One Life Lesson from Some Boring Chapters of the Bible (1 Chronicles 1-9)

Without a doubt, there are some boring chapters of the Bible, but often we find life lessons tucked in the verses. Here's one life lesson we read in 1 Chronicles. #Biblestudy #1Chronicles #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

Have you ever been tempted to skim parts of the Bible?

I know when I hit the genealogies or the Levitical Laws — my eyes glaze over. And if you did this week’s reading in 1 Chronicles, then you hit some boring chapters because 1 Chronicles chapters 1 through 9 are the longest list of genealogies in ALL of the Bible!

But these chapters are important! They prove the authenticity of scripture. The Bible is not just a book of parables but it is about men and women who actually lived and died and this family tree points directly to the bloodline of the coming Messiah! So we see prophecy fulfilled here as well.

AND tucked within the longest list of names – you’ve probably ever read — is a life lesson for you and me!

Join me on this week’s video – as we take a look at One Life Lesson from Some Boring Chapters of the Bible:

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God gave us 66 books of the Bible –because he wants us to read – 66 books of the Bible!

This is why I do what I do here at Women Living Well.

So often we are drawn to the same books of Bible to read over and over – and I understand – I am the same way. I love Psalms and Proverbs and other books that are a little more practical and applicable but there is so much depth and wisdom and love waiting on the pages of the less familiar books of the Bible too.

So keep on going in 1 Chronicles!

I promise that this week’s reading is MUCH easier!

If you ever feel lost and don’t understand your reading – be SURE to check out the “Reflection and Discussion” section of the resources posted here on Mondays. Every Monday – here on the blog – I give you a summary of each chapter we are reading, along with an application question.

If you missed these this past Monday – here is the printable for the entire book that I have written just for you! —> 1Chronicles Discussion and Reflection Questions.

These are also published inside of all of my journals on each book of the Bible listed —-> HERE.

Keep on going!

Don’t give up and share with us in the comments one lesson you learned this week from this very long list of names!

Keep walking with the King,


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  1. I am very late starting this study, but want to join in as I have not read either 1 or 2 Chronicles and it has been on list to do. I just read through Chapters 1-3 of 1Chronicles. Yes, it is so easy to get bogged down by all those names, but if we look closely and have been reading some of the more familiar books of the Bible, we will start to recognize some of the names and think about their stories that are recorded elsewhere. These people were all human beings just like us, and God had a plan for their individual lives and their families and their descendants. Some of them laid the groundwork for a future family member, whom God used to do big things in his overarching purposes for redemption, but all of them lived in such a way that God was able to show His character in their lives. No life is insignificant. All are woven together into God’s larger narrative. Your work as a man or women, husband or wife, employee or employer, neighbor, fellow worshipper/believer, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandmother, grandfather, etc. is all important. Your faithful service to God in your home can be setting the stage for something big God wants to do to further his kingdom until he returns.

  2. I love reading through the genealogies. Call me weird but it’s probably the historian in me, lol. I know many who gloss over the genealogies and have actually told me the names are not important.

    To the main question of being bored with Bible reading, for me I think it’s more with Genesis. I don’t know why I have trouble with that book but I find myself forcing to read through the first few chapters. On the flip side, my favorite book is Job. Sometimes I think I am a female Job.

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