How to Destroy Strongholds In Your Life

The Christian life is a battle to gain victory in the weak areas of our life. In Deuteronomy we learn how we can destroy the strongholds in our life.  #Biblestudy #Deuteronomy #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

We all have them.

We all have weak areas where we are easily tempted to go astray.  If we are not careful and we give into temptation on a habitual basis – a stronghold can form in our hearts and our minds.

2 Corinthians 10:3 & 4 says:

“3 For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.

Everyday we wake to a spiritual battle.

If we are unaware of the tactics of our enemy and we let our guard down – we will soon find that there are fortresses and obstacles ahead in our lives.  These are areas that in our own flesh – we do not have the power to overcome the enemy.

If we try to go up against the enemy in our own strength – it’s only a matter of time until we lose.

But if we go against the enemy with God’s divine power – we CAN destroy strongholds.

Where do these strongholds come from?

The next verse in 2 Corinthians 10 tells us:

We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ, being ready to punish every disobedience, when your obedience is complete.

Strongholds come from arguments and opinions that are raised in our thoughts against God and his ways.



Like the snake in the garden – when he questioned Adam and Eve, we ask the same question, “Did God really say that?” (Genesis 3:1)

The battlefield is in our minds!

Do we get that?  That the battle is not always – the world or “Satan made me do it” or our peers who are pressuring us or the internet, movies or the television’s fault.

It’s false arguments and wayward opinions that we allow to bounce around in our thoughts.  We fail to take them captive and destroy them.  We let them exist and do not deal with them.

We are sleeping with the enemy.

This brings us to our reading in the book of Deuteronomy this week.

Look closely at chapters 12 and 13 and see how God tells Israel to deal with anything that would lead his people astray.  The words are strong and clear.

You shall surely destroy all the places where the nations whom you shall dispossess served their gods, on the high mountains and on the hills and under every green tree. You shall tear down their altars and dash in pieces their pillars and burn their Asherim with fire. You shall chop down the carved images of their gods and destroy their name out of that place.
~Deuteronomy 12:2-3

“If your brother, the son of your mother, or your son or your daughter or the wife you embrace or your friend who is as your own soul entices you secretly, saying, ‘Let us go and serve other gods,’ which neither you nor your fathers have known,some of the gods of the peoples who are around you, whether near you or far off from you, from the one end of the earth to the other, you shall not yield to him or listen to him, nor shall your eye pity him, nor shall you spare him, nor shall you conceal him. But you shall kill him. Your hand shall be first against him to put him to death, and afterward the hand of all the people. 10 You shall stone him to death with stones, because he sought to draw you away from the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.

11 And all Israel shall hear and fear and never again do any such wickedness as this among you.
~Deuteronomy 13:6-11

12 “If you hear in one of your cities, which the Lord your God is giving you to dwell there, 13 that certain worthless fellows have gone out among you and have drawn away the inhabitants of their city, saying, ‘Let us go and serve other gods,’ which you have not known, 14 then you shall inquire and make search and ask diligently. And behold, if it be true and certain that such an abomination has been done among you, 15 you shall surely put the inhabitants of that city to the sword, devoting it to destruction, all who are in it and its cattle, with the edge of the sword. 16 You shall gather all its spoil into the midst of its open square and burn the city and all its spoil with fire, as a whole burnt offering to the Lord your God.

It shall be a heap forever. It shall not be built again.
~Deuteronomy 13:12-16

Friends, these are such strong commands and verses that I hesitated to post them here.  I know that many would read these and see them as incredibly harsh – where’s the grace right?

But what we do not understand, is this is God’s great love and care of His people.

God KNOWS that sin destroys us.  It is fun for a season but in the end it leads to death.

God is our protector.

God loves you.

He is the Lion of Judah, the Great I Am, the Creator of the universe and He does not want you entangled and enslaved by the strongholds of the enemy.

That is why he has equipped us for battle with his truth.  We must know truth, wear our spiritual armor daily and be in God’s Word so we are equipped to fight the enemy.   We can not coast aimlessly through life assuming we got this in our own strength.

Darkness is not stagnate.  

It moves in anywhere it can.  

The light MUST push out the darkness.

We must participate in pushing out the darkness.

In Deuteronomy 12:7 – after the the destruction takes place, Israel is told:

And there you shall eat before the Lord your God, and you shall rejoice, you and your households, in all that you undertake, in which the Lord your God has blessed you.

After – and only after – we take these steps of obedience and push out the darkness –  will we find all that our soul truly desires:

Eating in peace.

Rejoicing in our households.

Blessings in all that we undertake.

The peace and happiness we so long for in our souls, comes after we have obeyed the Lord and fought the enemies arguments and opinions.

Is there a stronghold in your life that you need to destroy?

As we see in our reading in Deuteronomy – God told his people to take drastic measures to burn down, tear up, kill by the sword and destroy the enemy.

Where has the enemy taken ground in your life and created a stronghold?

Don’t hesitate.

Destroy it today.

Do it now.

Walk with the King,


**Chime In**

Is there something in your life you need to take drastic measures to destroy so you can be free and live in peace, joy and blessings?  Share it with us in the comment section.  You are not alone.

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  1. I’m doing a 12 week women’s program called Fight Club Pink, and this week we are working on finding our place within spiritual warfare and the ways satan binds us with strongholds. This goes along perfectly with it. Thanks for all you do, I love your posts!

    1. My stronghold is depression and smoking I have decided to study the word of God because it’s the only thing that will give me the strength to overcome. All these weeks I have been struggling to sit down and get into His word. Then a thought came to me….The enemy Dosent want you to go into God’s word because He knows there you will find all the armour you need to stand firm against all his darts

          1. Me too. I will struggle no more, in this moment. I am healed by my Father and Holy Spirit who strengthens me.

      1. Try taking a verse or chapter & just meditating on it. Some words can have different meanings. For instance Faith with works can also mean obedience. The more you take in, the more Spirit filled you will be. Its not how much you read that matters. But, that you Stay in the word everyday. Jesus is the word & we are to stay in fellowship with Him.

      1. I applaud your honesty. I have same issue. But, that is a stronghold, a weakness or opening for Satan to enter so we have to ask ourselves why & get to the root. It may be a generational curse that needs to be repented of back to the 4th generation.

      2. God help me to return to formiliar places that held both my body and my mind captive, it robbed me of my relationship with my son and daughters at one point in my life and I do not wish to be in a place the condimmed me of mental illness to keep me suppressed and under control. Teekay my mind stayed on you that I will continually see you, your word and your face, the face of truth that tells me I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me in Jesus name amen🥰😊 victory is mind in Christ Jesus, I no longer have to accept the lie of the enemy who held me captive by continued mind washing that I was mortally incapable of doing so and after I got out of the situation God showed me nothing was impossible to those who believe by faith in Him and His word amen🥰😊🌅🌄

        1. God help me to not return to formiliar places that held both my body and my mind captive, it robbed me of my relationship with my son and daughters at one point in my life and I do not wish to be in a place the condimmed me of mental illness to keep me suppressed and under control. Teekay my mind stayed on you that I will continually see you, your word and your face, the face of truth that tells me I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me in Jesus name amen🥰😊 victory is mind in Christ Jesus, I no longer have to accept the lie of the enemy who held me captive by continued mind washing that I was mortally incapable of doing so and after I got out of the situation God showed me nothing was impossible to those who believe by faith in Him and His word amen🥰😊🌅🌄

    2. My strong hold is depression and letting go of an old soul tie my x husband he comes in and out me and our kids life and hurt us every time i let him back in he leaves us. And i need to let go of that soul tie in my life cause it brings me to depression deelpy. Please pray for me God bless u all.

