When You Wonder…Where Is Your Happy Ending?

The book of Ruth wraps up with a happy ending. But life isn't always like that. Here's how we should respond when our life doesn't have a happy ending. #Biblestudy #Ruth #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

Today we complete our study through the book of Ruth!  This is one of my favorite studies I’ve done with you – so thank you  so much for joining me on this journey!!!

If you missed any part of this study – all of the free resources and videos will remain available on this page —-> HERE.

Now it’s time for the final video.  I love happy endings but if life is hard and your future is unsure…you may be wondering…where is YOUR happy ending?

Don’t miss this video!  It’s the entire point of the book of Ruth!

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The message of Ruth is the message of the gospel.

Ruth was redeemed by Boaz and brought into his family lineage – she went from being a Moabite Widow to a mother and grandmother in the lineage of King David and in the family line of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords – the Messiah – Jesus!!!!

Ruth was hurting but she pressed on and she was determined to wake up everyday and do what was right. She followed God and it didn’t matter if she had to leave her family, it didn’t matter if she had to be with a bitter woman, it didn’t matter if she had to work all day in a the fields and carry heavy loads of grain home, it didn’t matter if it was scary to lay at Boaz’s feet – she knew God had a good plan for her and she was going to find it!

She did not stop and she did not quit because there was a hope and a future for her and there is a hope and a future for you!

Jesus is our great redeemer!  He has paid for all of our sins and we are His!

Even when we are in the worst of times, know this – great blessings are to come! This is the message of the gospel!

Our redeemer lives and he has an amazing love for you!

Trust him  and love him with your whole being.

There is a happy ending ahead.

Keep walking with the King.


Thank you again for taking this journey with me. It has been a blessing to study alongside of you.

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What have you learned during your time in the book of Ruth?  I look forward to reading your comments!

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  1. Thank you! Loved all the cross-references and the exciting ending to the study. We all REALLY appreciate your faithful work. Your videos are encouraging to so many.

  2. the book of Ruth is so close to my heart. I am a widow of a believer, and a young widow. He died 13 years ago and I was left to raise my 2 children alone. I was with him since I was 15. After 13 years I am content but now that my kids are grown, I am noticing the lonliness creep in. I know God has perfect timing, and a happy ending for me despite all the grief and other losses as well. Ruth inspires me to work hard keep the faith and trust in the Lord. Her loyalty to her mother in law convicts me, as I ran from mine, as she was bitter and manipulative towards me, it was very toxic. I like the point that God blessed Naomi through Ruths faith and persecerence. Sometimes we need a friend that sticks closer than a brother or sister when our faith is week at points in our lives. Thank u Courntey and thank you Holy Spirit for putting this study on her heart to teach us more about Ruth. Amen.

  3. Thank you for leading this study! It gave me a new perspective to see my position as redeemed person. It took us all the way to the creation of this earth and consequences of sin – and to understand what Jesus did for us!

  4. I just adore you – You are GLOWING in this video! The Lord has great things in store for you Courtney! I’m excited to see how He blesses you in big ways in the future, for you have been a blessing to so many.

  5. Thank you. We have really enjoyed the book of Ruth, it is a beautiful story.
    Cant wait till December to hear about the next book!
    We love your videos, thank you for being blessing to so many!
    Sending our love and God bless.

  6. I’m so glad I found your biblestudies as I live here in Sweden. I have really enjoyed reading about Ruth and the deeper meaning of her book. So thankful also that I can read and understand english. God bless you Courtney! I will continue to follow you ????❤️

  7. I thank God for giving you the desire to minister to women. And thank you for reminding me that Jesus has provided a happy ending for me.

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