How to Live the Good Life

If you feel like you've been juggling too much in life or are on an endless treadmill, here's how you can learn to live the good life. #Biblestudy #Ecclesiastes #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

We have reached the end of our study in the book of Ecclesiastes and this was our best Bible Study  together – ever!!! 🙂

Ecclesiastes has opened my eyes – brought clarity to my goals – has given me a proper perspective on life and it continually challenges me. It is the cold cup of water in my face, that I need to keep me centered on God and what really matters in life.

Now it’s time for the final video.  In this video, I will take us to the final 2 verses of Ecclesiastes – they give us a powerful conclusion.  If you feel like you’ve been juggling too much in life or like you are on the treadmill of life getting no where fast – then this is for you.  We will examine what living the “Good Life” really looks like.  Don’t miss this one!  It’s the entire point of Ecclesiastes!


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My time in God’s Word this summer has been sweeter because of you all.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. It has been a blessing to study alongside of you.

**Chime In**

What have you learned during your time in Ecclesiastes?

Keep walking with the King!


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  1. THANK YOU for this awesome study!! I really enjoyed learning about the correlating verses which leads to extra study and have written them all over my Bible for the future. The scripture vanity of vanities is cemented into my brain now and has given me such a wonderful perspective to keep coming back to through life! Just wondering if there is an Australian Good Morning Girls fb page that you could put me in contact with? I have clinked on the links but can’t seem to find it. Thanks again and looking forward to James!!

    1. Hi Tracey, I am a GMG in Canberra. The Australian GMG Facebook group was active a while ago but didn’t continue this year. There are a few Aussies in some of the GMG international groups.

      1. Thanks for the update Jodie! I am in a great fb GMG group at the moment but just thought I would check in to see if there was any Aussie GMG groups as well 🙂

    2. I really enjoyed this study during breaks…the questions and added verses relating to the study was wonderful! Your teaching videos are so encouraging. Thank you for sharing His word.

    1. I agree!!! I hope you do another deep study sometime in the future! The workbook was amazing…the questions challenged me in a good way. I’ve never learned this much about Exclesiastes…my eyes were opened and I finally understood this book! It’s now one of my favorite books of the Bible. 🙂

      1. My mom and I were waiting to see the response to this first in-depth Bible Study. Since it has been so warmly received, my mom has already begun the research for our next study together! Yay! So we should have another in-depth study available for you in 2017. It takes quite a while to write, edit, format and publish one – so it won’t happen too quickly. But we are working on it!
        Lots of Love,
        Courtney 🙂

        1. I’m so excited for your next study!!! I have never loved a study so much!! Keep up the blessed work!! You and your Mom are truly blessings to us all!!

        2. So excited to hear you are working on another in depth study. This was my first GMG study and I loved it!

  2. This was a great study to help me come back to getting in the Word daily! I had lost my way. Thank you for helping me find my way back home! I wil be joining you for the study in James. I hope you do more studies like this one in the future! I am sure it was a lot of hard work.

  3. Thank you for your dedication to encouraging us to rise and shine and get into the word. It has been a blessing and done in such a relevant and sweet way.

  4. Thank you! Often I feel like there’s too much to juggle. Instead of successfully juggling i feel like a ton of balls are being dropped on my head, I catch what I can, and then am sad at all that I dropped. The study reminded me that I’m not the juggler ?

  5. The ladies in my group absolutely loves the workbook!! They want more! Would you be willing to do more workbooks like this one? It makes studying the word go from our heads, to our hearts. Thank you again so much! It’s been such a blessing!

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Yes – we are working on another in-depth study for you – it should be out in 2017 – Lord willing.

      I’m so glad your group enjoyed it. God is so good! His Word is alive! I am so blessed that you studied with us.

      Lots of Love,

  6. This Bible study has come at the perfect time in my life. Our family has just moved and we are trying to get settled in a new home, church, and new schedules. Through this study God has taught me and incouraged me. Thank you so much for all you do Courtney! God bless!

