How To Make Your Home Feel Cozy

As homemakers, we want to make our homes a haven for family and friends. Here are some very creative ways to make your home feel cozy. #WomenLivingWell #homemaking #friendship #makingyourhomeahaven

Welcome to week one of the 2016 Making Your Home a Haven Challenge!  I’m so thankful for our guest – {New York Times Best Selling Author and Proverbs 31 Speaker} – Karen Ehman.  Check out her welcome video here – she made this just for you!

Karen writes:

I’m delighted to be leading us through this year’s Making Your Home a Haven challenge! Thanks so much to Courtney for allowing me to connect with you all. I’m so ready to get started sharing ideas as we all encourage each other to make our homes inviting and welcoming for our families and for anyone God sends our way!

First of all, we have two free printables for you to download and print on paper (or cardstock) to help with the challenge: the four weekly challenges and the key scripture verse.

Keep these where you can see them often. You may even wish to memorize the verse from Hebrews over the next month. Totally optional, but totally doable with your cute, designed scripture card we’re giving you here. 😉

Download the challenge schedule here.


Download the key verse of the challenge here.


Now let’s begin with this week’s challenge:

Week One:

Create an atmosphere of coziness in your home.

Make it your aim to create an inviting, welcoming spot for your family; a haven with an aroma and look that is pleasing to the eye.

Purchase a large fragrant candle in your favorite fall scent. (Or pick out your favorite oil scent or simmering potpourri) Each day, light the candle as you whisper a prayer for the family members that dwell in your home. Pray for them by name. Thank God for them and also lift any specific requests you have about them to the Lord. Don’t rush, reflect. Praise God for the privilege of being a mom, wife, sister, daughter….whatever role you have in your particular family.

Then spend just a few minutes straightening up the main living area where your family normally hangs out. Cultivate the practice of paying just a little extra attention to the look of the home—as well as the hearts of those that dwell there—throughout this entire challenge. Take some time this week to also make it look a little festive and fall-ish around your home. (Some inexpensive ideas follow a little later in this post as well as a few peeks into autumn around our place.)

To summarize…

This week, adopt this routine:

Light. Pray. Straighten. Repeat.

Ok, let’s begin!

Here are a few inexpensive ideas for fall decorating, most of which utilize items found in nature:

    • Set a basket of pinecones out and place a few drops of scented oil on them in a fall fragrance like clove, orange, apple, or cinnamon.
    • Place some mini pumpkins and gourds in a bowl out as a centerpiece. These are usually very inexpensive at roadside stands and farmer’s markets. Indian corn works well too in baskets or hung on the wall or mantle.
    • Use a corer (or paring knife) to remove the stem from an apple or two and cut out a hole in the top large enough to hold a taper candle. Ta-da! Cute fall candle sticks!
    • Place a fresh artichoke in a small terra cotta pot, stem down.. Cut a hole in the top center just large enough to hold a small pillar candle.
    • Let your kiddos go wild collecting items on a nature walk—twigs, leaves, acorns, unusual nuts and berries or interestingly shaped rocks. Display them in an eclectic manner in a wooden bowl or basket.
    • Make a seasonal garland of dried apple or orange slices, bay leaves, nuts or cranberries. (You may need a drill to make holes in the nuts!) Drying instructions for fruit: Slice apples and oranges ¼ inch think and lay on parchment paper lined cookie sheets. Bake at 150 degrees for 6-7 hours, until pliable.
    • Carefully use a Sharpie Marker to draw a circle around the stem of a pie pumpkin (Not a Jack-o-Lantern pumpkin. There is a difference!) Use a sharp, serrated knife to cut through the line and remove the top. Scoop out the seeds and stringy stuff. Then, use your pumpkin as a vase to hold some small mums, carnations, sunflowers, or fall daisies. You can also use it to house some cream cheese pumpkin dip. Recipe found here on my website)

Now, for a little peek into my home.

Here is my front porch. Wreath on clearance from Home Goods last year for $12. Pumpkins from a roadside stand. Small ones were three for a dollar. Bigger ones were 2-3 dollars each. Old distressed chair was free from someone who was giving it away.



As homemakers, we want to make our homes a haven for family and friends. Here are some very creative ways to make your home feel cozy. #WomenLivingWell #homemaking #friendship #makingyourhomeahaven

My kitchen table, complete with art projects from my kids’ elementary days including a pumpkin made from a pair of nylons and two different corn husk men, one with an acorn hat. These crafts are all over 10 years old and I display them every year.


Super easy and cheap idea. And old basket I had around the house with some gourds and Indian corn.

As homemakers, we want to make our homes a haven for family and friends. Here are some very creative ways to make your home feel cozy. #WomenLivingWell #homemaking #friendship #makingyourhomeahaven

This was a quick one. I purchase the mini-pumpkins at TJ Max for $7 and the other grass-like floral item for 70% off at Michaels. (It was originally $11.99 but cost less than $3.50) The crock was a hand-me-down from my mother-in-law.



As homemakers, we want to make our homes a haven for family and friends. Here are some very creative ways to make your home feel cozy. #WomenLivingWell #homemaking #friendship #makingyourhomeahaven

Even a simple item and single garland strand can spruce up a shelf. I left the dust intentionally pictured for no extra charge. 😉 Pear was $4.00 at Marshalls. Garland was $3.00 on clearance one year at World Market. Picture of my 2015 state champion football son is priceless. (Sorry….any time I can plug a football player from Michigan over those other guys Courtney roots for, I will!)


Found this little guy at a craft sale last year for $2.00.


Candy dish $5.00 at Home Goods. (No one likes the dark chocolate with crisp rice candies. The milk chocolate with peanuts have long since left the building!)


And finally, my mantle. All items on clearance from TJ Maxx one year for 75% off, except the copper plate which was a quarter at a yard sale last fall. My favorite is the owl!


There. Now that our idea sharing and home tour is over, let’s throw out the conversation starter for this week. You may answer either one of the questions below.

Enter to Win A $50 Gift Card to Home Goods!


**Chime In**

First, how do you make your home look fall-ish?

Or, what prayers are you praying for your family members?

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

One winner will be chosen from among the commentors to receive a $50 Home Goods gift card to go grab yourself some fun fall décor.

Ok….I’ll start. I think a fabulous—but a little scary!–prayer request we can pray for all of our family members is that God would allow them to experience whatever life situations they need, in order for Him to get a hold of their hearts, making them totally committed to living a life that glorifies Him and makes Him famous!



I love this Karen! Thank you so much for all of these wonderful ways to make our homes cozy!

I can’t wait to hear from everyone in the comment section.  How are you making your home cozy for fall? And what prayers needs do you have?

Walk with the King,



  1. Fall is my favorite. Farmstand pumpkin scentsy wax in the warmer, fake leave gArland on the mantle, mums and pumpkins on the porch, scarecrows and stuffed pumpkins in the playroom.. aww i love fall. Praying for my husband jus through every day things like work.. and my daughter.. as she learns and grows.. for safety for all of us in this crazy world..

  2. Hello! I love this every year! It has become a staple in our home to have light music and a candle lit every day when the kids and hubby come home!

    A couple of ways I decorate for this season is :
    I bought a cute “hello fall” sign from the target dollar shop a few years ago. I place that on the kitchen table with a candle, and some pumpkins. Then I have a big antique chalk board in my dining room and I always draw a fun festive fall drawing or saying to go with the fall theme! My kids love it and look forward to it every year!

    And for an added bonus, every day I pray that my kids would be a light on a hill and to show others the love of Jesus as they are out in this dark world!

    Thank you for this study!! Love it!

  3. Praying that my family becomes united before the holidays this year! I like to plant mums in the plastic pumpkins with faces! They are super cute!

  4. I pray for peace and prosperity for each member that I love. I want us all to go into the busiest time of year with a calmness before the storm. I also wish us all a very prosperous time. We have goals laid out and I want each one to have many happy moments along the road.

    Thanks for sharing your fall decorating ideas!!! It really inspired me to do more. We don’t have much room due to living in a trailer, but I can put a little more effort into it! I love this challenge. ????

  5. I love to use pumpkins everywhere in my home. I have a monogrammed pumpkin that is my favorite. My prayers for my family right now include prayers for my oldest who will be getting married in March!

  6. I love to use pumpkins everywhere in my home. I have a monogrammed pumpkin that is my favorite. My prayers for my family right now include prayers for my oldest who will be getting married in March!

  7. I just turned 39. We have 3 children (ages 7, 5 and 3 on the 22nd), and I was adamant that we were “done” having kids. Recently I sensed a little voice. (Aka the Holt Spirit) telling me that this family isn’t complete, yet. And this TERRIFIES me!!! Praying for clarify. And that I wouldn’t fear the outcome. My own plans tend to get in the way… and I want my husband and I to be on the same page about this.

  8. I have an autumn wreath that I hang on my front door. I also light pumpkin pie smelling candles or apple cinnamon candles. I also have a couple of tablecloths that I use, interchangeably, that are autumn themed.

  9. Hello Friends! I’m so excited about the challenge! This will be my 3rd year doing the challenge???????????? we just moved into our new home about 5 months ago so this is my first time to decorate for fall in this home. I’m loving the tips on decorating on a budget. I bought two new scarecrows and picked up some candles (cozy flannel & fall hayride) at Kohls. Thank you for doing this awesome giveaway and this challenge!

    1. Is this my daughter? I stopped by a local stand and for only $23. I bought 3 huge mums, 3 pumpkins and a watermelon. A farmer let me have some corn stalks. I pulled down the shucks to reveal the corn for the birds. I pray for my family to slow down and breathe in God’s spirit. Relax in his warm comfort and enveloping peace. My children are beautiful daughters in God and I pray their daughters grow up to be like them. This is the first time I have seen this site. I love it and look forward to using it.

  10. My home is in fall colors all year round so pulling out the fall decor is my favorite! I have lots! This year we were able to add some nice decor to the outside with mums and pumpkins and corn husks. Love the sights and smells of fall!

  11. I am praying this season for my mom as she is battling dementia. I am also praying for my two boys that they will feel that home is a safe haven to grow and develop. Also, for my husband that he can come home a relax after a stressful day of work. Also, for myself to be able to spend some time with my Heavenly Father and to be held safely in his arms.

    1. Kimberly, I just stopped right now to pray for your mom. Such a hard thing. My husband’s grandmother had dementia and he remembers how hard it was. Asking God to give you strength and calm and peace in your heart. Glad you are joining us here!

    2. Kimberly, I just prayed for your mom and you. I went through this with my own Mom. I know how hard it is. I pray God’s strength and grace for you and healing for your Mom. Hugs to you.

  12. An autumn wreath on front door, pumpkin candles, and my fall indoor decorations is how we decorate. LOVE fall!

  13. I absolutely love this Challenge! I enjoy making my home an inviting place for my family to gather and spend time together. I love fall because the nights get chilly and the comfort food comes out and everyone gathers together earlier and longer 🙂 Thank you so much for the encouragement in this post!

  14. I love having pumpkins and mums on my front step. The smell of a pumpkin candle. And I am slowly working on making or or waiting to buy fall decorations on clearance! I love Fall!
    I am praying for my family to continue to take the time to be a family in our busy season and wisdom in parenting my 2 kids well. (6th grade and 3rd grade)

  15. I love the fall and decorating with pumpkins, gourds, mums, Indian corn, and scarecrows! My goal is to have some type of fall decoration in every room–not overly crazy but something that my grandkids can look for in each room when they come to visit. I decorate by our front and back entrances to the house and hide an air freshener with a fall fragrance to make it smell festive before they even get into the house. My prayers are for my husband and his health and Christian love toward others.

    1. Yes! Scarecrows! I love the scarecrows. We used to make them when my children were small by using a flannel shirt and pair of jeans from Goodwill. I’d forgotten how fun that was.

  16. Ever since my children grew up I stopped decorating for Halloween and I decorate for fall instead. A few wooden signs about being thankful and blessings, pumpkins, silk fall leaves, owls and seasonal candleholders are all at takes to change the ambiance of the whole house. This year I will also be covering our home with prayers of thankfulness. I love ❤️ fall????????!

  17. I’m really into white this year so I bought some cheap pumpkins at the dollar store and painted them white. I put them in my little bucket laying in the hearth. It’s so cute and simple! So looking forward to this journey. My candles are lit and prayers being sent.

    1. I love the look of white as well. I haven’t really done in my house yet, but whenever I see it somewhere else I am very drawn to it. Cute idea with the bucket in the hearth.

  18. Fall is definitely the cozy season. I have filled the woodbox, built the fire, unpacked and aired out the furry, cozy blankets for the couch. We are burning the cinnamon candles and drinking pumpkin spice coffee! We are decorating with pumpkins, garlands, bales of hay and cattails. My prayer is for my 4 children, my daughter has just graduated high school and has no idea what to do for the rest of her life. My twins are in grade 12 this year, and although they have a future plan, they need the will of God, my son is married with 2 children and he and his family are not saved. Thank you

    1. Wendi,
      I just said a prayer for your family, especially your son and his family who aren’t saved. My brother is lost as well. Praying God reaches their hearts!

  19. Lots of pumpkins! I have collected a ton over the years and have them in just about every nook and cranny. I also love to have pots of mums and pansies on the porches.
    Prayers for my husband’s job and health, building a relationship with my step daughter, patience and wisdom parenting a two year old, and six month old son to continue growing health and strong!

  20. I enjoy using my essential oils to add a great and healthful fragrance in my household! Clove, cinnamon, and the like defineare great to add to pinecones as mentioned, as well as in my diffuser.

    Can’t wait to purchase or make a fall wreath to start the season! Am praying for the salvation of my friends, near and far.

  21. I just finished a fall craft with my sister Anna. We painted 4 mason jars pumpkin orange, wrote out the word fall and tied raffia on them. They’re really cute. Mums and pumpkins outside, pumpkins and pine cones inside. Great time of the year. My prayer request would be for my grown boys to see their need for a savior.

  22. This is the third year I’m doing the challenge. I truly look forward to it and going to World Market to buy my tall, deep orange, pumpkin candle!!! I light it the moment I wake up in the morning as I pray that my home will be a place where my family and visitors find peace. I pray that I will be content in my home and that my homemaking efforts will bless my family. I pray for my husband, that God will give him joy and guidance; and I pray for my 3 year old, that he will always have a servant’s heart and be obedient. Throughout the challenge, there is a visceral change, a calm, that takes over my household that I truly believe is brought about by the concentrated prayer for peace over my household. Thank you Courtney and Karen!

  23. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I love everything about it-the beautiful colors, the crunchy leaves, the chill in the air, sweaters, boots, all things apple, etc. I love to decorate my house this time of year and share my love if this beautiful season. This year I am praying for my family to expand, and for us to be more gracious to each other and more pleasant especially during frustrating times.

  24. Going to a Truth Be Told art party soon to paint a special piece of autumn art complete with a Bible verse to display in my home! Can’t wait!

  25. Praying to connect better with my children. Life seems to get in the way and I feel like I’ve always got too much to do. I need to learn and speak their love languages.

  26. I bought a white pumpkin candle and made a burlap wreath with flowers that is hanging on my front door. I love the idea of praying for my family when I light my candle. I’m excited to put that into practice. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  27. Fall is always a favorite time of year for my family. For the last three fall seasons we lived in and apartment and didnt really have the space to decorate. My two daughters both have said they miss the way I decorate for the season. I will be getting my things out this weekend (and may have to pick up some new items at HomeGoods!).

  28. This is my first year doing this challenge and I’m so excited to join! I love that fall is the beginning of the holiday season. I put out an autumn wreath on the front door and one on the inside I can enjoy. I have other fall decor throughout the living room and kitchen. I will be praying for my husband and I to have a deeper relationship with the Lord and our health.

  29. This is my second year doing the challenge! I love it, it really helps keep my family’s stress level down thru this busy time of year! We just moved into our new home and to make it look festive I decorated with lots of mind and pumpkins, I also break out the fall hand towels. I am praying for the salvation of my young children and for God to bring Christian friends into their lives while going to a public school. And thanking God for such a wonderful Godly husband.

  30. My hubby and I are on a VERY strict budget right now so I can’t buy anything to decorate with. However, my hubby is a farmer and I’m going to ask him to bring home some cotton bowls that I will put in an old wooden bowl that I have. I will also diffuse some essential oils!

    I will be praying for my family, especially my grandmother, who is dying and my dad and aunt. It’s a very hard time for us right now but God is so good!

    1. What a fabulous idea for decorating! We’re on a tight budget also, so I appreciate the great ideas. This is a hard time in my life right now, and sometimes it’s hard for me to remember the truth that God IS good. But this season is so good for my soul as I MAKE myself take the time to stop and reflect on His great goodness.

