A Greater Harvest

In the Old Testament, God instructed His people to rest the land for a greater harvest. This princple of rest applies to our lives too. Here's how. #Biblestudy #restandrelease #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

But in the seventh year,
there shall be a Sabbath of solemn rest for the land.
Leviticus 25:4

Genesis tells us, God created the heavens and earth in six days and on the seventh day, He rested.

God stopped.

We are made in God’s image and we too need to stop.

Each day we stop for about 7 hours of sleep at night.

Each week we stop after six days of working to rest and worship.

In the book of Leviticus, we see another hard stop – this time for the land.

In Leviticus 25, God commanded that his people work the land for six years, but in the seventh year they were to give the land a solemn rest. This rest required God’s people to trust that God would provide for their needs, while the land rested.

Not only was this good for God’s people to rest and trust in God, but it also was very good for the soil.

Resting the soil helped to restore the nutrients that were depleted throughout the years. Nowadays, farmers rotate their crops but in Bible times, the people may not have understood how necessary it was to rest the land so that they would have a greater harvest in coming years.

Is something depleting you?

Is there something you need to take a long rest from?

After my difficult year in 2016, I decided that the year of 2017 would be my year of saying “no.” Every ounce of the people pleaser in me felt guilty saying no to new commitments or stepping away from areas where I had consistently been dependable and a “go to girl.” But I simply needed to stop.

God created his creation to require rest and require dependence on him.

Are you resting?

Are you depending on him?

Resting is good and can lead to a greater harvest in the future.

Let’s take God at His word and rest.

Reflection Question:

Is there something that is depleting you that you need to take a long rest from?
Share it with us in the comment section.

Walk with the King,


~This post is an excerpt from the Rest and Release Bible Study Guide

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  1. Oh this is a good question. I new that end of 2016 would be hard so I took a year off of blogging and saying yes to rest. A month before I was supposed to start saying Yes again my personal life got sideswiped by an emergency. So instead of hitting the road running I am more at the speed of a turtle. Saying Yes to the odd thing and focusing on restoring myself. I love this bible study!! It’s perfect for this season of mylife.

    1. Courtney, this is the perfect series for me right now. Thank you for hearing God, and doing what He says! This is exactly what I needed. God Bless you, friend. ❤

  2. I think my biggest struggle is saying no to myself. I always feel like I need to do better, go bigger, go farther. I think that has it’s place, but sometimes it’s okay to just slow down.

    I’m so glad you are back to posting! I have been praying for you and continued to study my Bible using the methods you share here. You are truly a blessing. <3

  3. Wow! My husband and I were discussing what a Jubilee rest would look like now a days. He can’t take a year off from his job and I can’t take a year off from raising our girls. We can take some time off from the many other commitments that we have. Thanks for reminding us that we need to rest.

  4. I need to take a rest from my estranged daughter. My heart is broken. I’m so frustrated and I don’t understand it. I pray for rest and peace whether it’s too late or not

    1. Love the rest – it’s hard to rest as a mom and wife – it’s a constant battle for me – so much to get done, but yet I need to stop and rest – and also say no to those distractions! (for me it’s social media – I live a ways away from family and get on to catch up but need better boundaries – I’ve done some of the things you mentioned in your book but need to start again – time limits, etc)

      Thanks for showing us that we need that time to be replenished! We aren’t meant to go go go.

      Much love Courtney and all of you ladies.

    2. I prayed for you this morning 😉 My heart is breaking for my own boys and I’ve felt that pain. I’m praying you’ll find His peace as you rest in Him.

      1. I too have had struggles with both of my two grown sons and am having to love them from afar and completely surrender them over to the Lord and just trust Him to work it all out. But, the thing that has been depleting me from rest and hindering the call that the Lord placed on my life was my addiction to cigarettes. They have drained and depleted me long enough. So, today is my day for breakthrough and I’m declaring it and have surrendered that addiction over to Him! I praise God for this Bible Study. It could not have come at a greater time! The Lord’s timing is perfect! Thank You Jesus, my deliverer and redeemer. My rock and my salvation.

