How to Enjoy Life to the Fullest

Life is full of ironies. Sometimes the bad guy wins and the good guy looses. But we can still enjoy life to the fullest, despite it all. Here's how. #Biblestudy #Ecclesiastes #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

I looked up on Google what others are saying as to how to enjoy life to the fullest.  First, this search led me to articles that were titled “How to Enjoy Life Without Drugs” and “How to Enjoy Life Without Weed.”  This shows the state of our world and how desperate we are for meaning.

Then I found lists like “101 Ways to Enjoy Life” or “43 Ways to Live Life to the Fullest”.  How discouraging!  Both those numbers seem so large and overwhelming. I’m pretty sure I’d never be able to check off those lists and get to the fullest life that way.

So today- Solomon simplifies it for us.  Join me on this video as I explore the 6 Ways he says, we can enjoy life to the fullest.

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Life is full of irony.

Sometimes the fool succeeds, while the wise man fails or the wicked are blessed, while the good live in poverty.

Sometimes a righteous man’s life is cut short, while a wicked man lives to be 100 or we sacrifice our health while we are young, to make money – only to find that we have to spend the money – when we are old, to get our health back.

Sometimes we are so anxious about our future, we can’t enjoy the present and we fail to live and enjoy life in the present.

I struggle to live life to the fullest.

The cares of this world and the news on television, mixed with life’s frustrations, hardships, busyness, hurts and limitations can cause me to miss out on living in the present and living life to the fullest.

This study has me re-evaluating everything in my life and has opened my eyes to so many areas where I am simply wasting my time and energy.  I have missed out on the simplest pleasures of life that God has meant for me to enjoy and I don’t want to miss out on them for another day, hour or minute.

I want to enjoy God’s good gifts –starting now!

So join me – are you in?


What steps will you take today to begin enjoying life to the fullest?

What do you need to eliminate?  What do you need to add more of into your life?

Walk with the King,


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  1. Love it!
    So interesting how we can overdo the efforts to be a good steward and become so frugal we are depriving ourselves of the joy and delight around us. I liked your practical idea of trying some new flavors and coffee drinks….. mmmm!

    Thanks again, Courtney for your mentorship to us online!

  2. Wow! So amazing! Exactly what I needed to hear today!
    I’ve been following your blog for about 2 weeks now and today was the first time I actually watched the video. LOVED IT! You have given me renewed spirit and I want to fully soak up all of your wisdom and knowledge and grow my relationship with God and become even closer to him!
    Thank you for that! I am hopeful I can find your books online cheaper, as I want them all; but cannot afford them at the normal cost!

  3. I’m glad to hear you do that in your bedroom too. I I always feel guilty when I do that, it always seems my friends have everything all together and I can’t image that they do that as their homes are always perfect.

    But sometimes I am rushing and so I have tried on a bunch of clothes and dropped them on the bed and then the makeup and blow dryer are not put up, the whole bit. I can so relate to that.

  4. It’s tough to feel content when there are so many avenues opened for us to compare ourselves. Every time we open Facebook, Pinterest, ect. we open ourselves up to comparing ourselves to hundreds of women, and then feeling like we don’t measure up…whether we intend to compare or not. It just happens when we see others and how they’re living their lives, how they look, or what vacations they’re going on.

    The biggest strategy I’ve learned is to turn it all off for a while, and just live simply…in the moment…only aware of what’s going on around me…maybe that’s all we were intended to be aware of, so we can focus on who is really important in our lives.

  5. I decided during the summer I would make my bed every morning since my sitting area (bible study) is in the same location. I have enjoyed being there more. I have worked very hard to plant a wonderful garden and am truly enjoying the harvest from my work. I made bread and butter pickles for the first time since I helped my mom when I was a little girl so it brought me a great deal of joy! My father has congestive heart failure and was in very bad health all this past year but with a miracle surgery he is now able to enjoy swimming again twice a day (he is 82) and so I have been making time to go and swim with him. I am thankful for this opportunity to be with him. He is receiving Hospice care because his heart is functioning at such a poor rate so I know my time with him is precious! Thank you for this study! My friends, some near and some far are all doing the study together so it has been a real blessing!

  6. Hi Courtney!
    I have begun the process of purging my home of stuff. This begins intentional steps of enjoying my life and creating a place of peace and welcome in my home. Another intentional step is planning what I will do with my day. It’s sad to say that finally after 43 years I’ve realized that I only have a set number of hours in a day that I have to spend wisely. So I’m using my time more to be with my kids and husband, and I’m eliminating time wasters. I started unsubscribing to blogs to cut down on all the emails I get every day and only visit the ones I’ve selected are most important to me right now in my life. The Ecclesiastes study has been wonderful and I’m learning things I never saw in this book. Thank you!

  7. Your post is very timely. After hearing about the military coup in Turkey and political arguments, I was feeling overwhelmed with worry. Time for me to get out and enjoy the day.

  8. Wow…I just found this website and I needed to hear it this morning. Thanking God for all he’s given me! Praying for his will everyday! I had an opportunity this week to interview for a different job and it just didn’t pan out. I knew it wasn’t for me after I interviewed and I was facing some disappointment. However, I am inspired today to continue with my current status and do the best I can do in that position because God wants me there. Praising him for his beautiful grace and mercy!

  9. Hi Courtney,

    For the last two weeks, I haven’t been able to watch the video on Safari. There is no thumbnail and the link doesn’t work. However, it’s fine in Firefox.

    I very much enjoy your videos and don’t want to miss them!!


  10. Hi Courtney! I need to eliminate any activities that I have taken on without God’s blessing. Busyness is what leads me to being overwhelmed which leads to a major depressive episode. I am seeking God for direction and balance in my life.

    I need more of Jesus in my life! I need more time devoted to spending time in God’s presence. That is why I will be attending a retreat in August called All Things New. If you are in the Midwest, check out the details and join me if you can.

  11. I enjoy your videos you post each Friday and makes me understand scripture better. God bless you for doing this as it has helped me a lot ! I love how you can relate this to every day life.

  12. I’m a little late in watching this, but… Courtney, you are a complete joy to me. Thank you for always pointing people in the direction of the King.

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