      1. I know last year I struggled with this, and what I ended up doing I just loved. I drove around till i found some pine trees (in Florida there are no fall colored leaves on the ground). I parked in the neighborhood, and my hubs and I went on a walk with a grocery bag collecting pine cones off the ground. We had a great time reminiscing and exploring a cute fancy neighborhood. When I got home, I put some of them in bowls I had from the kitchen. And I used some string I had and tired several to it to make a garland to hang in the living space. I printed free fall banner letters on my home printer and just cut and paperclipped (I thought I had cute mini clothespins, but couldn’t find them) them to the pine cone garland. The whole thing cost me nothing! And we made some fun memories in the process.

    2. Tammie,
      I love your ideas. Bringing items in from nature is the cheapest way to decorate for the fall and also so much fun. We collect Osage oranges ( they are lime green and bumpy– you may need to Google it ) from a grove of trees on public property in our county. I piled them in a bowl or crack and put them on my front porch. I just haven’t gotten any yet this year. And I stopped right now to pray for your grandmother. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. So glad you are joining us here. I hope you find encouragement this month in our little online community.

  31. Love this fall challenge to make your home a haven.
    Fall is my favorite season. <3. I love the fall scents of pumpkin and apple cinnamon. I decorate simple. With a few pumpkins and leave decor. Last year I had a friend make me some wine bottle candy corn decorations for the table. I love them. And prayers I'm praying for my family. That God would work Big in their lives. And that they would let their light shine bright in a dark world.

  32. I’m so excited for the challenge!! Anytime you are challenged to pray more and be closer to your family… it’s a winner!! Have my pumpkin spice candles, autumn brush, scarecrows, pumpkins, pine cones, and pictures of pumpkin patches gone by. Prayers of thanksgiving to our beloved Father! So many blessings and protections. I will pray for humility, grace, and mercy. That my children’s hearts remain open so that our Lord can continue to guide them. Thank you so much Courtney for all you do!!

  33. I have spent some time last weekend decorating in fall colors, setting out fall scented candles, hanging the fall wreath, and the main reason I love this season, love this day is…it’s my anniversary today! We were married in the fall season 12 years ago and met on this day 24 years ago today. We were married in the pecan grove on our farm blessed with family and friends at our reception. It was beautiful. 73 degrees and beautiful. I came home today to 24 long stem roses that complimented my decorations.
    My prayer is that my prayers will be answered with many, many more years of true love and happiness. It was this day 24 years ago I prayed to find my husband and we met. God continues to answer this prayer every day.

  34. I absolutely love the fall! So far I just have a few pumpkins in a bowl, but I’m hoping to get some more stuff out soon!

  35. I love mums and pumpkins! I have planted a lot of mums over the years, so I am able to have cut flowers all fall. I will also be trying out my diffuser with fall scents while I pray for my family. We are new empty nesters, so praying for us all in the transitions and new adventures.

  36. I begin fall by changing the front door wreath. I got a new burlap one this year with a pumpkin on one side with the initial of my last name and a Christmas ball on the other side. Then, I changed out the decoration on the tv stand/mantle. Put up a scarecrow, leaf garland, and some pumpkins. I begin thinking about what I’m thankful for with Thanksgiving coming up. Pray for safety for my family members. The roads are so crazy now days.

  37. I bought a candle from Big Lots that is called cozy lodge. It smells amazing. I also grabbed some throw pillows, a fall bouquet and holder. I also found free printables and placed them in Dollar Tree frames. We also have a little pumpkin. Everything just looks cozy and fall like. We are ready!

    I’m praying for those in my household, including myself! I’ve also started setting an intention for the day. Tomorrow’s intention for home is soft (mostly I need to remember soft responses :))

  38. My favorite thing to pull out every year is a photograph of my two kids that was taken 11 years ago. They’re in front of one of our many homes (military family) posing with their just-carved Jack-O-Lanterns. They’re both mimicking the faces of their pumpkins, and they’re oh so young! This photo is my centerpiece I decorate around.

    I’m praying that God will give me strength and wisdom to meet the very different needs of my loved ones as we each enter into new phases of life.

    1. I love your idea of putting out the photograph of your kids! I’m definitely going to use your idea. Thanks for sharing what you’re praying.

  39. I’ve so been looking forward to this challenge. My little girls loved sniffing the “milllions” of scented candles at the store to help me pick out some fabulous fall candles for the challenge! I’m praying for the hearts of my little girls to be drawn to the Lord and that I would be sensitive to the teachable moments He brings into our lives. I’m praying that I would especially look for moments over the next few weeks to talk about His goodness and His faithfulness.

  40. I found quite a few fall decorations, pumpkins and garland at the dollar tree ( and they’re really pretty nice) that I’m putting out this year and I’ve been really praying for protection over my children and guidance for all of us especially for my husband who has left his job of almost 20 years to go out on his own, I pray that he is seeking God’s guidance and that I can follow in Faith and help lead my family to be closer to God! Thank you for this challenge, a perfect time to bring our focus back to God and our families!

  41. I love Fall! I do have a hard time purchasing Fall decorations for some reason, but after seeing your beautiful Fall decorations I am feeling inspired. Right now I have a new “Thankful” felt letter banner that I hung on my mantle. I also have one small stick pumpkin and a few tiny little pumpkins I put by the TV. Our kids love to decorate real pumpkins and I can’t wait to do that this year. I’m looking forward to finding some new decorations this year!

    Praying for my husband. We’ve had a long year and it is catching up to him physically, mentally, and spiritually. Just praying for strength, patience, and joy during this time.

    1. I just stopped to pray for your husband right now. Long years are tough. Asking God to grant you both some time for rest and to renew your joy in him. Glad you are joining us!

  42. Fall is my favorite time of year and I absolutely love decorating for it! From pumpkins, to owls and wheat stalks it brings me great happiness and warmth to see it all come together. I love to pray that we all remember and are thankful for all we have anf ask for God to guide us in ways to bless others.

  43. I have the same prayer as Karen for 2 of my family members, whom live outside my home. For my family who still live at home I pray that God will help us to look for the everyday moments that we can minister to others and that he will also help me to be more patient with my 8 year old son.

  44. Hello ladies! I am super excited to start this challenge and that this year Karen Ehman is leading it.

    First of all, I love love love this time of year and for once in my crazy life I have learned to slow down and not rush! (This is a bigger for me) For me falls brings cooler, longer days…. the smell of the fall scents never get old. I love the warm glow from my lighted decor it bring warmth and happiness to me. Cuddling in a warm Berkshire throw while drinking my morning coffee is a added bonus for this Texas girl.

    Fall also brings out the chief in me! I love to eat and cook in the fall!! Dishes never seem to bother me it’s almost therapy ???? Really, what can beat the smell and sound of soup simmering on the stove??? Such comfort food for me!

    I find myself praying more in the fall and rejoying in happiness of all my blessings that I normally push aside or find hard to focus on during the rest of the year.

    My decor is really simply , but one piece I really enjoy is on my beat up very used kitchen table that has so many memories good and bad. My mother n law made me a runner that I use all year I just add old rusted bed springs which house flameless tea light candles that burn all day. The main piece is a wooden platter that has a large silver candle holder and around that I put pumpkins, leaves, fall leaves and owls! Gotta love owls. I love using old pieces and mixing with new.

  45. I’ll be getting out my fall box this weekend. I decorate two areas in my home. One at the entrance and one in the living room. This is my second year doing this challenge and I want to get some Mickey and Minnie Scarecrows for my front yard this year. I pray to continue in my recovery from anxiety and depression and for my family to continue growing in Christ.

  46. It’s amazing how we take for granted the little things, and how much they are noticed, even when we don’t think they are. Case in point, my now 18 and 20year old college students really do appreciate and love that I decorate even though they are older. It’s easy to do when they are younger and the traditions can sometimes fade away as they grow up, but they are still kids at heart! This challenge shows me God’s character: thatHe took His time to create the world with all of its details and beauty just for us. My prayer is that I can continue to be like Him In this area for ages to come and to r ake the time to focus on the details. I will plant lots of colorful mums, bought a blackberry cider candle, put burlap pumpkins and lights on the mantel, got out the warm blankets for the couch, and even bought an electric fireplace to snap on in an instant , which I found cheap on Offer Up. I will pray that my daughter comes to know him in the new year, and for my son to draw closer to Him despite the temptations thrown his way in today’s world. To God be the glory!

    1. Isn’t it amazing how adult children do still love the tradition some home? I love going to my mom’s apartment at Christmas time and seeing many ornaments on her tree that she has pulled out year after year since I was a child. Glad to have you along for the ride. That blackberry cider candle sounds amazing!

  47. I love to decorate with my centerpiece my granddaughter made for me when she was 12. I have pumpkins everywhere and do an outside arrangement with hay bales pumpkins and mums. I love fall and family.

  48. I enjoy heading to the Amish Country in the fall for deals on pumpkins, mums and harvest fruits and vegetables. While there I enjoy going to the flea market and shops for unique handmade items. Around the house, I decorate with crafts my kids have made and old favorites I bring out every year. You can really find some great deals at BJs, Pier One, TJ Maxx and Homegoods..especially as the season goes on. Looking forward to this year’s Make Your House a Haven Challenge!

  49. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love to light my harvest candle and have music playing to create a warm, cozy and safe home for my family. I pray for my family to be people of honor and integrity and to honor and glorify God in all they say and do.

  50. I start with finding a fall themed candle or scented wax to make the home feel more fall-ish. I love door wreaths and fall colors look amazing on our red door. So we will be starting with a door wreath. The closer we get to the end of the month, we go to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins to make into jack o lanterns for Halloween.

    My prayers for my family this year is for a safe delivery of our son. We have 2 daughters, ages 13 and 10 with a baby boy on the way due sometime this month. We are praying for a healthy and happy baby boy to complete our family. He is what we refer to as a deployment baby as he was conceived shortly after my husband returned home from his last deployment. Our family is really looking forward to the upcoming holidays because my husband was deployed last year and had to miss a lot with our daughters.

  51. I am loving this challenge! I find the challenges simple enough I can keep up with them in my busyness but also intentional and meaningful ways that can make a real difference. I decorate with fall garlands, wooden pumpkins inside, fall burlap banner garland, past pictures of our family at fall times… My prayers are for each of my family members (husband and 4 children and myself) to be more intentional in our time and relationship with Jesus-for hearts that love Him more. Safety and protection and health for our bodies-My children all play basketball competitively and my oldest is playing at college this year as a freshman. That we would each use our gifts and talents to glorify Him

  52. I adore everything about fall. I love the orange pumpkins, the smell of cider on the stovetop, the way nature seems to creep into my home in the form of leaves, acorns, and branches. I am currently enjoying my new Clementine Clove Scentsy bar in a fun warmer gifted to me by a close friend. I have my fresh cup of coffee at 6:00 before my little ones get up, and I have time to pray, read, and reflect on my day. I created a new mantel this year that I am proud of; it will carry me seamlessly from October through November, and it feels much more natural than my mantels of the past. I believe my living area is ready for tomorrow. I cannot wait!

  53. This is so fun! I love fall. My kiddos helped me put out our pumpkins and leaves around the living room. We have been burning fall candles and I also started warming oranges with spices in a small pot in the stove…smells great! I am going to purpose to pray over my family each morning this week before they all wake up. Thank you for this challenge!

  54. Candles are my favorite fall decoration. I love what that wonderful smell and cozy flickering light add to the atmosphere of our home.
    I have an adult child who has recently come back to the Lord, so my prayers are different this year. I want God to show my son how much he loves him and that He’s able and willing to meet all of his needs.

  55. I pray for ways to connect with each of my 3 boys in a way that they feel loved and can grow to be what God has for them to be.
    I don’t decorate for fall other than some hand towels but I’d love to! Just low on the financial priority list. 🙂

  56. So far I have a couple of mum’s on our porch with pumpkins next to a stone with our family’s name. After Christmas last year, my hubby and I found fall decorations, including dishes and a wreath, for 90% off. I am anxious to get those out! A candle is a good idea. I also like to simmer some orange peels, cinnamon sticks, and cloves in a pot of water on the stove. Mmmmm!
    As for prayers, for my oldest son who is getting married next month, my other four children, still at home, and my husband who works so hard to provide for us, wisdom, discretion, and the courage to follow Christ in these ungodly days. And for myself, I pray that God can use me as a godly example to my children, and to others in our community, so that we may reach them for His Kingdom!

  57. Greetings,
    This will be my first year joining this challenge. I’m excited to begin and I am going to invite a friend to join me as well. Thanks to all you wonderful ladies who put all of the curriculum together. God bless you all.

  58. this is my first year with good morning girls which led me to this challenge. i am excited to be doing things to enhance my faith and my walk with God!
    i will bring out old decorations that have memories from my childhood and my daughter always goes with me to pick out something new to add each year as we make new memories! maybe this year it will be one of the craft items above.
    i especially am looking forward to the candle burning and the incentive to daily pray for my household and family members. so many times i remember to pray for friends and customers that know i am a christian, but so often never seem to get around to my own household!
    thank you for this challenge

  59. I love fall! Loving this challenge! Our house has been decorated a few weeks now. Recently we lost our dear dog Joy. It’s been hard, but the challenge has helped me get motivated when I needed it the most. I thank
    God for these wonderful 4 years with Joy. I pray that He continues giving us at home peace, the strength and the confort that our hearts desperately need.

  60. I love to decorate for fall with different pumpkins and sweet smelling candles (Carmel apple cider pumpkin etc!) and wax melts, even wallflowers from bath and body works, pumpkin pie is my favorite! I also love to decorate the porch and I even bought a cozy blanket at Walmart for around 8.00!

    I have been praying for my 2 month old to grow into a Christian man of God one day who fears the Lord! Praying protection for my husband and my parents as well since they live near the SC coast as hurricane Matthew approaches. Thanking the Lord for all my blessings.

  61. I love Fall and I love this challenge. This will be my 3rd year for making my Home a Haven.
    My candle is lit (candy Apple) Will start to put up some fall arrangements tomorrow.
    Praying for Peace, Love, and Joy, not just in our homes, but for everyone…….????

  62. I have never been one to decorate but I find this challenge a way to step out of my comfort zone and start. One baby step at a time. I enjoy Fall because of the scents. I have my apple and spice candle ready! Prayers are for my husband, he has a back issue that now may need surgery. To top it off, he has been out of work for months now because of his back. I know he is stressing about money and guilt that I am the only one working, but I ask the Lord to calm his mind and use this time as a way of reflection and just know everything is in God’s hands. I pray our two dogs are happy and healthy. I also pray God gives me peace. I am excited for this time and love all of the ideas for decorating! God bless!!

    1. Brittany,
      It is so inspiring that you care more about your husband’s state of mind and peacefulness than you do about the bills. It speaks of your strong faith in that God will provide for your true needs. I also can understand back pain, and I pray for your husband now.
      God, be with this family. Help ends to always meet when it needs to happen. Be with the man of the household, give him relief and healing from his pain. Send him wise doctors with helping hands. Also, lift his spirits in recognizing the man he is in You. Help him to feel validated and to find a way he can still love and contribute to the family as he so desires to do. Bring Your peace that surpasses all understanding upon the people and dogs of this household, and may You bless them in such a beautiful way that they become a blessing to those around them. Amen.

  63. I love this making your home a Haven!! Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. During the fall I start baking ( I bake, husband eats it or I give it away). Love decorating the house and porch. A few things I love to do to make the home comfy feeling in the fall:
    I have two old milk cans, that I wrap fall ribbon around, put cute flowers or plants on top on a tray and fill the tray with leaves or little pumpkins. I put orange slices, cinnamon sticks, cranberries and ginger oil in water on the stove on summer to frangrance the house. I love to craft too. So excited to get started.
    Love the lighting a big fall candle in the morning and praying. My prayer is to have a home always filled with the love of God, my family, my husband and for my walk with the Lord to continue to grow stronger.
    Blessings to all

  64. I pray a lot for laughter to fill their homes. And that they feel lighthearted. The world can be quite stressful and the recent flood (we live in Livingston parish which was the most affected area) can become a tool the enemy uses to keep us down. So I think laughter and joy are so very needed.
    My fall décor is pitiful lol. I do hang a wreath and have a pot with some scarecrows and craft store pumpkins in it but this post gave me some fantastic ideas! Thank you

  65. I like my fall wreath and little ty turkeys! Praying for peace and calm this fall season! I sure can use some!

  66. Fall is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of the year! This year I kinda went Dollar Tree crazy and purchased a lot of their new fall decor items. I also love using little pumpkins as decorations. Last year I purchased several white pumpkins, I thought they were so unique, but I haven’t seen any yet this season 🙁 When I light my candle every morning, I pray for protection and peace for my family. This had been a VERY hard year for us, but things are slowly getting better. I also pray for patience and understanding in dealing with my family.