    3. My prayers to you. I had a horrible row with my daughter last holiday season when she was back from college. We are speaking now, but the relationship is different…both of us try to be better. The “Come Alive ” (Dry Bones) song meant a lot to me then, and still does, when I hear it I wisper prayers for the folks I know who have gone astray, whatever the reason.
      Peace be with You!

      1. I’m right there with you all. My relationship with my 20 year old daughter is awful and it’s affecting my marriage and the lives of our other three children. Rest is exactly what I need….maybe at a nice hotel with my Bible and journal!! ????

    4. I am right there with you. I am so tired of every waking thought revolving around my family. Mental illness and drugs/alcohol consume them and they won’t get any help because there’s nothing wrong with them, it’s us who has the problem!! And our precious little 6 y/o grandson is living a life no one should have to all because the state they live in says grandparents have no rights and his mom, our daughter, can do whatever she wants to whether it’s in his best interest or not because she’s his mother, even though we have been caring for him his entire life.
      I just want to wake up one morning without this heavy desperately aching sense if dread feeling in the pit of my stomach that t just sucks all the joy and life right out of me. My husband is so depessed he doesn’t even physically look like the same man he did 3 months ago!
      Praying praying praying.

      1. Pam, I have been where you are and I pray you find a way to cope. My daughter was so bad she’d load the kids up and drag them with her, then she got to where she’d leave them alone. For me it was just letting go of my daughter’s addiction just telling her to do as she pleased, But if she wanted to do those things drink drug, to allow the children to come to my house while she partied. It worked, it eased my mind and keep me. Stay sane. Much love and many prayers. ❤????

    1. Me too. From worrying about my husband to if God will change him and restore my marriage.I know we are to worry about changing ourselves first but its hard when the person who is supposed to love you doesn’t and tells you he doesn’t love you and tells you that you are the reason why your own family doesn’t love you. I do rest a lot and I try no to overwhelm myself because when I am overwhelmed, I can’t do anything because my mind is jumbled but hubby calls me a lazy and disgusting woman and I get up and do what he says and what he wants. Why is life and marriage so hard? ????????

  5. 2016 was the hardest year of my life as well. January 2016 my oldest son (8 at the time) was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I had been doing your bible studies for awhile at that time. Everything stopped, all commitments except doctors appointments and what work and housework I could fit in. I most certainly wouldn’t call it a year of rest though. Today he is 7 months off treatment and in remission, praise the Lord. I agree with so much of what you said about your hard year, like being closer then ever to Jesus. I am slowly picking up some of my old distractions but trying so hard not to overcommit myself (like before). It’s really hard though because we’ve missed out on so much. Part of me wants to do all the things we didn’t get to do this last year and a half, the other part knows life is precious and short and that time spent with loved ones just being together is so important. This bible study really speaks to me. I’m so glad you’re back to teaching and that I am back to learning.

    1. Wow that sounds unimaginably painful and difficult. Praise the Lord your son in remission!!! ❤️ I hope this isn’t insensitive but reading your post really makes me stop and pause before I complain about inconsequential trivial things. It’s easy to get caught up in small matters and forget that people are going through heart wrenching circumstances. As a mother I can’t imagine how hard your son’s illness has been to get through. We for sure need God daily for all things.

  6. It’s my first time to join this bible study was led to this blog through Courtney’s Proverbs 31 ebook which l received from a friend.This ebook changed my life for good and l’m so blessed in this Bible study.l’m learning to say no to some people who have been causing problems for me and ny family, and l’m taking a rest from such people. I’m trusting the Lord to send the right people in our lives people who will improve our lives in every way.l just love your teachings and l’m so glad to be part of this study .