      1. May God Truly Bless you. I don’t believe I’ve ever been on a site where the women were so kind honest, & so Spirit filled. I hope I don’t offend anyone with my comments. But, I believe depression is a spirit because it is a wound of the soul. This may be why in the Book of Proverbs, the bible says we must guard our heart’s with all diligence. You have a very precious heart & so it could be under attack. Visit End Time Ministries/Wound Of Soul. Usually, a feeling can be a spirit. For example, bitterness, anger, pride, Rebellion, strife, helplessness. Guard your heart well. It may be under attack from the enemy. Never allow your emotions to eause us to react to situations. We must make sound choices. That’s where our soul is by the choices we make .

    3. I desperately need guidance. Was praying for God to guide me to someone who can help. Is there a way to contact you privately ?

    4. My strongholds are my sisters jealous ways and the way she manipulates and uses my children against me. She always use my past to break me down in order for her to feel she has won again.

    5. How do you get rid of the sin of judging other because of their sins I know in Matthews7:1 where Jesus Himself says not to judge lest you be judged. When someone say something I start judging when it is not my right to. What stronghold must I look at to destroy this sin of habit in my life. I struggle to stop it isn’t right I know to do this but it just pops out before I can even think. Help need a breakthrough.

    1. I struggle with masturbation and I hate it…I’ve had this problem since I was 16 and I’m 42 and still struggling…I don’t know what to do…I’m sick of this addiction but it seems to follow me

      1. Hello Z! I too have struggled with this addiction since, 2012 after I divorced my wife.

        I hate myself after the fact even praying and asking God for deliverance.
        We will defeat this thing and not look back!

        Thank you for sharing!

      2. I’m 56 yr old woman I also struggle with masturbating.. I hate it been struggling with it for years .. I now know exactly what a strong hol d is…… Jean B

  2. This post was so perfect for me today… I have been struggling so hard these last couple of weeks with the way I look.The gym has become an idol in my life and I have even noticed that I find myself checking out the men there and wanting them to notice me. I am married and have little ones! It’s like Satan knows exactly where our flesh is weak. I ask that anyone who reads this would pray for me. For me, it is always when I am least expecting it and when my relationship with the Father is very strong. My flesh and the darkness want to shut down my communication with Him. And it always happens swiftly like I had the rug pulled out from under me. I get tired of constantly having to battle and sacrifice. I get caught up with myself and want what I want. It’s really a disgusting thing. But God has been gracious to me and I feel His Spirit everyday trying to woo me back to Him. Without Him, I am so miserable. Thank you ladies.

    1. Thank you for your transparency… I said a prayer for you! Avoid the temptation & lean into the Lord!!

    2. Dear Sister,
      I have been there…done that. I know your struggle. Something that has helped me is to realize, we will always be facing this constant battle until we die. It’s our old sin nature fighting against our new nature. We want what we want, but the Spirit who dwells within wants what He wants. So I’ve learned to purposely be sure I am feeding the new nature more than my old sin nature. Listen to good, godly music that uplifts Jesus and glorifies God and that is scripturally accurate (gotta be careful), Make sure you are reading His Word, Memorizing verses that pertain to your stronghold, Listen to preaching…in other words, Feed Your Spirit and starve your flesh. In fact, FLEE temptation! Run from it. In our flesh, we cannot fight it, so our best bet is to go the opposite direction of a specific temptation. Maybe this means avoiding the gym for some time. Do workouts at home. Please, Please trust me on this. Praying for you!!! In Christ

      1. Excellently well said, Kim! This advice is for me also! When I start to get agitated, fearful, distracted, or any other thoughts that do not reflect the fruit of the Spirit, I KNOW it is because I am not spending enough time with God – in His word, in prayer and meditating on the Scriptures, etc. All that you have stated is EXACTLY what I need to do everyday. Thank you!

    3. I know and can understand right where you are. I’m married and love the Lord however, my husband is not saved. He cheated on me last year and I tried to do what I felt was right and show mercy and try to fix my marriage. But, now because I feel me being overweight and being a Christian was the reason for his straying I have found myself attending church less, wishing I could find a Christian man to lead my home and so on. I know it’s wrong! I’m married, I vowed til death do us part in the good times and the bad. When I found out about his indiscretions he barked at me and told me I had my nose shoved so far in the bible that I couldn’t even realize we were falling apart. That done something to me that I can’t seem to reverse. Now I find myself trying to please him more than I am trying to please my Saviour. I know this is wrong. I need God’s help. I pray at times that God would just remove him from my life. But, I know that’s wrong too. Please pray for me. Here it is another Sunday morning and I’m sitting at home afraid to go to church cause I’m afraid he’ll go out and cheat while I’m there.

      1. Dear Brenda, I was so sorry to read about your situation & have just prayed for both of you. None of us can control any other person, so perhaps the best thing for now is for you to keep praying for your husband, and for you to have fellowship with other Christians who care for you – even if it’s just once a week. I’m sure you already know you don’t need to preach at your husband; if you keep on praying to soften his heart and draw him to the Lord, and keep in fellowship with a good church, and dig deep in the Bible, things will get better – I have seen this happen.
        Maybe you could do your Bible reading at a time when he’s not around? But if you possibly can, keep going to church; you need the teaching and fellowship, and there’ll be people there who need you too!

      2. Hi Brenda!

        I am praying for your strength in The Lord and your marriage. I encourage you to keep serving God and fellowshipping with your church because that is your armor. Go to your secret place and praise God, worship him, and most importantly pray for your husband. God can do anything! He can fix anything! You just keep God first and watch him turn things around. I attached some scriptures because The Bible says that we can win over our husbands to Christ without a word but by our actions. You just pray and watch God fight your battle. I love your sister!

      3. It’s not your fault he strayed. Don’t believe that lie. Look up Leslie Vernick ‘s blog/resources. She’s a Christian licensed counselor who helps lots of Christian women in lopsided marriages. Love & prayers

      4. God has hi way of removing things and people out of our lives, pray for him, keep blessing him. Never give up God for nothing or no one, remember a man that can’t be kept by God ant worth havig

      5. My sister the enemy wants you to fear. Most importantly if you keep your eyes on Jesus, go to church, try volunteering at your church, this will cause your focus to change. Trust God to take care of your husband and take refuge in the Lord. The more you make God 2nd place and not first priority things fall apart. Pray for your husband/marriage and let God work, as He works on the inner man(heart) in both of you I believe you will regain peace. The enemy doesn’t want you surrounded by godly people but that is what you need. Share your heart with a trusted pastor and let them pray and believe with you for victory.

    4. I said a prayer for you too Hannah. Our struggles may not look the same but we all have them. And thank you for sharing. You should check out Michelle Myers (cross training couture). She has an excellent ministry dedicated to working out all in the name of Jesus. I think it might help your thought process.

    5. Dear Hannah,
      I understand where you’re at, my bible study teacher explained things very easy to me, you have to remove the temptation, there’s plenty of exercise in the great outdoors that our Heavenly Father has provided us with….
      Use that instead of the gym where your temptation is, I find myself in awe of all that God has created when I’m powering walking, I can’t help but give him glory for all he’s blessed me with, most importantly Hannah, for his protection over me and my family, his great love for me, God never gives us more than we can bear, and he always provides us with an escape!!!
      I’ll pray for you, your sister in Christ….Deb?❤️


  3. WOW!!!!! Good word!!!!!!! And Courtney, don’t ever hesitate to publish what you feel God is telling you needs to be out there!!!! Thanks. Blessings.