  67. I love these ideas. I have pumpkins in all rooms of my apartment to bring harvest. I have pumkin pecan candles, plug ins & room spray. I have a lot of fall harvest things like positive affirmations as reminders that this will be a good rest of the year. Im using all my fall scents from bath & body works in the car & shower. I have white chocolate candy bars in my candy dish. Im buying only harvest flowers for myself like dark colors of red, yellows & oranges. My prayer is for love. I pray that God brings a great man into my life to be an awesome example to my family especially my nephew. I peay that God blesses me & my Mother with new employment. I ask that He grants us prosperity & to be good servants over the blessing. I pray for peace, unity, forgiveness & acceptance within my whole family. God know my heart so I pray I can do His will & bring honor to Him with my life.

  68. This is my first time doing this challenge, and I’m not really big on decorating, but I’m going to try! I have 4 kids, including a 3- month-old, so “simple” is the name of the game ;). I have a fall wreath I hang up, and I like your idea of using small pumpkins/gourds for centerpieces. I want to put some outside my front door also. Maybe I’ll have the kids help me make some crafts to stick on the wall.

    As for praying, I pray that the Lord would have his way in each of our lives. I pray especially for my kids, that above all else their hearts would turn to Him and that they will serve Him because of His love for them.

  69. I love fall and the coziness it brings. I love to decorate with scarecrows, pumpkin s, mum, leaves and apple cinnamon wax melts. I pray for everyone in my home including myself that we put God first in all of our decisions and that we lean on Him and not ourselves. I love the Women Living Well website and how we are studying each book of the Bible. Thanks Courtney!

  70. Fall is my favorite because I love all the fall colors. I like to decorate with small mini pumpkins from a family member’s patch. This year they had little white pumpkins with orange and green stripes. So cute. I also have a fall wreath that I just made hanging in the living room. And I have some silk flowers that I still need to use to make a fall door hanging. I try to get some new ideas each year.

    1. I forgot my prayer requests…. Praying for my husband in a job that he isn’t thrilled with that he would remain faithful in his work and that the Lord would lead him to the right new job at the right time. For my daughter… Praying God’s leading in her life as she pursues her walk with Him that she would fall more in love with Him each day and seek His will in every area of her life.

  71. I love all the seasons of the year but fall it so beautiful! Where I live the leaves change colors and this year they are spectacular. I love how this happens just before winter. Thank you so much for encouraging us in our journey on this earth.

  72. The only decoration I have: a wreath with felt leaves that I made a few years ago :). Am not a decorator. I will have either my scentsy burner on or a homemade candle with eo with fall smells.

    A prayer for my husband is always uttered, especially that he’ll be able to do his job as required and that he will return home safely.

  73. I joined this challenge because this summer we have had a MAJOR house remodel on our home, making everyone a little on the edgy stressed side! I picked out a candle last week and have been lighting it, it’s been a sweet reminder to focus my attitude toward God. I love what you said about praying for our family members go through life experiences so that God can get ahold of our hearts! This is gonna be an amazing month!

  74. I decorate my foyer with pumpkins and leaves and have a wonderful scent of fall or pumpkin and spice going at all times. It’s not overdone but just the right amount spread throughout my home❤️

  75. Every year I look forward to this challenge. It’s become one of the highlights of my Fall, which happens to be my favorite season.

    We moved to this home a year ago. It has the most darling round brick stairs going up to the door. I love putting mums on these stairs. I’m very fond of rustic looking scarecrows, leaves (particularly red/orange) and pipberry decor. Prim style is my favorite.

    This season I pray that my home will be a safe haven. For family and friends. I pray that God offers us opportunities to be hospitable. I am also praying that every person who enters our home will feel His presence like a kiss of comfort.

    Thank you for doing this each year and reminding us to unwind and refocus on our homes!

  76. My favorite fall decoration is a burlap table runner I made. It says blessings down the middle and each year I have my grandchildren add their handprint with their name and date. I want them to always know they are blessings to me!

  77. Hi! Every year I long for the ‘ make your home a haven ‘ challenge.. it’s so intentional and I love that. I stumbled at when I was browsing Pinterest a few years ago and immediatly loved it. I live in the Netherlands but love to read about Christian living and making Jesus the center of our lives in everything we do.

    So, this year I will definitely participate in this challenge in making our home a haven. I will light my scent chip burner with Forest, Autumn or Fireplace* scents for us to enjoy all day long.
    Doing that I will pray that Jesus will bless this house, annoint all the rooms in this house and touch all the people in it. May He be lifted up, be praised at all time and may He be the One and Only we serve.

    I have made our living room Fall-cozy by giving some little pumpkins a vintage look by painting them white and grey.. Also painted a few pine cones white. I placed a little scrabble board with the letters fall in front of them. ( is Scrabble also an American boardgame? )Looks really nice if I say so myself.

    Anyway, thank you so much. Your ministry and love for our father God goes beyond borders and made it to the Netherlands. Sisters in Christ!
    May you both be blessed Karen and Courtney!

    Valkenburg, the Netherlands

  78. As a high school Family and Consumer Science teacher in a small rural school, one of my daily routines is to turn on my scentsy warmer with a wonderful fall aroma and as I do that I pray for guidance to help guide these young adults with the Holy Spirit for their daily walk with the Lord. I try to have a warm openness about my room where they can come in with a willingness to learn and know that my room is a relaxed atmosphere where learning about life can be rewarding and fun.

  79. Courtney,

    While I love all the ideas about the home I wish you would do some blog posts about how your dress and where you shop. You always look so nice!! I just turned 40 last week and would like to update my wardrobe a bit without spending a ton of $. Thanks!

  80. I made a deco mesh wreath that looks like a pumpkin-I found it on Pinterest- it will hang on my front door. I also found a fall sign at the dollar tree that are hanging beside my front door.
    I love your prayer for your kids. It is a scary one though. But I agree. Whatever it take to have them living for Him.
    Thanks for the challenge.

  81. Apples, leaves in colors of orange, red, green, and red, candles in shades of orange adorn our homes this time of year in the northern hemisphere. One the antique library table that a century ago was in my grandparents home sits a gift from our first daughter in love, a cross stitched piece of fall items. From a loving pair of hands she crafted a piece that reflects her favorite season of the year. When the candle light shines on that piece I pray for my children, their lives and ours.

  82. I love the spiced pumpkin scents that fill the air. A GATHER sign with pumpkins and a wreath. Or j the fall leaves and grasses that you can put in almost any jar or vase or crock. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.
    Thanks for the challenge.

  83. My son came Saturday with 3 of his grandchildren and we got the fall decorations from the attic. The kids ages 3, 5 and 6 ‘helped’ with the outside decorating. We raked leaves and jumped in them. When they left I did the inside and when my husband came home from work his face lit up. He said I love the fall decor. My daugher-in-love came and called me ‘Mama Lou Jr.’ (my mother is Mama Lou to everyone). One of my mom’s quotes is ‘make memories everyday’ and that is what we did on Saturday. Little things. Time spent with family. Joy on their faces. Priceless.

  84. Isn’t it interesting that decorating with the things GOD created makes our homes so cozy?! I love Fall decor! My kitchen cupboards looks so much nicer with a garland o’ orange leaves on them! I have a mantle in my living room that I decorate seasonally too and of course a door wreath. Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. Hi Courtney and Karen!

    Love this challenge! I look forward to it each year!!????????????

    A lot of our friends and extended family (especially on my side) aren’t saved. So whenever I light my candle I always pray that God fill our home with His love, for Him to be forever present in our homes and for any and all those that come and visit feel and see God’s presence here. I also desire that His love will add the warm and cozy feel to our home that’ll make people want to come back and visit again! ????????????????????

    I must say that this fall challenge of lighting a candle and saying a prayer continues year round for me! Thanks for the idea Courtney (oh so many years ago!) ????????????

    The way we decorate is very simple…we use what we have. My husband works at a historic farm here in NJ (they portray what farming was like at the turn of the century) so we just use any of the crops to decorate our home, like they might have done back then, with an extra touch here and there from Michaels! ????

  86. I love decorating for fall. I enjoy decorating with pumpkins and gourds, leaves and such. I love using pumpkin spice scents in the home.

  87. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year! I burn a buttered maple syrup or hot maple toddy candle. I put baskets and wooden boxes of gourds and mini pumpkins on my kitchen table and dresser. Friends and I had a craft night and made beautiful fall wreaths. And my porch has pumpkins, mums, cute primitive decorations and fall pillows on my porch swing and rocking chairs. I pray for my husband and two boys daily. And that the presence and peace of God would fill our home. ♡

  88. If I’m being honest the decorating part of this challenge is overwhelming for me. Just the word decorating right now has been hard. The candle is easy! This will be the first fall in our new home. I have an 8,5, & 5 month old. The baby was a surprise just a few months after we started building and came only 1 month before we moved in. Then homeschooling started…so decorating has been put on the back burner. But I really have been making myself dos malls things wherever I can to make out home feel more like home. Thanks for all the comments it helps to hear some new ideas. Also thank you for the encouragement.

    1. Meghan,
      You are living your priorities and that is what the most important thing is. If I were in your shoes I don’t know if I could even get the candle lit. Hugs to you today. Hang in there!

  89. This year I went with the simple and cheap way of decorating for fall by using things from nature! I have a few pumpkins scattered around the house, I had the kids gather some sticks and I put them in a metallic vase, and I have a yellow mum brightening things up.

  90. So excited I found this. We are in the middle of a move that wasn’t anticipated. We’ve had to get rid of much but I kept my fall wreath for my door at the new apartment. My sister got it at Michael’s for me several years ago for half price. I’ve prayed for my family as I’ve given my boys the things we had stored in our attic that they would be able to realize that it’s all “just stuff”. That the most important thing is that we have each other and that they can come to my husband and my apartment and we can still have our family gatherings. I’ve prayed for my grandchildren that they will realize that Meme and Pawpaw can have just as much fun with them in a little place as we did in our big house. And even though we can’t see it now I’m sure God has a plan.

  91. Praying that God would help my kids be kind to each other and that he would give me the strength to be a godly example instead of losing my patience at times. He only season I decorate for is Christmas just because changing decorations throughout the year feels too overwhelming for me. Hoping to change that a bit and start doing some small things to make my house cozier. I know my kids would enjoy fall decorations.

  92. Thank you for doing this challenge…I totally enjoy serving my family. I also love to make my home a refuge away from the world. I pray for my family that are in my home (hubby and daughter) that we all work on our relationship with Jesus so that we can have a thoughtful sweet peaceful home. That we be more aware of when we say or do things and how we say them to each other. ❤️
    I have 3 small pumpkins on my kitchen counter and pumpkins on my front doorstep. Also a small strip of garland on my mantle. ????

  93. I can’t wait to get out and purchase my candles today. I love the fall, but have never really allowed myself to decorate for seasons other than Christmas, not wanting to spend the money. I see the importance now of making my home a comfortable place for my husband and young son.

    I am praying for good news from a recent interview for my husband that will take his career in a new direction. I am also praying for the strength to battle my need for control and issues with eating.

  94. I look forward to this challenge every year, as well as sending it on to my friends! Love my pumpkin candle, mums on the porch, and I decorate with several clear glass pumpkins that I fill with mini pinecones & acorns and then place around the house. Praying my family would find true rest and comfort here, it’s a busy life season for us right now.

  95. I got out my fall decorations last weekend, and was happy to find two white ceramic pumpkins I had bought on clearance last year, along with some my fall garland, some orange electric candles and a cornucopia with (plastic) $ store fruit! I put the candles onthe piano with the cornucopia between them, and added some fairy lights that my daughter had abandoned to the cornucopia. Then, I cleared and put away the everyday decorations from the top of the entertainment center, put last years bargain ceramic pumpkins up with an older orange ceramic pumpkin, artfully arranged the garland and added some electric tealights that I keep on hand year round. I also purchased some pumpkin wax melts for my warmer from Aldi…of all places, for 1.69! So, just by pulling out my seasonal decorations, repurposing a few tealights/fairy lights……we’re all set for fall….for almost no cash out of pocket. 😉

  96. I buy a painted pumpkin from the grocery store each year. They sell pumpkins with all kinds of faces painted on them. And each year I take a picture of it with some kind of comment about the weather we are having that year.

  97. First time doing this. I have a pumpkin pie candle and oils too! I love the tidying up part. After reading Courtney’s book, I tend to pray while I pick up, it’s a good reminder to thank God for the small things!
    Planted my mums 2 weeks ago, got the fall decorations up! I picked up 4″ pots of mums at Walmart for $1 each, and they hold up well. Definitely my favorite time of year.

  98. Oh how I LOVE fall, this is my first year doing the challenge, I heard about it last week and went to get my candles, Carmel maple btw, I have been SO excited for today, normally I decorate at fall, but this year will be special because we will be decorating with a purpose, we will be sharing our love with one another here and out in the world with intention, I LOVE some of the creative ways you have decorated your home, and it’s great to be a part of so many other women all participating together so I really feel the love and support, we are all in together and that’s extra wonderful, we have already started some decorating with some pumpkins and Indian corn and gourds on our dining room table, we have some acorns and leaves in a bowl, we plan on decorating more as the week continues with crafts from the kiddos and any cute inexpensive things we find at our local farmers markets, there are amazing fall decorations at farm stands!!! Have an amazing week!!! Xoxoxo Eliza ????

  99. Hi Karen! Hi Courtney!

    I put out my Scentsy pumpkin warmer with Cider Mill fragrance. It smells like apples. Yummy!

  100. Good Morning!
    This is my 3rd year of being apart of make your home a haven! So thankful I’m able to do this again …. It really helps make your home a haven!

  101. I love fall, but this year I’m not really able to do a lot of decorating due to illness, BUT I can definitely pray! I am praying for healing for my son, he is divorced with 2 small children and just needs healing from this. I am also praying for my other son that is in process of deciding what he wants to do when he graduates. I pray that they lay it in God’s hands and trust him! For my God loving, sweet, loving and caring husband….he is my rock! I pray for him that I am his Proverbs 31 wife. He deserves so much!
    I am so excited for this challenge!! It’s just what I needed right when I needed it!

  102. Friends and family love a home with meaningful things to look at (like family pictures or items with some history), something warm in their hands, and a hostess who has done the work in advance and can now sit and relax with them. These are some of my goals when folks come over.

  103. I love decorating with fall-themed lights! Last year’s orange lights burned out, so this year I bought a mixture of yellow, brown, and orange…and I love them! I also have fake pumpkins, fake leaves, and fall-themed candy scattered throughout. I put the real pumpkins outside, and of course, I have several fall melting wax scents!

    As for prayers for my family, I’m praying my two year old would continue to soak in all we teach him about God, and that my husband and I would have wisdom regarding a possible upcoming change in our life.

    Love these challenges, and looking forward to the coming weeks!

  104. I love all things fall! I too decorate my mantle with fall leaves and tiny orange lights. This year I’m decorating my patio, pretty fall tablecloth, fall pillows, pumpkins, and other fall decorations. Looking forward to Thanksgiving and celebrating with family. ????????????

  105. As others, Fall is my favorite time of year. I decorate the fireplace with a fall picture and leaves and pumpkin candles. I love pumpkin pie candles so I bought those too!! Thank you for showing us what you do Karen. Going to do the challenges. Thank you Karen and Courtney!

  106. I decorate with some autumn artificial foliage. Replacing the regular foliage. Ceramic pumpkins, some I found at $1 tree. I made a magnolia wreath with a $1 wreath and leaves that fell from my neighbors tree. I’m allergic to several scents, so I simmer a cinnamon stick with a little vanilla in a pot on the stove. Sometimes I just boil water and put a chai tea bag in it and let it simmer. Drink a little, smell a little- instant pumpkin pie smell! I pray for rest “from the harvest””battle” for my family. For a deep thirst for His word. Protection and awareness from temptations of the world and thanksgiving in their hearts for how much we’ve been blessed by God. Indeed!

  107. I picked up a couple mini pumpkins yesterday for my toddler to enjoy, and today we will do going on a walk to find small pine cones and such to put on a bowl on the dining room table. I’m using a diffuser so that I don’t have to purchase a pricey Yankee candle. We are a one income family this season.
    I have been praying pecifically for my husband to have opportunities opened to him to get a promotion at work to bring income into our home so he doesn’t have to work a second job to keep us afloat. For my son Ethan I have been praying loving kindness over him so that he is no longer jealous of his new little brother and is able to keep that 2 year old attitude in check. For my son Finn I have been praying peace and health over his body. And for myself I have been praying for wisdom on how to teach my toddler homeschool preschool and how to comfort my colicky newborn.

    1. Hi Kelly,
      I just started reading a book called The Happiest baby on the block, which came highly recommended by a ton of people. The anxiety of a crying baby can disturb the calmness of spirits, and it seems like this book is going to address colic babies. I think it’s a pretty common book so your local library might have it. I pray that baby, you, and the rest of your family can have some holy much needed rest.

  108. I start with fall scented candles and lots of pumpkins (the non-rotting variety). My prayer for my family is that they honor God in every area if their lives.