  7. This study has come at such a good time in my own time of restoring my soul. I’m doing something I have never done before – taking the week off work for physical rest to help fight a virus that has struck everyone at work. I still feel a pang of guilt but know deep down that it’s the Lord teaching me to stop and do nothing. Thankyou Courtney.

  8. Thank you so much for this Bible study. It has come at just the right time in my life.
    I needed this so much. You are a blessing. X

  9. I need a rest from social media. It depletes me of my peace. Family and friends are always fighting over issues and everyone is so negative. I feel bad because it’s the only way I can communicate with some who are far away. Maybe just strictly limit my time on it and only look at certain things.

    1. I was struggling with the same issue with Facebook. I ended up blocking the feed posts from those family and friends that were constantly posting negative things. Then once in awhile, since I haven’t unfriended them, I can go directly to their page and catch up on their lives. I’m still connected to my far away family and friends, but not bombarded with their fights or negative posts in my feed. I hope you are able to find the balance that works for you.

      1. I do the same thing. I (ssssshhhhhhhhhh) even stopped following my husband, because I’m so tired of hearing about the NFL issues!! But my own “depleter” is my mentally ill brother in law. He lives in an apartment over our garage. He’s a recovering drug addict, has terrible heart trouble and diabetes, and no emotional self-control. His story is sad and long, and I won’t elaborate, but he’s with us because he has nowhere else to go. He takes his meals with us and I launder his clothes, take him to the doctor, make sure he has his medication, etc., but that’s no the depleting part. It’s his need for attention. In the mornings sometimes if we’re not up yet, he’ll come around knocking on the windows or stand outside and sing. Loud. LOUD. What I’m hoping to take away from this beautiful study is peace WITHIN the depletion. Ways to find rest, within the situation. My husband is totally committed to me and has even offered to make him go into a nursing home, but I really don’t want to do that. I’m afraid the rejection would be too much for him. Please ladies, pray for this “tired old woman” that I will find the safe place that I need, while still remaining true to my commitment. (Reading back over, it sounds like I do all the work. I don’t. My precious husband is right there with me. So this is not just my problem, it’s his as well. He’s as active in the situation as I am.). Please pray for us as we try to live out what we believe is God’s will for our lives……and pray for me to Rest And Release. (Hey…..there’s and totally new spin on the old R&R, huh!?)

    2. Charlene, deleting my social media accounts was one of the best things I’ve done for my mind and peace. It’s easy to get caught up in the dumbest stuff and let things get you stressed that just don’t mater. I highly recommend a social media sabbatical for everyone. Lol. I have no plans to go back (I tried and realized it still wasn’t for me). But for some, even a temporary break is helpful.

  10. Thank you Courtney for your words and encouragement. Please pray for me too I am going through a separation after 18 years of being together. We have 3 children. I am hurting. God bless

  11. 2016-2017 Academic year was very rough but it really started 10 years ago – looking back an entire decade was tough. The icing on the cake was this past year. I am incorporating rest and actually doing another Bible study and other online emails pop up regarding rest, pausing and slowing down. I like the release part. Because we can still hold on to things while we think we are resting. I will use this rest to honor God. Not my 3 things that are my go to “veg out” state- my couch, tv and Facebook. I plan to seek God’s handy work of this great fall season. I have missed so much glued to my couch, iPad and remote are glued to my hands. And junk food is my comfort food. Oh Dear Lord, Give the desire to rest and release my life in you.

    1. I agree with you Sharon. I to feel sometimes I do waste too much time on social media on a daily. We all fall short.

  12. I too am so thankful for this bible study. On day one reading Luke 10, I thought oh yes! I’m just like Martha! I have probably focused too much on the task to be done and exhausted myself in the process. I’ve always piled too much on wanting to be there for everyone, always worked full time, raised a family, volunteered in all the church, school, sports, etc. my sons were in and had no help from family. As I’ve gotten older, I recognize when I should say no, but then struggle with the guilt for doing so.