  7. Thank you Courtney for this study. This has been the best one we’ve done!! Thank you to your Mom also!

  8. I dont have much to say, but i just want to Thank you for sharing God’s blessings to you! God blessed me by your video and used you to open my eyes to things I have been confused about!

  9. Thank you for such a wonderful study. This was my first with GMG but will not be the last. Enjoy your life with God in the center. My focus will be more on Him & less on WANTS of the world. God bless. you!

  10. Thank u Courtney for the wonder study of
    ECCLESIASTES. I enjoyed it so much & i have learned so much.
    Can’t wait to start the book of James journal.

  11. I thank God for showing me this wonderful Bible study that you and your mom put together. It was so refreshing and amazing to learn about Solomon and the book Ecclesiastes. I particularly enjoyed your warmth in your videos and how much Jesus lives in your heart, Courtney. You’re a wonderful person for putting this site together. Blessings, Barbara

  12. Do you and your Mom already have a book planned-can you say which book? The workbook was an awesome study. Thank you both for your hard work-much loved and appreciated!

  13. Thank God ,this is my first online Bible study.I have read Ecclesiastes only once so far.But through this study I have read it very deeply.Thank you very much Courtney.

    I couldn’t purchase the workbook. But studied the chapters deeply.I want to do more Bible Studies.

    Waiting to do Bible Study in James.

    Thanks a lot for your efforts.God bless you!!!.

  14. When he says commandments, he is talking about the Torah. The loving instruction that God gave us to live by. When Jesus says in John 14:21 to keep his commandments he is still talking about the Torah. Not once did Jesus say that the Torah was done away with in fact he says in Mat. 5:18 18 “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.”
    Jesus kept the law, he loved the law! What do you think? Should we keep doing all that Hod has commanded us to do through the Torah, and through the living word that is Jesus?

    1. I greatly enjoy doing these study’s! Have have done a few with you now and it has been very good for me! Thank you for all the work you out in and for all the videos that you do! You are a blessing

  15. Wonderful study Courtney!!! I love your last video and reminding me of my picture I started with!! Thank you!!! Looking forward to The Book of James! Thank you for being a blessing to us Mommas:)!


  16. I have enjoyed the Ecclesiastes study so very much! The format was terrific – when I first look at it, the questions seemed very simple – but were in fact quite deep. I copied into a notebook all the verses related to time, and how to use and enjoy God’s blessing of time. I would recommend this study wholeheartedly, and I can’t wait for the next one! Thanks to you and your Mom for using your writing/researching/teaching talents in such a meaningful way.

  17. I was behind but finish and what an amazing journey. I love the study and the help with looking into the word more deeply. Im new to studying the bible and this has been such a blessing. Thank you.

  18. I am a little late to the party…I just finished Ecclesiastes and I am so blessed and blown away with what I have learned. I especially enjoyed this last one. I knew God is alive, but I have forgotten that He is ALIVE! and it’s made all the difference for me.
    I want to thank especially you, Courtney for your faithfulness to God. I too have been praying for something for a long time. (I’m right there with you!:)) God showed Himself faithful in your last video of this series. He really spoke through what you were saying and I’m so very grateful to God for you. Because He is Alive it makes all the difference in the world!
    You are such an encouragement!
    I’m even thinking of doing this study with my 15 year old daughter. I think she will learn a lot. I’m glad to hear that we will have another one next year. Something fantastic to look forward to. Please thank your Mom for me too. You both did a wonderful job! I also liked the blooper video, it made me laugh.
    Now, on to the Book of James….:)

  19. I’m late to this party as well!!! Thank you Courtney and Mrs. Wise for this study on Ecclesiastes! I thank God for you!!! Blessings on the rest of your summer!

  20. Do you have the videos that we are able to share at our church small group bible studies?


  21. I am very late doing this study. I am so glad I could still do it though. I read through Ecclesiastes on my own early in 2017 and was so depressed by it. But then I went through this study and watched your videos and worked through the questions. OH MY! I can’t say it’s my favorite book , but I sure do have a much better appreciation for it now. Thank you!!

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