  109. Last night we had about 20 people over for dinner, and one of the jobs assigned to my 15 year old was to put up some fall decorations. I think I overestimate how much time this will take- he spent about 10 minutes and put up just enough decorations/lights/fun to make our house feel very cozy and inviting. And now we get to enjoy it all month long!

    After everyone left last night, we all pitched in and spent about 20 minutes cleaning up – tonight we will all get to enjoy our clean, beautiful, cozy house for a quiet family night!

  110. I couldn’t wait to grab a pumpkin candle when stores first started selling them! My family loves it! We visited a nearby pumpkin patch and purchased a few pie pumpkins. I set them out beside my 3 children’s photos. Praying they each come to know Jesus and experience Him in personal way everyday.

  111. My husband started a Fall tradition in our home of playing George Winston’S Linus and Lucy CD, of all the great Charlie Brown music. Ever since I was a kid, I have enjoyed the series of Charlie Brown movies that are played from Fall to Christmas. Makes me feel like a kid again, carefree and light hearted. My 13,11, and 9 year olds love it too. We light Fall scented candles and do some mild harvest themed decorating, but the music really sets the spirit of the season.

    Pandora radio (free app) offers a George Winston station, Charlie Brown station, and a Fall station that help mix things up a bit for our many hours of listening. I am delighted to hear many Christian instrumentals in Pandora’s selections. It just wouldn’t be Fall for me without this music.

  112. Summer is my most favorite month – but I rejoice as it leads us into Fall.
    A time when schedules get back in order with school, work, bible studies, sunday school, and life.
    A time when we start to pull out the long sleeve shirts & sweaters and cozy up with a hot cup of coffee and a fleece throw with a candle burning the scent of fall.
    A time to celebrate the beautiful array of colors that surround us – inside and out.
    A time to enjoy the pleasures of apple picking, pumpkin patches, parades, cider, leaves, cinnamon and harvest.

    I look forward to all these things to create a restful and peaceful home; as well as receiving the gifts God places all around us.

    I pray for my family that they will stop, rest and enjoy the blessings that God places in our lives everyday.

  113. I’m so excited about this! I’ve never really decorated much for fall. All these ideas are so great! I can’t wait to try them. In general, I always pray for my family’s safety and that they would hear God’s voice. But lately I’ve been praying a lot about my own heart and that God would help me be the wife and mother he wants me to be.

  114. I like to use light throughout my fall decor. White or orange/brown twinkle lights, little flameless candles and tea lights and, of course, pumpkin, cinnamon and maple candles ????????????

  115. Making homemade pumpkin chocolate chip bread for my people and it makes the house smell amazing! I give my husband a loaf to take to work along with some of our favorite coffee grounds to share with coworkers, it totally helps lighten the mood, food is our love language, love how it brings people together!
    When I’m putting away my husbands clothing I thank God for him and pray over him and our marriage as we seek to grow more in His likeness.

  116. This is my first year for this challenge. I purchased my harvest candle yesterday and lit it this morning and prayed for my husband, for my son and his family who are traveling and for my other son and family. I prayed for clarity of making decisions that will honor God most. I prayed to always be Thankful for what I have. You inspired me to get out my fall decorations and I bought material to make a Fall Quilt (I better get started on that).

  117. I love fall! Pumpkin spice everything. Thank you for this challenge, really makes me open my eyes and be intentional about creating a safe and welcoming haven for my family

  118. I love fall with the pumpkins, gourds, and fall leaves and apples. I try to decorate with straw and pumpkins outside and inside I do the mini pumpkins and a candle with fall decorations around it. This time I will use my new candle and still decorate with pumpkins and try some of yours above (my dust looks much different than your dust for sure and not for the better).
    Prayers for my family is just that God will work in their lives and bring us closer together as a family especially with the children scattered various places. Thank you for leading us through. Looking forward to this challenge again this year. I notice people mentioning maple candles, where are those found? I haven’t seen one yet to smell it.

  119. Love the encouragement to be praying for our families. I pray that my husband and daughter will develop a deeper love for the Lord and that they would crave His word. We can’t pray too much for our families! They need us to be strong prayer warriors! I didn’t always have this kind of encouragement when I was younger and am thankful for this ministry and others like it that can come along side young women and encourage them to be Women of the Word and true prayer warriors a midst the craziness that life can bring.

    This year my favorite decoration is my new candle holders. A very inexpensive craft. Dollar store vases, leaf shaped cut outs on contact paper and spray paint. The Frost spray paint is cool but fall colors work too. Put masking tape and/or the leaf cut outs on your vase where ever you DON’T want paint. Press down to make sure it is all snug and paint! Remember to use Rustolium paint and use small short spurts or you will end up with runs. You can always put on another coat if needed. When dry remove tape. Fill half way will beans, corn or whatever and put a candle on top. Fun inexpensive and cute! 🙂

  120. I love having “fall” oils in my diffuser going in my home. I love walking in the door to that smell, brings back childhood memories.
    Praying for husband today, that his back injury will continue to heal, and for my children, that they can see the love and devotion that surrounds them at all times. 🙂

  121. Antique Medley Pansies, stacked pumpkins, and the leaves God paints and drops in the yard! Thanks for the comfy “homespiration”. Love incorporating the spiritual/meaning into the home and ones who live there.

  122. This is my first year doing the challenge and I am so excited about it! Ways that I have made my home look more fall-ish is making cute little pumpkins out of toilet paper and fabric (thanks,Pinterest!), scented pinecones in the foyer and living room, and a chalkboard that says “hello, Fall” along with candles inside mini coffee cups on our kitchen island. I more into having our apartment smell like Fall too, so I have my many scented candles as well as letting my crockpot simmer with water, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and vanilla. It smells so amazing!!

  123. My fall decor starts with mums and pumpkins on the porch, and a wreath on the door. Inside our home I don’t go all out, but just mostly a few small pumkins here and there, a few nice autumn plaques one the wall and some seasonal hand towels. I’m really into candles, so lots of fall candles going…My prayer is, that my husband and children- all of them, from age 18 to 4 – the Holy Spirit would be near to each one, and make himself real and known to them.

  124. I love to decorate with pumpkins….lots of pumpkins. And the leaves outside on the ground make for really cheap decorations!
    I pray for my children to be closer to God and my grandbabies to always know Jesus and for all to be kept safe.

  125. Fall is my absolutely favorite time of the year! I literally reuse decorations from year to year, just in different ways and spaces. Most of them I bought from the Dollar Store one year! So between that and the fact that this is their 5th year running, super cheap!! I have a mix of decorations for fall. Mostly with a central Fall theme (scarecrows, pumpkins, gourds, leaves) but then have a few with a more Halloween feel that I keep up for October, and then take down before Thanksgiving. Again, having a central Fall theme.. money saver!

    My biggest prayer for my family is that God remains in the center of everything they (we) do. That no matter what the seasons bring, we always remember that God is the same forever. And I pray that when people see us and our lives, that they don’t think we got “lucky”; but that they see God’s love, grace, and merciful hand.

  126. I love fall, especially the rainy days, the grey clouds just highlight the beautiful leaf color all the more! And a good book, lit candle and i am good to go! Warm sunny days are good but fall sunny days with crisp air are great! I hand a Give Thanks banner on my fall mantle and pull out all my favorite crafted pumpkins, class, clothe, wood and even blinged ones! I love this challenged, reminder to PRAY, sent this to a friend who struggles with using her home as haven vs stop over to sleep.

  127. Candels, fall flowers on a table, some homemade sweets, small tiny pumkins around the house…
    Praying to be a light for my kids, be a great example of love for people around me.

  128. For decorating, I’m making some burlap fall banners for my business right now and thinking I’ll display one or two in our home this year too!
    I’m always praying for my husband and I to know how to parent God’s way, as we are just starting out, and for my 3 month old to have a relationship with God someday.

  129. I put out pumpkins everywhere!! My prayers…for Hubby-to have a closer walk with God, my daughter- that she will see her beauty through God’s eyes, oldest son-that he continues to walk with Christ through puberty, my youngest son-God relieves his pain from a fractured growth plate in his feet.

  130. I have a little girl scarecrow and two tall vases of fall flowers at my beautiful front door. We painted it Sherwin Williams Naval and it’s the most gorgeous navy blue I’ve ever seen. I have a wreath hanging on the door that has beautiful orange leaves and a green ribbon bow. I have little pumpkins my boys painted sitting at the scarecrows feet as well as a black scaredy-cat that I bought years ago. The inside of my home smells like Cracker Barrel. I was at Marshalls and bought a Yankee Candle for $6 that smells like apple pie. In Kentucky, I bought a candle at a Galilean ministry home that smells like Cozy Cabin. I leave them lit almost all day because they smell so wonderful.

  131. I want to decorate in a way that makes people feel warm and like they can just ball up on the couch and take a nap. Soft blankets. Sweet smells 🙂 one prayer that I have for myself is that I do not envy other people decorations. That I can make things work with what I have 🙂 thank you for this post!

  132. I found my “resolutions” list from January 2016 a few weeks ago and one of them was to make our house a home. Even though the year is almost over, I think this will be the perfect start during this family filled time of the year. So my prayer is that my house will slowly be transformed into someplace that my family loves to be and one that is welcoming. Thank you for all the cute ideas.

  133. I am praying my family gets some guidance on where God wants us to go next year as we have some changes coming. I’m also praying for my two kids, ages 12 and 15, that are trying to get a handle on how to walk with God, especially when they don’t feel like reading their Bibles or going to church. Thank you so much for this fun challenge every year!!

  134. I’ve done this several years, first single and this is my second year married. We don’t go on work travel that much, but it seems to be this time of year, so maybe I should pray that one year we will be together for the whole month to enjoy each weekly challenge together, but I have an idea… Sorry if I get some of them out of order.
    My daily prayers will be for wisdom and listening hearts for God’s direction in our lives as we seek out big changes from which ministry to invest our time in, New jobs, buying our first home debt free at some point, which state/country this will all come to fruition, and this growing bundle of joy that’s going to change everything. I pray that it will get to have breath and with each breath as it learns to call me mom that it will learn to call God, Father. That I will develop a strong mothers heart so I can uphold my promise to God with joy and thanksgiving of giving any/all my children to Him for any/every purpose that would grow His Kingdom regardless of the sacrifice.
    Decorating is difficult and leaves me torn in two for several reasons. It conflicts some with our financial goals, not having any storage space, and the uneasiness that comes from feeling like you can be swallowed up by stuff in a consumeristic culture. But I love celebrating and creatin welcoming atmosphere full of love. With that, I did find a beautiful fall decoration for my house this year. I have three handmade burlap pumpkins I got at a fundraiser for a couple who was adopting “twins.” Unable to have kids, they ventured through the adoption journey, as one who had nannied twins, that had been on her heart and in her prayers. It turns out two separate families picked them at the same time and are two days apart in their expected deliveries. The mom makes the pumpkins to sell at craft fairs out of burlap leftover from her other daughters wedding. They were all there, doing everything they could to help make this dream a reality, and I loved getting to be a part of it… So when I see those pumpkins, it will remind me to pray for them.

  135. I LOVE fall! I love this idea! Thank you Karen for putting the link to this place! I like to put bales of straw in a pyramid outside and put Mums and pumpkins and maybe a scarecrow or two! Then on the inside, I like to change up the tablecloth and placemats and put a centerpiece of little pumpkins and flowers or sprigs. I am going to change up a little this year with this challenge and do the candle and maybe put some soft lights in with the decorating.

  136. I am praying for the health of my brother. He lost his son a year ago and has been in a deep depression since. Thank you very much for the chance. God bless you all.

  137. We decorate with mums, beautiful leaf garland I got 90% off! My husband is an optometrist so I have a good and fun collection of Halloween eyeball decorations too. I pray for good health and a deeper relationship and longing for Jesus for my family.

  138. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year!! I love decorating for Fall. I utilize many items found in nature. God provides beautiful things that we can use to decorate our homes with and remind us of His beautiful creation.

    So excited for this challenge!!

  139. Thank you very much for sharing your approaches.
    One take out for me is perhaps, indeed, I should pray before I start cleaning. Hopefully that will help to develop a longer and more regular lasting commitment to the chores 🙂
    What I’ve lately been praying for the family is unity. To be united under God. If times of conflicts come, that we would remember to see each other through His eye and that we are fighting spiritual battles not the flesh of each other.

  140. Lots of pumpkins! A garland made of leaves for my mantel. I have recently started adding owls to my fall collection too. Prayers – for my husband’s health and my daughter’s reading comprehension, she is struggling a little bit and getting frustrated.

  141. Fall is my favorite time of the year to decorate our home. Cozy is definitely the feel I love! (Unless you are my friends husband who said “it looks like fall threw up in your home…it’s everywhere…….(after a look that could kill from his wife) i mean in a good way!! I mean I really like it!!” Lol! My prayer this year is for my infant daughter that she would grow up to love people and love serving others. I love to open my home and love on friends and family, I pray she will have even a greater love for people and sharing Christ with them.

  142. Even though it is just hubby and myself now I still decorate by using table runners and keeping fall colored flowers on the counter also found a lovely glass pumpkin last week at Ross, God has been so good to us over the years, both of our children are full time ministry and 5 grands are such a blessing wish they were closer. God bless enjoy this time.

  143. I was given so many candles a few years ago when we first moved into our house and have never used them, but I removed all the labels so it’ll be a surprise when I light out candle this morning! I also won a metal basket filled with fake gourds, pumpkins, and other fall-ish decor. I completely forgot about it till now and I plan on putting it on our dining room table. I’m praying for my family that we can do all we do with love and live in peace with each other.

  144. This is so fun! Thank you, Karen!

    I recently purchased a new table runner, and placed a pumpkin candle with it, for a Fall flare, just in time for the challenge! I do feel it cozy-up when I light it! 🙂

    Happy Fall, Ya’ll!

  145. I love decorating our house for fall. I used lots fall leaves and pumpkin decorations. I think it makes the house feel more warm and cozy. I also love to have the kids collect any fall items from outside and put them in a bowl. We also grew pumpkins this year and my kids couldn’t wait to pick them and put them on the front porch. I love this challenge and the way it helps me focus on providing a little extra love for my family in a unique way. Thanks !

  146. I used to love to decorate for fall! I have a huge tote of stuff in the garage. After my husband retired from the Navy and we moved back home (Michigan) to a smaller house, I haven’t decorated. I will decorate this week! I’d say I would do it today but we homeschool now and I can just get everything out to decorate right now. I am also buying a candle today.

  147. Fall is my very favorite season! I begin by decorating my front porch with pumpkins and mums and orange pillows in my rocking chairs. Inside I do many things similar to Karen. Candles, fall leaves and flowers, and an metal-art owl that I ❤️ !!!

  148. I’m burning “Mulled Cider” and will be putting mums and pumpkins in the porch ????????????

    My prayer request is for grace to be shown to each other and to be speak love to one another.

  149. Fall is such a gorgeous time of the year….the colors and scents are heavenly…truly!! I found this challenge last week and certainly not coincidentally. God knew this would be good for me. I have been drifting like an autumn leaf floating in the wind, but thankfully, the King of Kings has seen fit to gently rescue the wandering foliage and redirect my life to what matters most…my relationship with Him. No more aimless swirling in the air….time to be intentional. Taking the time to lift up my husband and kiddos to our all mightly Father is a privilege and honor! Thank you for this challenge and thank you Jesus for showing mercy and grace!!!

    My mantel reflects exactly how I feel…a chalkboard framed with barn board that says “Thankful & Blessed” sitting amongst garlands of orange berries, leaves, and lights with two chalk painted mason jars sporting burlap bows holding fall foliage. Simply lovely!! Thank you for this challenge!

  150. Fall is my favorite! I need to be more intentional about praying for my family! Thank you for this challenge! (I love your decorating ideas and I’m going to finish decorating soon since we are in the middle of remodeling!)

  151. My home has been decorated since mid September! Right after my daughter’s 2nd birthday. This really is my favorite time of year! We simmer cinnamon and cloves on the stove. We lit our fireplace this week, what a special time!

    I’m praying for wisdom and perseverance in the things God has asked of me and for His Spirit to not be hindered in my home! Joshua has awakened my conscience to the state of my home and how I need to drive out the enemy and not give up! I can’t afford not to fight the battle! Thank you for encouraging me to walk with the King! Praying for you dear Courtney! Love you sister!

  152. I love Fall and Winter. My family loves it too. I keep scentsy warmers all over the house burning so many different fragrances that we love. It is just a warm and cozy period of the year for my family as we settle down on sports with the children and simply enjoy our home, together. I pray daily for my children’s safety and health, but I am praying more today for their guidance alongside with their peers. I pray they be leaders and help to guide others.

  153. I love this time of year when the temperatures start dropping and we can open the windows to let in the fresh air! I have my harvest apple candle burning. I’ve decorated with fall leaf vines, little pumpkins and scarecrows all purchased from the Dollar Tree! My prayer is for our home to be a special place where all who enter find peace. That my large blended family would display more loving hearts toward each other and that we all get into the habit of spending more personal time in the presence of Jesus!

