The Day My Marriage Died (Part 1)

I am introducing my new blog where I write about matters more personal to me, and the day my marriage died. #WomenLivingWell #CourtneysNotes #marriage #divorce

If you haven’t heard, I created a second blog titled “Courtney’s Notes” because I need a space where I can exhale.  For over a decade I have been writing and leading women’s Bible Studies here. I LOVE it!  It is a complete joy to get to journey through the Bible, cover to cover, with you all.  But sometimes the Lord lays on my heart topics that do not flow with the Bible Studies, so rather than just storing it all in my journals, I thought I’d create a space to share it with you on a second blog. 

I want Courtney’s Notes to be less formal and more old school – like back in the days when I first started blogging.   So it will be random, unfiltered, informal, sometimes deep and heavy as I share more personal stuff and sometimes light hearted, if I share a recipe or a funny story from my life.  I may be there frequently one month and gone for a bit the next, based on how much time I have.  It will ebb and flow with my life, while I consistently show up here at Women Living Well and lead Bible Studies. 

Also, many of you know that my life took a hard turn 5 years ago when my high school sweetheart (we dated for 4 years before marrying) and husband of 19 years left.  I have kept nearly everything private during this time but I don’t want it to seem that I have shoved it all under the rug. 

So while I still have a need to keep things as private as possible, I do plan to “go there.”  I am now raising two teenagers as a single mom and so I hope to be able to share some of those challenges there as well.

So let’s get started – my first post is up over at Courtney’s Notes and it is titled: The Day My Marriage Died (Part 1)

So join me there as we walk with the King.


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  1. Dear Courtney, Greetings from California! I’m not sure how to contact you privately as for some reason, the page to “contact” won’t open, so I will just write to you here.
    First of all, I sort of “just discovered you” in the past 2 weeks. It was very unique. I was hunting for something to use for a Bible study for Moms and found in my “old archives” on my computer that I had used a study of yours in Spanish on the Proverbs 31 woman a few years ago as a discipleship study with young Latin gals in Colombia, South America. So I pressed on it, and was immediately taken to your website where I read about you and have since listened to several of your videos.

    Thank you so much! 🙂 You are a gem! Your contagious enthusiasm and obvious love for the Word and the LORD are such an encouragement.
    My husband and I have served as missionaries in Colombia, South America, for almost 38 years. In the past 20 years or so, we’ve served at a Bible and missionary training institute. Recently, we purchased a house in California in order to care for my 88 year old mother. It is a challenge to endeavor to do both things, but we sense that this is how the LORD has led us for now.
    One of the pastors in our home church has asked if I would be willing to lead a Bible study specifically for moms. I have a heart for moms as we have 4 grown children and 4, almost 5 grandchildren. I homeschooled our 4 for 20 years both in the States and on the field.
    Anyway, all that to say, as I was praying about what material to use that might be helpful, I ran into YOU!!!
    So, I am considering using your study of the book of Ruth for the summer. We need to order the books right away since we begin on June 8. I realize that we can order the books on Amazon. Is there any chance of receiving a discount for ordering several books? If not, that’s o.k. Our pastor is willing to order them for me. Thank you for the free tracker. This should be helpful as well. Is it permissible to use a photo of your book or something from Facebook as a promotional slide to show in church when they give announcements on the screen? Or to use in a letter to the moms to make it more inviting? Your website is very attractive and has very lovely pictures.
    I also noticed that you are offering a mentoring course, and I am considering that.
    Thank you for any help you can give us.
    I appreciate you sharing your heart, your love for Jesus, your positive attitude, your good ideas (like lighting a candle, making a simple flower arrangement, journaling, and trying not to get too busy!) And, of course, …your beautiful smile!

    Lovingly, Becky Smith

    1. Hi Becky! The journals are only sold through Amazon, so unfortunately I am not able to do any kind of special discount. And yes- you are welcome to use any of the photos for promotional materials. Thank you so much for reaching out and for your encouragement!!! 😊

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