      1. Amen!! Thank you Courtney for being open and transparent, keep the posts coming!!! Blessings to you!

    1. Thank you so much for the’s so helpful. I recently fell into depression and rebelled against God,had so many negative thoughts against my own children and no matter how I pray it just keeps coming at me and it’s becoming uncontrollabe that I’ll need the help of God in cleansing my heart and getting rid of those strongholds.

  4. Mine is a feeling of self pity and defeat when life is hard or seems too much to handle. I get busy, and I’m worn out, and I don’t make time for the things God wants me to be doing. I know this is Satan’s evil plot. And I get stuck in it over and over. I also ask for the prayers of those who read this blog. Thank you so much for this post today, it is giving me strength. I read it with my two grade school age children this morning, and loved their response to it. They are truly Gods Warriors! They understand this at young age! And that gives me strength too!

  5. I have several strongholds I am realizing. Anger, patience,binge eating, self esteem and doubt. I have been trying to get close to God, and it seems that every time I am working on that I get slammed by the devil. I’m asking that anyone who reads this post would pray for me. This past year and this one so far have been extremely difficult in my life. Thank you so much for posting this today. I really needed it. I am also praying for everyone here that has posted. God bless you.

    1. Prayers for you Denise! Yes, Satan will do all he can to come in between you and our glorious God, but remember…we know how it plays out in the end – God is the victor through Jesus our Lord! Let that truth guide you to daily victories to overcome the strongholds in your life. We also struggle, sister. Just remember, anything worth having is totally worth fighting for!

  6. Thank you so much for this post. I have just recently found you on you tube and I’m loving everything I see. You are my inspiration. I am at a time in my life where I feel God is speaking to me and telling me it’s time for change. This post is perfect for where I’m at in this journey. Trying to figure out how to tear down the strongholds that Satan has had me living with for many years. I feel like God led me to your blog today so I could receive your message. I’m so glad you decided to post this. Thank you so much.

    1. I have the same issue with a weak mind. I have prayed, fasted,lamented over this one particular sin and I’m not seeing great results. I’m in the word I take an assortment of Bible classes at my church. It a very stronghold.

  7. I have been struggling with my Marriage and feelings of resentment towards my husband for a few issues that aren’t his fault, but I cannot seem to move past.

    1. You must find the root of your stronghold ( pray that GOD reveals this) with that revelation you can allow the hilt spirit to start healing you by gaining a godly prespective on the issue. Forgiving yourself and others, submitting your heart back to God and continue feeding yourself the word of God on that specific issue.

  8. Watching morning talk shows that definetly are not bringing glory to His name. They gossip about celebrities and their beliefs are not in line with the Bible. I want to only watch things that bring glory to His name.

  9. Right now battling for my marriage which has been 33 years and been constantly assaulted by alcohol. Trying to show grace and mercy speak the truth in love, and let go of the anger but indeed the light must rule the darkness thanks for these words

    1. I am praying for you right now am actually going to continue to Pray for you. I was married for 11 years and in my husbands (bc) years I like to call them, he struggled with alcohol and caused me a lot of hurt. Sadly though he stopped I could never let go of that anger and resentment. Years later I walked out, big mistake. I pray Gods grace and mercy on your marriage and that you continue to know the sacredness of marrige. May you push through the anger with a light that shines bright for Jesus sister.

    2. I am in the same boat. On top of it all my husband hates God and does not believe in His truths or promises. He tells me I’m crazy, that God doesn’t love me or anyone else, that He is just a dictator. I try so hard to bring light in to our home and so do our two young children (which thankfully he does not interfere with their church attendance or activities). I’m starting to resent him so much that I just want to leave. It’s causing me so much anger. Please pray for me and my family.

      1. I was also with a man that said God was a dictator and that would go back and forth between trying to live for God and then telling me he hated God. It was so painful and angering to me. It comforts me to know that there are others who struggle with this issue. Thank you for sharing. I will pray for you.

  10. Courtney please don’t you ever have the fear of putting things on here.You are trying to help us understand [and you are doing a great job with it.]Todays study is just what we needed.I have a hard time understanding the Bible and Satan is not going to get his way.I am going to keep reading the Bible and asking the Lord to help me,and give me what I need to become a better person trying to live for the Lord.I think we all should take time to PRAY for each other.Their is a lot of lady’s on here today THAT ARE ASKING FOR prayer including me.Thank youLord for this Bible study.

  11. Although I’m reluctant to claim I have a stronghold, I think I’m deceiving myself. I think that if I look closer and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal this to me, I will see it. Lately I have questioned if I have a stronghold of fear, if I’d really call it a stronghold. How would you define it?

  12. Thank you for this much needed post. As I read through the comments, my heart goes out to each and everyone of you, as we tend to struggle with the same issues. One thing that has strengthened me of late is declaring my rightful place in Christ each morning (no matter how I feel). We are the body of Christ, therefore we are where He is ( the body is connected to the Head) I meditate on Eph 2, and declare I am seated with Him in the heavenlies, FAR above principalities and powers, and He has given us His Name that is above ALL names, and that at that Name the enemy must bow the knee. Ladies, He has given us the most powerful place in the universe, and it is from this position that we can pull down the strongholds in our lives. Blessings to all!

    1. Thank you for your post! I have just copied it and saved this as a reminder to me!!!!! Powerful reminder that we are daughters of the King of Kings!

  13. I can’t believe this was posted today because I am battling this strongly right now. I have a serious issue with needing confirmation or approval from others to make a decision and caring what others think about me or my decisions. It is bad.. To the point of anxiety over it. Its like I imagine what someone thinks about something I said or something I did or something I like. That they are criticizing me. Even to the point that I will change what I think about something.

    1. Christa, I struggle from that, a lot! I found it came from someoneone very close to me putting me down constantly and telling me how I should be or think. It left me feeling uncertain and afraid of everything, which causes indicision and fear of making a mistake in making decisions and a deep hurt to one’s spirit. I pray, my dear sister, that this hasn’t happened to you, or is not happening now. Please know you are loved, and I am praying for you and your victory over this stronghold.

  14. My stronghold is our finances, spending and budgeting — being in unity with my husband with regards to this area of our life. Long long detailed story God knows all the details and why it’s a struggle for me to submit to my husband’s request of doing a budget, doing shopping lists, sticking to the lists and showing receipts. The items I want are ok even if I may have to explain sometimes it’s ok. I must trust that the Lord provides my needs, wants and desires through my obedience to Him and His Word.

  15. insecurity, jealousy, resentment, not letting go of my past just to name a few. But I feel like past has me by the neck & is strangling me. Not sure why I just can’t seem to let go & it’s literally taking everything out of me. Im a single mom of 2 beautiful children, both of their fathers are absent, I’m divorced. A year ago a man who started off as just my friend, started to show he had deeper feelings. I was hesitant because he was recently separated from his wife & I didn’t want to be caught in the crossfire but against my better judgement I allowed him into my life. To make a long story short, his wife found out he was dating me & set out to make my life hell. She was on the verge of getting him fired from his job because it was now a conversation at the work place & he left me before he got fired & went back home. I went through the biggest heartbreak of my life & Im still hurt, angry, sad, etc. I have had my name drug through the mud & I’m just disappointed in myself because I knew better. I’ve often just laid here & cried because I wouldn’t have ever imagined such a life for myself. But this came right on time. Reading these comments was much needed. Please mention me in your prayers

    1. I am praying for you Tamar. And know, you are not defined by your past.

      I love when I read the genealogy of Jesus and see Rahab, the prostitute, Bathsheba who had an adulterous relationship, Tamar and Judah, and Ruth – the rejected outsider. These are the people listed for all of eternity for the honor of bringing the Messiah.