    1. Yes! Fresh air! Even though I’m grateful that we have air conditioning, I don’t like to use it. I don’t like to breathe recycled air. I love when it is this summer or fall day where I can have the windows open and let the curtains blow.

  154. I just love this challenge! I started last year and the lighting of the candle/prayer is absolutely my favorite! We always have candles burning as soon as fall hits! Being a single mom this fall, I have really focused on making our home a cozy, comfortable and relaxing haven where the kids and I can re-charge. Not that I didn’t focus on that before, I am just more aware of it now. I love to decorate with a wreath on the door, and some colorful leaf garland around our place. Things are always crazy and hectic with everyone’s lives so I really love the candle/prayer challenge because it makes me stop and really think about how grateful I am for all of my blessings!
    Thank you for doing this! I am so exited to be a part of it!

  155. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year! I love the cooler weather and the leaves changing. I have a fall wreath on my front door, a pretty fall centerpiece with candles and leaves on our dinner table and a garland of leaves and fall candles on the mantle. I’m excited about this challenge.

  156. I love this time of year! I have several pumpkin scented candles in different areas of the house, getting ready to hang our fall wreath today on the front door. Looking forward to the challenge this week, I love that cozy feel in my home!

  157. I love Fall! I am so glad I decided to do the Fall Challenge. It’s a way to make the season a little more special while focusing even more on the spiritual needs of your family. I am praying for my husband as he begins a new job at the end of the month, my daughter who is pregnant with our second grandchild and my son who is getting married October 22. Lots happening in our family this month! Love the decorating ideas! Thanks!

  158. I am obviously way behind everyone else in fall decorating, probably because I live in Texas and fall hasn’t quite made it here yet…but I am ready to pull out the candles soon and the ceramic pumpkins and everything else.

    I am baking cranberry white chocolate chip cookies for my class this weekend, so I think I will decorate then.

    I love everyone’s ideas, thanks for all the wonderful fall fun!

  159. This year I’m decorating using items purchased last year at Yankee Candle going out of business sale. So there are a few candles and pumpkin candle holders. I’m sure I’ll be making a trip to Michael’s for a wreath or 2.

    My prayers for my family are peace for husband in his current job and I’m praying that our 2 year old continues to be the happy, healthy boy that he is (but just tone down the ‘tude a notch). I’m also praying that I will become who God intends for me to become as a Christian woman, wife and mother.

  160. My absolute favorite fall decor is sunflowers and fall leaves ???????????? my prayers this morning are for my children to be a light in their classrooms at school and be good examples to others. Another is for my husband to endur this stressful time at work and find comfort in coming home to a happy and cozy home ❤️

  161. I always look forward to “Making your home a haven”. I am a child care provider so I love to have my home smelling good….hot maple toddy candles burning, my fall decorations set in their places, kitchen is clean and cozy in the mornings when they walk in. Sometimes at the end of the day I will have dessert baking (I always share with the parents & it puts a smile on their faces), supper in the crock pot even when toys still scattered. 🙂 I pray for my husband, two kids and for my parents who I am thankful they are still with us being as their health is declining. I am always thankful for my home and the ability to want to make it cozy and welcoming to my husband when he comes home from work or from hunting. Have a blessed day!

  162. Praying for continued guidance for all three of my children as they are experiencing new challenges this year. My oldest is on the job hunt- currently employed, but looking for something more permanent and suited to her talents. My middle child is in the throws of teenagerhood! Freshman in High School, loving it, but very emotional these days. My youngest is a tender hearted boy who just began Middle School this year. His talents are not ‘typical’ of other boys (he’s extremely artistic, sensitive, and a deep thinker), and he is trying to find his way. Love them all and only want the best. Just praying for God’s continued direction as they find their unique paths!

  163. Fall is my favorite season to decorate for, I love a cozy home, I love the idea of this challenge and I am so excited to participate . I want my family to have a relaxing place to come home to at the end of the day. <3

  164. Fall is my favorite season! I like to decorate with cornstalks cut from our fields & real pumpkins from local farmers markets. I also try to plant mums, asters, & other Fall flowering plants. Inside I get out my owl collection & display books in Fall colors and/or about farming & the harvest.

    This Fall I am praying for our country as we prepare to vote for a new President and other officials. I’m also so grateful every day to God for the beauty of the season & for the many blessings of Fall: our son, our daughter-in-law, our annual family get-together, and many more.

  165. Oh, I am so happy to have joined you today! I am officially empty nesting this Fall and have felt a bit lost. I was actually considering not decorating for the season, but you have inspired me to get moving and make this house a cozy retreat for me and my husband as well as the 7 kiddos as they trickle on back home. Of course, the candle (Beautiful Day) lighting is always a favorite ritual, but using it to begin my prayer time is just what I needed! I know my role as prayer warrior is never ending as a wife, mom, sister, grandma (Mimi), so this is just a great way to get me back on track in being disciplined and faithful to our King! My constant prayer for my family members is that God will meet them where they are and that He will use each one of us for His plans and purposes. He is so faithful and I just so love how He allows me to witness His providence as I surrender it all to HIM!

  166. I have some homemade items my mom and uncles have made that I decorate with and ones I have made too. They’re not professional looking but brings me comfort and good memories.
    Also I’ve been praying Micah 6:8 over my family, “No, O people, the Lord has told you what is good,and this is what he requires of you:to do what is right, to love mercy,and to walk humbly with your God.” Also Philippians 1:6,”  And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. “, claiming it for our kids who have wandered away.

  167. First timer here and I’m so happy to join in this challenge! I love decorating with mums and pumpkins near my front door and then fall scented candles inside. I really like your idea with the pine cones and essential oils too 🙂 My prayers for my family right now is that we each feel God at work in our lives and feel His leading, guidance and direction.

  168. Pray for my mom and her team, as they are on a mission trip in Haiti. Pray that God will use them to show the Haitians the Hope in Jesus.

  169. I am praying that our family can find joy whatever may come, and now totally inspired to go find my bin of Fall decor that I haven’t pulled out since the last move and hoping something is salvageable ????

  170. I’m loving this challenge. I’ve been feeling so rushed these days to get my busy with my job, and I forget that I need to make my home a haven of rest first. Thanks so much for the reminder!!!

  171. Love this time of year!!! I get out all my Fall decorations right around Laber day out and decorate my house. Every year I try to add something new. This year the new thing was putting fall flowers, Orange and yellow leaves in a small Christmas tree that has lights on to that I leave up all year long. It is now a fall tree till I decorate for Christmas. It turned out looking very nice. I even have little pumpkin that we put outside on a tree to decorate that.

  172. LOVE this, and love how practical and inexpensive the decorating ideas are! I am a candle hoarding freak, but have also become smitten with tart warmers. I plug and unplug at will, and -boom! – the whole downstairs smells like ‘fall harvest’ crazy fast! I swap out the dried flowers hanging in our downstairs bathroom to be more seasonal (browns, oranges, deep red.) I also love the big glass candle holder we have on a table in the middle of our den that holds a candle suspended halfway down inside, letting you put things under it. I change it out seasonally, so now it’s pinecones and pumpkin scented dried potpourri pieces. People always say our house feels so cozy, which is the ultimate compliment, because to me, feeling ‘cozy’ means feeling welcome and safe in a happy place : ). Can’t wait to read all the other ideas!

  173. I have fall garland with lights entwined in it, as well as candles lit all day. There is something about the soft lights of them both that make my home feel so cozy. ????????????????

  174. I live in the Canadian Arctic where they go straight from summer to winter. I grew up in PA, though, and LOVE the fall season with fall colors and smells. There’s nothing in the stores here (or outside since everything is dead and ready for snow!) so everything I do has to be DIY. One thing I really like is printing out a cute printable from pinterest and hang it in a frame in my entry way. I have my candle on the stove and the kids and I will hang our leaves that we made from construction paper years ago.

  175. I am a big fan of the different decorations I can find at my local Dollar Tree…and they’re so cheap, so it allows me to be creative for fall on a tight budget! 🙂 They have really cute ceramic pumpkins that I scatter throughout my house…as well as some cute squirrel and owl ceramics, fall foliage, and miniature hay bails.

    This year, I’m going to focus on praying for my husband’s relationship with God. He has been experiencing a sense of being lost and not knowing where to turn…so I’ll be praying that he turns to our Heavenly Father and rekindles that relationship with Him! I’ll also be praying that my 2 children develop their relationship with God each day (my son is 7 and my daughter is 3), and that we all, as a family, would live by God’s Word each day.

    I absolutely love this challenge…I love how it reminds me to be intentional with my prayer life, something I need to be more diligent with.

    I hope everyone has a great week! 🙂

  176. I love fall! I decorate with fall branches & leaves (faux) in a white pitcher, orange pumpkins, mums and sunflowers. (all artificial and real). My prayers are for my family members with specific events going on in their lives, such as; traveling, health issues, spiritual needs, and more joy in their lives.

  177. I incorporate much of what Karen suggested. Candles are my favs. I also like to make a fall pic with Scripture and use Dollar store frames to put up around the house. I put up fall kitchen towels too.

  178. I love pumpkins and scarecrows! Along with a collection of craft projects from elementary school days, all of my fall items come out Oct 1. My oldest son told me one year, “I like when you put out the fall decorations. It makes me feel cozy” 🙂 btw, his b-day is Oct 31! Thank you for all of these ideas!

  179. First let me start by saying Fall ushers in the beginning of my FAVORITE time of year: a time of giving and being thankful for everything God has allowed us to do and have. A time to focus on loving others!! When Fall hits our little town in Tennessee my crafty side hits a new level, especially with DIY crafts and projects. I have made cute little candle votives with crisp fall leaves handpicked by my two year old daughter and I, a burlap wreath with a welcoming message for Fall, and a stand up welcome sign so that all who enter may feel welcomed right away. Inside, the scent of my favorite candles will have filled the air, mingling together to a dance of Fall and cozy blankets are draped across the backs of our chairs and couches in case anyone gets chilled. Soup may be simmering on the stove or in my over-used crockpot in the kitchen. Our mantle is decorated with pictures of our Fall shenanigans and surrounded with Fall leaves and other items that give a warm, honey atmosphere inviting to all who visit. I have to admit your post today has my crafty side in overdrive with all those ideas!

    Prayers for my family:

    I pray that my husband will always do the right thing even when it’s inconvenient. That he will listen to God’s urging and always follow the straight and narrow, sometimes bumpy, path. I pray that he will let God take control of his job situation so that he may find rest for his weary soul.

    My sweet Kylovena, I pray that you will find peace with Jesus when the time comes and you are old enough to understand fully what awaits you having a deep relationship with the one true king. I pray that you will always feel beautiful and loved, and that you will have a mind for listening and a huge heart for helping and loving others. I pray that you will tune your ears to heart drops and that you will always find a way to love unconditionally those around you. I pray that you forgive easily, and always, Always, always know that we love you.

  180. I bought some pumpkins for our front step and have a bronze cross that hangs on our door from Hobby Lobby. I have my Pumpkin scented candle going and I make sure it’s lit the hour before my husband comes home and I make sure the main living area is tidy.

    My prayers for my family this season are for peace and love to abound. In my children’s hearts and attitudes, but also in mine. I want my home to be a haven, not for the decorations and smells (though those are nice) but for how their parents and siblings loved them here and that they would know they are always welcome, even long after they’ve grown.

  181. I love this challenge. This will be my first year doing it. Super excited. I love fall. I get out my fall leaf garland and put it with a fall bowl of little pumpkins on my table. I also have cinnamon and clove essential oils defused in the air. Thank you for this challenge. 🙂

  182. Fall is my very favorite time of year. I always feel like it’s a message directly to me from God for introspection. As the leaves fall – I need to let go of things in my life that take my time away from God. I love to put out decorations a little at the time – my grands take great pleasure in finding what the new thing is that I put out. I am blessed – they all live within 1/2 mile of me. So by Halloween – everything is out and identified, and the same with Thanksgiving.
    I pray for my family. My parents are quickly approaching their time with Jesus. They are both in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, so I have to figure how to balance time with them, the kids, the grands and work as well as spend quality time with hubby. I know that this will be just a short time, and I don’t want to have regrets! God is good!

  183. I love, love, love the fall! I have garlands of leaves, scarecrows and pumpkins that I pull out every year. This year we have to be very frugal for decorating outside since my husband has been out of work since April. We found a few cheap mums for $3.33 each and a large pumpkin for $2.49. I’ve been burning a fall-scented candle every day and it really perks up our spirits. Although things are difficult right now, I feel very blessed. My husband’s faith has grown so much over the past few months. He is pressing into the Lord for strength and reaching out to help others. My prayer is for him to get a job soon! I also pray for my soon-to-be born first grandchild, Isabella Grace, due November 9th. I can’t wait!!!

  184. You can stack pumpkins by taking the stem off, great for small spaces. I am praying for my family to become closer to God this week. This world is crazy enough, excited to create peace in my home!

  185. Honestly, I have never really decorated for fall, but I have bought a few things this year and love the ideas from this blog. This weekend is the weekend that I am doing yard work and a fall cleaning.

    My prayer right now is that we adjust to getting back into school (yes we started in August, but it is still an adjustment!) Also, my son has hard times during this time of the year, his dad passed away this week and Thanksgiving his dad was involved in a wreck that cause severe damage and a couple of years after cause his passing. Fall is a hard time for him, he was too young to remember the dates but he knows the season it happened, so it is a hard time for him.

  186. Karen, that was a great prayer for your family. Today I prayed for my family to experience joy (since we seem to be lacking in that area lately). So far, to decorate for fall, I’ve gotten out all the thrown blankets and we’ve carved a couple pumpkin for the front porch.
    I love you Courtney, but it will be fun to have Karen this time.

  187. Fall is my favorite season! I always put a leaf garland with lights on our mantle. It makes the living room so cozy and inviting.

  188. My prayers will be for safety and trust on God for my 4 school age children. I have a huge yellow mum on my front porch that makes me smile when I come home. Just purchased a new pumpkin butter candle and need to get my leaves and pumpkins out to decorate.

  189. Fall is my favorite season! There is always a pumpkin scent in the house – whether it is a candle, a pie or pumpkin cookies (my son and I have been waiting so impatiently for fall to start baking pumpkin cookies again!!). And I so agree with the prayer Karen mentioned. I have been praying that one faithfully for my children recently. Just waiting to see how this one is answered. Happy fall, y’all!!

  190. I am a newbie to the challenge and feel so blessed to have visited WLW today to learn of it! One of my first Bible studies with WLW was the Proverbs 31 Women when Courtney explained that the home is a classroom for our daughters (and sons). Can’t think of a better way to teach our children than through creating a cozy, welcoming, Spirit-filled home — and fall is the perfect time to start! Courtney also encouraged us to light a candle whenever we are in our home to remind us that Jesus, the Light of the World, is always with us. Every time we pass the candle, we should say a pray over our house and family. Praise and worship music adds to the atmosphere. Each holiday, I love to put old photos on the fridge of our family during that season and also, I tape up holiday-related art work that the kiddos did in school. Most importantly, since we are all so busy, busy, it’s essential to create a cozy space, dim the lights, get under a blanket or in the bubble bath and find quiet time in the Lord’s presence. On my little black board I wrote, “Let Blessings Fall”!!

  191. FIrst time doing the challenge! I’m excited to get back in the practice of decorating for fall and will be purchasing some mums for outdoors to start. When my mother passed 1o years ago I inherited many of her fall decorations and this year I will be going into the attic to pull out the Welcome wreath, harvest table cloths and runners as well as the curtains she made. And my candle is apple cinnamon!

  192. Praying that God would mold the relationship of my girls into something pleasing to Him. That they will honor one another in love as they grow together towards Christ.

  193. Last Winter my sister-in-law & I made snowmen out of logs & then he wears a scarf & winter hat. Pulled him back out & gave him a straw hat & a red bandanna around his “neck”. Looped a bag made from Fall material over his stick arm & filled it with Indian corn, he is out on the front porch. My husband & I started the morning off with pumpkin spice bagels toasted & then mixed some cream cheese with a little canned pumpkin to spread on it. Nice way to take a few minutes before he heads to the city & we start our day. Straighten – well, there is laundry in the dryer now & I put away 2 jackets that have been draped over a chair since last week.

  194. My fall decorations tend to be very Halloween-ish. We were married in Halloween so October is kind of our celebration month. My mantle has a wooden plaque with October 31st on it. It also has 2 medium glass pumpkins (represents hubby & I) and 3 small glass pumpkins (the kiddos) and a skull head (my son named Derek) from Disneyland’s Pirate’s of the Caribbean store. Decorations this year has to be simple & up high because we have pups that chew things.
    I love this fall challenge. This is my 6th year doing it. The candle & saying a prayer of peace over my home is my favorite part.

