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Join Good Morning Girls as we read through the Bible cover to cover one chapter a day. Here are the resources you need to study the book of John. #Biblestudy #John #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

Happy New Year! I’m so glad you are here!  We are about to begin our study through the book of John and EVERYTHING you need to get started is below – so keep on scrolling down.  There is a lot of information below but the most important part is where you leave a comment and let us know where you are joining us from and if you have an open GMG group – please leave your link.

If you are new here, Good Morning Girls is an accountability group for reading God’s Word.  I am here to serve you and encourage you.  I hope you will commit to starting out the New Year, in the Book of John with us! I know you will be blessed.

Below you will find all of the resources you need to get started.  Then watch for more weekly resources here on the blog every Monday and Friday starting January 14th!

Here at Good Morning Girls all the resources are free
but there is an optional John Journal for purchase
exclusively on Amazon.

This journal includes:

*  An introduction and background to the Book  of John
*  The Daily Reflection Question
*  The Verse of the Day
*  The Coloring Chart
*  An explanation of the SOAK Method
*  Blank pages for journaling daily

Here’s the Printable Bible Bookmark for the Book of John.

Here is the free printable short version of the Book of John Journal for logging your SOAK study.   This is for those who are not purchasing the Paperback Journal.  This is not the same as the Paperback Journal – this eJournal has been created for low-cost printing on a home printer and does not include the Introduction to John, Verses of the Day or Reflection questions.

Invite your sons and daughters!  

Just like us – our children NEED to be in God’s Word daily.  Children over the age of ten are capable of reading a chapter a day and SOAKing what they have read. I encourage you to introduce this method of study to your children.  Teach them how to drink from the living well of God’s word and soak in all the spiritual nourishment they can!

If you have a son joining you – there is a journal available for them!  The interior is identical to the girls journal.

Here at Good Morning Girls we are reading through the Bible – one chapter a day – switching back and forth between the New Testament and the Old Testament.

So far we have completed 21 Books of the Bible:

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, Esther, Job, Psalms 1-50, Proverbs, Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes, Matthew, Mark, Luke, Acts, Romans, & James.!  You can find all of the links to past studies on the GMG Resources Page.

To keep track of all of the books you have completed use this printable below.  Notice there are no dates on any of our reading plans so anyone can join us anytime.

My Bible Reading Plan

Here is an explanation of the
Signature GMG SOAK Bible Study method:

Here’s the Printable Bible Coloring Chart Bookmark

Bible Coloring Chart Bookmark 2Click here to print the Bookmark Coloring Chart

This is a wonderful method that slows us down and helps us soak in every single word.

Here’s what it looks like in my Bible and some of yours.

Still not sure how this all works? Here is a video explaining it further.

Here are the highlighters, pens and pencils I mentioned in the video:

Highlighters – Acid Free – Bible Hi-Glider
Fine Line Non-bleeding Pens – Micron Archival Ink and Multi-Colored Gel Pens
Colored Pencils – Crayola Twistables and Crayola Colored Pencils
I use the ESV Inductive Study Bible and the ESV Journaling Bible as my personal study Bible.

Want more?

Join us on the blog, Instagram and Facebook!

Here’s the GMG Social Media Schedule

On the Blog

Mondays –  All of the free Resources for the week including the Daily Reflections Questions and printable Verses of the Day will be posted here.

Fridays – they’ll be a Friday wrap-up video or devotional here on the blog.


On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, I’ll be posting encouragement for your study in the book of John.  Follow me on Instagram here.


On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, I’ll post the assigned reading of the day at 7:30am EST and an open discussion takes place there. Come anytime during the day and join us.  Check it out! It’s wonderful! Go to Good Morning Girls Facebook Page here.

There is no right or wrong way to do this.  This is all optional – pick and choose what works best for you.

There are no sign-ups or enrollments.

I encourage you to invite your friends and start your own Good Morning Girls group.  You can keep each other accountable using email, text messaging or creating a Facebook group.