  13. God has recently shown me a stronghold in my life of time. I was always thinking that so many things needed to be done within a certain time frame or on my schedule. I am now resting in his peace knowing that he is the Creator of time.

  14. I need to learn to rest from searching and researching for ideas and helps for homeschooling. I’ve home schooled since my oldest was three and I now have two first graders and one of them is a special needs child. I’m always in search of newer, fresher ideas and games etc. I don’t know when to shut it down. As a SAHM homeschooling momma I really need a “clock’out” time.

  15. I am also thankful for this study. I need to take a rest from a few things, and I have but I’ve still held on to a few things. Praying for complete surrender of them. Praying for you as well.


  16. October 4, 2017
    Leviticus 25:1-7

    S: 7b Whatever the land produces may be eaten.

    O: After the Isrealites entered and settled in Canaan for 6 years, God would command and require a complete year of rest for the land, its own sabbath, after 6 full years of harvesting and producing. At that time, whatever the land produced may be eaten…it will be enough…God will provide…period. It WAS enough!! He fulfilled His promise!

    A: WOW! This required a complete and utter dependence on the Jehovah Jireh, the LORD who provides!! I am amazed at the timing of this lesson as I have come to a critical place in my 22 year career as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Is it time to rest my hands…do I cut back or do I retire…for how long…how will we get by without my income???

    The answer is that GOD WILL PROVIDE!! Whatever decision we make, as we seek Him, He will provide…period.

    K: LORD, I truly am amazed at the timing of this lesson. You are always perfect in timing!! I know that as we talk out this situation and bring it before You for to be in Your will, You will reveal to us what we need to do. Help me to set aside my pride and my wants. Proverbs 16:9 tells us that a man’s heart plans his way but the LORD directs his steps. Father, direct our steps…line up our hearts completely with Your will. It is our desire to please You and do Your good, perfect and pleasing will. Thank for showing us in the past, that You always provide and make a way for our family. You have never forsaken us or left us to fend for ourselves. Show us what to do LORD, in Jesus name, AMEN.

  17. Courtney and others reading this I am sitting here amazed at God’s love for me! I have been struggling with trying to lay down a situation and thus far in the study it is a solid confirmation I’m walking in God’s will! Each day this week has been backing up decisions I made this weekend to step away from something depleting me. It hurts me to feel I’m being cold towards someone because I want to love everyone but there has been a person in my life dragging me down with personal issues. It has blocked my ability to get anything out of church services,but I asked for counsel Sunday and Sunday night I had a huge take away from church. I have been filled with a beautiful peace with God. Thank you for writing this Courtney! It has blessed me already

  18. I am entering a new season in my life. Our youngest son just started college, Our oldest daughter just graduated college and our middle child a daughter is in her 3rd year and doing a co-op and has just gotten engaged. I am taking this study as time to reflect and rest. Today’s scripture spoke to me in that my life had always been so busy and it still is however I am taking time for me. Something that I haven’t done, I am finding that I am more calm and handle things better. I am also saying no to extra commitments.

  19. May Father passed June 9th 2016
    My husband became totally bed bound and 100% dependent on me June 28th.
    I spent the rest of 2016 in a complete tunnel mind set. I was not aware of anyone or anything including my savior
    I sat on my bed or couch and just watched my husband breath making sure he continued to do so. I felt so overwhelmed alone and forgotten I had been so active in my church but it too was now gone as Satan had split it to the point it no longer even functioned as a church.
    In April 2017 I began to come out of my hole and was missing my Lord and our relationship (let me say here that knowing that you courtney was hurting too made my pain easier to bare).
    I began praying that the Lord would help me fall back in love with my House because I had come to hate it.
    July 5th God answered my prayers when the drier caught on fire, it was the electric so my eyes burned it was black as night but God delivered me & my husband. We are still currently living in a hotel while my home is being restored and God is restoring my heart my spirit and is strengthening me. He has lead me to the most awesome church and although my husband is still ill and bedbound he tells me he loves me everyday and now I have my Good Morning Girls to study with as well.
    Thank you for caring Courtney and I’m glad u took your rest! I’m sorry for your pain.
    Tammy Simpson
    Ashland, KY

  20. I need a rest from trying to make all the pieces fit like they used to in a past season of marriage. The more I try to steer my ship my mind hasn’t found the rest for uplifting things. Really got my Spirit down. I haven’t let God bring anything new from the ashes.

