Introducing Good Morning Girl’s New Summer Bible Study!

Join Good Morning Girls as we read through the Bible cover to cover one chapter a day. Here are the details you need to study the Psalms 51-100. #Biblestudy #psalms #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

Welcome to Good Morning Girls!  I’m so glad you are here!

We are reading through the Bible – one chapter a day – five days a week and last summer we studied Psalms 1-50. This summer we will continue on in the book of Psalms studying Psalms 51-100!  Psalms is not a book of the Bible that you have to read in consecutive order, so if you missed last summer – no worries! Just jump in with us this summer – you don’t want to miss this!

Do you need encouragement, comfort, guidance, healing, courage or joy?

Then this study is for you!

Down through the centuries, believers have turned to the book of Psalms, as their favorite book of the Bible. We could spend the rest of our lives reading the book of Psalms over and over and still not mine the depth of all that this book offers.

This is the perfect summer read!

We begin our study in the the Book of Psalms 51-100 on Monday, June 10th!

This is a 10-week study that runs Mondays through Fridays, ending on August 16th.

The journal is available on Amazon NOW!

We also have a Good Morning Guys Psalms 51-100 Journal
for your sons ages 10 and up.
Both journals have an identical interior.

Inside the journals you will find:

*An Introduction to the Book of Psalms 51-100
*An explanation of how to use the signature S.O.A.K. method of the GMG’s
*The GMG Coloring Chart
* The Verse of the Day each day
*A Reflection Question for each day
* Blank space for SOAKing each chapter of the Book of Psalms 51-100

This companion Journal is NOT required to join us. 

Here on the blog every Monday, I will provide free resources for the week including the weekly Bible reading plan, discussion questions (for GMG groups to use)/ reflection questions (for personal use),  meditation verses and more!

Then on Fridays, I’ll wrap up the week with a devotional or video here on the blog and invite you to fellowship in the comments.

Out on the Good Morning Girls Facebook page, we’ll have daily discussions that start in the morning around 7:00am but you can join us anytime during the day. (This is optional.  You do not have to join the Facebook discussions to join this Bible Study – this is just extra accountability for those who are willing to share there.)

I will also be posting the verse of the day along with pictures of my highlighted Bible as a guide, out on Women Living Well’s Instagram.


How do I enroll for this summer study?

There is no enrollment.  No requirement to subscribe.  Just come and join in anytime!

What is Good Morning Girls?

“Good Morning Girls” is a title for a group of women who use email, Facebook, Twitter or text messaging to keep each other accountable for their quiet times.

Do I have to have a Good Morning Girls Group to join the Bible Study?

No.  You can do this study without a group on your own.

How Do I Start a Good Morning Girls accountability group?

Invite some of your friends to join you.  Pray about who from your church, Bible study group, family, neighborhood or workplace would be a good fit.  Groups that are smaller generally work better – 5-12 is a good number especially for email and text messaging groups. Facebook groups can go quite a bit larger and still work.

Once I have a group, what do I do?

Either create a Facebook Group where you can all discuss your daily reading and reflection questions or create an email group and email the group daily.  My group uses Voxer – a voice messaging app -to share about our quiet times.  You could also use text messaging or meet in person weekly in your home or at a coffee shop.

I want to be a leader of a group but I’m not sure how to lead?

If you are unsure of how to lead an accountability group,  we have a GMG Leader’s Manual.  It is available on Amazon. The manual includes: The leader’s responsibilities.  How to set up a Good Morning Girls Group. What to do once your group is set up. Tips to help your GMG Group thrive. How to Encourage Participation. How to fostering an atmosphere of community. The importance of prayer. A sample welcome letter. 9 ways to get more out of your Bible Study. Answers to frequently asked questions. Icebreaker Questions. And What to do if your GMG Group is struggling.

Can I Join a Group On-Line?

Yes, on Friday, May 31st, I will invite women with open groups to leave links to their facebook groups or email groups, in the comment section here on the blog. So please stop back on that day to look for a group!

That’s all for now. If you have never seen the video that explains how the SOAK Method and Bible Coloring Chart works – I am posting it below. You do not have to use this method of Bible Study to join us.  All you really need is your Bible and an open heart.  But these tools will help you go deeper.

Mark your calendars for June 10th!

If you haven’t subscribed to this blog yet – you can do that in the sidebar – then you won’t miss a post!  (Or if you are reading this on a device, scroll down below this post to subscribe.)