      So, you know what, God does not hold our past against us. He did not hold the past against these people but redeemed their lives and their purpose.

      It is not about how good you are, you are not good, that is why you need a Savior, so whatever mistakes you have made in the past are irrelevant because that does not determine your value.

      Your value is determined by the fact that God loves you so much that He pursued you, died for you, and desires for you to have an intimate relationship with Him.

      And He has a never ending eternal grace and love for you that you cannot lose or forfeit and He will be faithful in working in your life to transform you more and more into His image.

  16. Married to an alcoholic and struggle with alcoholism, anger, bitterness and resentment myself. His drinking triggers mine. I used to never be this way. I feel so much turmoil since being with him but we’ve had two babies and are a blended family of six total. The good is great, but far between. The bad is BAD and has been getting worse. I no longer know what is right or wrong anymore. Trying to submit to someone I no longer respect. Asking for prayers as well…..for peace, enlightenment. Praying for all of you.

    1. Felicia, I prayed for you. I encourage you to really seek out some godly counsel since this involves alcoholism and the alcoholism is effecting you. There are many churches with recovery programs, you might want to start with that even if just for support and guidance. So, sorry you are going through this. I cannot image how difficult this must be to navigate. Praying for God to give you wisdom, love, and deliverance.

  17. Oh, this is a great post. Will you all pray for me and my family? I have been involved with a church that has a few different rules than I was raised with, or as the Bible says “different traditions.” I am so drawn to go there because I have so many loved ones there. But I feel I need to stay in what I know. My mother (who I live with) alerted me to these differences, but has been getting involved with the church too, and sees nothing wrong anymore. The temptation is very severe. I am also facing something at my job to get a parking permit with an RFID chip in it, which I personally feel convicted not to get. But it is becoming very hard to park. My mom also sees nothing wrong with this. She has been a very strong believer, and is extremely persuasive and opinionated. But I only want what is God’s opinion. If He says it’s okay for me to be at this beloved church, and to get a chip-laced parking permit, I need to hear from Him. If not, please Lord, help me to resist. Give me a way out, and don’t let me compromise.

    1. Praying for you to hear God’s lead and desire for you. On my knees, in my personal war room is where He speaks to me. (Have you seen the movie illustrating the power of prayer?) I am praying that the Holy Spirit will be so strong in your mind and heart to clearly direct your path. Love you, Sister!

  18. Lust, resentment, envy. Due to circumstances both now and in my past these are the three I struggle with, I ask for your prayers and I will pray for you.
    May God go with us and be our guide for everything we do, say and think.

  19. praying for marriages everywhere as the enemy is attacking. ladies please let’s fight for our marriages & families w/GOD as the center. satan wants to “get back at” GOD by destroying HIS children. we are the Kings kids and we have to STAND strong & seek Him out. Let’s not to religion but have a true RELATIONSHIP with our ABBA/DAD/SAVIOR/BEST FRIEND EVER. we need to pray for our families hearts to be rescued & restored. Families are hurting and we need to live the WORD daily. If at all possible don’t let DIVORCE be a part of our lives. i am not condemning anyone as my parents and too too many family members have been divorced and i am praying for this to be removed from my family just as if i would pray for disease or debt to be removed from our lives generationally. God wants more for us than to be destroyed by the lies of satan. who suffered more than Jesus on the cross for us. HE did not quit on us and patiently waits for us to come back to HIM. please please don’t allow me or anyone else to condemn you, i am just saying that satan wants families destroyed. let love & patience (JESUS) rule us first

  20. Fear. Specifically speaking of where God is asking me to trust Him and walk with Him in faith trusting Him fully. I have begun to see how God is using waiting on Him as a way to trust Him. He has also begun to show me areas that are holding me back from trusting Him fully and I have begun to see how fear has been not only such a stronghold in my life but also is only a symptom of what is truly wrong. I am not trusting God because I am afraid to be hurt. He has shown me how to truly pour my heart out to Him, not holding anything back and that has changed my relationship with Him. He is an awesome God that will meet us anywhere and help us in all!

  21. I just wanted to chim in here. I’ve been dealing with strongholds for the past few months and I’ve learned something that I think is important that I wanted to share. Strongholds dont just come out of no where. They for sure being with opinions and thoughts. The enemy speaks lies to us and uses our past experience to confirm his lies in our lives are truth. It feels true and we see things and experience things in our lives that seem to confirm what we feel to be true. I’ve learned that in order for a lie or thought or opinion to become a stronghold in our lives is we have to come into agreement with them. When we come into agreement with the lies of the enemy we give him authority over us in those areas. When we come into agreement with the lies of the enemy we are excepting his perspective and view in place of God’s. This might be hard to hear but when we agree with the lies of the enemy we wind up rejecting the truth of God’s word.

    Breaking strongholds doesnt take a long time, it’s walking in truth that is where the work begins. When we acknowledge the lies, thoughts, and opinions that we’ve come into agreement that dont line up with the word of God that’s the first step. The next is to repent. Repent for coming into agreement with the lies, thoughts, and opinions. Repent for giving authority to the enemy and for rejecting the Fathers truth. Then we renounce and break out agreements with those lies, thoughts, and opinions and we speak the truth of God’s word in place of those things. We declare that we are in agreement with the Father and His truth. We give Him back the rule and reign of our lives and heart.

    The enemy will tell us we dont deserve the Father’s love, we dont deserve His mercy, we dont deserve His grace, that He wont forgive us, that we are too far gone or the stronghold too great to overcome. And ya know what, the enemy is right that we dont deserve His love, grace, forgiveness, etc. But it’s not about what we deserve. The word deserve is associated with accomplishment. Sisters, there is nothing we’ve accomplished that we “deserve”anything from the Father. The Father chooses…..He chooses to love us, He chooses to give us grace…’s about what He has chosen to do in our lives not about what we deserve. In Messiah, He has blessed us with every spiritual blessings in the heavenllies. He has called us His own and Messiah did for us what we could not accomplish for ourselves.

    Walking in the Father’s truth and placing our trust in His truth in spite of what we feel is the hardest part but is the process of freedom and maturity. The process of overcoming and being victorious. Whom the Son has set free, is free indeed. Perfect love casts out all fear!

    I hope this makes sense. May the Father continue to lead us in His truth and set us free from the lies of the enemy that we would continue to be women living well drinking deep of the Living Water! Blessings to you all!