  21. I need a rest from striving and trying to meet the unrealistic expectations of others. I’m in a very busy season and the striving has left me empty. I am grateful that God offers soul rest. I’m digging deeper into His Word, spending quality time alone and meditating on His Word.

  22. I need rest from trying to make everything right with my daughter. She and her daughter live with us and I love them both to death. But some of the decisions my daughter is making are not good ones and I feel like I have to take control and make her see what she is doing. All that does is make our relationship tougher. I put her into Gods hands every night and then pick her back up in the morning and start all over again. I have to trust God and leave her in His hands. Shes so much better off there than in mine, but its so hard because it doesn’t happen as fast as I WANT IT. So I need to rest and release her for good into God’s hands and wait for HIS TIMING!

  23. Oh Courtney, how I can relate. I have two little ones and a husband that has gone through and intentional career change over the past year. He and I have both had to begin letting things go. I set in a normal business meeting at church and they started to say, “Megan can do such and such…”. I chimed back, “this is the year of NO”. The people pleaser in me cringed at the words as the escaped my mouth, but my heart said well done. This is not an excuse to not serve the King! Nearly a realization that He will provide whether I say, “Yes” to everything or not. It is hard lesson to learn, but one that is necessary. Thank you for your faithfulness to say yes to this study. I do know that the Lord is already using it to bless me and several others. Hoping and praying you are receiving a blessing from it too. Praying for peace as I look at my candle.

  24. I too felt guilty when I stepped back to rest. I was consistently working in a ministry at church for 13 years. After resting awhile I was trying desperately to figure out what I could do next. I am waiting on God to direct me but He has not given me anything yet. So in the meantime I am resting. I am trying to get my mind to agree.
    Thank you Courtney for all that you do.

  25. Hola, yo necesito descansar y creer Dios es quien mostrará el camino que debemos seguir, pues, hay metas y planes, sin embargo, mi esposo no tiene empleo, y necesito descansar en que el guiará sus pasos a lo correcto. Gracias, de mucha edificación tu página.

  26. It is often in the silent moments we feel and sense God’s presence the loudest.

    I think what scares people about resting is that when you rest, your mind floods with anxious thoughts. But it is in those moments when we can fully realize how much anxiety we’ve been carrying, and then have the opportunity to ask God for help, protection, and peace. ❤️

  27. This is the third time God has pointed to this .. today! Initially, when I was listening to Tony Evans speaking on the names of God .. Elohim, then in my devotions when I read psalm 127: 2 and now again. Wow. Lord let me see what You see. ( wow again, I’m working on a sign with the chorus to Like a River Glorious .. Stayed upon Jehovah hearts are fully blest, finding as He promised perfect peace and rest )

  28. TBH, this question made me feel like I need a rest from ME. I don’t have big commitments (at all). I’m home all day (homeschool mom). I don’t thrive in leadership roles. I’m not a planner or organizer of functions. I don’t have “girls night out”, or workout with girlfriends. My extended family is a source of pain and a history of dysfunction that has fallen apart in recent years. My life feels small. There’s nothing (nothing, -wow!) that I need a long rest from…but me. I wonder how I’m wired, that I don’t have friends. I wonder why my family treated me like “Marilyn Munster” for so long. I wonder what it is about my personality that makes me not connect socially well with others (I am not unkind, not an instigator, don’t push others, etc.) So,…I don’t need a break from something, or even someone. I need a rest from the weariness of me. Odd to contemplate that (what, exactly, does it mean; still trying to figure it out). I just know I’m tired of how I’m wired (seemingly for being a loner) and I would love a rest from myself. How to process this? I have literally no idea. And I’m 52, so it feels like it will never change.