Accountability works in reaching our goals – whether it’s losing weight, becoming more organized, or getting into God’s word daily – the encouragement of others keeps us going on days when we’d rather quit!

GMG Leaders:

If you are leading a Facebook Group – right click and “copy – save as” this image below to use as your Facebook Header.

LEADERS:  I will be posting the resources for the week every Sunday evening here on the blog – so you can grab all the images and discussion questions you need for the week.

If you are leading a group and you have room for ladies to join you.  Please leave a comment below with a link or your email address. 

If you do not have the GMG Leader’s Manual yet it’s available on Amazon as well.  It is not required to lead but it is a wonderful guide that should answer all of your questions.

GMG International

We are once again, being joined by our sister’s in Christ from around the world!!!  To see the pictures, read the biographies and find the links to each one of these special ladies – visit our International page!

Here are some of the Countries joining us!

GMG Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia – Rosilind, Vojka and Mary

Dobro Jutro Djevojke

Serbian Facebook Group

English Speaking Facebook Group – GMG In the Word

GMG Kenya – Stellar

GMG Mexico – Mayra

GMG Nigeria – Ifeoma

GMG Novi, Sad and Serbia – Mary – English

GMG Slovenian – Vesna

GMG UK – Daisy

GMG Norwegian – Catherine
(coming soon…the book of Ruth)

I’m so excited to begin the book of John with you.  In preparation for our study, I encourage you to do a little reading on the background of John this week before we begin.

Mark your calendars for January 14th!  Spread the Word and share this post with your friends.

**Chime In**

Are you joining us?  Where from?  Share with us below in the comment section.  And if you have an open group, don’t forget to leave a link to your Facebook Group or an email for your email group in the comments below!

I cannot WAIT for January 14th!  See you back here then!

Keep walking with the King,

Courtney ????

Order your journal NOW
to get it in time for the start of our study!

Available on Amazon.

(for ages 10-110)

There’s a journal for guys too!!
It’s available now on Amazon.

(for ages 10-110)

This post contains affiliate links.


  1. I have done several bible studies with GMG. I can’t wait for the book of John. I would love to join an online group of someone has room for one more.

  2. I am excited to start my second study with yall but its been a while. I am from west central LA and a mom of 5.

  3. Hi,
    I am joining in from Eupora,Ms

    I am so excited about starting this. A few weeks back I had decided that I would read the entire book of John starting the new year and to my surprise I open my Instagram one day and saw that the next study would be John. Is that not confirmation or what… can’t wait to start…

    1. Hi neighbor!! I am from Grenada!! I love the GMG Bible studies, have been studying along for a few years now. Good to see someone so ckose to my area.

  4. Hello my name is Helen & I’ll be joining you from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I’m a UK expat living in the middle East.
    I’m part of no group other than the main GMG page so if there isn’t a middle East group, can I join the UK one please?

  5. Starting with you for the first time with three others. Threee of is are from Michigan and one from Colorado.

    1. I would say we are not a group though because this is our first time and we are not sure how this is going to work… ????

  6. Been praying for a bible study.. yes my church offfers them but none go with my schedule
    I reached out to a few ladies no replies, then I came across GMG.. just when I was going to give up, He always shows up with His plan

    Thank you ladies for letting me share and also grow in my walk with you all. May will all be like Enoch

  7. I, too, have done many studies with GMG. I especially enjoyed the book of Ruth and the new layout and effort put into it. I would love to see the same done with all remaining books. It seemed more in depth. I have received my book of John and look forward to beginning the study with everyone.

    1. Hi Deborah! I am so glad you liked the in-depth study of Ruth! I also have an in-depth study of the book of Ecclesiastes if you have not done it yet – you can find all of resources here: .

      The in-depth studies take a lot more time for research, writing and editing so there will be more ahead but it will be a while. We are currently beginning the behind the scenes writing of the next one – so it’s in the works!