  22. satan has sent his demons to enter into our marriage through a Golf buddy and golf group that has become far to important to my husband. Our marriage has gradually gone downhill since this one strong opinionated, critical, controlling man has taken control of this group…..planning out of town trips, making up “rules and betting games” and absolutely controlling all aspects of these trips…, accommodations etc….which has impressed some of the men- my husband included. This will be our 40th anniversary…..but no commentment to me or to plans for us…however he has taken vacation time to make 6 month advance plans with this group. The two who lead this group have lonely miserable wives who have turned inward and one to drinking and the other who has her “own” money travels the world to fill her emptiness………..I recently,after MUCH prayer, felt anointed to pray in every nook and cranny of my house ( because this ungodly man has been here several times) ….I opened windows, closets and commanded that Satan and his demons leave my home! Two days later on a rather chilly day, I felt lead by the Holy Spirit so I put on my shoes, jacket, grabbed my bible and Walked My Propertyline praying and staking my property cleansed by the Holy Spirit. Getting back inside my house I prayed for God Almighty to place this huge burden upon His Most High Altar before His Throne…..and I asked that He BURN it beyond ashes….completing the purification of my home and property.
    This one individual has not set foot here since that day, but emails and I- messages my husband daily…..they both know that I do not “like” this person,but do not care. After much prayer, God has shown me the evil. Never before have I ever used the word “evil” in reference to a person…..this time it fits…God has shown me this. If this person were to describe himself he would say that he is at best agnostic or atheistic …
    SO, please help me break this stronghold that satan has tried to put on my home and my marriage. I want to stand strong as a woman of God, as the Daughter of the King of Kings, and Take Back what is mine….my marriage and my sweet husband. Since this association, my husband no longer wants to go to church…is ready with many excuses, has become also sarcastic, critical( especially of me) ….withholds the truth about activities and trips, lies tells half truths etc…….so much so that I have asked “What happened to my godly man…where has he gone”
    Please pray for Ron and Judy
    Join me in prayer….as I join and lift all of you! In the powerful name of Jesus!

    1. I am praying for you Judy. Satan uses anything he can to get us away from God and the truth. I am sorry this has been going on, but I do pray that the Lord will separate your husband from this group.

  23. I confess my stronghold is fear…and God and I are working on it…I’m “Under Construction” from the inside out, so to speak.

    If you haven’t seen the movie War Room you should try to see it…it is a wonderful movie. In one scene the wife “kicks” Satan out of their home…powerful! She is a warrior…a prayer warrior…does her fighting in prayer and let’s God do the rest. All we women can be powerful warriors….Prayer Warriors!

  24. Growing up on a home with verbal and physical abuse food became my comfort. This stronghold shames me daily; I so desperately want to be free from it.

    1. I will be praying for you. I too know the pain of abuse. God has set me free of many of the hurts I have endured because of the abuse. It has been in layers like an onion God has slowly been healing me layer by layer. I went through a recovery program in my church that helped me bring my pain to God and truly forgive those who had abused me. It was through this that I was able to receive healing. I am believing that what God did for me he can do for you.

  25. Thank you for this amazing post. An Indian friend of mine at work has just left his Hinduism faith and became a follower of Jesus Christ. I host Bible studies and we have been going over the battles in our mind. We finished Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. He clearly sees and can identify enemy attacks and when he starts to have negative thoughts. Now we are working on committing to pray Romans 12:2. I encourage anyone who is going through any stronghold to call out to God right where you are, even in if it is in the middle of your mess, even if you have messed up so many times. Call out to God and ask Him to break those chains in the name of Jesus. Keep seeking God everyday, keep praying. And if you mean it and are sincerely wanting out of those strongholds, God will help you and deliver you and set you free completely. Right where you are.

  26. Mine is fear of being forgotten that my needs and care will be overlooked. This creates a deep insecurity that feeds selfishness, frustration, resentment, impatience, and anxiety. From there, the guilt, shame, and a bit of self loathing come in because I know all my needs are certainly met, I’m not lacking for anything. The cycle repeats and I can’t get free of this mess. Pray I can find freedom and peace in Jesus, as I tend to pull away from Him in my guilt and shame. Thank you all and I have lifted you all up in prayer too.

  27. I would say fear. Have several fears/anxiety issues. I would also say marriage. I feel more like “roommates” than married couple after 30 years.

  28. My strongholds are: judgmental, making insulting and offensive remarks, facebooking using office facilities, internet surfing using office resources, quick to be angry, bitter about past hurts, hatred and anger about past hurts, fear of being taken for granted and being hurt again if I forgive the people who hurt me because they are people who are supposed to be close to me, fear that doing good to those people who hurt me will make me look like a inferior weakling in front of them, fear that the people who hurt me might not accept my direct goodness intended for them because they are capable of doing that without any remorse at all, gossip, conceit, self-righteousness and overpowering. I feel I am in chains and in a dungeon with all these. For 4 months I did not go to church and our weekly prayer meetings. Yesterday, was the first Sunday I went to church, in a long while. Please pray for me, I feel my Christian life is being under attack by the enemy. Thank you xoxo

      1. Thank you Wendy and thank you Courtney. Sometimes, we blame the other people too much, overlooking our own strongholds and the strongholds take over our goodness and get the best of us.

  29. I overeat. My husband smokes. I just found out today my son is addicted to pornography. My sweet daughter-in-law told me because she didn’t know what to do. I don’t know how to help him.

    1. I have said a prayer for you.

      Also, the blog has post on what to do when someone is enslaved by pornography.

  30. Thank you for this, Courtney. The darkness is insidious – it doesn’t smack us in the face because that would make us aware. Instead, it seeps into every crack and hides until it has some strength. I Peter 5:8 reminds of this as well, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:”

    Thank you for your ministry, Courtney. You are a blessing!

  31. My stronghold is so shameful as a woman. I feel like I’m the only one who struggles with this. That it is a men’s issue. I am happily married to an amazing godly husband, yet I can’t seem to shake my stronghold of pornography and masturbation. As I type this I am disgusted by seeing the words and even more with myself. Oh Lord I want to stop.

    1. It is the secret that gives it power. It is so hard in church for us to confess things, yet in keeping them a secret it gives them power.

      Find someone you can trust in and be in community with around this. Again, discusses this topic, you might want to look around there. Also, I think this is more common among women than you realize and the shame does feel greater because of the stereotypes.

      After our Leviticus study, I was impressed by the importance of God’s call to holiness in our lives and started reading of couple of books on holiness. One of the main points was that we get so upset about our sin because we are disgusted that we could do something that bad. So, we are upset because the sin means we have failed or have not achieved or are not as good as we think we should be.

      Well, this is a wrong perspective. Of course we sin. The guilt of sin should not be because we are less, it must be because we realize that we have offended a Holy God and we have rejected His authority. This is why it is hard to forgive ourselves even when God forgives us because we can’t get over our failure. Well it is not about our goodness. So if God forgives us for offending Him then we should receive that forgiveness.

      And, Jenna, your sin does not make you any different from every person who as ever walked this earth. We are all sinners. And any righteousness we think we have is a filthy rag. That is why we need Christ, because we are sinners. So don’t you dare feel dirty or less than. It is a given that your natural man is wicked.

      Now this does not mean that we should embrace, accept and continue in sin. Romans 6.

      Instead pursue God, repent and seek help to turn from this. It may be a process and you will have victories and defeats, and it may be an ongoing struggle. So take seriously the call to remove this from your life, but don’t let Satan use your failure as a tool to make you hide from God or other believers in shame.

  32. God has removed the stronghold of alcohol from mine and my husbands life however I still have a stronghold to smoking cigarettes. I have tried to quit smoking for the last 2 years, and did actually quit for 7 mos., but went back to it. This is such a burden and I’m at my wits end with constantly quitting and going back to it when it gets tough. All prayers are greatly appreciated.