    1. I think a rest from comparing ourselves to others might come into play here. God created you uniquely with special gifts to share. Homeschooling can be very exhausting. I did it for 11 years. It was so rewarding in many ways but there are dreams God has planted in your soul that are probably buried right now because your focus is on your kids. Begin to explore new horizons that bring out the beauty of who God made you to be. Get out more. Take your kids on homeschool excursions and notice what attracts you and pursue those interests. Actively pursue friendships with women that will inspire you. God has many chapters in our lives and your next one is in God’s master plan. It is exciting because you are in it and God wants to use you, fill you and bring you great joy. I have experienced this and it’s God’s masterful plan that will bring it about. Keep your eyes on Jesus and don’t lose the wonder of who God created you to be.

  29. After pondering hard and long on this question i came to the conclusion that i need to set my self cleaning limits! Ive always loved to be organized and have everything in place. But having my 3rd child has been so hard to do. I get so stressed when im not able to accomplish the chores in one day. Im so ready to put my boundaries down and make some rest for my own sake and embrace it. Afterall I have been given the right to rest from my heavenly father. Thank u Jesus!????????

  30. I am my parents main giver/chauffeur/ funerals and end of life and disposing apartment contents when it’s over/Sitter at appointments hospital rehab infusion center/ part time Bill payer when she’s hospitalized….
    So I’m giving up my GA meetings ( no time or money to gamble plus I have no desire and over 60 days clean), church ladies missionary league, church Bible study (I’m doing all my studies at home on my phone. I’m giving up picking my sister to help me plus taking her back home (It takes more trips and time). Plus she hates to miss playing bingo, going to Elvis impersonators, garage sales, parades, 2 churches suppers that are free or cheap, she complains of hurting when she walks because she’s neglected her own care. I’m not going to keep the car my parents were going to give me because she wants me to take her everywhere. I will take transits by my house and cab to church.
    I’m a 65 year old widow with 3 animals I don’t get to spend much time with.
    At this point I don’t feel much like a Christian. I love studying the Bible and going to church but then it all hits me. I worked 30 years helping people .
    Mom comes home Thurs and I hope she doesn’t have to keep going back. She’s had a pre leukemia for 2 years and it progressed to leukemia 2months ago. They’ve been married over 70 years and Dad’s not taking it well and takes it out on me. They don’t like it that I’m driving them instead of them. Dad has almost no hearing , walks vey slow, has chf and takes Lasix (depends aren’t enough)..
    Please pray for all of us, my other sister lives 2states away.
    Daddy says God is testing him.

  31. I need to take a break from the internet. Not your website or other Bible based things but just mindless web surfing.

  32. Over the past 2 years I’ve taken a rest from several outside things, some stress at work,…Now I need to trust God to hep me take care of myself during the week (and keep things being done) so that I can REST on Sundays.

  33. I feel I need rest from worrying, resentment, trying to be super mom and super grandmother. I really try hard not to worry about my kids. I was and still am a divorced single parent . My 3 kids are young adults going to college and one is a single mother of 3 herself. I’ve always worried about my finances, and trying to make ends meet from check to check. I’ve worried about my daughter with the kids and their welfare to her relationship with the father of her kids. For the last few months now I’ve taken rest from worrying by trusting God more and letting Him take care of my financial burdens. I feel that God opened my eyes clearer just the other day when I read an article about resentment. So as of today I’m taking rest from resentment of my past mistakes, bad decisions, and failures. It’s also time however, to let my children live their adult lives the only way they’ll grow closer to God is through they’re own journey of trial and error. I’m am resting and putting my trust in God to direct their paths.

  34. Courtney, with going through a very similar situation as you in the same time frame last year, this Rest & Release Bible Study is just what I needed! I just want to say thank you!!!