  195. My decorations I use to make my home look like fall, we set out mason jars with fall decor in them, leaves, sunflowers, dried baby’s breath.
    This fall my husband and I have committed to praying for God to guide us in where we should go for a job. I graduated a few years ago and work temp jobs until I met my husband and we got married. We definitely want to make our marriage a priority. Therefore I gave up any temp or internship jobs and now looking for a full time permanent job in wildlife management. It’s a tough field to get into but we are praying God will provide a job opening just for me (us).
    That’s our main prayer, however , we are praying for just closeness and for daily needs; safety for my husband as he is at work, growth and strength in christ. We are very thankful God has given us an amazing FIRST YEAR of MARRIAGE!! (OCT. 17 IS A YEAR!)

  196. I have a fall wreath on our front door and some different types of pumpkins on the porch along with a little scarecrow sitting on top of a bale of hat. Inside, I have a table decorated with some pumpkins and fall canvas print. We have a vase of wildflowers we picked at the pumpkin patch and I have my diffuser going with a fall scent.
    I am praying for my husband’s grandfather who just lost his wife less than 2 weeks ago and had a stroke 2 nights ago from the grief of missing Grandma.

  197. I have been so excited about this challenge and couldn’t wait to start. Although I now find myself in a hospital room it came to mind this morning that the challenge had started. So I grabbed my bible and even though I am not able to make my home cozy I can still pray and read my bible cause the situation I am currently in is taking a toll on my family. I am the Mom to 3 small children so it’s hard being here and my husband baring the burden. I do have my bath and body sweet cinnamon pumpkin lotion my church family bought me so that helps with the fall smell here 🙂 I’m so ready to get out of here and complete the challenge at home.

  198. ????Thank you for such lovely autumn inspiration! I rejoice how you included coziness, family, praying, and glorifying God! That is exactly what this beautiful time of year speaks so eloquently to my heart! I am in the process of decorating my home right now; I like lots of natural “decor” from our woods.
    I am praying that my adult children, my two little grandsons, and all my future generations not yet born, would “walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to Him, bearing fruit in every good work [to which they each were called], and increasing in the knowledge of God [through His Word]” (Col. 1:10).

  199. We have a fall wreath on the front door, Autum candles, a fall themed mantle, and some Indian corn and cute scarecrow and squirrel on the hutch. We also like to diffuse thieves oil or orange oil for a calm at,sop here. We are currently doing a fall declutter and finding homes for each item. Thank you for doing the challenge:)

  200. I love fall!

    I also love that I am able to decorate with decorations that have been handed down to me by my grandma (she is 95) pumpkins, scarecrows and leaves.

    With fall bring the start of school, I have been praying for my 3 children and that God would bless them with faithful friends and bless their teachers and they are pour into my kids lives.

  201. My favorite fall decoration thus year has been popcorn kernels, red beans, and split peas placed in some Ball canning jars with small votive candles from the dollar store with raffia tied around the tops of jars…simple and pretty. My prayers fir my husband right now is for peace at work. For my daughter that God guide her through the college visits and choice for future endeavors over the next year. For my son, that he continue to do his best in school despite his limitations and he will make wise choices at school.

  202. Good Morning! I am cleaning and doing the big dusting of 2016 so we can turn the heater on. My husband hung my quilt ladders, so I’m eager to hang them up and invite folks over to show off my clean fall home. I’m praying for energy for myself, and clear minds for my family so we can focus and accomplish goals.

  203. Love all the ideas on how to cozy up a home for Fall. My husband and I are expecting a baby any day now — my official due date is tomorrow. I wanted our home to be cozy before Baby arrives so I went to the Dollar Store, Kohls, and Michaels to find random fall decorations to put up. I focused mainly on our living room, decorated with fall pillows, fall flowers, fall leaves, etc. And I make sure to keep it free from clutter so even if another part of the house gets a little cluttered with baby stuff, our living room is cozy. I am praying for peace and grace for our family as we move into this adjustment period with a newborn soon.

  204. I’m a sucker for cozy blankets, so that is the first thing I go to when decorating for fall…the minute the weather turns a little chilly, I grab a couple of our heavy knit throws from the closet and toss them on the couch and my big arm chair. It immediately makes the living room feel cozier! I also keep two Scentsy burners on almost the entire time I’m home in the evenings and on weekends. My mom gave me some of her fall décor when my husband and I got married a few years ago, so I always use the wreath she made, a pumpkin bowl for the table that I (try) to keep candy in, and some little pumpkins scattered throughout. I’m so excited for this challenge! Thank you for the encouragement and tips on decorating!

  205. Autumn wreaths on front and back door, with a autumn doormat to great all. Pumpkins and leaves (artificial) scattered throughout the living room and kitchen, along with a small candle of pumpkin spice next to the sink and one on the kitchen table. Then in the living room have several autumn pillows and blankets on the couch, a Scentsy Cardinal with pumpkin spice, out on the balcony is the mums and bird feeders.

  206. I pulled out a ton of decorations this year. I have a Fall wreath on the front door along with two huge yellow mums in pots on the porch. I just recently purchased a new coffee table for our family room and have decorated it with candles, glass pumpkins, and leaves. My new favorite candle, Leaves from Bath and Body Works, is lit on my stovetop.

    This month is very busy for my entire family. I’m praying for my kids who are in high school band as they participate in three marching band competitions this month. I will be traveling with my husband on a business trip and then will leave the following week for a mission trip to Seattle. Oh yeah, and my son turns 17 next week!

    Praising God for family and the opportunity to serve them.

  207. This is my favorite time of year and I love pumpkins and mums and the smell of pumpkin spice! Im very excited about this challenge and looking for some focus. I’ve been struggling lately with keeping balance in my home so everyone feels welcome and invited. I have 3 kids, a college kid, a teenager and a 4 year old. It’s hard sometimes with a house full of teenage boys and trying to keep my 4 year old bedtime routine but I want them to always feel welcome and want to hang out at our house. So that is my prayer for me, just handling the day to day of running a home with love. An unspoken for my husband and for my kids to have a yearning for God’s will in their life.

  208. I love everything about this season. 🙂 I have signs of fall everywhere in my home and outside, as well. It brings my family contendedness. Pumpkins and gourds, apples in baskets, soft glowing white lights wrapped around grapevines with bittersweet on the mantle and in wreaths, snuggly blankets ready to use, mums and cornstalks, even a fall themed “Christmas” tree on the screened porch out back. – I could go on and on. It just makes us want to be home. I am praying for various needs for my family. I am especially praying for my youngest (25) for good, strong Christian friends and for the right young man to come into her life.

  209. I’m making some fabric pumpkins, vintage boxes, pine combs, dried flowers and a Thankful banner I made.

    My prayer is that my oldest daughter will come back to the Lord. She is coming home after a break up of an alternative lifestyle, praying she will experience God’s love. that is the only TRUE LOVE….

  210. I have a myriad of fall decorations, my favorites are the candy corn lights, pumpkin lights, and a glass brick filled with orange lights and glittery leaves. It gets dark pretty quick here in Minnesota! I’m praying for family to be restored this year. Too many broken families in my extended family.

  211. I excited about participating this year. I don’t do very much decorating. My prayer for my family is that we will continue to grow as a strong family unit, and that my family will always do what’s right because the world make its way of doing things look so appealing.

  212. Praying for peace of mind for my kids. My two oldest have anxiety and one also has depression. Also praying for healing of physical issues that my daughter suffers from. It is so hard as a parent to see our kids suffer. I love decorating for fall! I have my decorations in totes in the attic that I pull down every year. I have pumpkins, garland, leaves, candles and a door wreath. Excited to get decorating! Love the cozy feeling they give our home.

  213. I wish we could leave pictures in the comments. Next to Christmas, fall time is the most festive my home gets. I love fall, fall scents, and pumpkins. There’s wooden pumpkins on my mailbox and a pumpkin flag in my flower bed along with a metal staked pumpkin. My mums have little metal pumpkin stakes that say Welcome. Guests are greeted at my front door with a wooden P monogrammed pumpkin. When they walk in the living room, they’ll notice my pumpkin-adorned mantle along with a few more pumpkins on bookshelves and a wooden P pumpkin hanging on my French doors. I keep my Scentsy warmers on daily with scents of apple cinnamon or cider. In my kitchen, pumpkins adorn the buffet and countertops. There’s also a fall arrangement with pumpkins on my island and a burlap flower arrangement on my table. I made a video of all my decor and asked my Facebook friends to count the pumpkins. I love them that much!
    I will be praying for my husband, 2 children, as well as my inlaws & husband’s grandmother who live next door. My parents live an hour away and need extra prayers because of my dad’s health this year. Due to complications from an appendectomy in January, he was in the ICU for 30 days earlier this year and has stayed in the hospital for 98 days total. I’m praying that fall will be a time of healing for my dad and refreshing for my tired, care-giving mother.

  214. Thanks Courtney & Karen for inspiring us to make our home the best it can be! My 15-year old and 11-year old daughters insisted on putting out & arranging our Fall decorations last weekend! So our sights are filled with gold, russet & orange ???? pumpkins, acorns, garlands, and a few fall themed animal figurines. ???? Mulled cider candle burning and prayers of thankfulness. August & September were difficult months as my husband’s company cut the division he worked for, leaving this stay-at-home mom job hunting along with my hubby. Our teenage daughter admitted to the hospital for what looked like onset of MS. God is so, so good. He loves us and He has been & is listening, loving & taking extraordinary care of us. Our prayer is that God will abundantly bless those who have been lifting our daughter in prayer. We are so humbled & grateful. Prayer makes all the difference! As we celebrate God’s goodness, we desire ways to share our home to bless others. ❤

  215. I love love fall! My youngest child, my baby boy was born in the fall and I just love when all the memories come flooding back. I enjoy baking and making a home for my family and fall is the time of year when everyone starts migrating towards spending more time in the house verses outdoors.

  216. A wreath of fall leaves and flowers, stuffed and ceramic pumpkins, leaf garlands and pumpkin candles are around the house. I lay a fall quilt on our bed and pull out the cloth napkins I made from a variety of fall fabrics. Make a cup of creamy pumpkin pie tea (Bulk Herb Store) and “taste and see that the Lord Is Good!” Prayers for my family to cling to Jesus day by day and find their joy in Him.

  217. Ohhhh, I just love this challenge every year! I picked up some pretty wooden signs, little pumpkins and a beautiful pumpkin mat this year to decorate my home for fall. I use a wax warmer and my favorite scents for fall are apple pumpkin and cinnamon sticks. Courtney and Karen are two precious ladies who truly inspire me.

  218. I love the smell of fall baking. I love to decorate with food! I make cute cupcakes and cookies. I also painted some jars that go on my mantle and have wrapped old vases in fall colored yarn. I love EVERYTHING about fall. Every day I pray that my 17-month old daughter will come to know and love Jesus as she grows up. And I pray for wisdom for my husband and I as we parent her. I pray that my husband and I will communicate well and stay connected during these crazy, busy years of parenthood. I haven’t bought a candle yet, but I think I will pick something with apples!

  219. I love all of the fall decor ideas! Thanks so much for sharing! I have had my fall decorations out and love my garland banner that my sis in law made for me last year that says GIVE THANKS. I will be home this weekend and hope to make a wreath or door hanger for my front door.
    I pray for peace and love for my family. We just lost my husband’s grandmother suddenly. It is not easy losing loved ones but an elder is explainable. She will be missed. I pray that her children can grieve peacefully. I pray that my children continue in their faith inspired foundation growth. Thanks again and I look forward to continuing our uplifting journey. ????????????

  220. I am lifting up each and every person who has commented on this post, in prayer that they find peace and feel God’s hands wrapping them up today, just like the cozy blanket I put on my sofa this fall. I am excited to pull out my fall decorations from the attic, and fill the house with the smell of baked apples and campfires. I lift up my high school-aged children up in prayer, that I will not hold on too tightly and interfere with God’s plan for their lives. I echo Karen’s prayer that they will experience all that makes them who they are in God’s plan.

  221. I purchased and planted 2 mums outside in a half-barrel by our water pump. Also made pumpkin cookies!

    I’ll be praying for… my 9th grade daughter who is having a difficult transition to high school with both academics and friendship changes. My father-in-law who has Parkinson’s disease and dementia, as he is a lifelong farmer who is being forced into retirement (due to these illnesses) and is not able to fully understand this new reality. For my husband and his brother as they are in charge of harvest, and trying to deal with their father’s illness and their mom’s role as caregiver. For wisdom for me to know when to speak up and when to keep my mouth shut!

  222. I really love your ideas. I have never really decorated for fall before other than my kids’ pumpkins that they carve up and I put them on the front porch. Scented candles sound like a great idea for fall and I can’t wait to do this. 🙂

  223. I decorate with an autumn wreath on the front door, pine cones, pumpkins, a fall table runner, and scented candles. My prayer is for my young marriage (2 years in December) and for the Lord to prepare my heart for motherhood whenever He determines is the right time for us to start a family. We currently are not in a great financial position to have children but I Know and trust that God will provide what we need when we need it. This fall my prayer is for the family I have and the one I don’t yet have. I pray the Lord’s presence will permeate our home and His love will be felt by everyone that walks through our door and into our lives.

  224. I remember finding this blog several years ago around this time of year and I love the reminder to light the candle and pray. Such a visual to have as you go about your evening with your family. I try to remember to say a prayer over my family every time I light a candle! For the season, I try to switch out some flowers and throws to add those fall colors. Plus use the leaves and outdoor goodies my boys find!

  225. I have gotten into white pumpkins this year! I have a big one on my kitchen table with white candles around it and some mini white pumpkins on my coffee bar. I also bought some pretty mums for the front porch in fall colors. I found the BEST candles of Walmart–the pumpkin scented seasonal ones in the glass jar and I actually like these better than the Yankee ones….they are so cheap I have them in multiple rooms. Thanks for this, Karen, it’s making me get in the spirit of the holidays!

  226. I love this challenge! My favorite fall decoration is paper leaves cut out of scrap book paper either hung on tree branches or as a fireplace garland. Through the years since my kids were little they would write things they are thankful for on them. I love looking back at the things they said and just seeing their sweet handwriting!
    I am praying for peace, protection and guidance for my family as we are adjusting to having our oldest son away as a college freshman. ????????????

  227. My mantel is decorated for fall. The oldest piece I received in college from my mom, a stuffed scareow. The newest from a day care family, a plate that says thanks.

  228. I am praying for peace in our home. My favorite fall decoration is a fall wreath that I found on sale at CVS one year for $2.49. In fact, I’m going to go dig it our right now.

  229. I love this challenge, this season, and this community! I’ve enjoyed reading the comments so much. My husband and I have 3 children and are always so busy. I don’t usually take time to decorate for the fall season, but this challenge has inspired me to slow down a bit. My prayers are for my children’s spiritual growth, my brother’s salvation, direction for my husband & myself in ministry, and for healing for my son’s immune system condition! God is able!

  230. ❤️❤️❤️Fall????! Got my pumpkin pie candle burning and the house smells fabulous! Praying for my children and grands, first of all to know and love Jesus, and then to live their lives in a way that glorifies God! So excited to participate in your challenge!

  231. Wreaths! I love when someone walks up to my home, how they already feel welcomed by the beautiful fall wreaths. As the door opens and they are greeted the smells of my burning of a fall candle embrace them. 🙂

  232. I love fall wreaths and candles for my fall decor.
    My prayers for my children right now, as they both went to college this fall, is that God would put their feet on the path that he has for them. The prayer for my husband is directed to what God has for us to do in this new stage of empty nest,

  233. Fall is my favorite season to decorate. Outside I have mums and pumpkins and a wreat on my front door. Inside I use fall colors in my throw and pillows Fall arrangements with mini pumpkins on my tables and of course candles. I keep a candle burning when I’m home. My favorite is mulled cider and white pumpkin during fall.

  234. Found the Fall Challenge for the first time and love it! Love decorating for fall . . . have large acorns from TX friends mixed with pumpkins and leaves on the dining room table. Family members allergic to scented candles, so I put cinnamon sticks, cloves and cardamom in a pan of water on the stove or else make my own chai tea – yummy smells! Thanks for the ideas and encouragement of the Word!

  235. Salted Caramel Candle from Bath and Body works is my scent this year! My younger daughter and I have decorated with pumpkins, fall leave garlands and pilgrims everywhere. My daughter has cut out faces on those styrofoam pumpkins and will be hanging them in our outside foyer with fishing string. She is putting a battery operated light and will lower and light them every evening.
    Our prayer is for the health of my parents and for guiding strength for our family.

  236. I love decorating for fall and the cozy atmosphere brings to the house! I will be praying that my home becomes a home of peace and a sanctuary where everyone can come to feel re-energized at the end the day.