      So glad you are joining us for John! 🙂
      Lots of Love,

  8. I am looking forward to the study of John. I have done some studies with GMG and enjoyed them and learnt so much. Thank you.
    I live in Auckland New Zealand.

  9. I’m Tina Stivers from Cambridge maryland. im joining for the first time with my whole heart into it, i started with no okk of ruth by tv felt overwhelmed by week four, read the rest of book on my own watch several videos n commentary then stopped
    I’m looking forward to new year n new ways

  10. Hi , I’m Lynne from Northern Ireland. This will be my first GMG study. I would like to join some local ladies if any available. Thanks!????

  11. Hi Courtney
    I’m going to start this study with you. I’m from Northern Ireland, UK.
    Thank you for taking the time to do this. God bless
    Karen x

  12. Joining from Sioux Falls, SD. I have done several bible studies with you. Would love to join a group if there’s any openings!

  13. Karen from Maryland here! I am coming back after completing several books with you now. It is so cool to be able to say I’ve started to really tackle this goal of mine to read the whole bible! I hope i am not over committing in this current season of mine, but I’m gonna try my best. Thanks, Courtney for being such a bright light out there for us.

  14. I’m so excited for this study to begin! I’m joining you all from a very small town in Oklahoma! I’ve been with you from the beginning and love soaking in God’s Word!! I need to order the journal today…it’s a great resource and I’m so thankful that you make them for us!❤️

  15. I’m super excited to begin the book of John study! I’ve done these studies in the past, but with new year, I wanted to start something “new”. I’m so grateful for this opportunity 🙂
    I’m in Dallas Texas! <3

  16. Good morning. My first study with you!

    I Moved to Tennessee this past summer after living My whole Life in Illinois.

    Looking forward to the study!

    1. Annette. Welcome to Tennessee! We moved from Houston almost 20 years ago & still are in awe of the seasons & country side.

      1. Welcome to TN!!! I’m born and raised here!
        This will be my first time doing this…
        If there is room in any groups that would be great..
        Denise in TN

  17. I’m joining you for the first time and excited to be part of the group. I was part of a small ladies Bible study group for 10 years and I miss it so much! I vive in a tiny town called Forestport, NY.

  18. Good morning from Little Rock, Arkansas! I have done several studies with you and can’t wait to begin this one.

  19. Hi Courtney, I am joining you again from Curaçao. And my sister is joining you also. We are not part of a group but we share our thoughts with each other. Blessings????????

  20. My name is Susy and I’ll be following along from Palatka, Florida. I’m excited to start this study! This is my second study, my first being the book of Ruth.

  21. Tracey from North Carolina! The book of John is one of my favorites! Can’t wait for this study to start!

  22. I am looking forward to participating in this study! I am from MN – any groups in MN or the midwest I could join?

  23. Hi
    We are a call in group (conference call) who meet on Sunday Evenings 7pm to 8pm. We have been meeting and discussing for 3 years.

  24. I am really looking forward to this study, I miss being in a bible study group! I have done several studies in the past but none with GMG. I am from just outside of Harrisburg, PA.

  25. I am joining you from Orrville/Dalton, OH (just down the road!) and looking forward to spending more time in another book of the Bible.
    Taking time to really read and reflect upon – and then act upon – a portion of the Bible is so much more worthwhile, than my just reading to read.

  26. Hi There,

    I’m going to join you all for this study. I’m in a suburb of the Seattle area. I am not in a Facebook group. Will someone invite me to join theirs?


  27. Joining from Texas. First time with GMG study. Looking forward to it! If you would like to join a facebook group for this study, please email me at and I will send you a link. <3 <3 <3
    John is such a great book for an in depth study together!


  28. I am very excited to do this study. I love the book of John and I have some Family members doing this study with me. I have done many OBS but this is my first with GMG. I can’t wait to see how God will speak to us as we study his word and come together in community.

