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Join Good Morning Girls as we read through the Bible cover to cover one chapter a day. Here are the resources you need to study the Book of Isaiah 1-23. #Biblestudy #Isaiah #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

Cue the Confetti!  It’s time to begin!!!  I am so excited to begin our Bible study in the Book of Isaiah 1-23 with you!

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The name Isaiah means salvation is of the Lord.  

Isaiah brought to Israel and Judah, a message of judgement for their rebellion but also a message of hope for salvation, through the coming Messiah. 

For the first part of Isaiah, Isaiah focuses on God’s judgement of Israel. Isaiah’s message is one of condemnation for their faithless rebellion against God.  God’s people had turned their back on God and had become like the other nations around them. God would use the Assyrians and Babylonians to bring judgement upon them.  Isaiah called on God’s people to turn back and seek the Lord and he assures them that after judgement, a godly remnant would remain.

For the second part of Isaiah, Isaiah announces that Israel’s punishment and exile is over, and salvation has come.  We see that God is faithful to his covenant promises.  No other prophet is quoted in the New Testament as much as Isaiah.  Isaiah foretold the coming King of Israel, who would rule in justice and peace and would bear their sins.

The book of Isaiah offers the most complete prophetic picture of Jesus Christ in the entire Old Testament.  Some of the prophecies fulfilled in Christ from the book of Isaiah are:

  • He would be born of a virgin (Isaiah 7:14)
  • He would be spit on and struck (Isaiah 50:6)
  • He would be disfigured by suffering (Isaiah 52:14; 53:2)
  • He would be rejected (Isaiah 53:1-3)
  • He would bear our sins (Isaiah 53:4-5, 12)
  • He would voluntarily die like a lamb to the slaughter (Isaiah 53:7)
  • He would heal the blind, lame, deaf, diseased, broken hearted and raise from the dead (Isaiah 26:19, Isaiah 29:18-19, Isaiah 61:1-2)
  • He would be buried in a rich man’s tomb (Isaiah 53:9)
  • He would return to claim his own (Isaiah 60:2-3). 

    Because of all of these prophecies fulfilled in Christ, this book is a book of hope and salvation from the Lord.

Overview of Isaiah 1-23

The Purpose:  God used Isaiah to proclaim judgement to his people, so they would repent and turn back to him.  He also used Isaiah’s message of coming hope and salvation, to be a comfort to them.

The Author: Isaiah was a well-educated prophet, who was married, with two children.  Tradition holds that Isaiah was martyred by being sawn in two. Isaiah ministered during the reign of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah.  Isaiah was a contemporary to the prophets Hosea and Micah.  More about Israel’s history during this time period can be found in 2 Kings 15-21 and 2 Chronicles 26-33. 

Time Period: 740-680 B.C.

Key Verse: Isaiah 12:2
Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and will not be afraid; for the Lord God is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation.

The Outline:

Message of Judgement (1-35)

  • The coming judgement of Israel and Judah (1-5)
    • Isaiah’s calling (6-7)
    • Judgement and hope (8-12)
    • Judgement of the other nations (13-24)
    • Promised restoration (25-27)
    • Judgement and salvation (28-35)

Isaiah and Hezekiah (36-39)

Messages of Comfort and Salvation (40-66)

  • The Lord’s plan of restoration for Israel (40-45)
  • The fall of Babylon (46-48)
  • Salvation through the servant (49-56)
  • Call to repentance (57-59)
  • Glorious salvation (60-65)
  • God’s righteous and final judgement (66)

For an even more in-depth Introduction to this week’s reading, watch this video. It is a great explanation of Isaiah!


This Week’s Bible Reading Plan:

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This week’s Reflection & Discussion Questions

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Chapter 1

In Isaiah 1:1, the word vision means a revelation from God.  This entire book is a revelation from God through Isaiah, for Israel.  As the book of Isaiah opens, God calls on heaven and earth to be a witness of Israel’s sin.  God does not want their religious rituals; he wants their hearts, but their hearts are far from him.  And so, God invites his people to reason with him.  He wants them to see the love he has for them, as he offers to make their sins that are like scarlet, as white as snow.

