Why Is It So Hard to Be Disciplined? {Final Check-In}

Making the necessary decisions to change can be so hard. Sometimes we even fail. Here is why it is so hard to be disciplined. #WomenLivingWell #Habittrackers #bulletjournal

We’ve reached the end of the 31-Day Habit Tracking Series and today is the final check-in.

This month is ending but a new month is beginning!  And I love new beginnings!

If you have struggled this past month, remember that progress is progress…even if it seems small.  And you have a chance to begin – again – every single month.  Do not give up!

In the summer of 2011, I was invited to be a part of Candace Cameron Bure’s ReShaping It All book club.  I made this video below for her website and it fits perfectly as encouragement for our final check-in.

Join me on this video as I discuss:
Why Is It So Hard to Be Disciplined?

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**This is Our Final Check-In!**

Are you still Habit Tracking?  I sure hope so!

Share with us – how did this past month of Habit Tracking go for you and what are your goals for next month?

Here’s our Final Challenge:

A new month begins on June 1st!

Keep on going!

As we finish out the month of May, plan ahead for the month of June.  If you have a Habit Tracker, you’ll find that there is a section for month 2 and month 3. So keep it going!  If you don’t have one yet – they are available on Amazon —-> HERE.

If one of your goals is to read God’s Word daily, then I invite you to spend your summer in the book of Psalms with us!

We are reading through the Bible – one chapter a day – five days a week and this summer we are tackling the first 50 chapters of the Book of Psalms!

We begin our study in the the Book of Psalms 1-50
on Monday, June 11th!

This is a 10-week study that runs Mondays through Fridays,
ending on August 17th.

The journal is available on Amazon NOW!

Walk with the King,




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  1. It’s been a learning & growing past 5 weeks. By tracking, I’m more focused and faithful with my goals: giving THANKS, walking daily, increased social interaction, praying & my prayer journal, and fellowshipping with believers. Thank you, Courtney, for leading us! I’m working on June and plan to add a couple of new goals to the present ones.

  2. I am beginning my 3rd month using the habit tracker on June 1. I loved the challenges. Sadly I haven’t found my tracking partner yet. I have two friends who got the book but haven’t started yet.

    Some of the customizable things for me included: making my bed, limiting time playing solitairry word games, daily creative time, writing notes of encouragement.

    Some things I already tracked include: book titles and authors as I read them, water intake, and visits to my m.i.l.

    The best part of this for me has been the companion factor to my digital calendar. Now I can track the things I want to track and use my digital calendar for its purpose. I used to use a calendar for many of these things which hindered my use of a digital calendar.

    One of the journal prompts I used this month was a word study on “the godly” I made my own copy of each Proverbs verse that contained these two words and read them over and over again.

    1. Hi Verna,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with the tracker. You are doing so good and you are into your 3rd month! Way to go!

      Keep pressing on,
      Courtney 🙂

  3. Thank you for the encouragement. I love the video and daily i will hear it to remind my self daily to deny my self and pick up my cross with love. I look forward to the bible study i learn so much from them and i love your unique style. Findimg you was an answered prayed along with Mandy her weekly post would speak to me and it was the first thing i tracked on my journal evethough it was 2 years ago. I dont forget because of that now i am able to see the answered prayers in my life and know the difference between Gods will and my selfish wants. He is good to us when we seek the right things in our lifes. Much love Maria

    1. Hi Maria,

      I’m so glad God brought you here and that you are joining us again this summer.

      Keep walking with the King!
      Lots of Love,
      Courtney 🙂

  4. Because of such a busy lifestyle I’m running a month behind. Can I still use these post to keep me accountable and start here with June 1. I need to lose some bad habits and replace them with good habits. My time management is the pits so I am hoping that this will help.

  5. I’m just running across this page. I did order the Psalms book at Amazon but still not sure what to do?

  6. I just got my 1st habit tracker in the mail a couple of days ago and can’t wait to get started in the new year! I have been going through so many big trials for 10 years now with my first husband and have failed to tend to myself and my house during particularly rough seasons. Your marriage and my first marriage are somewhat similar stories, so I know you can empathize. However, even during the turbulence, God steadied me and blessed me in ways I could have never dreamed of! Even though I am currently in one of the most stressful times of my life still dealing with the ongoing effects of sin in my ex’s life, God is drawing me near and showing me how to get through it. Your blog, your story, your encouragement are making a difference in my life! Thank you so much for still sharing your life and your love for Jesus to all of us. You and I……we have been wounded. But our great God went before us, and goes before us still. May God richly bless you in ways you cannot imagine in the coming year, Courtney! Love from Texas, Amanda

  7. I finished 2 Samuel and saw the Habit Tracking Challenge right at the beginning of the covid 19 pandemic. I spent about a week scrolling through Facebook while eating Pop Tarts before I decided that whatever was coming, I didn’t want to look back and see that is how I spent my time. I ordered my first habit tracker and started tracking things that helped bring focus to my days. I’ve tracked exercising, stretching, walking in my neighborhood, reading, listening to a podcast or sermon each day, reading of a chapter in Proverbs daily, using the gratitude tracker, having my quiet time with God, playing games with my family, and limiting my time on Facebook or watching news. I’ve also set goals on house projects. I didn’t get everything that I wanted to done in the first month, but I did get some done and that is probably more than I would have gotten to without the tracker. It has been wonderful and I can truly say that this has been a sweet time of growth in my relationship with God and my family members. The journal part of the tracker will also be interesting to look back at some point in the future and remember this historical time.

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