  33. Being married for 16 years. I always feel like I am the only one who wants to stay in the marriage. Being cheated on several times. The last one resulted in a baby being born. I am in tears as I type this because it so painful. He struggles with pride and alcohol. Lies is an issue as well. We have 3 children and it breaks my heart to watch what they are going through. We were due to have a family outing today. He left the house and promised to be back in time. After several calls I had to take them out without him. It is now after midnight and he still hasn’t shown up. When he shows utter disregard like this, a part of me wishes he never comes back but I know it is wrong. I trust the Lord to take care of this from me but it is so so hard. Please pray for my family and I.

  34. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you to bless so many. Thank you for this post.
    Very much needed today

  35. Alcohol, social media, pride, selfishness. These are my strongholds. Thank you for this, it was really needed at this point in my journey. Prayers plz!

  36. Please pray for me. My husband had an affair with a woman who sat in front of me in church for at least a year on and off. It was pain and torment on a daily basis because I knew what was happening. I just didn’t know who he was straying with and couldn’t prove it. I didn’t want to use the Lord’s money to hire a private investigator. I prayed and prayed. I begged the Lord to spare my marriage. My husband took off his wedding ring. After a year, my husband confessed one night at dinner in a restaurant. I had been praying that the Lord would lead him to confess and repent. I couldn’t even eat dinner that night. He did though. I ended up consoling him and telling him that I had a sense of relief at his confession. I forgave him and love him. I didn’t want satan to win in our marriage! Our pastor at our church met with the woman. He said she was not repentant and was “waiting for him.” My husband insists that he is no longer having an affair. Inwardly, I believe something is going on out of my control. He is gone most Saturdays, has cancelled trips that we were scheduled to take so I could fly out leaving him behind due to “work”. He met me a couple of days later and was very cold toward me. He drinks, fiddles with his wedding band and is only affectionate when it is convenient for him or when he wants to have sex. My father told me I was living with satan. My Dad said he is only using me when he has sex with me. But he is my husband. He claims to love the Lord. We continue to go to church. We pray every night at dinner and he sometimes says, “Lord, please let my wife know how much I love her”. Satan has a stronghold in my life. I fight him. I read scripture and pray everyday. I can’t talk to anybody about this at our church. I don’t want gossip going around. Also, my husband is a huge financial contributor and I have seen the honor given him. I didn’t feel love and support when our church leadership knew about the affair between this single woman and my married husband. While I was in my Sunday morning Bible study, he was with he in the coed class. I am still bitter toward her. I know I must let it go. My husband has “joked” that he is investing in real estate with her, even after the affair was supposedly over. Just a month ago he told me she was at a fundraiser/dinner dance that we were attending. I never saw her. The next day he said, “Well, maybe she wasn’t there.” Odd….He plays with words and tries to make me feel insecure. I now protect myself spiritually and financially. I now work in my life solely to glorify the Lord. I am a kindergarten teacher and love children! I am trying not to allow satan’s deception overcome my joy, faith in the Lord, or my peace. Whatever is happening in my husband’s life, whatever his sin, is between him and the Lord. I still try to love him. But its hard to love completely and intimately when secretly you believe he is a liar. Please pray that if he is sinning that the Lord will expose it so I can move on in freedom to love and serve the Lord without fear or sadness in my life. But if satan has taken control of my mind and has me believing his lies against my husband, please pray that I can forgive my husband completely and trust him implicitly, rejoining my finances with him, giving him the honor and reverence that the Lord calls a wife to give her husband. Thank you for your prayers. So many of these comments brought me to tears and I am already praying for you! May the Lord use all the women who wrote and contributed to this blog be blessed and redeemed from any torment that comes their way, that we may all have the armor of Christ as our defense and ultimately bring glory to His kingdom!

  37. I have been struggling with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I have so much anxiety in my head I cant even think well nor sleep well.
    Daily worries about my child, husband and life in general. Please pray for me.

  38. The most costly thing in the world is sin…
    Thank God that where sin abounds…
    Grace much more abounds…Amen!!!!☺

  39. My stronghold is validation through success in my career and what society deems as the perfect life, being a mother, the perfect family and career success. I had a serious illness in my twenties, as a result cannot have children. The illness also flares and affects my abilities at work. I just published a book with my mom, Maze of Thorns, and started a healthy lifestyle blog and website to help others, but right now I am under attack by satans lies. I’m fighting with Gods word but it is one heck if a strong attack. Satan must realize my telling of my experiences will bring others to relationship with God. If you have a minute to pray and take a stand against this, I would appreciate it. I believe God has a plan for me but Satan is bound and determined to tell me otherwise. Love to all, Kris

  40. My strongholds that I am destroying are being a victim of domestic abuse in my past and allowing it to enter through me in my recent relationship. Self doubt, envy, jealousy, comparing myself to others, anger, pain of unresolved issues with Dad. The chains are broken.

  41. My stronghold homelessness. It started right after high school when I left home with my daughter and wasn’t ready. Getting into trouble with the law from stealing checks cashing them because I had no job. Stealing also started very young when my twin sis and I would steal money from our uncle after he molested us. I would then go on to get caught at a store for stealing perfume go to jail sent to TDC on shock probation. Stay in TDC for 14 days. No more stealing. By this time had a second child I was 22. I got a job married to an abusive man them I moved to another city things were fine working taking care of kids going right going to church studying. Low and behold it starts back writing hot checks I was paying for them though then some I couldn’t went to jail. Children grew up had children of their on me in and out of relationships married again that ended in divorce because of my lies and bad checks taking from him. I never used drugs alcohol the checks were always for things I needed or household things nothing ever out of the ordinary. This is still going on been to jail at least 3 to four times behind petty checks. Now I’m 54 single homeless no job but looking on probation relationship end with a nice good man because of my lies over my past lying about things I said I had and didn’t took 1500 from him I did write two hot checks and I am sick of it. My 33 yr old son no job two children homeless. He doesn’t write hot checks but he won’t work lies all the time. My daughter homeless again but with her children father and they are not on streets. My son is. No food to eat. Me I’m staying here there, looking for job going back to school. No writing checks but I’m behind on bills. It seems I can’t get it together. I’m tired I do want this to end. Seems I’m caught up in strong hold

  42. I have been struggling with feeling like i let God down. I became a bitter woman due to taking a comment made to me i guess wrong im not sure but it took me 3 years to get past it i felt betrayed by my own family and i was close to one sister in law not the other but as soon as i found myself forgiving her i felt like something came over me and caged my spirit ive always lived wild and freely and i dont have hate for anyone but whatever has came over me i feel trapped i lost my self esteem and self confidence and trust and happiness with life in general. I started failing at life i feel and my trust and faith has always been in the Lord and still is I just want to be free again.

  43. A spirit of fear attacks me in the middle of the night when I wake up. I have struggled with this before. I fight against it with the Word of God & prayer. I need to be free to fulfill my Godly destiny.

    1. My strongholds are many. Smoking, prostitution and anger. I’ve been praying about these issues for years. Im Falon from Jersey. Anybody reading this please pray for me and please don’t forget about me. Thanks.

  44. Feeling of being rejected by God nd replaced, bitterness, unforgiveness, low self esteem, dear, doubt, guilt and condemnation to name a few.

  45. My strongholds are many. Smoking, prostitution and anger. I’ve been praying about these issues for years. Im Falon from Jersey. Anybody reading this please pray for me and please don’t forget about me. Thanks

  46. I been going threw for years painful breakups, lost of love ones. Been trying to stop drinking and street drugs. I really want to give me life back to god and get on the right track please prey for me.