  237. Autumn is my favorite season, so I enjoy decorating our home to reflect that. We have two tabletop scarecrows (one is from my Mom that we displayed growing up); craft pumpkins and a few mini real ones, too; a “Give Thanks” sign on our hall table; our mantel has a scarecrow, pumpkins, and Indian corn; and we have pumpkin and leaf window clings in the kitchen. This year, I added a dining room table runner and kitchen placemats and napkins to our usual decor. So fun!

  238. I pray that all my family members, young and old, realize how much each and everyone of us are special in Gods eyes and for that I am thankful! He loves us no matter what we do!

  239. I’m going to love this challenge!! This is my first year doing this. I have a little artificial tree(that was left in our home when we bought it) and throughout the year I change the decorations. For fall I have little artificial leaves I got at Dollar General for $1.00. I have fall items on my mantel like little pumpkin candles, a ceramic turkey I won, two little scare crows. Some more of those leaves that were $1.00 a pack. I also have a fall ribbon tacked to the front of the mantel. Little things that make it look good for fall.

  240. Ti make our home look festive for fall, I love using nature items-pumpkins, gourds, acorns in a glass jar with a real ight on top, apples, pears from our very own pear tree, and whatever else I can find this year I spray painted pumpkins gold and silver and it looks very fancy! I also spray painted some branches from our woods and put in a glass vase by the front door.
    I’m praying for life to slow down in this busy time of year. I’m praying that I can slow down to see the leaves change and to see the wondrous things God has before me – sort of a theme for MOPS this year. Thanks for the challenge and the great ideas!
    I got a vanilla candle from Aldi- other fall scented candles with large wicks are on sale there for $5.99/reasonably sized jar!

  241. Hello,

    This is my first time doing this, but i too am loving the feeling and the rewards from my family. I have spruced up the house for fall added some candles and warm glow is created. I have created a few chalk boards with some old frames and created a fall sign with chalk. Loving the ideas and will be following.

    I could use some prayers to lift up moods in my house, as it seems the moods are changing like the weather. Prayers from me. 😉
    Thank you

  242. I love to decorate for holidays and seasons — Valentine’s Day, Easter, Fall/Thanksgiving and of course Christmas. For fall I decorate with fall garlands, ceramic pumpkins and also pilgrims and Indians. I love fall but am not looking forward to another winter!

  243. I love the fall wreath on my front door! It warms my heart seeing it when I drive up our gravel driveway – it means I’m home. I keep a list of needs and praises to use when praying for my family.

  244. I love to decorate for all seasons especially fall and Christmas. I have candles,pumpkins, owls, scarecrow, beautiful artificial leaves, fall flower arrangements, mums ,throws,….. but most important -nik naks expressing blessings and thankfulness. Unfortunately this year I’ve been unable to do any decorating due to undiagnosed illness-possibly ms with thyroid problems too. Illness has caused us to put our home up for sale so we can move into smallet one level home close to my daughter. I’m not wanting sympathy. I’m fine! God’s in control and I trust him completely but I do pray for my family as they deal with all the regular problems of raising a family-one daughter married with 2 kids and with struggles my other daughter faces while being single,struggling to make ends meet,and wanting to meet the guy God has for her. Now they have my issues to deal with also. I pray God will strengthen them and my husband.

  245. I’m excited to try this challenge for the first time this year and pray that it brings blessings to our home…I’m young wife and mother (we have 2 boys-6 and almost 4). In recent years, God has not only saved me, but has revealed to me how important it is for me as the wife/mother to make the home a haven, set the mood for the home, and lastly the power of prayer which is so often understated/underused…I’m grateful for this challenge to kick start my efforts towards making my home a haven. My prayers are going to be directed towards God saving my husband and bringing him back home/reuniting our family, prayers for my boys to grow strong in their faith and to become strong men of God for their own families some day, and lastly, for me to be the best wife, mother, and child of God that God has called me to be…And as far as decorating, which is one of my favorite hobbies, I enjoy the fall seated candles of course with pumpkin spice, a pretty wreath/welcome pumpkin on my front and side doors, mums and pansies in pots at front door/back porch, and a ceramic pumpkin with our last name initial on it as a centerpiece sitting on dried moss…love it!

  246. This is my first year to do this challenge. As a mother of 3 and grandmother of 8, I have been collecting “fall” things over the years. My one new purchase this year were two little pumpkins – one says Be Thankful and the other says Happy Fall. I set them on either side of my pumpkin candy dish filled with candy corn. I have a gingerbread candle that I light every day. It reminds me of my favorite dessert as a child. Gingerbread with a dollop of real homemade whipped cream. Grandkids and daughter arrive tonite from Denver – not very fall like here in TX! God has richly blessed our family and I am so grateful! Happy Fall,Y’all!

  247. Loving the beautiful, cooler weather in Texas as the fall season takes over! I love the cinnamon/apple scent in my Lamp Berger and a quilt on my bed with fall colors. Prayers for my husband as he will retire at the end of October…we are so excited and ask the Lord for good health any many years together. We are blessed with 3 children and 8 grandchildren who we pray for daily.

  248. Cylinder vase full of pinecones from our yard, dryer vent pumpkins made years ago still looking good, artificial leaf garland and bows from my daughter’s wedding 3 years ago and pumpkins my brother grew, along with fall colored tablecloths. Praying for my daughter and husband, who have a toddler and twins (one of each sex) coming in Dec., and son starting a new job and wife who wants children so much. Also praying for 90-year old mother, my best friend of 38 years and her husband who has brain cancer. Life is very full, and God has blessed me immeasurably!

  249. This is my third year to participate in How to Make Your Home a Haven. My transition into fall begins with a kitchen table centerpiece. I like to create a centerpiece with an autumn tapestry table runner and a fragrant fall candle inside a Shaker-style hurricane lantern. (All sale items, consignment, and garage sale finds.) I use the free downloads of key verse scripture cards to finalize the theme. As the evening sunlight fades earlier each day, I like to light my candle. Our home becomes warm and cozy with the encouraging prayer focus and candlelight. This is a wonderful practice and prelude into the season of thankfulness and gratitude.

  250. I LOVE Fall! It’s actually birthday season for our family, all three kids born in Oct and Nov (all adults now)! Most of my home is fall-ish anyway because I love all things country! I have various birdhouses, plaques, Dollar Tree plates with turkey napkin holders, etc., but my favorite (and my hubby’s) is our little Boyd’s Bear Pumpkin – it’s basically a bear in a pumpkin suit and he’s so cute! Sits on the TV stand every year! I have this vanilla caramel candle and wax melts that I’m using right now and the house smells awesome! So fun to read about everyone’s decor and ideas! Praying for our adult kids (parenting adults is HARD) that they would love Jesus with everything they have in them!

  251. Fall is my favorite time of year to decorate for. Well, other than Christmas!
    I always put out my pumpkin scented candles. They are my favorite!
    On the top of my entertainment center I have a fall leaf garland. In the center I have a lantern and a decorated pumpkin that says ” bless this home”.
    On my kitchen table I have a bowl with rocks on the bottom with a candle and glad pumpkin sitting on the rocks.
    When you come to my house you will see a metal pumpkin hanging between my garage doors. Usually I have corn stocks on the ends of the garage doors with fake flowers tied around the middle.
    On our front porch we have three mums in pots and a fall wreath that my mom made me. I have a couple of pumpkins sitting by the pot of mums that sits by the door with my sign that says, welcome autumn!
    This time of year I love making sweets so my house smells so yummy!

  252. I love decorating for fall! I have mums and pumpkins on my front porch. I’ve also brought out all of my fall dishes and serving pieces in my dining room.

  253. We have a few sheets of fall themed window clings that we put on our back door and kitchen windows. I pick up a few buckeyes every year when I walk by some that I see laying on the ground. We put those in a basket, along with acorns and pine cones. We also have various types of pumpkin crafts that get put out here and there. The colors of fall are so warm and I enjoy the feel it gives our house. One thing I pray daily for my family is for God’s protection – emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially, and whatever other “ly” I think of.

  254. Thank you for the ideas and reminder to bring fall to my family. To invite them to taste of God’s beauty through small ways. It is easy for me to get caught up in survival mode. Praying for wisdom. We need to move and need direction regarding when, where etc.

  255. I love fall and October is my favorite month! I have an autumn wreath hanging on our front door, and mums on the front porch. I also have a pumpkin table runner, with a beautiful autumn floral centerpiece, just to name a few. I am praying for protection over my three kids. Also that our home would be filled with peace and joy.

  256. On Sept. 1 every year I bring our all my fall decorations and candles. I love. The sights and smells of fall.

  257. I have recently stumbled on womenliving so this is my first year doing the challenge. Fall is also one of my favorite times of year. I love to open the windows for fresh air! I love to see the trees swaying in the breeze, the beautiful blue hue to the skies, the fresh smell in the air, the cooler temperatures. To watch the birds being busy, busy. The warm hues that Fall brings. Adding pumpkin spice to my coffee grounds, etc. I will be diffusing oils in my space. I appreciate the challenge motivating me to make my home cozy. I plan to pull out my decos this weekend which includes fall wreath for front door & living room door, hanging garland (in several places ????), changing out the silk flowers to the fall ones & whatever else is in my Fall totes. I used to decorate my work office so I may or may not go overboard at my house now. ???? I have a beautiful bow window that this all gets displayed in & also in my living room. Every year I think I will do mums & pumpkins for my front porch & every year it doesn’t happen. I’m not sure what my prayer for my family will be yet, need to think on that. Thank you for organizing this challenge, I’m super excited for the encouragement!

  258. I have a bowl of small gourds with different shapes, plus a cinnamon candle.

    My prayer is that my children and their spouses and my grandchildren will all soon be active Christians. Some already are and some have drifted away from the Lord. And one family member is not a believer yet.

  259. This is my first time visiting the site. I am currently reading “Women Living Well”. I love it the first night I read it I could not put it down three hours later i had too it was very early the next morning. ???? I must tell you all I am not a reader but this book is a must.

    To make my home more fallish I made a burlap banner that says “give thanks” they are hung in a staggered pattern on an old small ladder above our TV. Then I painted a canvas with pumpkins. It was very relaxing and each pumpkin is painted to resemble each family members personality. It was very easy. I printed pictures of several pumpkins all different sizes. I placed them in the way I wanted them arranged on the canvas and taped them together. Then I used tracing paper to trace on the canvas. I painted each pumpkin then painted the background a deep barn red. Hung it with a burlap bow on the corner of a large old white frame. I wish we could post pictures.

    My prayer for my family is for my husband to continue to be the strong uplifting leader of our home and to use his abilities to bring others in his profession closer to God. For my two teen daughters to continue to grow closer to God everyday and to have forgiveness for those who wrong them, compassion for those in need and agape love for all! For our Father to protect us from the words evil doers and to help us stay on his path always to close the doors completely of a path we do not need to walk down. I pray for loved ones who have harmed us and pray for forgiveness towards them that we have only love in our hearts when we think of them.

    Sheesh that was a long one. Maybe too much information but that is real honesty.

    Love to All,

  260. My favorite time of year!! I love to see the trees change colors and welcome the cooler weather. To make my home cozy I love putting out my pumpkins and fall pillows and colorful throws to warm up our space. Then I pull out my fall scentsy warmers, put my favorite fall scents in and boom I am ready to snuggle with my family.

  261. I love to add to what I already have out on display. For example, I love bears and I have a special bear sitting on my mantle that I put a little sweater on him then I add a pumpkin ribbon bow around his neck and sit a mini pumpkin in front of him like he is holding it. Soooo much fun.
    I alwsys pray that God watch over my family members when I am not with them.

  262. I have Pumpkin candles, and air freshener spray. Also, fake pumpkins and gourds I arrange randomly…plus LOTS of scarecrows (the NOT scary kind!) and Fall colors, arrangements, anything I can get my hands on that will make my home warm and inviting that isn’t over-the-top…I have to be careful, I have a small home and young children so I try to make it kid friendly and fun!! 🙂

  263. My fall scent us Pumpkin waffles….(maybe just maybe the reason I am craving all things Pumpkin) I bought it at Walmart…smells delicious! I gave decorated each room with sunflowers and gourds..I like to craft…it’s kinda my “therapy”. My prayers focus on God plan for my family’s immediate future as we are going through some work-related struggles right now. Looking forward to developing a morning and evening routine…thanks for this motivation!

  264. It’s so much fun to decorate for fall! One year a crafty friend came over and we collected leaves in the yard. Then we added a little gold spray paint to give some shimmer. We also sprayed a little gold on some tiny terra cotta pots and put votives inside. We arranged the pots on the leaves. I’ve used those for years on my mantel and it really makes the family room feel cozy! I pray that my kids, husband, and I will seek and feel God’s presence daily and that we will look for ways He wants us to be Jesus’s light in the life we are leading.

  265. I got a huge pot of mums this year at Sam’s Club. I have it and pumpkins on my front porch. Happy fall! ????

  266. I love decorating but we are about to move so my decor this year is just a fall table cloth with my pumpkin spice candle as the center piece.

    I’ve been praying that God will help my husband and I to trust Him more, especially with our move, and that we will grow closer to Him and also to each other. I also pray that He will give us wisdom in raising our children and I pray that our children (ages 2, 1 and not born yet) will accept Christ at a young age and live for Him their whole lives.

  267. This is our absolute favorite time of year! We just got home from a family vacation to the NC mountains. I picked up a lovely fall candle there that is smelling up the house without even being lit. 😉 My children have fixed up a centerpiece for the table with pinecones and other nature goodies that I am sure they will add to as the season goes along. Now, I just need to get out there and get some gourds for decoration. Thanks for all the great ideas and for the chance to win the gift card! I love Home Goods.

  268. I decorated with a scarecrow, a pumkin, a fall table cloth, a fall candle that says ” There is always something to be thankful for, a fall wreath that has an angel on it and a happy harvest owl. I am pregnant and praying for my unborn daughter to be protected and continue to grow. I am praying for my son’s stomach issues to resolve and for the Dr’s to figure out the cause. I pray for both my children to know God at an early age. I pray for my marriage and my husband to grow in his walk with God.

  269. I have been following your blog for a long time, but time I want to participate making my home a blessing for my family and friends! In our home is only my husband and I since our son is not longer at home. Thank you for encouraging us to make the fall season meaningful!

    I have a fall wreath center piece with a gold plate that has part of our family for a few years. I also will use a fall runner for my table. I will use an electric wax melter with my favorite scents. As the week move along I will add more decoration to our small home.

    We are the leaders of a small Spanish church and we need lots of wisdom to do God work. I will be praying that God can use my husband in marvelous way as a leader, father and priest of the home. Also that our son, who recently moved to NYC to a new job, can be a witness and shining light at his new job while God protect him of any harm.

  270. I currently don’t have any decorations in my home, we building slowly while living in our home. I can’t wait for it to be finished so I can start decorating though. Thanks for the giveaway!

  271. My prayers for my family this week:
    That me and my husband would show the love of Christ to our children by the way we love one another. My prayer for my kids is that I would love them enough to discipline them. I often have a hard time discipline. And my prayer for my family as a whole is that we would glorify God in our actions to the world. That we would come together daily and spend time in the word and praying together.

  272. I love FALL! It is my all time favorite season because it feels so cozy. I have been following this challenge for a couple years and it makes such a difference in out home. I decorate for Fall by adding something Fall-ish into every room on our main floor. My things are either hand me downs, items from the dollar store, or things I have bought cheaply elsewhere. My kids (7 and 4) love bringing everything out. The past 2 years I added lights to my mantel along with the garland, pumpkins, candles, etc. I also purchase a new Yankee Candle each year, this year it a Harvest.

  273. I bought a black and white marbled $3 pumpkin at Target this year, set it on the mantle and I have the happiest mantle I’ve had in years. I added a little banner along the mantle too. Then I flipped my pumpkin basket around to my pumpkin face and I was ready to enjoy fall. I already had my candle in place and had been enjoying the scent for a few weeks. Love a scent filled home every day. I just love the clean feeling our fall decor has given us this year. Blessings to all as you celebrate the harvest time of year and a Gods blessings to us.

  274. Hello!
    I just love WLW! It has been such a blessing to me.
    In March of 2014,I lost my sweet mama to cancer.Fall was her absolute favorite time of year. She went all out with the decorating.I never really decorated for fall( I have 5 children and sometimes I just didn’t get to it lol).I inherited most of her fall decorations so in her honor I have tried to decorate.It IS such a special time of year.The coziness of cooler temperatures and the smells that bring back memories.I pray that this year is full of relationship building and honoring our Saviour in all we do.
    Jennifer B.

  275. As usual, prayers for my family would be that my boys continue to love Jesus and serve Him all the days of their lives, and that my husband is showered with blessings because of the strong and faithful man he is. I have added some fall plaques this year that I found at Aldi (!) and I diffuse some fall-y smelling oils and burn unscented tealights because I love the glow!

  276. Our home is just over 800 square feet (we have three children), so we can’t do much, but I have brass candlesticks with beeswax candles on the mantle along with some white pumpkins. I had my children gather leaves and my 4 year old “sewed” a leaf garland. I have fall candles and thick, cream-colored lave tablecloths. Cozy blankets are set out as well.

