The Power of Meeting Early in the Morning With God

While the Bible doesn't specifically say that quiet times should be in the morning, many times we see the power of meeting early in the morning with God. #Biblestudy #Psalms #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

Are you a Good Morning Girl, a Good Afternoon Girl or a Good Night Girl?

I happen to love late nights.  I get so much done!  Often times I get a boost of energy right when I should be going to bed and I begin tidying up the house or working on a project or reading a good book. But then I pay for it in the morning because I’m tired.

Perhaps it was good, back when I started this ministry with the name “morning” in it – that I could not foresee how difficult it would be to live authentically, as a “Good Morning Girl”!  So for the last 10 years, I’ve been trying to meet with God early in the morning.  It hasn’t always been easy.

But I have learned that there is great power in this precious time with my Lord.  So join me on this video as we discuss: The Power of Meeting Early in the Morning With God based on this week’s reading in Psalm 1-5.

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If you feel like there are never enough hours in the day to find time to meet with God, then rising earlier will help you.  These extra few minutes with God, before the demands of the day are upon us are priceless.

Often times when we put off meeting with God until later in the day, our to-do list takes over and all day long we are chasing that quiet moment that does not exist.

The Bible does not command that we meet with God in the morning. So if you are a Good Night Girl – that is great too!  Our God is not limited to speaking to us during a certain time of day.

Look at Psalm 1:1-2.  It says:

Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked,
nor stands in the way of sinners,
nor sits in the seat of scoffers;
but his delight is in the law of the Lord,
and on his law he meditates day and night.

God works in the daytime and the night.  The key word here is – “delight”.  Delight means “to take great pleasure”.

Satan will dangle many pleasures before us all day long to distract us from meeting with God – but those who take pleasure in God and His word will make time to meet with him and they will be blessed.

Here’s How to Develop An Early Morning Quiet Time:

1.) Imagine your perfect morning.  How would it go?

2.) What time would you need to wake up and how long would you want it to last?

3.)  Where would you meet with God? At your kitchen table? In the family room?  Outside? At a park?

4.) What would you need with you?  Your Bible.  A drink? Pens, pencils or a journal?

5.) What time would you need to go to bed the night before to get enough sleep?  The discipline of rising early begins the night before.

Perhaps meeting early in the morning with God is not possible for this season of life.  You may be pregnant or be short on sleep because of little ones or a teen that keeps you up late (my hand is raised), or maybe you are in a stressful season of work right now.  Perhaps your husband would be annoyed if you changed your bed time and wake time or if you woke earlier you might wake others in the house who need their rest.

Perhaps it’s impossible right now but consider – could you wake earlier just one day a  week?

I want to encourage you – if you are someone who does not usually wake early – to look at your calendar and choose a day. Then schedule in an early morning meeting with God.  Go through the list of questions above and plan your morning.  Then do it!  I know you will be blessed (Psalm 1 says so. 😉 )

**Chime In**

What did you learn from your first week of Bible Study in Psalms 1-5?

Are you a Good Morning Girl, a Good Afternoon Girl or Good Night Girl?

How do you maintain the habit of meeting with God daily and what has been the effects of your daily time with God?

I can’t wait to read your answers in the comments below and if you missed our first week of Bible Study in the book of Psalms – it is not too late to join us!  All are welcome anytime. 😉  You can find all the resources to begin —> here.

Walk with the King,


  1. I’m a morning, afternoon and evening Girl. I work 3rds, 12 hour shifts so, I’ve got a bit of leeway.
    I carry several Bibles that I use for different areas in my life. I carry all my Bubble Study things with me as well. Because, I’ve learn that when God’s demands time, He demands time. When He gives you a order, you didn’t it…Amen!
    God has really been keeping me busy with my own reading, the reading He lays on my heart as His plan and purpose He’s getting me ready for.
    I’m scared, nervous and excited all at the same time but I’m ready!
    God bless!

  2. I pray ALL day! But lately, I have been making a strong effort to pray as soon as I open my eyes, while I am still laying in bed. Shortly after waking I do my bible study. Spending time with God in the morning sets the tone for my day; my outlook is better, my words are more positive, and the whole day is better. Great video, Courtney! You look great and you are a joy to watch 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend, beautiful lady <3

    1. Fortunately I am retired so I have the privilege of awaking and going into my backporch and read/listen to my daily Bible study scriptures. Time to meditate in the .idt of the sounds and beauty of His glorious creation that is all around me.
      This week I have taken great comfort in affirming God’s powerful presence. To acknowledge Him as the ‘lifter of my head’ seems a strange term, but one so appropriate. For when I am downcast, He lifts me up! And this week has been a time of recovery from surgery and awaiting the results. Also a friends husband died within a month of being diagnosed with lung cancer. And joy came today with the gift of good news: “No cancer for my husband!”
      Yes, I will lift my head to Him in the morning. And my voice He will hear in praise and thanksgiving !