  29. Hi Courtney,

    I’m looking forward to joining everyone for this bible study. I have followed you for many years, maybe since around 2012! I am joining you for the first time with this bible study. I love the book of John so I am a little bit excited to get started 🙂 I did print out two of your other bible studies near the end of 2018 for this year but once I saw you were starting the book of John I decided to join in with you all.
    I would love to join a Facebook group for Australia. Do you know if there is one already created?

    God bless you.

    Katie <3

  30. Hi , I’m Terry from Bethlehem, North Carolina. It’s my first time joining you ladies and I look forward to growing deeper in Christ with you.

  31. Hi! Im joining from Surprise, Az. I have an email group that is mostly Az ladies, but I do have a few from Montana and others scattered across the US. If anyone needs a group…you are more than welcome to join our family of ladies who love the Lord!
    Contact me at

  32. Hi, I’m from Namibia and would like to start a GMG Namibia. What is the process I should follow. My details below.

  33. I am joining from the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. I am not new to GMG but missed a few of the studies. I will be blogging about it over at His Unmeasured Grace and sharing about the study through the book of John in two of my Facebook groups: Jesus Journaling and Graced Imperfection.

  34. Hi everyone! We’d be glad to have you join our facebook GMG group! It’s categorized as secret on facebook just so people feel free to share and interact in the group and not feel like all of facebook will see what they share. Search CoreyKayla Mize on facebook, friend me, and I’ll get you added to our GMG group! We’d love to have you! 🙂 –Kayla

  35. I’m so excited to start this I asked my dad for the study book for Christmas. I’m from Spring Texas

  36. I studied the book of Ruth with GMG last Fall. I loved it! Now I’m ready for the book of John, one of my favorites. ???? thank you Courtney for your ministry! ????

  37. Hi, I’m Kathleen from NJ. I am looking forward to this study. I do not have a group yet. Are there any groups that are for homeschoolers?

  38. Hi! I’m Debbie from Ohio and I can’t wait to start this study with my sister and my daughter. Thanks for all you do!

  39. Hi,

    I’m Gretchen, and this is my first GMG Bible study. I have used the SOAP method before. (P for prayer) . Looking forward to John. I’m doing this solo from SE Virginia.

  40. This will be my first study with you. I’m Mary Ann from Ohio. Would be interested in joining an email group if one is available. We just started studying the book of John in Sunday School Class last week. Can’t wait to also study with all of you, as well.

  41. I’m excited to start this study of John! I’ve done one other study with you – the Rest and Release study and loved it. I’m joining from Portland, Oregon.

  42. Hi! Joining again from Chicagoland. I’ve completed about six studies with GMG and I’m really looking forward to this one. (Oh, who am I kidding. I look forward to each one each time!)

  43. Hi. My name is Jennifer from Concord, Georgia. I Would love to join a group that has an opening.
    Looking for a group in Georgia area.

  44. Hi! I’m Cathy White from Lexington, Kentucky. Loved the study of Ruth. I’d really like to join a group who enjoys interacting and discussing each week. Any one have an open group with room for me?

  45. I would like to join. I need to stop being lazy and undisciplined and study God’s word. I’m from Jonesboro Arkansas. I’ve never done this before and I don’t have facebeook. Is that a requirement?

  46. Hi,
    Leading a group and we have a few openings if anyone would be interested. I think you have to friend me first or send a message before our group will show up since it is a private group.

  47. Hi! I am Cindy from Lubbock, Texas! I am super excited about this study, my first one. I just recently took my Facebook and Instagram off of my phone because I was wasting too much time on them and wanted to use that time getting into the word and spending time with Jesus. Am I going to miss out on some things by not having my Facebook during the study?

  48. Hello everyone.
    This is my first time – not exactly sure how this works but I’m looking forward to growing my faith. I am from Michigan.

  49. Hey! I’m Vicki Lewis from Chesterfield, VA. This will be my first study with GMG. We are also going though the book of John in Sunday school, so I was a bit hesitant and looked for another study. That search led me back to GMG! I’m really looking forward to this – I’m a new Christian and this will be new for me!