  35. I am beginning to take a break from my bad dietary habits. Caffeine and sugar/refined carbs are so depleting to me personally–I have proved that to myself several times in the past. Why I keep sabotaging myself, I don’t know. However I do know that when I am eating a basically clean diet and avoiding depleting food & drink that my thinking becomes so much clearer, my sleep is better, and I can breathe freely–so that my day-to-day problems & worries I am able to approach and deal with in a calmer spirit….that makes it somewhat easier to let go and trust God–truly! I have an anxious personality (always have had) and tend toward depression. I worry constantly about my family (some of whom have addictions) and I am hoping for some relief from the constant anxiety that is exacerbated by my bad habits.

  36. I need rest from worrying. I think everyday life presents a new worry until I find a way to fix it. I have to remember that God needs me to get out of the way. That HE is in control of this thing not me. I worry too about this evil world that my beautiful children are growing up in. I have to remember that GOD is in control – even in the midst of all this ugliness.

  37. As I scroll through all these comments, it really opens your eyes to why were not resting. I am right there too! On Wednesday I found out I need to have open heart surgery, I know I’m in God’s hands, 7 years ago my husband had heart surgery too. I know what he went through and myself as his care giver. So now our roles will be reversed. The Lord will be doing some major heart change in ours lives soon. “Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:28. Ladies keep us in your prayers. Thank you Courtney for blessing us with this study. Blessing ❤

  38. My husband has been given some time home away from work and the rest has made his health better and gave him more time with all our kids. It was a blessing in disguise before his promotion. Getting rest shows us how much it is REALLY NEEDED.
    The bible verse that comes to my mind is there is a season for everything.

  39. I am in need of rest from my husband. He made some bad life changing decisions during our marriage that I found out about three years ago. I have been trying for three years to keep are marriage/family together. We have been to multiple counselors. He feels like he’s doing all he can to make this work but I don’t feel the same. He stresses me out just being around him and I hate it. I know I need a rest, maybe just a break/separation to gather myself and to continue reading this study (which I am just now starting). If I take this rest and ask for a separation, it will be hurting these three kids that I love so much and may affect their choices in the future. I’m praying for guidance but can’t help but be scared.

  40. Difficulties seem to be coming in waves lately. I closed 2016 with my 90 year old mother hospitalized with pneumonia from aspiration. The doctors told me to call the family because of her age and frail condition she would most probably not make it, yet she did. In January my 38 year old son (who is bipolar) went to veterans hospital and was hospitalized because he needed help. While hospitalized they did a routine EKG and saw something was not right. Before leaving the hospital they did an echocardiogram. A few days later they called him to tell him his heart was functioning at a 20%. He was later diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. I believe the Lord permitted that mental crisis as a means so his condition could be discovered and treated. A little after that, my 88 year old father had a heart attack, which glory to God he survived. Then my mother was placed in hospice. May 8, 2017 my mother in law passed away; three weeks later my mom died also. A week after my mother’s death my precious dog, Cleo also dies. By August we flew out again to Florida because my son was going to have a heart pacemaker/difilibrator implanted, and midway they aborted because he woke up during the procedure and his heart rate went down. September we’re planning to go back because our son was going under for the second attempt, but we were unable because Hurricane Irma and then Hurricane Maria hit our island, Puerto Rico. Tomorrow it will be 50 days since Maria, and we still have no electricity and water in our home came 4 days ago. Has it been a rough year; I believe it’s been extra rough on many, but in the midst of all the trials and tribulations God has always been present. Our son had his procedure and it was successful. Throughout all these hardships our home has been a refuge for many; we have fed many and continue to do so. As we give God has continued providing in abundance so we have not lacked. I share all this, not to say my problems are bigger than anyone elses, but rather to share God’s fidelity in the midst of them. I pray God continue to give us strength each time life sends destructive storms our way, and may He continue to give us strength, hope and deepen our faith, and in the process may He use us to touch the lives of others.

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