring pages. They’re designed to get the kids interested in listening and learning from the sermon at their own level. Busy Books provide children with a fun and exciting way to learn, take notes, and ask questions. A weekly point system (I LOVE the point system!) makes learning fun, while encouraging children to come prepared and be prepared to listen. In this book kids will find:

  • A section for sermon notes
  • A Sunday morning checklist
  • A keyword checklist
  • A place to write their favorite song
  • A section for questions they might have
  • An area for prayer requests
  • A spot for extra notes or doodles

The book is complete with three pages per week for 52 weeks. All you have to do is pack a pen and a gold star!


I hope these are a blessing to you!

Keep Walking with the King,



  1. Thank you so very much for coming up with something like this. I have two boys who both have ADHD and it is very hard for them to sit through our church service without getting bored and fidgeting, especially when the message is over their heads. I am anxious to see how they respond to the promptings in these journals to help them pay better attention.

    The Lord bless you and keep you.

  2. I just bought the Sermon Notes for kids book for my six-year-old daughter. She LOVES it and looks forward to using it every week now. I even caught her sleeping with it in her bed last night. I can’t recommend it enough!

  3. Hi Courtney!

    Will this be the Good Morning Girls Bible study for February, or is this an additional study?

    Thanks so much,


      1. Hi Courtney,

        OK great. I’m currently doing the Job study and am really getting a lot out of my quiet time with the Lord. God bless you in your ministry! 🙂

        Thanks so much!


  4. Love both resources, thank you! Way off topic here, but really would like to know what bible is pictured at the top of the post 🙂

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