  47. Elalaine P. Sangkal

    2 years ago I worked abroad and I know that is the will of the Lord but when I got the job and the scheduled was strictly followed I found myself empty like reading God’s word and even praying is hard for me to, on that season of my life I’m struggling in pornication I was expose to those people who don’t have any relationship with Christ because I’m single they always putting to our conversations those dirty jokes that I don’t realize that it affects me a lot being with them. When all things burn out ,my family , work, finances, and my health God make a way to got me Home and to belong in Spiritual Family again so, I decided to go Home as the circumstances told me and as God’s word convict me in my heart. When I came back in my country I spend my time slowly to make things right before God by doing meditation of His word, praying and attending church( Christian values) But There is no changes I thought it will be good if I got Home. When the time pass I struggle again on the same problem of pornication. I came to the point I am shame to face God in my personal Devotion but In my heart the spirit is telling me I can’t do it with my own I NEED GOD TO INTERVENE -TO TOUCH ME WITH HIS SPIRIT. Please pray for me sisters in the Lord. We will be having 3days , 14 days, and 21 days prayer and fasting . Pray to God for my deliverance on this case. Godbless!

  48. My strongholds are anger and not feeling good enough. (self worth) I am hoping to be delivered so that I can live freely in Christ.

  49. I need some advice. My husband and I have been married for 22 years. He likes to drink. .He already has emotional problems, then when he drinks, it intensifies his moods. He goes thru anger, depression , paranoia, frustration and hopelessness. He says things like “Everybody thinks it their duty to make my life miserable.” Anyway he says just because he has a few drinks, I am acting like he is an alcoholic. He says he does not plan to quit. I’m so tired of his drinking. My husband loves me but I’m not feeling love much for him anymore. And intimacy for the past 14 years has only been like once a year or less. I am so ashamed to say this but I made the decision to marry because the idea of marriage sounded exciting, my husband was attractive and I was 35 and the biological clock was ticking. Its a gift when someone says they’re crazy about you. I wish I was crazy about them.

  50. My mom got cancer 4 years ago. Its been a long hard battle. By Gods GRACE she is still alive, however, it will take her life evently. I have struggled with understanding why over and over. I know I will never know why until we get to heaven but it is hard. I cant sleep so I started drinking wine at night to help me sleep. It is now a habbit and I do not like it. I feel like its sinful because it helps me not think about it and I can sleep. I am done with it I want to destroy it, I have tried and I just go right back doing the same thing.

  51. I really needed to see this ” the mind is our battlefield” this is so true for me i allow it to take root and dwell in our marriage as he as well. i love my husband he’s a good loving kind man who showed me love does exists and how much he loves to be a part of my life he’s my best friend. I consistently remind him there will never be another him for me. i thank the Lord everyday for our life together he’s all i ever wanted and prayed for. we struggle and fight to keep our marriage strong from the enemy who seek to destroy it’s a constant battle with so many against us to destroy us and the loyalty and respect we have for one another. its a never ending war I saw but remain strong to keep what God have given me, as a wife I really try to support decisions that I know mean the most to him I do I’ve been beside him 100% always never left his side. even when timed got tough for us I fraught to keep my husband from the devil himself who said my husband belongs to him. i pray with husband till he falls asleep and i see how the enemy takes hold of him and how he struggles and fights to wake up. which made us read more at night and we both loved it. But since his new hobby came and has taken all of our time together away I sometimes feel it’s the demon still coming between us. I’ve remained supportive it’s something that he’s always been waiting and wanting and makes him very happy and he worked extra hours to afford his new hobby and loves it.. its a blessing to see him so happy and i love it and it makes me happy too see him. But sometime last year we were on a trip and he got into a mess of trouble that could have kept him in another state for years. as his wife I stood beside him through it all costing lots of money for us traveling to and from losing time from our jobs. we were truly Blessed with God by our side. however since then I’ve found my self ready to pick up and go i love my husband forevermore there will never be another him for me. But i just dont want to be by his side and his love for his hobby. its killing me writing this and I’m crying like crazy and it hurts me to know if i go through with this he wont be in my life we wont grow older together it hurts me so much my heart and soul is so broken just feeling this way i feel i let God down our kids our grandkids will be lost without him and that kills me even more. but see I’d rather loose the man i prayed for and will continue to love cherish forevermore death do us part. then have him choose our marriage or his hobby I would never be able to forgive myself and i would not be doing my Job as his wife if I did. i will never stop loving him and praying for him he will forevermore be my husband and I never will stop loving and caring for him till I take my last breath on this earth.. he’s been a great blessing to me and my kids and grandkids but his happiness is worth more and i can not continue to stand by him and his hobby if it’s not making me happy anymore I can not lie to my husband and say I am when I’m not please pray for us and our entire family as this will be the most hard time in my life losing my husband and bestfriend

  52. Hi my name is Deborah, I read your article on strongholds, my story is a little complex. 5 years ago my husband took his life in front of me he broke, we were devoted Christians, this nearly destroyed me took me to my knees, I felt it was my fault I began to feel not worthy , abandon, and very lonely. I had miss my husband. I allowed a stronghold to get a hold of me. I allowed a man into my life who wasn’t a believer he would hold my hand and tell me things I needed to hear the Enemy new how to get me I let my guard down. I have done things I had tried to help others with when I was walking really strong with my father. I allowed this man to treat me very bad and accepted it as okay, but it wasn’t. I am royalty I am the daughter of a king. So I am sharing my story with you and asking my brothers and sisters to please help me overcome this stronghold pray for me God has remarkable amazing things for my future my story would be able to bless and help others, and the enemy knows this so he caught me when I was weak. Also would like to ask my brothers and sisters to please pray 4 my friend Paul he is very lost, I need this strongholds broken I will seek God’s word 4 help. Thank you for taking a moment to read my request. Sending blessings and prosperity to my brothers and sisters. Deborah.

  53. My stronghold is a toxic relationship that I am currently in I have prayed for this individual and have tried to show him how God blesses me and can also do the same for him there is abuse my life is spiraling out of control because of his actions I am currently at a place where I want to walk away and start back living a normal life everytime I try to break free I am pulled back in to a web of deceit and betrayal I want out I want my life to go back to normal for myself and my kids even if it means walking away from this person forever.

  54. I have a strong hold and I have been praying and trying to break it. Everything that was not of Jesus I have been freed from, but this stronghold is not like the others. Please pray for me. The stronghold is smoking. I really seriously want to quit. I even wear patches, but, I need help.


  55. I was born with Hypertellerism, cleft palette and other cranial problems. I had reconstructive surgeries every year of my childhood until I was 11 years old, many times during the school year. I was then diagnosed with Scoliosis at age 13 and had to have spinal fusion surgery. I wore eyeglasses and had braces back when both were not popular. So needless to say, my self-esteem is not good. I have wanted a man here on Earth to love me so much! I’ve thought many times how all I’ve gone through as a child would somehow be validated/erased/wiped clean if a man would love me for who I am on the inside. I have some serious strongholds that I am recognizing Satan has creeped into my life. I’ve allowed them as they’ve given me a brief type of satisfaction. They are fantasies. Some of them are very opposite of how I would want to be treated by a man, or anyone. I’ve been hit hard by these strongholds the last few months. I’ve felt alone. I’ve felt distant from God. I’ve wrestled with unbelief. I’ve wondered where my faith has gone. I looked up this morning, prayers to say against these and other strongholds in my life. I desparately need Jesus to take the fear, anxiety, loneliness, insecurities, etc. out of my life! I don’t think it is an accident that I found this website and saw all these other honest prayer requests through the last few years, and felt compelled to write an honest request to those that read this. Thank you for praying.