  277. Wow! Starting a day late but already seeing His plan in it! I am NOT a decorator! I have great intentions and amazing Pinterest boards but let’s face it, after two years in our new home most of the wall street are still bare. Oops! You all are so inspiring that I am carving out the time this weekend to add a touch of fall here!

    And can I say I sooooo needed to start this candle lighting and prayer THIS morning! Goodness. It was a rough start to the morning for one of my kiddos but it feels so good to sit down and pray over her (and the others) as I send them into their day.

    Thank you thank you thank you for this challenge! This fall/winter will be much much better than the last! Blessings!

  278. I’ miss praying that my kids will meet God is a real way and have a real, deep love and relationship with him.

    I love fall colors and smells and decorate with the burnt oranges and reds and have Bath & Body’s Autumn candle. Mmm ????

  279. This is my first year doing this challenge. I’m excited to be here. My house is always fall-ish looking because that’s our color scheme throughout our home. We do add scented candles and soaps, and a welcoming wreath at the front door. Our prayers are focused around The Holy Spirit awakening our hearts such that we grow more Christ-like (servants hearted). ????????????

  280. Thank you for this challenge! I desire that my home be a haven but knowing that we are doing it together, as women trying to please God, is so encouraging! Such a beautiful idea to light my pumpkin spice candle and let my prayers rise to my Father in Heaven, that my kids’ would know Jesus all their lives. That my husband will delight in the Lord, and that I will be encouraging and comforting to my family.

  281. Fall is my favorite for decorating! I love the colors and feelings fall evokes. I haven’t been able to get to much this year but so far the burlap table runners are out, along with a new pot of mums and some cute little pumpkins. Now I’m excited to get the rest of it out!!
    As for the prayers for my family – I have been praying for years now that God would allow my kids to be caught. Sounds mean, right? But I want them to get caught in the little stuff before it has a chance to grow into the big stuff. I know my husband and I can’t always catch on to what they’re doing but God sees it all. It’s nice to know we can trust Him to help us parent them. I am also praying for their future spouses.

  282. I love the beautiful fall colors and decorating with pumpkins and leaves and a wreath. I love this season of fall–it just feels different and smells good! Love to go to a pumpkin patch and take pictures of my kids and pick out pumpkins! So many thing to pray for– peace in our home and for all of us to be content with what we have.

  283. My husband is very opposed to any scented anything (even scented laundry detergent is out), but I did let my boys pick out some cute little pumpkins, gourds, etc., at the farmers market yesterday and arranged them nicely on the table and mantle. I’m paying extra attention to keeping things straightened up in our living areas, and I’m praying a lot lately for my boys (ages 6, 5, 3, and 2) to grow to be men who will courageously stand for what’s right.

  284. I look forward to this challenge every fall! My favorite fall decoration is a sign that I bought from Michaels’s that says “Be Thankful”. I have it in my kitchen so I can be reminded to give thanks to Jesus thru out my day.

  285. I don’t have much storage room so I like to decorate with natural things I can part with at the end of the season. I put some Indian corn on the door, a huge purple mum on one side of our steps leading to the door and a couple pots of pansies on the other. We just got back from the pumpkin patch and got one pumpkin for each step – each one a different size and color. Even though it’s 90* today, my front entry makes it feel like fall!

  286. My husband loves fall.. I always try to make it cozy for him. I have a lighted leaf garland hanging from our fireplace mantle… Pumpkins on the floor near the fire place.. Led candles in the fireplace that that have a timer and turns on at 6pm… I light a few fall scented candles throughout the house from Yankee candle.. Have a throw blanket on the couch.. Dim the lights.. We have a fire pit in the back yard and use it when the weather permits.. We go outside and talk and look at the stars. We pray for our families to know God and we pray for those we know who are sick. We also share how our day went.

  287. We have a glass truffle bowl on the dining table filled with mini pumpkins we grew in our garden this year, and my kids are so proud! I have littles, so the cute baskets of lovely fall decor are not worth the effort in this season! I’m most excited about a custom, refinished hutch that I recently purchased that will have nice (high, out of reach) shelves that I’ll be able to decorate and display our favorite fall books 🙂

  288. this year is a little difficult to decorate, but in memory of my son and husband who both died this year I am decorating for fall so they can look down and see how homey the house is and that I am remembering them. So we have pinecones and pumplms and candles burning in our den where we spent time in front of the fireplace

    1. Karen, Am so very sorry for your loss this year…cannot imagine…prayers for you tonite as i light my candle.

  289. Hi Karen!

    Fall is my favorite time of the year! I never followed one of these before, but because the title of this lesson is so interesting to me – I just have to follow and make my home as fall – ish and cozy as I can. To pray for our families is always needed and having the aroma’s filling the house is GREAT!!

  290. This is my first year doing the challenge. I live alone now – kids are grown and live in other places and I’m sadly divorced – but I’m going to do this for me! I love fall and a cozy home! Lighting my pumpkin pie candle and praying for my children and grandchildren to grow in their love and faith. Also praying tonight for my son who evacuated from West Palm Beach due to Hurricane Matthew. He is safely inland but hopes his apartment, workplace and especially friends will be okay.

  291. I have decorated with pumpkins and mums outside. A few decorations from hobby lobby and a potpurii mix in a leaf dish on my island. I’m praying for my 3 year old son to love his little brother 🙂

  292. Thanks for challenging us. The decorating is beyond me this fall and my prayers simply to grow in Christ. Perhaps before the month is over I’ll better be able to rise to the challenge!!

  293. We buy pumpkins and set them on our front steps. We used to decorate for Halloween, and that’s been put aside the past few years. We’re trying to get that going again this year.

  294. What wonderful decorating ideas for those of us who are artistically challenged! My decorating needs to start this weekend with a trip to 2 places: local pumpkin patch that sells tons of pumpkins, gourds, etc…for really cheap prices. Think the 3-year old granddaughter will have to come along and pick something out!
    I’ll also go to the daughter’s in-law’s place – they have large pumpkins and give me what i want for FREE!

    Prayers when lighting a candle is such a good reminder/mindful practice to do each day. Started doing this a few years ago with these posts…haven’t done as much lately and need to start tonite when i get home from work!

    Karen – I know God loves you (even though you do cheer from that place “up north!”)

  295. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, the colors are warm and inviting. The air is comfortable and relaxing-the activities encourage togetherness and allow families to get closer. I have quite a few things from my wedding 4 years ago that was fall themed that I use for my decorations. Pumpkins, green apples, silk leaves and chocolate rose petals, gerber daisies and sunflowers.

    I’m praying for peace in my families hearts, that I can continue to show a light to them of how much I love God so that it will bounce on to them and that they will cultivate a strong love for Christ and that they will know how much Jesus loves them and that they feel cherished and covered by Him.

  296. We like to put cornstalks on the front porch and pumpkins. Then inside the mantle is the main place we decorate. I love the idea of saying a prayer each time I see the candle. I’ve also been using the flameless ones from QVC 😉

  297. Fall is my favorite time of year and I have lots of treasures I like to use for decorating our home for the season. For the past few years though life has prevented me from doing much and since it’s October already, I’m not sure how much I’ll get done this year either. I do change out the dining room tablecloth and try to change the décor on the buffet a little. And my porch usually gets a subtle switch as well. Just this morning I’ve been debating if I have enough energy to go to the nursery and get some fall pansies and pumpkins for the porch.

    My prayers of late have been similar to yours Karen. That God will use all this for His glory and that he will soften the hearts of those I love, that they might lean towards Him rather than away from him.

  298. Thanks for the encouragement to use oils . That works got me! My son and I love this time of year so we started decorating in he middle of steptember. Our front walk is covered in pumpkins and a leave stuffed pumpkin man.

    My pray is to be the wife and mother my boys and husband need. God is calling me to foster more of his love in our home and to available . I closed my small business and am now working from home online. I wAnt look my boys and husband in the eye and not be distracted . I want to have hot meals on the table. Prepare my children for living well .

    Thank you Karen and County for this challenge and for your ministeties.

  299. I love this challenge mostly because I love seeing how other women love their families well and knowing I’m alone as I seek to do these things!
    Every year around this time, we go to a pumpkin patch and pick out a pumpkin for each family member, some small pumpkins and gourds for our kitchen table, and munch on fallish goodies they have at those beautiful places. ???? I have bought a couple fall scented candles and burn them regularly because it makes me feel so cozy and I feel like it makes the house more inviting.. (Aldi had some for $3!) And then we decorate our pumpkins with our hand prints and set them on our porch next to my “Happy fall, ya’ll !” sign. ????

    I’m praying for my husband and I to keep our priorities in order better than we have. It’s been easy to let other things creep in or take over and we’ve missed out on some opportunities to love Jesus more together. I’m also praying for my son as he begins to understand more truths about God. We’re praying he recognizes his need of Jesus.

    Thank you for doing a fall challenge like this! I love and need the reminder to pray for my family! ????

    1. Oops! I mean to say “knowing I’m NOT alone in seeking to do these things!” Sorry! Typos are the worst ????

  300. I normally have a candle burning, throughout the year, but I don’t normally pray as I do so. Remembering to pray for my family as I light the candle each morning is something I’m now focusing on :). I’m praying for the strength of our family unit — that each individual would continue to keep their eyes on Christ and to love and encourage each other so we can be strong in the Lord together.

  301. Fall is absolutely the my favorite time of year!!! Warm blankets to cuddle up nice and cozy with alone, with my husband or with one of our daughters or dogs. I decorate very similar to you and I love Homegoods!!!! Although it is an hour away 🙁
    I love the pumpkin and good and corn arrangement. Heading out for corn this weekend!!
    I pray without ceasing for the safety of our family. The teenager are driving and making decisions daily. I pray they have wisdom and the Holy Spirit with them.
    Thank you so much and I look forward to the rest of the study!!

  302. This is my fourth year of being a part of making my home a haven. I am focusing on having a calm and soothing empty nest for my husband and me. Light,pray,straighten and repeat????
    I’m loving all the comments,so many great ideas.

  303. I’m a Mommy of two little boys, 1 & 3. I work from home as well as started Homeschooling my 3 year old this year. We not only have pumpkins galore in our home, burn our pumpkin scented candles each day, and have our straw bales with mums & pumpkins in the front yard, we have a family October bucket list. Each day we have a fall themed craft or activity that we do and we try to knock off all of our bucket list items before the end of the month. This helps us actively spend time with one another and not get side tracked on things that pull us away like iPads, phones, and television. I have been doing this challenge for 4 years now I believe, and each year I get a little better at it. This has truly changed our family’s life and we are so truly thankful!!!

  304. Blessings Tree! We have a “tree” created from (clearance aisle) fake stems of fall-colored leaves. These are tied together to resemble a tree and a few “fallen” leaves around its base. The Sharpie pen is placed by it for each family member to write a new blessing on a leaf. This of course stays through Thanksgiving, when we are able to read/remember all the blessings through our years together.

    This idea could be used with a fall leaf garland, centerpiece, etc…. Keep the Sharpie by it all through the season!

  305. Pray for all our family members to stay close to Jesus. Pray that we will always do His will. Love this time of year

  306. Prayers for the recent opportunities we have had to be in the presence of non-believing family members; that we would be salt and light to them and praise that we are getting to spend time with them.

    I usually kick off fall decorating by picking up the little gourds from the grocery store, but this year was a fun surprise when my parent’s compost pile grew them. 🙂 There were plenty for us all to have a few and then I filled in with store bought mini-pumpkins and large pumpkins for the porch – fairytale pumpkins are my favorite!

  307. I love filling an oversized basket with cozy blankets and pillows. I love your idea of lighting the candle and praying for those who will enter our home. I’m praying specifically for my new grandbaby- one who is suppose to be coming to us thru adoption hopefully during this holiday season!

  308. I love this challenge each yr, thank you for inspiring us to make our home a haven, I love to light the candle (country road) and pray for peace, also for my oldest to become a Christian and for us to trust and love God more each day.

  309. I love the fall colors. We have a pumpkin spiced candle in the kitchen and the living room. When it comes to decorating for fall I like to keep it simple. I have a few pumpkin candle holders and I also have some burlap stuff thrown in. Fall to me is a cozy time as we prepare for winter. Here in Maine the color of the leaves are beautiful. They seem so vibrant. We serve an amazing God.:)


  310. I have a stash of fall decor items that I’ve collected from our time overseas. Some ceramic pumpkins, a hanging garland, a leave tray I inherited from my grandfather and a rusty orange table cloth with leaves embossed on it for our large 8-seat table. And then there’s always some kind of spice candle involved. Fall is my favorite.

  311. I am an American living overseas where there is no emphasis really on decorating your home in this way (nothing in stores), so I really appreciated the simple ideas to decorate. Your post reminded me that I do have 2 or 3 things tucked away in storage to bring out. I do love the fall colors (even though there is no evidence of that outside my door/ window) and they do make a home feel cozy. I got my candle out a week ago, but so far haven’t figured out a way to get it lit (crazy schedule these days).

    I am praying that my children, constantly surrounded by a culture simply following empty religious tradition, will experience the love and presence of Christ in their lives and know deep in their hearts that Jesus is worth it!

  312. On the first day of Fall (even if it is 90 degrees like it was here this year) I will get out my fall leaves and sunflowers wreath for my front door”. I go get 5 or 6 potted mums for my front yard. Then I find my new Fall candle. I must wait until October 1st to drink my coffee with anything pumpkin spice.
    I have always prayed over my daughter as she has gone to school, and then away to college. This year I get to add praying for her and her new husband and her classroom as a first year teacher. The Lord has blessed us all so much.

  313. I love decorating for fall. The last couple of years I let my daughter do it. We decorate the mantel with items that we have picked up at Hobby Lobby. My front door has a wreath I made using yard and felt flowers. I have a hay bale and pumpkins out in my front yard along with mums and pansies.

    I am praying my children will experience the love of Jesus Christ and know that he is always with them no matter what situation they are in. For my husband that he will have a deep encounter with God and want to pursue him and be a Godly leader in our family. My parents I pray for health as they both battle major health issues. I pray for myself that I will be the example God wants me to be for my family!!!

    I love these bible studies. They have gotten me in the word like I have never been. Thank you Good Morning Girls!!!

  314. I have been following along but am so behind with my writing (and comments) but…Fall is my favorite time of year! I sprinkle fall flowers, leaf garlands, twinkle lights, pumpkins and of course fall smelling candles wherever I can. every year I also bring out my children’s old fall books, drawings, and photos. Thank you for this challenge I look forward to it every year. I find myself re-watching videos when I need a little encouragement not only during fall but throughout the year. I light candles and use my scentsy everyday but for some reason they seem extra special during this challenge, I am sure its the reminder to get those extra prayers in. I pray for my household that we may all Always put the Lord first, that we all have faith and courage to do God’s will and accept what is not. That our first and last thoughts are on the lord all the days of our lives. I love seeing what other women do for me it is exactly what it should be…Us “stirring up one another to love and good works” I do read the comments and follow the hash tags and would like to say Thank you to all you ladies who participate, you never know who you are helping and encouraging by sharing. and a special thank you to Karen, you have a lovey home, thank you for opening it up and sharing with us.

  315. I have never done anything before, but after seeing this post, my daughter and I headed to the dollar store and got a few small items. I will be on the lookout for more. I wish we had a mantle to decorate. That one looks amazing!

  316. Being in a 1-bedroom apartment this year, I went through Fall decor and my youngest daughter took most of it (they just moved into a house). It was fun to see how she used it in her home. I retained a few small ceramic pumpkins/gourds in orange, white, green and yellow. I’ve displayed them along with some foliage I retained and two little birds with a stone that says “Give thanks to the Lord”. My bittersweet garland graces the top of my kitchen cabinets this year. The scent of “Leaves” candles pulls it all together for a cozy home. I’m praying for my husband, children, grandchildren to walk with God and experience all His blessings; and for the political candidates to know Christ and honor Him in their lives.

  317. My favorite fall decoration is my fiber optic jackolantern. I’ve had it since my oldest was about 5.
    I’m praying for a truly joyous Christmas this year. I’d love to see Christmas through the eyes of those who love Christmas. I always think of Christmas as extra work and stress.
    I’m praying for my husband’s health both physical, spiritual, and emotional.
    My girls are always in my prayers, prayers me to be strong and not to grow tired of praying.

  318. I echo Wendy’s comment above. Living overseas in a tropical country nothing “FEELS” like fall but there are things we can do to cultivate coziness and remind ourselves of God’s bounty this season. I would encourage those in the US to consider sending a fall carepackage to a missionary from their church. Since we can’t buy fall items, send a scented candle, a wreath, candy corn or those mini pumpkin candies! Definitely fall flavored coffee! Help those who spreading their “light” just a little further our into the darkness of this world.

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