Jesus died on the cross for our sins. When we place our faith in him, the stain of sin is removed.  Have you ever considered that it is reasonable to follow God?  Many think it is foolish to follow God, but when we consider the infinite wisdom, love, grace and power of God, we cannot help but to follow him.  Are you struggling right now with any shame, guilt, or pain from sin in your past? How does remembering the truth – that though your sins were as scarlet, God has made them as white as snow – comfort you?

Chapter 2

Israel was walking in darkness.  They were trusting in their own strength, their own horses and their own chariots. They were bowing down to idols and adopting the practices of other nations, such as fortune telling and greed. In the latter days, his people will return to him and Israel will rise above the other nations.

God’s people were living in chaos, rebellion and darkness.  But we do not have to live in darkness, God sent his son to be the light of the world!  He is the way, the truth and the life. We do not have to wait, for the latter days, to walk in the light of the Lord.  That invitation is for us now.  How is Jesus your light and what blessings have you experienced from walking in the light of the Lord?

Chapter 3

God brought judgement on Judah and Jerusalem because they had sinned in their words and deeds and they had defied God’s presence.  So, God took away their bread, water, soldiers, judges, prophets and leaders.  Next came social division, as the rich were against the poor and the young against the old.  All this evil, they had brought upon themselves.

Israel had no shame as they defied God and so God disciplined them, but everything was well with the righteous. In the midst of those living in rebellion to God, there will always be the faithful few that God will bless and protect. And even though the righteous suffer here on earth, in eternity, we will be rewarded for our faithfulness.  Are you living in righteousness?  How does knowing that you do not share the same fate as the wicked, encourage you? 

Chapter 4

When Isaiah refers to the branch of the Lord, he is speaking of the promise of the coming Messiah.  After the cleansing of the unfaithful from Israel, a holy remnant will be left in Jerusalem.  Isaiah says, when the branch of the Lord reigns, he will lead them by a cloud in the day and a flaming fire by night and the presence of the Lord will be with them.

God sought to purify Israel and make them holy.  Holy means to be set apart for the Lord.  As a believer, you have been declared holy and set apart for the Lord’s use.  Do you find it hard to live a holy life, when you are surrounded by a world that embraces sin and ungodly living?  How is your lifestyle different from an unbeliever’s lifestyle?

Chapter 5

Isaiah begins this chapter singing a love song about a vineyard that grew wild grapes.  Because the grapes were wild, the Lord destroyed the vineyard, which was a picture of Israel.   Then, Isaiah listed 6 woes or 6 sins that brought the judgement of God upon them, which included calling evil good and good evil.

The word “woe” is an expression of deep distress, as an inescapable judgement is about to come. It is also used in scriptures as a way to express grief, regret, or the condition of deep suffering. Since the Garden of Eden, Satan has been making evil appear good and good appear evil and this is very dangerous.  How do you see this in the world around you right now?  Is there an area in your life, where you are tempted to call evil good and good evil?

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This Week’s Verses of the Day:

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Here’s the Printable Bible Bookmark for Isaiah 1-23.

Here’s another explanation of the SOAK Bible Study Method and Bible Coloring Chart if you need more guidance:

Here is the SOAK method I refer to in the video:

And the Bible Coloring  Bookmark:

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Here are the highlighters, pens and pencils I refer to in the video:

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The book of Isaiah is not an easy read. I commend you for committing to study this book with us! If you want to go deeper in your study, I encourage you to use on-line commentaries and Bible Study tools.

Now, let’s get started!  Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite drink and open your Bible and SOAK it in! Some of the chapters are quite long, so be sure to leave at least 20 minutes for your reading each day. 

Have a wonderful week in God’s Word – I’ll see you back here on the blog this Friday as we go deeper into God’s Word together!  Don’t forget to join me every weekday morning out on Facebook and Instagram!

Keep walking with the King,


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