  3. I’m a Good Afternoon Girl. I have struggled so hard with consistency all my life and have tried every time of day. Right now I’m not working and don’t have a regular pattern to my day. I *could* do it first thing in the morning some days, but others I need to be up and out. I have realised that the one thing that is consistent is my two daughters coming in from school, so fixing my time with God in relation to that helps me stay consistent (it means I have to work a bit harder during the school breaks but it’s ok). Often the girls come in before I finish but I think it’s good for them to see me in this regular habit and they usually don’t interrupt. The only time I’ve been more consistent was at university (20+ years ago), so I feel happy that I’ve settled on this routine.

    I am loving the Psalms. I’m really enjoying seeing how someone else relates to God and to examine different aspects of his character.

  4. I am sooooo not a Morning Girl! But am desperately trying to become one. I have a 1-yr old and now that we have somewhat of an established sleep schedule, I’ve already been trying to work on getting up before him. I love my time at night with God, but a lot of times I already feel so overwhelmed with what happened that day. Starting with him first can completely change my mood for the day ahead.

  5. Courtney, I just love you! You are always so encouraging to me. I do try to meet with the Lord every morning though sometimes I’m super sleepy and feel like I’m just going through the motions and not really meeting with Him. It is amazing how His Word can turn crying into singing.
    Thank you.

  6. I’m an early morning girl! In the morning I feel that there’s no one but me and God and I’ve actually been meeting with him between 5 and 6 in the morning on the weekends which is perfect for me. The earlier the better! Meeting with God is like receiving your spiritual breakfast. I feel invigorated and that I’m going in the direction that the Father has for me and my family, etc.

  7. I am a Morning girl. It’s my favorite time. We are going through a season of change at our house and it allows for me to not have a specific time to be most days or for my kids to be up most days so it is a little easier for me in the mornings. I have been struggling for about 2-3 years with consistency in my daily reading and praying and with going to church. This week is a start for me. All around. We haven’t made it to church on Sunday yet Bc we have been out of town almost every weekend but we have been going on Wednesday nights. Also-I have read every day this week in Psalm and have been praying consistently and I actually saw an answer to a prayer last night and it was the COOLEST thing ever! I am REALLY enjoying these quiet mornings with the Lord and I am currently trying to figure out what to read on the weekends….

  8. I want to be a morning girl, but have 2 small kids that wake up at 6am EVERY MORNING!???? So, in this season of my life, I have to be a good afternoon and good night girl! But you’ve challenged me to find at least a day here in there where I wake up early. And I’m doing it! You’re so right about how we make sacrifices for early morning appointments. That statement really convicted me and showed me that I CAN be a good morning girl like I desire…maybe not every day, but I can on some days! And when this season is over and I have teenagers that sleep in, I can be a full-time good morning girl.❤️

  9. I am so glad I saw this study posted and bought the journal. I have enjoyed this study this week so much! Digging into God’s Word – writing it out, reflecting on what it means, how I can apply it and praying and asking the Lord to help me implement it. What a great study tool. THANK YOU! I can’t express enough just how much I’m enjoying it!!

  10. I am not a morning person but, I’m enjoying this Bible study. I’m finding it easier to study and read before I start the day.

  11. I am usually up at 5:30 am. I was convicted, years ago when I did a Bible study, to get up and cook breakfast for my husband and children. After my husband leaves for work, I usually sit down and spend my time with God. I pray and do several devotionals that God has given me to work on everyday, including yours, Courtney. I even listen to David Jeremiah’s preaching on a consistent basis. I know if I don’t spend my time with God, in the morning, that I will have a bad day. God gets me going in the morning. Then at night, before bed, my husband and I spend time doing a devotional together and praying together. Thanks for all you do for the cause of Christ Courtney. I have been doing your devotionals for several years now.

  12. I’m a morning girl all the way! Starting my day with a quiet time (and a cup or two of rich dark coffee) sets the best tone for my days.