    1. Twyla, it won’t. You can always come here and post any questions you might have. It is an amazing group and Courtney gives you all the tools you need to get the best knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. Welcome, and enjoy it! It will change your life forever. ❤️

    2. Hi,Tyla, it won’t. You can always come here and post any questions you might have. It is an amazing group and Courtney gives you all the tools you need to get the best knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. Welcome, and enjoy it! It will change your life forever. ❤️

  50. I’m from North Carolina, currently doing your study on Ruth (always a little late ) and looking forward to starting John. Is there a way to find your study on Genesis? I’d love to do deeper into my favorite book.
    Thank you!

  51. Hi! I’m from Mitzi from Leitchfield, Kentucky and this is my first study with GMG. I love studying God’s Word and the Gospel of John is one of my favorite books, eager to get started!

  52. Good morning,
    This is my first time joining in and I am truly nervous! I don’t know what to do or how to do it ???? I would love to join an email group or a group that would help me!
    I am a Kansas girl – born and raised. Any other Kansas girls joining this study?

  53. Hello! I have followed you for a good while, but this will be my first time to join a bible study! I am very excited! Love the book of John! I live near Lubbock, Texas! (It is the Western part of Texas)
    I would love to join a group! I am just not sure how to go about to do that! Any help would be appreciated! I can’t wait to get started!
    Love & Blessings!

  54. Hello from Geraldine, AL!! This will be my 1st time doing one of these Bible Studies and I am looking forward to doing it with my daughter and daughter-in-law!!!

    1. Sharon, I have done GMG with my mom and sister-in-laws and it’s awesome!!! We used the MarcoPolo app and shared with each other almost daily, just loved it!!!

  55. Hi. I’m Holly from North Branch, Michigan and this is my first Bible study I’m joining. I’m excited to start!

  56. I’ve been doing GMG for a few years and really love it! I’m so excited because I’m the new administrator of a Christian school this year, so now it’s coming to our school as”Good Morning Warriors”! All of my teachers are doing John and some will be using it in their classrooms. AND we have 18 middle and high school guys and girls sign up to read John!!!!! Now we are getting some parents who want to join us too! Very excited to see what God is going to do!!!

    “Your name and reknown are the desire of our hearts!”

  57. Jennifer, Richmond, NH. Just finished Ecclesiastes with the workbook and LOVED it! Really looking forward to the Book of John. 🙂

  58. Hi ladies. My name is Rosie and I am joining from Tucson Arizona. My niece is also joining which is very exciting for me. I love the book of John.

  59. I am super excited to start this study of the Book of John. I’m joining from Fredericksburg, VA. This will be my Third Bible study with you. This time around I got my boyfriend involved, and we will be doing it together. This will be his first time doing a bible study like this. Thank you beforehand for your time, and for helping us get more knowledge of God’s Word and the way it impacts our lives daily, and a closer relationship with God. ????????❤️????

  60. I will be joining again, from Grenada, MS. I have been with the studies since Genesis. Sept 2014 (?) I could hardly believe when I read above that we have completed TWENTY-ONE books already!! Time has flown.

  61. This is my first study with GMGs as I only recently found the group. I’ve been reading Genesis while waiting for this study to begin.

    Bobbi in West Virginia

  62. I know it might be late but I’d like to join an online group if somebody has room or anything I’m from North Carolina

  63. Hi Lora from Pauls Valley OK! I am looking forward to this bible study. My YouTube friend Stacey recommended this bible study.

  64. Hi Trudi,
    I am also from Kansas out towards the Colby area. This is also new to me and I and not sure what to do or where to find information. There were a couple of comments with people saying they would welcome more people so I might see where that leads!

  65. Good morning,
    I have been doing your bible studies for a while now and I truly enjoy them. I want to do a group study and would like the leader information. My email address is

    Thank you,

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