  56. Hi my stronghold is speaking up to somebody and actually speaking and speaking up. I literally don’t speak to nobody no more because I just can’t trust what I am gonna say my hearts not actually saying what it needs to say 🙁 expressions are all over the place

  57. I struggle with a strong hold of insecurity. I battle with feeling ugly and it taunts me. It brings me down and I just want to be delivered and see myself as God sees me.

  58. My stronghold is jealous and envious people trying to destroy my marriage and my future… please pray for me and my husband and my children… God bless you

  59. Courtney,
    I am so blessed to have found your article on Strongholds as I have been struggling with an area of my life that has been frustrating for me. I have been dealing with letting go of areas of anger with my husbands arrogance. I knew it was something the Lord has been dealing with my listening to my husband and submission. Long story short I pretty much have spent my life taking care of myself even though I’ve been married for 26 years I have always had this attitude that I can take care of myself and really didn’t need anyone to take care of me. How did this relate to a stronghold I’d have never thought until I came across this article. Wow what a revelation as I read it I realized as I read the Genesis 3:1 scripture in your article, like a lightbulb cane in in my head as I could see that satan has used those very words I’ve said many times, “I don’t need anyone.” This was my stronghold! as Strongholds come from arguments and opinions that are raised in our thoughts against God and his ways.
    Like the snake in the garden – when he questioned Adam and Eve, we ask the same question, “Did God really say that?” (Genesis 3:1)
    I have walked through so many of my behavior issues by getting at the root of that behavior and getting free. As once we get to the root of why we react or behave a certain way that’s the beginning of breaking free! I am so grateful to the wisdom in this article as it may have been on the internet for a few years but God’s appointed time for me to see it was today!
    Thank you!

  60. I recently received a prophecy,that I have a stronghold power from my family line,and it’s I know where all my problems are coming from,I was told that I need deliverance from such bondage before I can be successful in all that I do.please I need help.i dont know where to start.

    1. I hear you. I just shared my childhood ordeal on here and how it’s effected my life. I have many strongholds to be set free from due to childhood abuse. Based on my own experience I would suggest that you try to find a really good therapist who is trained in childhood trauma. It’s a painful walk, but it does bring freedom by exposing strongholds. Sooo many things have been revealed that it’s amazing. I would suggest that you watch Diane Langberg on youtube. She is an amazing Christian woman with over 40 years of research and therapy regarding trauma of all kinds. She speaks truth and clearly loves God and knows he is our source of healing even as we need people to stand and walk with us through the journey. I’m saying a prayer for you.

  61. My strongholds are many. Fear of judgment, self-righteousness, pride, helplessness, bitterness, inability to forgive, loneliness resulting in isolation (so the cycle continues), codependency. The list goes on. It all stems from abuse throughout my childhood. My dad began to rape me at the age of four. He manipulated and gaslighted me. My mom looked the other way. She abused me mentally and emotionally. I was bullied or ignored in school. I have a stronghold of illness. These past two years I’ve been in trauma therapy with an amazing therapist. We go through the trauma events chronologically to see which mental and emotional issues became rooted in me and therefore increased their hold on me throughout the my childhood and adolescence. We are just now beginning the 5yo trauma. Before I even met with my therapist God told me that she would be my therapist. He told me that he would be healing me, not her, but she is his instrument. I need him to tell me so I would stay focused on him. In have to grew major health issues that began about the time I started therapy. I’ve had acute and minor health issues throughout this time. I constantly see to see my doctor, but thankfully she’s very compassionate. I feel guilty, stupid, like a burden, shame, that I have the need for attention yet right against it. I’ve been trying to be in the word more, to pray, etc. I listen to music and sermons all the time. God speaks to my needs through these all the time, addressing issues I’m facing in that very moment. I finally know that God, El Roi, sees me and loves me and that I can trust him. I need to deal with these strongholds. I’m grateful that I came here. Some of the strongholds I have been aware of but haven’t known how to deal with. Others I couldn’t name until I came to this site. I took screenshots of all the awesome encouragement and ways to seek to be set free. I’m saving this thread. I believe God sent me here since today is the day of prayer and repentance for each of us as well as our nation and world. Thank you all! God bless you!

  62. Hello Ladies,
    I pray that God continues to guide and protect all of you. In reading some of these comments, I was touched. May the strongholds in OUR LIVES be torn down and destroyed in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST! There shall be no more strongholds in our lives! God will help us. The God of Jacob is our fortress. No weapons formed against us shall prosper!

    My stronghold is unknown. I’m not sure if being too kind counts as a stronghold…I pray and fast soo much, yet I can’t seem to meet genuine people. I guess my stronghold is friendly enemies and lack of trusting people.

  63. I have been a Christian since 1982. I have followed, learned, failed & repented, & still serve the Lord these many years, & fought many spiritual battles – but am now battling a severe stronghold in my adult (backslid) daughters life.
    She is in deeply obsessed in an abusive, dangerous lesbian relationship, in severe denial. They are both bad alcoholics & would physically fight – after the last severe fight was life-threatening, my daughter moved 1200 miles away to try to get herself free – but started again talking to & making future plans with this woman.

    I cannot understand my own weakness, tiredness, ineffectiveness in prayer for this situation. I pray she will SEE & KNOW some truths that will make her free from lies. That will lead her to more truths that will make her more free.
    When you KNOW a truth – you can never not see it!!
    Please help me pray for strength & effectiveness in my prayers.
    I’m so grateful for any prayers.

  64. I am 47 and I have struggled with having ungodly relationships online for several years (knowing it was wrong and feeling ashamed) because of being unhappy in my marriage. Now I am a widow since Jan 2021 and I want this to end but struggle to completely let go.. I feel destroyed and dont know what to do or where to begin.

  65. Hi. I’m a 52-year-old believer and have been saved for 30 years. I struggled my whole life with fear or fear of being judged. The Lord has been working in that area the last few years, but it still is some thing the enemy uses in my life, fear of being judged, fear of rejection
    I know that I’m excepted in the beloved, that the Lord loves me with an everlasting love, but this fear at times concerns me depending on the circumstances in my life or my children’s lives. I just want to have freedom. I want to truly function from the place of who I am in Christ and not be bound at with this fear. Please pray for me I know it’s a strong hold.

  66. My stronghold is isolation, rejection, hatred, pride, resentment, anger. People rejects me, hate me for no reason, think I’m proud… I’m left alone in this world… but I’m alive I know there’s hope… Amen

  67. Thank you for this blog of strongholds. So well described and to the point without too much information. I came about your site as I was looking for the meaning of stronghold and what they are. I suffer with mind controlling; everything has to fit me and no one else and body structure( my picture had to look picture perfect)I want to be free, God knows I really wants to be free and this scriptures is my freedom. For the truth will set me free and whoever the son sets free is free indeed and Jesus was sent by the Father to destroy the work of the devil; as the devil only comes to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus came later to give life abundance. You see the pattern; first the devil is allowed to do what he does best and then Jesus our savior comes and restore and give us his rest. I love it.
    Thank you my dear sister and God bless you for being a blessing to us and I pray he gives the same grace to all my brothers and sisters in this blog to overcome all stronghold in their lives today in Jesus mighty and precious name. Amen!

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