    I have a question for you Courtney – is it possible to get the transcripts for your videos? I didn’t notice the little dots that are on other videos that allow for a transcript to be printed. But then, I’m sometimes challenged in the whole technology arena so I may very well have missed it. 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Nevermind – I figured out the transcript thing. I guess I’m getting the hang of things afterall. 🙂

  13. Fortunately I am retired so I have the privilege of awaking and going into my backporch and read/listen to my daily Bible study scriptures. Time to meditate in the .idt of the sounds and beauty of His glorious creation that is all around me.
    This week I have taken great comfort in affirming God’s powerful presence. To acknowledge Him as the ‘lifter of my head’ seems a strange term, but one so appropriate. For when I am downcast, He lifts me up! And this week has been a time of recovery from surgery and awaiting the results. Also a friends husband died within a month of being diagnosed with lung cancer. And joy came today with the gift of good news: “No cancer for my husband!”
    Yes, I will lift my head to Him in the morning. And my voice He will hear in praise and thanksgiving !

  14. Thank you Courtney. I enjoyed this challenge to get up a bit earlier to meet with God. I know my day doesn’t go as well when I haven’t spent time with Him first. As you say, it needs discipline to do this but huge blessing follows. May God bless you xx

  15. Courtney I absolutely am loving this study in the Psalms! By nature I am not a morning person! But I am a wanna be morning girl! I too, have struggled over the years finding the best time for my quiet time. When I do rise early, it seems as though I have so many more hours in my day. I don’t of course, but I believe God stretches my hours. Making God my first priority by reading and meditating on His Word and prayer time, keeps Him my focus consciously or even subconsciously throughout my day. I feel a closeness to Him stronger than ever by reading His Word and talking to Him. I want to establish morning time with Jesus in my life as I continue this precious study of the Psalms. And Courtney I praise God for you and your faithfulness all of these 10 years in helping so many of us women (both younger and older) get established in God’s Word and to always walk with the King!! You are loved! ????

  16. Courtney, on weekdays I am not a morning girl, I wish I was, it’s sleep, jump up get ready , and off to work. I am going to work on spending a little quiet time with him in the morning, however reading Psalms and doing the SOAK will still be immediately at the end of my workday. When I feel I am more awake. I am enjoying this and getting a lot out of it. I usually read the scripture at work, then reread when I get home do the SOAK and the prayer.
    Maybe before the end I will be getting up and getting it done before work. That would be amazing. That is the one thing I have looked forward to in retirement, is that I can begin my day with him ❤ Thank You!

  17. I just wanted to say thank you for the encouragement to rise early. I’ve been struggling with getting up and being still with God before the family rises. I really neede to hear this. You are such an encouragement, thank you❣️

  18. Hello Courtney 🙂 Thank you for encouraging me in my walk with the King! After completing (2) 30 Day Challenges with Hello Mornings (Kat Lee), the daily habit of praying Psalm 143:8 as soon as I open my eyes is the most consistent part of my daily time with God. Reading through Psalms 1-50 along with you and my Facebook group will help me get into the Word during the week. (I am easily distracted by the 4 Christian books I am currently reading.) This week I decided to read from a Bible version I usually do not study from and was blessed with remembering a couple of old worship songs based on Psalm 3 & Psalm 5. Under the heading of Psalms 4 & 5 it says…For the choir director on stringed instruments; for flute accompaniment. How awesome to know we are reading words to David’s songs!

  19. Meditating & delighting in GOD’s Word & ways + worship & obedience = fruitful, vitality, nurture, joy, peace, rest, prospering!

    Now in retirement, I’m a “morning, noon, and night” person. Our start this week in the Psalms has been so instructive and inspiring. The Journal, the Habit Tracker, your blog & videos have been very helpful in my daily faithfulness. I spend time with the LORD and HIS Word with my computer throughout the day but want to focus more on making it the #1 priority when I begin each day. This has multiplied all of GOD’s promises that we learned this past week. It has helped me better direct my heart and mind toward those Phil 4:8 qualities. Thank you, Courtney for ALL you do!

  20. Hey everyone! I am usually a good night girl. I have little ones at home so I find the most quiet time after their bedtime. I think the thing I have noticed the most during this weeks study is that I need to fully trust God. I am also following along blogging through the Bible with this series on my blog. Hope everyone has a blessed day!

  21. I am a morning girl, but I need more time and I need time to listen to God and pray, not just read. I like the goal of one morning getting up especially early. In the summer, it will be a little challenge to beat the sun!

    I have learned a lot about trusting the Lord in Psalms 1-5. God takes care of us in all situations. The Psalmist gives God honor and praise and priority knowing this. Evil and wicked acts are mentioned, so we know the world isn’t perfect, and we might be tempted to join, but we must stay righteous, even if we are the only one.

  22. I am not a morning person at all, but I find that if I put off quiet time until the end of the day I’m too distracted by the demands of the day to make it happen regularly. This week is my first week of trying to get up earlier so that I have that uninterrupted time with Him before I head into my day. I’m hoping to make this the new rhythm of my life an I’m already looking forward to starting my days this way!

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