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This is it! Our final week in the Book of Galatians!

Are you wondering what’s next?

After we finish Galatians, the Good Morning Girls will go on a break through the month of October. 

Then on Monday, November 1st, I’ll begin leading my most popular series of the year – The Making Your Home a Haven Challenge!   So watch for more details about that study coming soon!!!

If you are looking for a Bible Study to do on your own during break, you can find all of our past Bible Studies listed —> here.

Then, the next book of the Bible we’ll study for the “Reading Through the Bible Series” will be announced in December and begin in January – so be on the look out for that announcement as well.

Now, let’s get back to this week’s study and finish strong!

If you are looking for guidance in the color coding and daily insight into the reading – please visit me on Instagram and visit the hashtag #WomenLivingWell – there are lots of women posting their pictures of their color coded Bibles and their reflections on our reading. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to do this and not all of our Bibles will look alike.

Here’s what mine looked like last week:

This Week’s Bible Reading Plan:

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This week’s Reflection & Discussion Questions

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Galatians 5:19-21

Paul said that the works of the flesh are evident, yet he still felt compelled to list them and be specific for clarity sake.  All of the sins on the list fall into one of four categories: sexual sins, religious sins, relational sins and social sins.  Those who habitually practice these sins are clearly not walking by the Spirit and are living in rebellion to God.  They will not inherit the kingdom of heaven.

The list that Paul gives is not meant to be turned into the law.  The word “practice” is used in the present tense and it means a continual lifestyle of doing these things. The fact that someone can continually sin over and over is evidence that the Holy Spirit is not inside of them.  But let’s face it, we all have committed some of the sins on this list.  That does not mean we are in danger of losing the kingdom of heaven.  We may commit some of these sins in our weakness, but we do not stay in them.  Which of these sins on the list is your weakness? Repent. Ask the Lord to help you come up with a plan as to how you will avoid or stop this sin the next time you are tempted to fall.

Galatians 5:22-26

Paul uses the picture of fruit to describe the work of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life.  The fruit of the Spirit is in direct contrast to the fruit of the flesh, in the previous list.  Isn’t the fruit of the spirit beautiful? The more we walk in the Spirit, the more we will not gratify our flesh and the more we will display the fruit of the Spirit in our lives.

It’s interesting to note that right after Paul says to walk in the Spirit, he has to remind them to not get conceited!  As soon as we are overcoming the flesh and living in the power of the Holy Spirit, the enemy will come in and tempt us with pride.  It’s easy to think we are right and everyone else is wrong.  As a result, we provoke other believers or become envious of other believers who are more spiritual.  Which fruit of the Spirit is your strength? Which fruit of the Spirit is your weakness?  Are you ever conceited about your strength or envious of another believer who is strong in an area where you feel weak?

Galatians 6:1-5

Paul knows that some believers will fall into sin and they will need help getting out.  Those who are more spiritual are responsible to help restore them in gentleness.  He does not want them to be harsh or prideful but rather humble, recognizing that they too may fall into sin and need help being restored. 

Some believers are carrying a very heavy load right now.  Paul gives us a simple command – help them.  When we help others with their burdens, we are fulfilling the law of Christ to love one another.  So, essentially Paul is saying – if you want to follow the law so badly, follow the law of Christ to love one another.  When you think of someone who has fallen into sin or who is heavily burdened – who comes to mind?  What are some ways you can come alongside and love and help this person?

Galatians 6:6-10

Paul reminds them to not be deceived or fooled into thinking that they can feed the flesh and reap the fruit of the Spirit.  God sees and will not be mocked in that way.  God’s grace is not a license to sin, so if they choose to sin, they would reap corruption. But for those sowing to the Spirit, he encouraged them to not grow weary in doing good.  The principle of sowing and reaping requires patience.  An oak tree does not appear in a single day.  So, Paul encouraged them to not give up.

Our thoughts, actions, words, hobbies and habits are all seeds.  If we plant pumpkin seeds, we get pumpkins.  We cannot get a tomato from a pumpkin seed and in the same way, we cannot reap God’s blessings when we are planting sinful habits.  Divine discipline follows the law of sowing and reaping.  If we sow bad decisions in our lives, we will suffer.  Sometimes we might be tempted to think that we can get away with doing wrong, but God always sees and knows.  Eventually, it does catch up with us.

Pause and consider – What are you sowing right now?  And what are you reaping right now?  What changes need to be made to sow more to the Spirit and less to the flesh?  Stay strong, be patient and keep sowing to the Spirit. Do not give up!

Galatians 6:11-18

As Paul closes the book of Galatians, he writes one final plea for them to not return to the law.  He reminded them that those who force circumcision had wrong motives. They were avoiding persecution and boasting in their flesh.  Paul had suffered for Christ. He had been beaten, whipped and stoned.  His body bore the marks of Jesus. And so, this is his final argument.  Rules, religion and traditions would not save them.  Only the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ would save them and that was Paul’s only boast.

The Lord says in Jeremiah 9:23 & 24: “Let not the wise man boast in his wisdom, let not the mighty man boast in his might, let not the rich man boast in his riches, 24 but let him who boasts boast in this, that he understands and knows me, that I am the Lord who practices steadfast love, justice, and righteousness in the earth. For in these things I delight, declares the Lord.” 

Absolutely nothing we do can bring us into a right relationship with God.  Our works cannot save us. We are saved by faith alone, by grace alone, through Christ alone.  Jesus deserves all the glory for laying his life down for our sins.  Give God glory right now.  Write a prayer below praising him for his grace.  And may “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, brothers. Amen.” Galatians 6:18

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This Week’s Verses of the Day:

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Here’s the Printable Bible Bookmark for Galatians.

Here’s another explanation of the SOAK Bible Study Method and Bible Coloring Chart if you need more guidance:

Here is the SOAK method I refer to in the video:

And the Bible Coloring  Bookmark:

Click HERE to Print the full page Coloring Chart
or Click HERE for the Bookmark Coloring Chart

Here are the highlighters, pens and pencils I refer to in the video:

Highlighters – Acid Free – Bible Hi-Glider
Fine Line Non-bleeding Pens – Micron Archival Ink and Multi-Colored Gel Pens
Colored Pencils – Crayola Twistables and Crayola Colored Pencils
I use the ESV Inductive Study Bible  as my personal study Bible.

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