Spread the Word!  Share this post with your friends!  And look for the free resources and more details about our summer Bible Study coming soon.

I thank the Lord for you all and can’t wait to study the Bible with you this summer!

Keep walking with the King,

Courtney ????


Order your journal NOW
to get it in time for the start of our study!

Available on Amazon

Good Morning Girls – Psalms 51-100 Journal
(for ages 10-110)



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  1. I am interested in this study. I am in need of spiritual encouragement right now, as I feel I am in a really bad place spiritually. I don’t have a church as I have been hurt by a few in the area and am leary to trust again. If anyone has any good recommendations, as I feel nearly dead spiritually. thank you all.

    1. I am so sorry to hear that, it makes my heart sad. But don’t give up or lose heart! God is not like us. He is dependable and you can trust Him. Try out one of these groups! Even if you are leary you do not have to deal with people in person and I think you will find the ladies encouraging. It will be a nice casual discussion about the scripture study. And I believe with my heart that you will get a lot out of it! The Psalms are full of those crying out to God in anguish or sadness. I think you will be comforted and renewed. Praying for you dear one as a type this. All is not lost. He is good and cherishes you, even if His children do not always act accordingly. Hugs!!

  2. hello, I’am new to this site and I love it
    Just wondering, i don’t have face book and dont have a group at the moment. how do i join a group?

    1. Welcome Elizabeth!

      I’m so glad you are here! You do not have to have facebook to join us. I’ll be here every Monday on the blog with free Bible Study resources to get you started for the week and then I’ll be back every Friday with a wrap-up video or written devotional. If you use instagram – I am there daily as well:

      Around June 1st – I will ask ladies to put their links to open Groups – so check back then to find a group.

      So glad you are joining us!
      Courtney 🙂

      1. Hi Teresa
        I am interested in your email group for studying God’s Word. Could you tell me more about it ?

  3. Summer is almost here! I’m so excited about the Summer Bible Study! I don’t usually get the journaling I do use the resources you offer. Thanks Courtney! God bless you!

  4. Yay! I am so looking forward to getting back with GMG Bible study. I have missed it.

    Thank you for staying faithful in this ministry through the ups and downs, mountains and valleys.

  5. Thank you for offering this … can’t wait to sit on my patio in the summer to read God’s word????

  6. Praise God! I learned about this site on the bible app and I’m so glad I found this site. I’ve been struggling to get to bible study and this is helpful. Thank you so much. I look forward to growing in the Lord with all you wonderful ladies!!!!

  7. I’m excited about reading and studying Psalms 51-100 I all ready got my book.
    I’m new, I’ve never done one of these studies.
    I’m looking forward to this study…May God bless 🙂

  8. I’m so excited to have a daily Bible Study that I have something to put my hands on. I moved to a small town which I Love ❤️ but they don’t have the opportunities here that they did in the big city. I’m looking forward to working along side other as I did in my old Bible Study. I might even discuss with my husband about him doing the men’s Study.
    Thank you for offering this online Study!!!

  9. Can someone explain the language for me? I ordered Workbook Psalm 51-100. I work during school year and I always pick a study for the summer. Im not electronically inclined. I’d like to follow you during the week. I don’t know what a “link” is or how to watch on Facebook I think you said. I really looking forward to this study but unsure how to watch your presentation and don’t want to miss out on anything. Please let me know how to connect with you on the study. Thanks

  10. I’ll be back on May 31 to try to find a group. I really need that accountability. I have started most of these studies but i need a little help crossing the finish line! I think the accountability of a group will help me!

    1. Beth-
      This is my first time. DId you get a group? and if so, HOW?!?! I usually do a bible study in the summer, but that group has scattered. accountability is better for me, too

  11. This will be my first GMG bible study. Actually, I’m doing Ecclesiastes on my own right now (LOVIN’ IT!) while I wait for the summer study to start.

    I am looking for a small group, possibly in Oklahoma or a surrounding state. I am a middle school teacher with 2 grown children in their 20s. One is married and the other will be married this July. I’m also happily married to a “Toys R Us kid”! I’m looking for a group of women in their 40s and 50s.

    Thanks and God Bless!

  12. Hello! I am sorry to bother you, but I am having a hard time locating the discussion questions/reflection questions , meditation verses that are provided for free. I have been following along a little over two years and so enjoy reading along. Am I just over looking them or have they not been posted yet?
    Please, keep up the flame lite so others can follow.
    Thank you for your time.

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